Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #18 Al Qawiyy Al Mateen

Mohamad Baajour
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Shala Tada for the brothers

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who will stay and attend the Halacha brother, Sheikh Lucia, send me all the DVDs that you paid for already and I have them with me Inshallah, after we finish I'll distribute them to whoever paid and also other would like to also donate to the brother.

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You're welcome Chama.

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Inshallah Tada. We continue our beautiful series,

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the names of Allah azza wa jal.

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And this series is beautiful because we are discussing the most beautiful thing ever, is knowing Allah subhana

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trying as much as we can to understand his name and add attributes, so we can know Him, love Him, obey Him, and try as much as we can to live these names in our daily life. Today's name, or two names are alcovy el Mateen, el karoui, el Mateen.

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Allah subhanho wa Tada is alchemy.

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Alchemy is

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the word

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or from the root cough. Wow. Yeah.

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Or Cova cough Well, Elif MK Surah

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which means power, strength. And Allah subhanaw taala. His name is Al Covey. It means number one, it means the ultimate and infinite power, the ultimate and infinite power. He's the old, strong, old powerful.

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And I'll call we

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is the only one whose strength is unlimited.

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The strength is unlimited. And he affects everything, and nothing affects him. All other powers. All other powers are beneath him. Even if they all gathered together, they are beneath him. And his power is above everyone.

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The second meaning is that not only he is the old powerful

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is that he's always the old powerful, the old strong, because someone or something could be strong for a period of time.

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And then

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they would lose their strength, their power, a country will be very strong for a certain period of time, and then it would lose it. Its power. Allah subhanho wa Taala El karoui and forever the coffee

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and forever the coffee

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alcovy Subhan Subhana

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his attributes of strength never decrease and he never needs rest after his power is used. Allah subhanaw taala has the perfect strength

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and nothing and no one in the heavens and the earth can help but submit to it. Allah

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subhanaw taala name El karoui is mentioned nine times in the Quran. And

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most of them this name is paired with which name Al Aziz al Kawi al Aziz, why al Aziz Subhan Allah because

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in order to be a curvy and honorable you have to be Aziz, if you are curvy and you are crooked, you're coward discover the strength and this power will be

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used in the wrong way. It can be it will be

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a defect not not an honor. But because the Kawaii is as is always in hola kawaii Yun Aziz in hola hola kawaii Yun Aziz

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Allah subhana wa Taala uses his strength in the most honorable ways to show his perfect might. The combination is used in the context of Allah azza wa jal

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using his strength to support the believers against the tyrants and unjust while using his might to punish them.

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Allah subhana wa Tada is calling

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in his punishment

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how can we use this name in our daily life?

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First, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said

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When I uncertain Allah Herman Jana surah in Allah kabhi Yun Aziz

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Allah subhana wa Tada will help will assist will give victory to whomsoever Give victory to this deen

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and then ended it by saying in Allah haka Yun Aziz. So the first way to use this name in our daily life, my respect to the brothers and sisters is

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to have Cola in our iman to have strength in our iman and Rasulullah Sallam told us that element mineral Kawi Illa the strong believer is more beloved to Allah

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than the weak believer, and they are both good.

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And keep in mind

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the stronger your iman

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the stronger is your test.

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The stronger your iman, the stronger is your test.

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Another way we use this coffee

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and there's eczema, there is wisdom on Allah subhanaw taala on one Nasu Messiah Salam told us in the southern to repeat everything that he says except when it says hi yah. Hi yah, and then we say La

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Quwata illa biLlah this call we're here. What does it mean? It means you're hola I will never be able to get up for salad. I will never be able to drive to the masjid. I will never be able to perform or have Khufu and my salad without your conga and your house and your help.

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Well, Allah, Allah He without the call word of Allah azza wa jal we will not be able to move a finger. So that is Subhanallah

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the call to success the call to prayer. After that, we say that hola Quwata illa Allah in order for Allah to assist us to perform that Allah Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. como cada sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he accumsan Min colluvial Jana. Right. Los Altos SLM said

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Quwata illa biLlah is a treasure from genuine. When Allah like I said this before and I repeated in sha Allah Tada one of the best two things to constantly do constantly do and you will see change in your life.

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So far, and La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah try to go for two three weeks and see struggle last for last. Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola.

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Anytime you have an issue that how

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anytime someone is threatening you is scaring you. The whole hour Quwata illa Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is alcovy this is another way we could use the name of Allah azza wa jal when I remember Al Covey, when I remember Al Covey, letter, however filet Hofer, tele him when you remember that the name of Allah subhanaw taala alcovy That should give you so much power to tell the truth and not seen anybody. Allah, Allah Kawaii is with me, you know, when someone is very, very powerful, very powerful, and he is your very close friend, and you have his number. Anytime you have an issue, you have a problem, you will remind yourself in our one phone call, the me and him are like this. He

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will come and take care of it. Right? You will feel so comfortable that you have you have a very strong friend, very strong contact. How about if the Kawaii himself is with you? So when we sometimes Allah when we all go through this, especially people like me when are in a public figure and talking? They are scared to tell the truth maybe because they are what they're going to say about me maybe they will jail me, maybe they will punish me. Maybe they will beat me. Welcome. Please. Allah is with me. When we feel that Allah subhanaw taala is always with you, Allah you don't feel anyone. You don't feel anything? What is any score? You know? When

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which GRE which column said them and I should do in some mood right? AD AD AD, but I should do it now.

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So that's what they said who is more powerful than us?

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Stack varuval

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they were arrogant and they said who is more powerful than us? Allah subhanho wa Taala said, I am more powerful than you. They used to crave with their hands. The mountains crave with their hand the mountains is how powerful they are. I was

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Hello Tada is alcovy Alka we himself so and similarly when we study that hadith for Salah Salem and he tells us that one of Allah's creation listen carefully one of Allah's creation

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Gibreel Ali salaam

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with the edge of his wing

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edge, the end of his wing, seven villages upside down,

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turn them upside down. And this is a creation of Allah azza wa jal when we hear that the distance between the ear lobe and the shoulder of one of the angels carrying the Irish is 700 years of traveling

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700 years of traveling from here to here, of their own Tinelli, I was given the permission to tell you about one of the carriers of the earth

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Shalabh, deca, Falcon, homeodomain. And then the man here eight, eight angels, one of them

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was described by Ursula cisilion.

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So when we see when we hear that the creation is this powerful, how about the Creator Himself? Similarly, we apply this name when we know this power, how dare I disobey him?

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How dare I disobey Him?

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Allah is sometimes we we go into

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I know

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stars module every time you have to keep telling us about Reba lie because I love you. Stop signing these contracts here, one. Stop signing these contracts with Reba.

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You are declaring war and Allah azza wa jal. You are declaring war on the Kawaii

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himself. And look how halimi is, he is letting you go until you repent one day

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I'll call we will keep that in mind anytime a thought of disobedience come to our mind, then comes to the name Al Mateen. And that combination came how many times in the Quran

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Al Khalil Mateen.

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Only once, the name and Mateen Allah azza wa jal came only once we Surah

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Masha Allah what's

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one opportunity?

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Sir, in Ernie Abu Dawn, man, what do you do mean hum mirrors?

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What do you do I yield a moon in Allah who was

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in Allah who are reserved with who will Mateen look at Mateen the only time when the Quran and Mateen came after the name or Zack

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because me and you are always always worried about the risk. So who used the most powerful combination when it came to risk? So what are you worried about? What does an Mateen mean? And Mateen ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is the owner of the power, he is the most strong, he has the immense power, he is all strong, all powerful, his power never fails. And whatever he does, it never results in difficulty or discomfort or tiredness for him. His power is perfect and complete. This combination of possession of the perfect strength and complete firmness of nature means no one can ever object to his actions or prevent his orders from taking place.

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No one can prevent his orders from taking place. Mateen comes from the word or from the root mean

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known which points for four main meanings. The first meaning is to be strong, firm and hard. The second meaning is to be solid. The third is to be steadfast and determined. And the fourth meaning is to possess and equality and equality to possess it to a strong degree to possess any quality to the strength to the most powerful degree.

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How can we live by the name l Mateen.

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To be firm

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in following the right path

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and not to waver when it comes to our deen and especially these days, yeah, one. Allah when you see how

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the Ummah and our communities are suffering

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unfortunately many of the leaders

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they give you a custom made fatawa and watered down this deen and this is okay and that is okay and this is okay and that is okay Subhanallah what happened to the to the to the real deal to the soul?

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Everything is okay no no it's okay just don't don't make it habibi. The hackers always hacked and we do not say what the hack is. People are going to think that all these things are

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and they're going to keep taking them and going and happy. Cool Hold on a Bill Campbell X Serena Amada, Alina Vanessa Johan Phil hieratic. Dunya What

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should I tell you about the worst of the losers? They think they're doing something good, but they're not because they were told.

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They were told that this is okay. No problem. What's the big deal? And it's okay Hamdulillah you are praying you are doing this? No, no, we have to be very careful. We have to go back no matter how hard and it's getting tougher and tougher to practice the deen but Allah al Khalil Mateen al Khalil Mateen. He is with the one who who's who strives to practice his or her Deen

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keep close. One of the way to practice agmatine is to keep close to Mateen people

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to keep close to people who are firm in their Deen strong in their Deen.

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You know, the good company has a huge effect, huge effect on our kids and our wives.

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The company has a huge effect.

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Let's go to a halacha. today. We started our sisters Halaqaat Please tell your wives, your sisters.

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Your mother's every Monday from 1030 to 1130 halacha strictly for four sisters.

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We teach them that

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we teach them how to treat you.

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So send them

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how to honor you and respect.

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And same thing we want to teach you how to respect them also. They are our sisters. They are the mother of our children. Allah he you know, like Salah salem said,

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one of the greatest gifts from Allah azza wa jal is to have righteous woman at home.

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Allah and it's so true. Allah it's so true. We Allah make all our wives and our daughters and our mother's righteous era, I mean,

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how can we make dua with these names?

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One of the Sheoak

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he was saying that, a brother of his was going through financial difficulty.

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And he was from these people that are as he is, you know, they

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are better word is a thief. You know, you know what a thief means same in order a thief. He has the

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same like, you know, he has so much honor he will not ask. This is a thief. And as he's also same or no, you don't have that word, a thief

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close the crib.

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No thief means FM FM means like, you know, he has so much honor and his self himself himself he will not be able to ask you for anything even though he's in dire need. This is our

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pride, he has so much pride but sometimes pride could be in a bad way. He has an honorable pride. Yeah. So as like as so he said that you know, he will never ask and even though he knows personally that he's going through so much and he keeps asking you please anything you need let me know anything you need. Let me know whatever you want. And brother hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. And one time he told me he said well Allah he will Allah He went yesterday. I did not have one rial in my pocket. That one now in my pocket. Not in my bank. Nothing. Long story short, the chef told him

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why don't you use? Yeah, Zack Volkova till Mateen result me.

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Yeah, to Zack.

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Till Mateen or Saucony

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Lakota the three names are so powerful.

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The qu al Mateen Zachman. He said Wallah. He, in three weeks.

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He came back to him. He said yeah, Chef Zach Allah. Allah He constantly kept on

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Making this

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and a brother called him and he told him Listen, there is land that has to be sold and 400 million rial, and the brothers, every one of them is in a different country. If you can, I've been trying to get them for so long. The buyer said, if you can get them to sign the contract, we will get 2 million rial. I'll give you one, and I will get one. So this man heard this. He kept on calling day and night until long story short, he got all the brothers one one left overseas, he kept on texting him and r&b and it gets there. You know, scramble. You know, he could not find out then the guy said, Who's that texting me call them back. So what do you want? He said, Do you want to sell your

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coffee? He said yes. He said, Please, we come on this date. And we signed the paper. Long story short, they were able to make the sale and from zero from zero to one to 1 million rial.

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Well, Lee, like I always repeat, you know, we, when we make the dial, it's so weak, very weak, because we have doubt million dollars. How am I going to have a million that's how

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but when you think of the Queen, and reserve actually coming to it in sha Allah Tala, then what is the million dollars for Allah has gone? Farrakhan what's his name? The Amazon guy donated $2 billion to the homeless. 2 billion

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$2 billion to help the homeless. billion 200,002,000 million or 202,000 million. Can you imagine? So what is that to Allah azza wa jal. So yeah, can we attain? Maybe you can say Yeah, can we on a team call we Imani strengthen, because as soon as I said I'm told was that the Eman goes up and down. And he told us to keep asking Allah Muhammad did Eman, renew, refresh the Eman May Allah strengthen our iman that Allah strengthen our love to one another? May Allah subhanaw taala increases. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us. May Allah subhanaw taala fill our homes with love and mercy. May Allah protect our wives and our mothers and our daughters. May Allah subhanaw taala make all our

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children righteous, amiable Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was ivh main Subhan Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah Allah and Mr. Rocha on a tour

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