Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #16 Al Fattah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The use of the title " fat Savory" in Islam is discussed, as it is associated with knowing Jesus Christ. The use of "naive" in protecting someone is also discussed, while "naive" refers to protecting a person or situation. The use of a name by Allah for clothing and its potential health risk are also discussed, along with the use of "naive" in the context of "naive."
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Cemani come over I get

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small Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna, when finally my island Tana was it naman Hamra? I mean,

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I'm a better cleaner if you Jimena Harada with the German Mahoma was out to embody the Farrakhan musoma. Well, I'll fina are vain and shocky and what am I Roma? I mean, Robert, I mean

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as we are going, you know, when we started the series, I know it was a holiday and Everybody brought their children with them. And it was it was packed, and every time we keep going, it's getting less and less the attendance and Elia one, listen carefully, what I'm about to narrate from Rasulillah Salam.

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Is it a true statement? If I say knowing Allah has better than salad, or a more important than salad?

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Is that he de Lille, that knowing Allah azza wa jal more important or comes ahead before Salat?

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Any delille

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not only delete any evidence from Rasulillah Salam?

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Yeah, my wife

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when she lost her son and son was to Yemen. What did he tell them?

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What is the first thing to teach them?

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No, no, he told them first. Let them know Allah azza wa jal.

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And when they know Allah, you teach them that there is something called Five daily salawat and after they know the five daily Salawat you tell them about the Zakat. So Subhanallah Quran the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal is extremely important for every aspect of our life. So try as much as you can even if you miss the class, inshallah Tada Hamdulillah I mean, these are taped and many people are watching us may Allah subhanaw taala bless the brothers who are taping it and everybody's watching inshallah. So today's Name of Allah azza wa jal is alpha theta. We all know someone called up the fact that right? Alpha Theta is one of the names of Allah azza wa jal that is mentioned in the

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Quran. How many times?

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Anybody knows

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Alpha Tau, how many times

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one, which surah?

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Surah saba. And so let's say this not only time, when once it's mentioned the name of Fatah as, as the name of Allah azza wa jal is mentioned only once in Surah In Surah, now,

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it is mentioned in a plural form

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when Allah subhanaw taala said, Rob, Rob that have been and our VENA coalminer will help when Takai rule 13 One the hydro Alfetta hint. Now,

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the name alfalfa has three meanings when it comes to Allah azza wa jal first meaning is

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a Koba will help them

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to rule

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over means the ruler

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what is the delille?

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Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran

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or at least sir No, no hurry, salam, he said 50 Nene whether you know him firsthand, when a genie when a May I mean I mean,

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when he called the people so many years to Allah azza wa jal

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and he reached a dead end. He said this area, yeah Allah has

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come, rule

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billhook between me and these people,

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala he told us

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is salt no fat Danna? Same same verb for for Tana abueva summit? Rematch Imaan hammer, Allah subhanaw taala we all know

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The story he opened the doors of the heavens with flooding rain. So,

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in fact, in one way, it means how come and try

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and he has Sadam, he also

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used that name when he made the dua to Allah azza wa jal Rob Ben after being in our Boehner kalmunai Bill Huck, when the Hyrule fair to him, yeah Allah

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decide between us and our people with the Huck because you are the best one to rule. So the fifth

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first meaning is ruling.

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The second meaning of the fifth is a Nossal

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in Fatah, laka, fatten Medina and Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And one one more delille that the feta means

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the hokum is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala named yo ml Kiana Young will not Surah

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every Friday for Azure

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Azure before last sort of search that

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was the that was the sort of was the area

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where we're holding on to meta has been following content Saudi Ukraine,

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where the Khurana Mata has a foothold in quantum Saudi clean, coal young men fat helium Valentina. They invite Athena Cafaro, a man who has a homegrown Allah subhanaw taala set on the day of fat on the day of how come on the day of rolling, their email is not going to benefit them anymore. The Kuffar the email is not going to benefit them anymore. So that's another delete that young will fit is young will help them is a the Day of Judgment. And second meaning is that they have made the meaning of aliphatic means a muscle and nozzle, Allah subhanaw taala Fatah he is the one who gives victory. Allah subhanaw taala said for us Allah who are yet to Bill Fetty will be unremitted nd

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that's Allah Who a yet here will fit here means Nasir and Allah subhanaw taala Maybe Allah subhanaw taala will bring the muscle or another decision from on his own. So Allah subhanho wa Taala either nostril Allah he will fit so the muscle keep in mind Jaquan like I always repeat, the victory is only from Allah azza wa jal no matter who is fighting the Islam, no matter how many people plot against our deen, the victory is from Allah azza wa jal and definitely we have no doubt as a Muslim you should not have any doubt in your heart that the victory is coming to this deen and like I always repeat all we do is beg Allah subhanaw taala to use us to make this day to make this Deen

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victorious. Now, if you noticed the only time that the word Fatah came,

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the name of attack came, it came associated with another name of Allah azza wa jal, which is

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alpha Hill Lurleen. It came with Aleem only once Alpha Taleem why alpha has to do with Allah subhanaw taala because of the third meaning of the fifth, which is the that's why I left it to the end because that's the one we're going to expand on a little bit. Fattah in Arabic fat, three letters means to open

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means to open any and it is the opposite of

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Calaca close. So

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who opens any closed door.

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He opens the door of the door of marriage the door of Tofik the door of tranquillity, the door of peace, all the doors Allah subhanaw taala have their keys. He is the factor there is no door that is hard for Allah subhanaw taala to open unfortunately, sometimes we go to one another to open the doors and we forget to go to the Fatah himself to open these doors for us. Sometimes that the how many times you hear people saying it all the doors are closed in my face. Yeah get up go to the Fatah. Ask the Fatah that will give you so much energy so much power so much hope when you know that the Fatah can open any door

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can give you so much relief from any from any stress. The fatigue is on your side. That name Subhanallah give you so much any

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happiness and joy knowing that Allah subhanaw taala nothing is hard for them. One time there was a baby that was born and the way the delivery took place.

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They had to use a machine to pull the bill

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Maybe hours, it was very hard delivery. So when they use that machine, they told the parents that the the brain is damaged, the brain is damaged and he took them the father took it to the first doctor. He said, You know, don't waste your time. Second Doctor, don't waste your time Third Doctor, he went to Europe same. And then Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala you know, he, he went to a doctor that fears Allah. So Subhanallah that's why I love when I hear our brothers that are doctors and practicing at the same time. It gives me so much joy that they combined deen and duniya together. Allah it's such a beautiful thing. So many believing doctor told him don't ever don't ever

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give up. There is someone called Al Fatah. He can take care of everything. He said Subhanallah he prescribed a medicine for him and he did some kind of therapy and all that and in six months the baby wants to back to normal. So you know, nothing nothing is hard for Allah azza wa jal nothing is hard for Allah azza wa jal you know, you know how we sometimes we they tell you, okay, they have cancer Hello Scylla start preparing the funeral Habibi, Allah subhanaw taala can cure anybody. He lost his job, he lost that job and Allah subhanaw taala can bless you with any job. Allah subhanaw taala is Al Fatah. SubhanAllah. And so why is that Fatah associated with the Aleem not with the

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ramen with Rahim with any other name, and Fidel Ali And subhanAllah one of the reasons that automat said is that Allah He left IBM,

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he will give the fed

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with knowledge. He knows that either Fetta Holika dunya he knows if he gives you open for you to doors of wealth, he knows that you're gonna go astray. So with that in the Fed has to be with

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the Fed has to be with knowledge. He knows that this wealth is not good for you. It's good for him. He will do things that are great, but even though you're asking day and night for wealth, but that wealth is not good for you. Someone might be asking for Ellen.

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Yeah, Allah is to highlight your bill in your best news.

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And he will not get the why because Allah subhanaw taala knows that Aleem Patel Aleem, he knows that if you have that and either you might show off and that will be a distraction for you or you might not be a male with that aim, you might not act upon that and you will lose so he will not give you that end. And the best thing the other explanation why is Alpha Kappa dalim which I loved so much, that is the best thing that Allah subhanaw taala could open to someone is how

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is Allah if ALLAH blessed you with Allah He blessed you with and this is the best thing ever he could ever bestow upon you. And of course, with Amel.

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You know,

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I don't know about other places, but in the Arab world, you know, when they opened the business in the boat in the morning, what did they say? You have a Taha Ali? Yara Zakia Kareem, right. When the teacher come to the, to the school and he sees the students who have attacked him to see them have half asleep.

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When you wake up in the morning, and you see your wife, what do you say? I will demonstrate on the gym.

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Yes, I

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can even so this is Subhanallah everybody in the business or any field? They say this term in the morning that you know Yeah, Fatah. Yeah, I leave.

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Here I leave here Zakia Karim, you know, they opened their business panel. It's beautiful. It's not a it's not a hadith or anything. It's a term that's been used in the public for a long time.

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Subhanallah Rasulillah Salam said, Allah in Allah Lamy up the hill movement. Well, how are you hippo minute dunya Allah Who will protect or will hold back will withhold

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the wealth from his believing slave and he loves him. Just like you withhold food and drink from your sick person that you love so much.

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Allah withholds the wealth from a person that he loves, just like you withhold the food and drink from a sick person that are told that he told you no, no, don't give him sweets, don't give them sugar, don't give him this, you withhold that stuff because you love him you care about him. So that does not mean that Allah subhanaw taala gives you wealth does not necessarily mean that he loves you. Allah subhanaw taala said what do you say for them, man? That's true. Man, Lucky Ruby for him abueva Coolie che? Allahu Akbar, when they forget Allah when they forget their soul when they forgot everything.

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We opened all the doors for them.

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Allah, you have to risk Allah opens the risk for the cancer and for the movement for the for the breed and for the Corrib for the one who's far from Allah and for the one who's close to Allah azza wa jal, but that one is look at this pan Allah and you know that you want to finish quickly. Danna I lay him usually

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for Fontana comes with what I

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love LA low for the Hello.

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When you say

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you don't say for the highlight, so what did he use here for Tana I lay him abueva coalition.

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So, why to be a pleasure against him?

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I gave you wealth Why are you still a cancer? I gave you a wife why you still a careful I gave you health why you still a careful? Tatianna I lay him this is an Arabic linguistic thing and but Subhanallah how Allah subhanaw taala used to so the third meaning of Al Fatah is the one who opens the doors who opens any closed door okay. So,

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how can we use this name

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or before that Allah subhanaw taala said in Surah Trotter second, May after may have to holla

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now you have to Hila holy nursing in Ramat in Fela, mumsie Kala

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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when he opens and gives bestow any mercy on someone, no one can hold it back no one can say no. No one can stop it. No one.

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So all Allah subhanho wa Taala give to his believing slave

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is Rama.

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That risk that you have yeah he is Rama from Allah azza wa jal. That is a message from Allah Allah No. You know, when Allah look at the rest of the fellow Moon seek Allah. When Allah gives something no one can am sick no one can withhold it. When I am sick fella, he did not say what

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he said. When a young sick fella morcilla human body, no one can send it he's used the word out of Salah. That means every runner that Allah subhanaw taala gives us as if he is sending us a message.

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You know, I sent you a message. You sent me a shift this is not a look at this. This is your number. This is messages from you.

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Everything that we have is a message from Allah azza wa jal Subhan. Allah today

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was the I've been for the past two, three years. I'm trying to tell myself that I'm still young

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so I'm refusing to wear reading glasses.

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And then when I reached the point

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today, I have to go like this and this so what I got my first reading glasses and I put them on. I said

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that's a message that he sent us from Allah. It's getting close.

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That's a message Allah it's a message. All that white stuff, actually. Oh, that's why stuff is a message.

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These are already solid. We sometimes ignore them. We paint them sometimes

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we change the color saying that colors No, no, no, I'm still younger so Hala. So, these are messages from Allah azza wa jal. So before we are like I promised you Subhanallah when is this idea? Listen to this is where the home FLT how loyal they are.

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In who look pathetic and ill, and he has all the keys of the unseen Subhanallah

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you are dealing with the one who knows all the unseen so you think he does not know what's happening?

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Lie Allahu Illa who who I feel very well, when a Tesco two men work in

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Walla herberton fee of automatic org. Well, Robin weather Yeah, this is Vicki turbine moving Allahu Akbar.

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He knows

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everything in the heavens and the earth. No leaf that falls except he knows about it.

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There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth or an

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You think fresh or dry

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except it is recorded in a clear record?

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So yeah happy yeah happy to talk to my beloved brother my beloved sister. So the one who knows about every single leaf on it falls in China in Malaysia and anywhere in the world does not know that you're going through financial difficulty does not know that you are having some problems. He does not know that you need this and you need that Allah He knows. So raise your hands and say yeah Fatah, if the highly you will hire open all the doors of hire. What do we say when we own we enter the masjid Allah Who musta Lee abou Matic yeah Allah opened the doors of Rama for me. So

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when they shift in the taraweeh is reciting

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and he put another half is behind him What does that process called if he made a mistake?

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Right if the alley listen to you stand behind me today I'm going to start sort of Bukhara

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helped me.

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If I get stuck if the highlight, right, they say for further why so Allah subhanaw taala is the Fatah himself.

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And another thing we can use that name we can use that name by being a slacker Salah salem said

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that there are people Muthiah T and then higher morale your condition Allahu Akbar llamas Andaman on the autumn. There are people who are keys for hire.

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if I want to use that name, and apply it to myself, so I can get close to the Fatah himself, I will be I will try to be the key of hire to anyone I can help whether financially whether sometimes don't think that all the help is financially awkward. Sometimes just sitting down and listening to your brother complain or listening to your brother problems or your sister problems that by itself isn't

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enough by itself. So Cha Matata ask Allah subhanaw taala by the name Yeah, Fatah. Yeah, Fatah. If the Hallyday are bad, I mean, if data Yemen al Herat and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will only will only provide for you what is good for you. No matter how much you ask for things that are you know, you think that they are good for you. Allah subhanaw taala associated the Aileen with the Fatah so he only from his end gives you what is beneficial for you. Along with Darlene our Alameen la mayor Fatah styling area, or Hamra AMI along with Santa Barbara medica Kamala Crimean are some Allah and Muhammad Ali hills, Germaine Subhana, Colombo, 100, masha Allah, Allah, Allah and the stuff Utica

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when a taboo like

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