Special Dua for Laylatul Qadr

Muiz Bukhary


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Now as we conclude my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I would like to leave you all with a special Torah that is supposed to be read during later coddle. And the prophets that alum Wiley very seldom is reported to have recommended this to our mother. I shadow the loved one has she says, I said, O Messenger of Allah. I see that you know which night is the Night of Decree? And then she says, she asks the prophets Allah is limited to the law. What should I say during the Night of Decree? What am I supposed to make? The prophets of Allah while he very seldom then teaches her coolly say, a long

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me say, a llama in the castle. Allah you are pardoning you. pardoning you're the Forgiving to HIPAA law for you love to forgive you love to forgive you a lot. For and me pardon me, forgive me, forgive me of my shortcomings forgive me of my sins, a very powerful talk to us by the prophets and Allison among many brothers and sisters in Islam. This month of Ramadan has been different. across the world, many of us are going through difficulty because of the chaos the turbulence that we're going through. We need to turn to Allah with Ramos. We need to turn to him with Nether midframe with regret begging for his forgiveness many brothers and sisters in Islam for our shortcomings for our

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wrongdoings. We are being tested by Allah My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, so it is used this month of Ramadan to get closer to him. Please use this month of Ramadan to beg for his forgiveness that is used this month to secure the pleasure and the forgiveness of our makers of highnam word Allah. As for the words of the prophets, Elias and Halima Hydra have heard him the one who is deprived of the goodness of this night of this month is utterly deprived, May Allah not make us of those who are deprived, may Allah make us of those who have secured his pleasure, who have secured his forgiveness. And along with that many brothers and sisters in Islam, there are other doctors

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talk to us by the messengers that have been wildly valuable to us in the forum. For example, Rob banner, Jr, has an orphan spirit he hasn't worked in either but now a very concise and powerful door to ask for goodness in this world and goodness in the hereafter and protection from the fire of jahannam as well. So let us let us make that door and there are other two eyes as well along with reading the Quran studying about the Koran indulging in prayer, giving out charity as as per the method I highlighted earlier, it has tried to indulge and involve ourselves in a variety of good deeds, a broad spectrum of good deeds, so that when we coincide with the later to the other, these

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deeds are multiplied many fold by our generous Lord. And when we stand in front of a loss of having more data, we will see these these these mountains of deeds insha Allah to Allah