Mohamad Baajour – Names Of Allah #17 Al-Lateef

Mohamad Baajour
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From the people who were told, get up all your sins are forgiven. I mean, you're blind I mean

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so as we mentioned today inshallah Tada I think one of the greatest names of Allah and all Allah is names are great.

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The name is a Latif and like I promised we make it very short and Sharma talents we can make it straight to the point and beneficial Bismillah. So we can use these names live these things. And as combine these things in

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the name of Allah cleave is mentioned in the Quran. Seven times.

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The name of the thief is mentioned in the Quran seven times, five of them, five of them are

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associated with another name, which is

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Al Kabir, Pamela. And we will ensure I'm not trying to find out how come this kind of mix between those two names. The name of Latif has two meanings. When it comes to Allah azza wa jal first of all, Latif comes from the three letter root, land, tall, fat, lot.

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Not if you look at the translation

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it's probably

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will be gentleness, kindness.

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That's what

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love means somebody

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called somebody you are lucky if it means you're very kind, you're very gentle.

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And when it comes to Allah azza wa jal, it has two meanings number one,

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is that Allah subhanho wa taala. Yeah, and then they'll call it more. That means the first meaning is that Allah subhanho wa Taala he knows

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the smallest of the small of things, the minute things and one of the times this name was mentioned is when look man was giving his son that advice, and he said, You're gonna hear in her interview with cada Hubbert in Manhattan, photography, soccer, alphas, summer word, I will fill out yet to be

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in the law, her

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Latif Han, Javier,

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so, look, man is telling his son, that, Oh my son, if it was the weight of a mustard seed, and if it was inside the rock, and if it was anywhere in the heavens, all anyone in the earth, Allah will bring it and then he used the word, the names of Allah in Allah. Yanni. If you when you mentioned something like this, that Allah knows about the small seed, whatever it is, you come to your mind and Allah I lean on Kadir right? Allah is all knowing, Allah is all capable, but he chooses in Allah Allah subhanaw taala told us in Allah Allah Allah T from hubby and it is exactly Allah if is the one who knows the smallest of things, wherever they are.

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He knows the smallest of things about us. When Allah subhanaw taala said lead that Luke will absorb lead to Derek will absorb were who are usually can absorb.

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Vision cannot reach him but he can reach all kinds of vision. And then he used were, who were Latif, who

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were who were Allah

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Subhana Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you know, when not best on the Alon was explaining this area. He said, It is the person

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who when he is next to his friends, he lowered his gaze. And when his friends leave, he stared again.

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He said, It is the person whom when a woman does by and the person is next to his peers, he would lowered his gaze, and if they're not there, he would look up and stare when he was explaining this area that Allah subhanho wa Taala even though his friends did not see his glance, his stare but Allah subhanaw taala can see it. And remember we gave an example if a doctor's checking a woman and he looked at parts that has nothing to do with what she's aching and he starts staring even though the woman does not know but Allah TV is watching

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Allah to Allah t if he knows

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no matter what we are trying to hide.

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And another

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aspect of a Latif is Subhan Allah

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Allah subhanho wa Taala for example, sometimes we see some kind of

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insects or creations of Allah azza wa jal. They are so small, and we say to ourselves,

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but it's this created for what's the use of something like this, right?

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When something like this come to your mind, remember that Allah thief created it. Sometimes somebody would say that what is the use of this hair here? Why do I have hair here and female do not have hair?

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What's the use of this hair here? What's the use of the flies? For most of us, they are very annoying. When you remember that, that Allah thief created it.

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Keep in mind that there is nothing I have no use. There is a comma of its creation, and only Allah teeth knows it.

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ask our son

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What's the benefit of this? What's the benefit of that way with our simple intellect and knowledge? We might not reach an answer.

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That is where I'm the thief comes to mind.

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The second beautiful meaning of Allah TIF is that he is the one who brings the hail to his to his slave without them knowing.

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The one who brings the failure to his slaves

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without the

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minerais window Dooney Maria Sharon without them noticing.

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Have you counted how many breaths you took today?

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This is how I'm the thief sending it to you sending it to me. Have we

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what's going on? How many white cells are fighting red cells as we are sitting right now? Dr. Rossi, how many how many things are going on inside? Millions of things, millions of bad things are happening inside. All this is from the mud in the lahat Lottie from the birdie, one of the ways Allah subhanaw taala. He used it, Latif and be a burden. He has so much not to say bad that he send so many blessings without the bad noticing.

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Without the bad noticing.

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And if you notice,

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that is exactly the opposite of what we do.

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You know?

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Let's say

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you did something in the masjid like for example, very noticeable. You. For example, there was no bookshelves and you came and you installed bookshelves. At three o'clock in the morning there was nobody and then the visual people came Allahu Akbar. Wow. So nice. inside your heart. We shall come tell them like did it.

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I wish everybody knows what I did. I'm the one who saved that product. I'm the one who helped that system. I wish people know that I'm the one who built that question.

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You will have something inside exactly the opposite. And one of the ways you know one of the ways we are learning the names of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanho wa Taala told us in the Quran Kuno Rabbani, right. Be Rabbani Ye, you take from Allah subhanho wa Taala as

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attributes and try to have them Allah is Karim be carried. Allah forgives you forgive. ALLAH is Latif, our name today be Latif, be gentle, be kind, do things without anybody noticing. do things for others do benefiting things, beneficial things to others without everyone knowing, just like Allah is Allah Latif.

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And you want Luna Subhan Allah, the grandson of Allah, Allah Han,

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saying that I beat him

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after his death

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they would they said 100 families were deprived

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of food supplies.

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And those 100 families after his death, they found out because

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they stopped waking up and finding the rice and the sugar and this at the door. They figured you know what? This is that

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Only when he died and when he died, they found all the marks on his back of carrying it in the middle of the night without anybody knowing and putting it at the doors.

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So if I want to be take that attribute of locks and put it in my life, I will do things like other meaning the second meaning do things to the event of Allah azza wa jal without them knowing.

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Without them knowing without reminding them 100 times of what I've done to them Subhan Allah, we are not just like not people, not telling the people what we are doing. We are reminding the people who we have done favors to

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don't forget Habibi, the $100.02 years ago it looks like you forgot me to remind you of everybody. So we keep reminding each other of the things that we have done to one another opposite exactly. You imagine how beautiful it is? Imagine you are

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in debt

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and this debt is really keeping you up at night.

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And by mistake I found out about this debt and I found out who are who you are indebted to

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and I went and they paid it behind your back without anybody knowing you went to the guy so this this is a $5,000 please If so and so compute

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Allah reward it's done who paid it? I promise you for Allah sake don't mention my name

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that night.

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Allah you're sleeping be so gentle and so beautiful.

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The feeling that you have the sweetness that you have that only the one that matters? No

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You know, we always claim that I'm doing this only for the sake of Allah habibi. Why do you care if I know? If you are serious? Why do you care? If I know why?

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What am I going to do for you?

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If you are serious doing it for the sake of Allah, why do you want us to know?

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And to do so funny in here, if you showed us the charity hamdulillah it's very good. But if you hide it,

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it's better for you. I want something that's better for me. So I take from Allah subhanaw taala his name attributes that I can do. Allah subhanaw taala loves the solid him I love the solid in

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Allah subhanaw taala hates women, I hate them.

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I do not commit any kind of oppression. So the second meaning of Allah is the one who gets to his aid that matters and Nam without even noticing subtle in a subtle way in a certain way.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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You know how sometimes

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we've seen a car after an accident

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and you say to yourself,

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wow, people came out of that car

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without a scratch

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or when you see it you say definitely the people who were discarded definitely they died. And then you find out that they came out nothing that is a Latif

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that is a Latif he

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gets people out.

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Similarly, just like he gets them the client in a way they do not know it, he takes them out from the home in a way they cannot imagine it.

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That is a lot of

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you know one of the lot of Allah azza wa jal

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you know, before this gathering took place, there were so many years of planning for Allah azza wa jal

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and then this take place we think that just it you know, I just came in, I have nothing to do after Isha I sit down, but Allah subhanaw taala for 1015 Maybe some of us 20 Maybe 30 years, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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have decreed that one day you will be from the people of Halaqaat. One of the looks of Allah azza wa jal, one of the look of Allah azza wa jal Is that me and you we were born in a Muslim family,

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that is from the love of Allah azza wa jal otherwise, we could be right now, you know, I just get a clip on on WhatsApp. They are selling cow urine for Baraka. Anybody cow urine for Baraka.

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We could have been the wholesalers or distributors of cow urine Subhan Allah Allah

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From his looks, he chose you to take you out

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from the brothers world but from you know, born Muslims and put you and put Islam in your heart, this is what the Latif with the Latif mean. And Subhan Allah

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you know

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we should not complain at all when we are afflicted by any any kind of calamity

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he used that name when he said that sort of most of us know by heart so, little milk, Allah Ya Allah, men halacha were who were Latif and

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so, when we are complaining about that sickness, what about that, you know, financial problem? What about that? The problem is we're complaining about remember the statement? Allah Allah

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doesn't he know whom he has created? And he is a Latif only wants Helen for you and

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he knows what's good for you. Now we know why always some of these came with the Kabir

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Allah teeth Oh always came with the Habib because I'm a thief. He is the expert in knowing what's good for you and what's good for me

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so when I feel that I'm motif is looking over me Subhan Allah I feel so much security and in peace, that he loves me so much and he is he gives me the things that they are only good for me that sickness that I'm complaining about, I will find out if not in this dunya I will definitely find out in the air. That was the best thing that ever happened to me because the Latif is the one who prescribed it for me while I was complaining and thinking why why the sickness came to me it turned out because of the sickness

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I was patient and because of my patience I was elevated and every Daraja every state every every place in general

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if you are upgraded you know if you're upgraded here from from economy class to business class forget about it. Everybody knows about it be so happy

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in Jannah

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Allah upgrader stuffer dose

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Allah upgraders to full dose

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every day Raja

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from another Daraja his completely different story

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different story you know with the with the plane, they are both in the plane. So similarly they are both in gender like when I was passing by the Emirates first class I said what is this this is the room by itself they have room by itself $21,000 round trip $21,000 for a roundtrip

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it's a room you go inside because the door don't talk to me it like call you and when I call you I want trips, you bring trips,

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whatever you want, of course you're gonna bring whatever you want, you know, you lock the door and your sleeve and whatever you want. Subhanallah so this is a creation by mankind. How about the creator himself, when he upgraded Allah? This is the thief. Very bad. Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah by remember this idea Allah,

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Metallica, WA not evil Kabir as a form of a question.

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Doesn't he know him he has created and he is a motif and I'm happy. And so what's wrong with you?

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So hang on. And we'll finish with this in sha Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa Tada you know, like

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Altaf whose name is on top here

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and five commonly referred to we have a tough is obviously from Latif right And subhanAllah both are tough that I know. MashAllah very Latif.

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very keen. Now, how can we make dua with the name of Allah, Allah cleave?

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There's nothing 100% authentic about salah Salem saying that using that thing, but Subhanallah you know,

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growing up in Lebanon, and growing up

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the first

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I would say from the first 10 years were okay, then it's 1975 to 1992 or 1989.

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Around 13 years, most of them were in shelters and civil war. So I never forget

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that when you were in the shelter

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my mother was screaming and saying yeah Latif have been

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I remember this yeah Latif of

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all of the fees

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because you know those bombs are going everywhere and you hear this guy died yesterday this guy's shattered this guy's you know, this building is collapsed Subhanallah so that was one of the worst names I grew up listening to. Yeah, the thief. So one of the ways you could use this Yeah, Latif altos * on ya, ya Allah you are you're the old gentle the old kind. Have your lot your gentleness and kindness surround us in campuses or like use of Alia Salah what is his face Ramsay at the end of the surah in rugby, Latif en Lima Yasha. In who who allegedly wouldn't hockey in the rugby Latif Lima Yasha. In who who will hire illegal hockey, so I can say hola, hola. In Nicola De

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Lima Tasha. Anta Lally will Hakeem and then I make my dua.

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This is in Surah Yusuf in Nairobi, Latif, Lima. Yasha. We're in now who will allow evil hacking so I can make this as my beginning of the DUA. Then your Allah cured me Allah grant liasion ALLAH forgive my sins. So I asked Latif and Kabir to grant us all the highest place in Jannah to get us the company of Rasulullah Salallahu salam to forgive our sins and make us from the people who listen and understand and apply in sha Allah and interrupt me Alameen wa salam, ala Rasulillah may come out of salatu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and please come to Fisher tomorrow at 615 Is that a comma fecal Subhana Allah manhandling Masha Allah Allah Allah and stuff

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