Your Life is a Reflection of Your Dua #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef


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Every day, we're standing in front of medical Moloch, the King of kings, the Lord of the universe. And even though we have that moment, we have our five minutes and it doesn't happen just once. And the whole time it happens and also timing happens and mother of inertia. We're always standing there asking for nothing. We're just asking, we keep standing and asking for nothing. And I'll say this, say later on, but let me start off by saying, if you feel that your life sucks, it's probably a direct reflection of your dog. Your dog probably sucks too. If your life sucks, your dogs probably suck.

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If we take a look at what you're making dog for, it just sucks. Just really low aim and so on. So that's what we're here to do. Where to raise our dog