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I have less than a half hour to share some thoughts with you. And the title of this discussion was supposed to be the message of the Quran.

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But I wanted to make sure that the the final discussion we have at this get together is something relevant to the theme of the conference itself. And this the theme as you know, is safe family and safe society. So I wanted to make it more specific than just the message of the Quran in general, but rather the message of the Quran to the family. The message of the Quran particularly to the family, and appropriately on the flyer and the brochure for the seminar and for this conference, the IOD from the ayah from blue to green, which is probably the the golden idea when it comes to principle the principle of concern for family has been mentioned in translation.

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The surah Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, you have Latina amanu, who enforcer como la coonara, you probably heard this 1000 times, those of you who believe, save yourselves and your families from Hellfire, I'm going to make some very basic observations about these ions that are supposed to be a reminder for myself and all of you in childhood. And they're supposed to be a means by which we refresh our commitment to ourselves and our families in regards to reaching that final success. All families, all families worry about their met the members of that family, parents, I mean, when you when you get older, you might start worrying about your parents, when parents are, you know, young

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and the children are small, they worry about their children. And one of the most universal concerns all parents have for their children is that they want them to be successful. Success is something everybody wants for their family, I want you to go to a good school, I want you to get a good job, I want you to have a good life, I want you to make certain, you know, meet certain milestones by certain times. So we're always looking for the best for our children, for our families. And even in terms of their worldly living, you know, if you're renting an apartment, and you have a lot of children, you start thinking about no money to buy a house, we need to move out and we need to space

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out a little bit. We can't live like this anymore. You're constantly concerned about your family. The younger folks here that aren't married, may not see it yet. They may not realize it yet. But once they get married, and especially once the baby's on the way, the way they think the way you and I think it changed once we had children didn't we and some somebody gave a speech before about worrying about the family and concern for the family. And you were 18 years old or 16 years old sitting in the audience are like what's he talking about? I'm not gonna be like that. That sounds like my dad. But five years later, you become the same exact thing. All you can think about is the

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concerns for your children, the concerns for your household, what are they going to do with the future? And this the nature of the human being? When your immediate needs are met? You start worrying about the future. If there's food on the table today, immediately your mind goes well, what's for what's for lunch tomorrow? What are we going to do tomorrow, if you paid this month's rent, the rent immediately you start worrying about next month's rent, it's just this concern human beings have, and really serious parents and families. They'll always instill into the children, I want you to think about your future. I want you to think long term, don't think short term, think

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long term. This idea of thinking long term is something all responsible families try to instill among themselves, and especially into their children. Now, having said all of that,

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there is one element of concern, even for Muslims, that has to do with their success, but not in this life in the next life. But that is so far away. That doesn't even come into our planning.

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We don't even think about it. We don't even have conversations about it over dinner. We don't talk to our family about being successful in the next life. If a conversation does come up, if you're worried about your son and daughter, it's probably because their grades are going down. Or you know, they're they're going to sleep late and they're not doing so well in school or things like that. In other words, your concerns have to do most of the time with this world. And for the next role. You say obviously they're Muslim, we don't have to worry about it. It's okay. We're not bad people. That part will come You know, cover itself doesn't take care of itself. Now listen to the alleged talking

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to believers, the sutra is a meta nisolo. The primary audience of this surah is believers. It's the believing community. It began with an address to the Prophet himself. Yeah, you hadn't maybe. But as it transitions it goes to Yeah, you know, those of you who have Eman And this ayah begins school and full circle. Now just think about that for a moment. protect yourselves and your families from hellfire. You tell me it's a very simple question. When do you need protection when you're in danger? Isn't that true? The only time you need protection is when you're in actual danger. If there is no danger, you have nothing to worry about. Here we are assuming that the danger of Hell is for

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disbelievers. I don't have to worry about it. But Allah made sure that you and mean Muslims understand you better protect yourself and your families from Hellfire go enforcer. Yeah, you know not careful. Not disbelievers. protect yourselves by becoming Muslim, alleged talking to believers. And he's saying you believers better protect yourselves and your families from hellfire. A small observation before we go on, this is a very powerful By the way, that a lot told believers to protect themselves instead of disbelievers. You know, scaring disbelievers straight, he's scaring believers straight in this is a primal love. The second thing here is a lot of times we're concerned

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for our children, we're concerned for the youth, etc, etc. But we're not concerned about ourselves. There's a very common thing across this country, people are putting their children in Islamic schools and Sunday schools, but filthy movies are still being watched at home. And the company at home hasn't changed and the kind of disobedience open disobedience to a law that takes place in our households. And in the gatherings of the Muslims, for example, that the gatherings of aid or other walima or Anika and things like that open disobedience to Allah without any regard. And at the same time, we can say with a straight face, I want my child to be a good Muslim, right? This hypocrisy

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has to come to an end, we have to be what we want our children to be. And we want to we want to be of those who save themselves first, and then their families. And there's a lesson inside here too. If you're not concerned about saving yourself, no matter how hard you try to save your family, it's pointless because they will see right through you. If you constantly tell your children go to Sunday school, you better get there on time, etc, etc. And then you come pick them up after select a lot is done, which is normal, commonly across this country when I've seen 100 Sunday schools I know this, right? commonly your call centers, schools, our kids are making Lahore salah and the parents are in

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the parking lot outside.

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So you want to save your child from hellfire. But you're okay, you're in the clear, you've got clearance, right?

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I mean, just because you have a green card does not mean how permanent residence with

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those different kinds of permanent residents.

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Right. So we have to end this hypocrisy and our children will see right through it. My dad made me go but the moment they turn in become teenagers, what do you notice? They're not gonna go? They become independent. They don't want anything to do with the machine didn't want anything to do with prayer. They don't listen to you. Yeah, ask him to put the hijab on. It's like it's easier to pull a tooth out of their mouth and ask them to whatever job on because they didn't say you see you do it. They didn't see the mother do it. They didn't see that as a normal part of the household. Why would they accept something that you didn't accept? You'll never live by it? Why would they live by it? So

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we have to save ourselves first. And then our families from the Hellfire very, very powerful idea. But a lot did not stop there. And this is important. You know, it's a scary thing to try to save your family from hell, it's a serious concern. If the house was on fire, wouldn't you want to get your kids out of the house quickly? You're trying to save them from a fire because that fire is real? And your child says no, no, it's not really a fire. Yes, it is. Let's go. It's real.

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In other words, when there is a real threat, then you have the sense of urgency, the sense of nothing else matters right? Now we have to take care of this problem. Because that fire is unseen to us. Because that fire is in the next life. And we think it's far away, we're okay. Because of that we don't see a sense of urgency. But for the one who really has the man who really believes who really believes that fire is real, and not only is it real, it's not far away in the home Yamuna, who didn't wanna rock arriba they see it far away, we see it very near this judgment is very near, then they will have the sense of urgency just like you would have to protect your own family. In the

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case of a physical fire of physical worldly danger. This is a real danger, too. So that's when that sense of urgency comes and you try to give your family family counsel and you try to give them advice and you try to make that way to them. You come across a very harsh reality or reality I talk about all the time in my lectures. This is a very harsh reality, the hardest customers you will ever have in that way is your family.

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The toughest customers right now you guys are sitting in my audience. I don't know you that well, you don't you just know me on youtube or something. It's okay for you to listen to me. Try getting my cousin's to sit here and listen to me or my uncle or my grandfather or my you know, my parents are actually here somewhere but I hope they're listening

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You know, my sister, she's here, she gets some of the best sleep of her life during my lectures. Right? Because that's, that's just how family is. That's how it is, you know. And you know, the people who will take you the least seriously is who your family everybody can call you, she and doctor and professor, but when you go home, you're just a kid. You're You're stupid, you don't know anything. Right? That's, that's how it is. And that's how it is in all of our homes. It's normal. It's normal like that. So when you try to give them that, why don't I come on? You're gonna talk to me, I changed your diapers. Okay? You're not gonna talk to me like, in other words, it is very hard

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to talk to them. And and they can say things to you. They can criticize you and say and mock you, and be sarcastic towards you and say mean things to you that nobody else can say. And why can they get away with that? Well, here's the reason because their family,

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they can just get away with it. So when you talk to them about Dean, it's very unpleasant A lot of times, especially about practical issues of like, let's stay away from this disobedience, or let's not do that that's, I think that's questionable. Or let's get out of that around business, etc, etc. It's very difficult to talk to them. So you know, what most of us do, we say, I don't know, I have such a hard time talking to my family. I'm just gonna go talk to somebody else. I'm gonna go attend a HELOC or a conference. And a lot of you came here to the conference after having a fight with your family. Look at the irony, the conferences, save family.

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And you're like, I'm saving time for my family. I need to get out.

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Right, you get away from your family. I'm going to the Islamic conference. You walk away. Right? That's, that's great. That's what you call good. Well, why didn't but anyway, the now having understood they're very difficult people to talk to, and it's easy for you to get turned off and say, I don't want to deal with this. I don't want to deal with this. It's so much easier to talk to a group of strangers. It's so much easier to be with people that are like minded. But Allah made them your family for a reason alone you that you would be ambassadors of Santa, these people. And I say this all the time, I don't mind saying it again. There are people in your family. If they were

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not your family, you would never ever meet them. You wouldn't even walk down the same street as them. You would know they're the complete opposite of you. The farthest thing from you possible is your sister, your brother, your cousin, you are completely on different frequencies but a loss plan you will be the ambassador of Islam to them. That's a lost plan. And you have to put up with it. And you know who started this? This trend? the messengers themselves you think your family gives you a hard time trial Buddha?

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You know, you think your uncle this tough trial Bula the guy throws dead dead animal skin overboard. You know, even a vicious enemy that wants to kill you an enemy that wants to kill you. If an enemy heard that your child died. What would they do? They drop their sword for a couple of minutes and say I heard your baby died. I'm sorry to hear. I'll fight you tomorrow.

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I'll give you some time to grieve. Abu lahab is his uncle. It's so it's the death of the Prophet son will be a lot more I know the Shahada of his son is not just a matter of an enemy's child dying it's the family it's a death in the family. He goes out of the house celebrating Can you imagine the pain he causes a loss messenger so much pain that no enemy of Allah is mentioned by name in the Koran like this man, that batida Bina have been brought up. There's something special here. This guy is not a normal enemy. This is vicious and his family allies teaching us a lesson. Allah is teaching us you will find you will find hard times with family New Zealand didn't find a hard time with his

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family. Lutheran Salaam didn't have a hard time with the Mrs. Allies teaching us lessons. Learn from them. You're gonna have a hard time with your family too. You better be ready for it. You better have the thick skin for it. And in case you are losing motivation, travel further in the ayah who emphasize khumba de coonara worku hana Sawalha Java its fuel are people in stones the first part of the ayah was enough for me save yourself and your family from hell from fire. Allow and further its fuel. what fuels this flame is people and stones stones to make it harder for the people.

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You know, the worst kind of flames in this world is lava. Right? you seen that? Because it's melted stone. You know, it's the most vicious kind of flame. So lies I wouldn't give it to fuels human beings and people. Can any of us imagine a family member suffering a burn?

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Can any of us imagine that? You know, our children when they're playing in the kitchen and your mother is cooking or boiling milk or something, the child gets closer, he says Get away stove, get away, get away. She wouldn't let the child within 210 feet of the stove because there's this fear of fire upon the child. You go back to the IRA you say man, it may be hard to talk to my family but I can't see them in there. I got to go back and talk to them again.

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You go back and talk to them again. But then you get tired of talking them again. You get burnt out again. I can't deal with this. Come back to the ayah I let you have not done this. I have so many descriptions of hellfire. It's it's

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It's kind of shocking. I they hamanaka li da Vinci does. It has angels guarding it that are severe and tough. And they're harsh. Now, can you imagine a family member inside a prison where the prison guards are harsh and not harsh by mind his description when a lot of call someone harsh Can you imagine how harsh just think about that? Can we imagine even if somebody gets arrested, we have a heart attack, the mother can have a heart attack, my son got arrested, you know, he got pulled over for speeding or something and they took him away, they hold them away, they didn't have his license, didn't have insurance or whatever. And that's one night in prison. You know, this is our they have

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tough guards, you know, harsh prison guards. And then on top of that these guards have been commanded to torture. And when they hear the cries of the victims inside that prison, they don't stop. They show no mercy law. Yes, una la Hama Mo.

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Maroon, they don't disobey a lion, whatever he's commanded them and they do whatever they're told. And they just do it finite to do it without even thought. I mean, I mean, I in Arabic, to have intent in action for Allah just to do it. They don't even think twice. They just do it. They don't flinch when they execute their torture. When you study this ayah in its depth, you know what happens? You say, oh, man, my priority is family. I better saved myself and my family from the Help is a very, very powerful idea. And you know what, what really shocks me? I told you, this is a man Denisova, and in the modern era, from the from the hip hop and from the addresses what is clear in

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the surah, that the addressee the audience is who believers are disbelievers. Its believers. They began with the address of the prophet or a South Sudan. They went to the believers. Look at the next time. Yeah, you had the Dena cafaro lotta zero do those of you who just believe Don't make excuses today. Now before I go further, tell me what today means in this ayah you tell me Let us today mean Don't make excuses today.

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Is this today or day of judgment? Day of Judgment. Now, listen to the rest of the i in number two.

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You are only being compensated with what you used to do yourselves. What you earned yourself. You did it. You made these conscious decisions. You're being compensated. But the I began Yeah, you held the Dena cafaro those of you who disbelieve the oldest believers, if you will, you know there's no place in the Koran where disbelievers are addressed directly. No place every time a lead tells his messenger to address them. Cool. Yeah.

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Cool. levena cafaro tell them I say to them, Allah does not address them directly. If he addresses people directly. He says yeah, you hand us people, but he doesn't address who directly disbelievers. This is the only place in the Quran. The only place in the Quran, where they are addressed directly. And the baffling thing is that this is not a monkey. So this is what a mother nishiura so this has two implications one ally is actually talking to disbelievers. But the second implication is even scarier. And the second implications come comes from the fact that the AI before is Yeah, you handle the nominal, this ayah you Hello, Dina cafaro and the next is again, yeah, you held the Dena amanu

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to Illa de ii began with so believers are addressed disbelievers are addressed and unbelievers are addressed again, you know what this is implying? I already mentioned to you and you figured this out to this address to disbelievers is happening when now we're in the future. In the future, now you tell me if a believer fails to save himself or herself and their family from Hellfire on Judgement Day, will they be considered believers or no?

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If they fail to save themselves from Hellfire, which category will they fall in? disbelievers so when they fail? And as failures? They come before Allah? They no longer deserve the title? Yeah, you know, Dena amanu. Now Allah comes to them and says, Those of you who disbelieved I told you to save yourself, you didn't believe me? Those of you who just believe, Don't make excuses today that

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in Arabic to give an excuse, Don't make excuses today don't make these attempts. And if they are, the pattern in Arabic is to make attempt. Like you're making a lot of attempts to come up with excuses. Allah says, Don't even try. Don't even try. You're only getting what you work for. You only get what you work for. So this is a scene a scary scene that is being drawn, if believers don't take the first warning seriously, where they might end up and what words they might end up hearing. And when we come across that realization, it is terrifying. And when it's this terrifying, then you understand the conclusion the next ayah and I'll conclude with that ayah Allah azza wa jal says,

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Yeah, you know, those of you who believe again, those of you who believe if you believe this is gonna happen if you fail. If you really believe that what what immediate action must you take to woo in Allah He told us in the sofa, make repent to Allah turn back to Allah. A complete sincere good, wholesome turning back, turn back to a lie like you mean it in contemporary language we will say just completely turn back to Allah. Don't be wishy washy about it anymore. You

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I guess I should take my prayers more seriously. No, no, no, completely unwholesome Lee turned out to Allah, admit your sins before him, cry out, cry your heart out hard out now, drop all the excuses and turn and turn in repentance and shame to him, that we will disobeyed you thus far, but you're allowed we really believe we're humiliated by these ions. And we're terrified by this prospect. So I'm turning back to you. You know, this is this is the invitation Allah gives you if you realize what the seriousness of this message is, and saluted to him. So Pamela, what a powerful surah tubo Illa Hito button the suha and if you can do that, if you're able to do that, if you do it properly,

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then there's hope for you still so nobody can say it's too late for me, man. You don't know I'm bad. I'm really bad. I can't I there's no point for me repenting because my sins are way. You know, there's some brothers that come to me like that, bro. You don't know, man. I'm real bad. I'm just

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you know, I can't even tell you I so bad. I can't even talk about I was like, No, it's not that bad. You can make Toba. Okay.

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Whatever you've done, the doors of Toba are open. Yeah, anybody and Latinos la da, da da da de nos Mattila De Soto, Zuma. Those my slaves who have transgressed and violated against their own selves. Don't lose hope in the laws. Mercy in Ohio flew by Jamia is a law firm, no doubt that can cover sins altogether, all of them. So in this ayah he says I sell them buku Manuka fear and comes back and he says perhaps, and hopefully, your master will cover will bury your sins away from you. You can fit onto sciatica, there's a difference in Arabic between between mellifera and tequila. See, the key Catherine Arabic literally means to bury. And this is very beautiful imagery in the ayah you know,

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imagine there's a pile of filth here. If I cover it with a sheet Can you still tell there's something here? You can you just can't see what it is but you know something is here. Right? What if I buried it underground? Would you still know something? Is there? No. mouthfeel or comes with mid thought in Arabic is the helmet that covers you? mouth in Arabic literally is Allah covering your sins, covering them? That feed you can feed on from sejati come he's burying your sins away. It can even be seen the humiliation of knowing something's there but it's been covered up. No, it's not you it's been buried. Gone. He can do that for you. Whatever sins you may have done if you do Toba it

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will be clean slate that's the English expression right? You can feel uncomfy ethical. And on top of that will Cellcom Jonathan does remain tactical and how and he will enter you into gardens and you tell me there's just no these are side observations. Have you ever gone on vacation by yourself? By yourself? Not with the family you go to a beautiful place you go to California you go to San Jose Santa Clara you know you go to Colorado up in the mountains you know you go some parts some beautiful part of Europe or something. You go by yourself What do you write to your family or call them and say Wish you were here it's just not the same without is kind of boring by myself. You're

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watching Niagara Falls the water come down. You're thinking oh man, if the kids would have loved this by yourself vacations not vacation.

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If you want to get to gender, what's one of the great joys of gender that you'd want to enjoy?

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Hey, you look at that.

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That's our home. Wow, that is nice. You want to be with their with the family. What's the vacation without the family? What's what are these you're not without the family. So on the one hand, you want to protect yourself and your family from hellfire. And on the other hand, you don't just want to enter Paradise yourself. You would rather enter into this amazing Permanent Vacation with your family. Isn't that true? So he says we will come out and he went up to him and then he gives us a promise. You're gonna be

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alone on that day Allah will not humiliate His Prophet, the prophet. He will not humiliate the Prophet, normally humiliate those who believed but he didn't just say those who believe in the bow of the Quran in the eloquence and the articulation of the Quran. Allah says when the Drina amanu ma who, those who believed along with him, this with him is very this Maria is very important. Not only did they believe they actually accompany the messenger in his mission, they accompany the messenger in his cause they accompany the messenger. In other words, they were with his his his character. They associated themselves with him not just by their tongues, but they were actually with him. To

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say you're you're you know, you're a fan and to be when someone is something else. These were people that were with him, they had affiliation to him. You could tell their allegiances lie on this side when the Dena Amanullah neuromas. avena Dean will be a man him, their light will be coming out from in front of them and from their right hands. The Ayah goes on to tell us you know what this light is on judgment day we got to make our walk all the way to paradise. It's a long walk and it's dark. So what do you need when it's dark and you got a long walk? You need light. The law says light will come out in front of you

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This is the light of your faith. how clean your heart was, how sincere your adobo was, right? How much you stayed away from sin like you know, the Basilica mama said, I hate to Zulu bites me to poo. I saw that sins in his poem. He said, I saw that sins they cause they they killed they cause the heart to die. The heart has no white left, right? what are called zubi Hayato khudobin. Abandoning sins gives life back to the hearts again. So if the heart has the mind of a male lawmaker, some people have stuck why any man that on Judgment a might is coming way out, stretching all the way out. You know, this extended life so we know exactly where we're going. But then there's another

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light coming out of the right hand. This is the light of your good deeds. This good faith resulted in good deeds. So you got dual lights. You got dual headlights, nothing better than now you can make your walk. Yep, una Ravana. It's named an Angela is that a three minute sticker or a five minute one? Okay. All right, five minutes.

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I already had the five minute one. Okay. All right. Yep, una robina it's mainland Anuradha

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as they were walking with their light some for some people the light is the only see so much. They don't see the hallway they only see so much. That's like your car. You know, if you're driving you guys don't know this in Houston. In the east coast, we get a lot of you know, snow, especially when you're driving in the snow or heavy rain or something like that. At nighttime, your headlights can only take you so far you only see 10 feet ahead, you don't see what's really far farther ahead. So they say a lot but it's Midland and Ronna our master, complete our light for us. Give us light that shows the entire way completed so we can get to the entire destination. They're nervous on their

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You know, well cendana and cover our mistakes again, cover for us. In the gala condition, Cody. No doubt you are in complete control over everything. You are in complete control. We handle ourselves to a line that journey. I say we hand ourselves to a lot today. We handle ourselves in Toba today, ourselves and our families refresher commitment to them. I tell you, there is no bigger crisis in America than the destruction of family. The oil crisis is nothing compared to it. It's nothing. I'm telling you, the military crisis in this country, the economic crisis in this country are nothing compared to the domestic crisis of this country. For non Muslims, and for Muslims, there are no

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exceptions. Muslims, also our homes are broken. Husbands don't know how to be husbands, wives don't know how to be wives. painters don't know how to raise children, children don't know how to interact with parents, you know, extended family cut off from each other people don't talk to each other because they looked at them funny at the wedding or something pathetic like that. It takes it takes very little for you to completely cut relationship with your family. This is a crisis of family. We don't know what's you know, we don't even see it as a crisis. We get all kinds of education. We get PhDs in physics and chemistry and you know, medicine and you know, economics and finance and

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accounting and we do higher credentials in technology and things like that. Yet, we don't have the basic education of what it means to be a good husband. What it means to be a good wife, what it means to save your family from the hellfire. It's a basic education. Doesn't matter what career you have, you have to have this education. And today we live in times you have a person with so much education under their belt, and yet they're ignorant and how to be a father. ignorant. They don't know the basics of how to be a father. They don't know what it means to talk to your child talk to their childhood with mercy, or to spend time with them. Or to give them a see how to them. They

00:28:22--> 00:28:34

don't know anything about forgiveness. They don't forgive their spouse for nothing. They remember everything I remember on July the fourth 1985 you said to me, and they can't let it go. They hold on to everything. You know,

00:28:36--> 00:28:54

Allah says we're in Dar Fu, Tosca, without fear of Allah over him. He tells you to forgive to forgive your spouse, you want to protect them from hellfire. This is my advice. This is the last bit I'll share with you. This is a bit of practicality. By the way, on a side note, if you study sort of deceiving yourself, Allah bunches, two groups of people together at the end.

00:28:55--> 00:29:02

very peculiar, and I want you to think about that. He says, Yeah, you had an OB Jaya hidehiko fara. Well, Manasa Tina localizada him.

00:29:03--> 00:29:20

He didn't even say it was a Hema. He said he combined them Hema means both those groups and him together. Just then what did he say? Oh messenger will profit struggle against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh towards them who did a bunch together?

00:29:21--> 00:29:33

The hypocrites and the disbelievers. Those who believed and did not take a loss warning seriously, who are they considered hypocrites on judgment day, is there a distinction between them and disbelievers? No.

00:29:34--> 00:29:57

In this one, yeah, there is in this dunya on the outside, they wear the clothes of the mind and inside they've got their hypocrisy on judgment day. There is no distinction you don't count. They they come out on the wrong side and they'll say alumna kumarakom will be on with you guys, because a wall has dropped between them and believers in salted Hadid and they're in shock and we're on this side, man. I was at the convention with you. I need to be on the other side.

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

And you know what they're told

00:30:00--> 00:30:24

The guys on the right side of things you know what they tell the guys on the wrong side? Yeah, Bella, you were with us. When our kinako photographer soco stone, you put yourselves into fitna, you put yourselves into trial. You let yourself go to temptation and you keep you kept procrastinating. You were told to make double. You said, Yeah, Ramadan. You were told to make the lamb making hugs next to the good after that. What?

00:30:25--> 00:30:55

You were told to become serious. Yeah, right after I graduate, I'll become serious right after I get married right after I have a kid right after my kid gets married. Right after I retire right after I don't know what else is left. But you kept procrastinating. What are Buster money and your false hopes kept deluding you had to lie until it was decision came. And all of that was what was true. And in regards to a lot of the most deceptive one of all the shape fine is the one who deceived you. You were deceived. That's why you're on the other side. Is it clear now?

00:30:57--> 00:30:59

Is there any point in crying at that point? So

00:31:00--> 00:31:20

this is the first thing, the last thing I want to share with you. In my one minute that is left? How do you bring your family back? How do you give that one to your family? The number one thing you will need all of you is a thick skin. You should be able to handle harsh comments without letting your blood boil. And believe me, your family will say really nasty things.

00:31:21--> 00:31:57

Just take it with a smile with a smile. And the more religious you become I've said this to some people in private here, the more religious you become, the better to your family you should become. They should notice that the more you take your deen, seriously proportional to that you take your family seriously. Most of the time, the exact opposite happens. The more serious you become about the religion, the harder time you have with your family. So you cut yourself off from them. And your family says this guy became more religious and he's abandoning the family. They don't blame you. What did they blame? They blame the dean. They blame Islam this guy became religious. That's why

00:31:57--> 00:32:28

he's bad to the family. When you become when you turn towards a less religion. When you start learning more about the deen when you start practicing more of the deen when you start going to fudger inertia to machines. When you start doing those things. make extra time for your parents. make extra time for your wife make extra time for your cousin's make give them calls, help them out, take care of them more because that's what your dean demands from you to save yourself and your family and they will not be interested in you saving them unless they see that you are the best to them. So the Messenger of Allah says Allah Allah Who is the secret ingredient in effective Dawa to

00:32:28--> 00:33:02

the family. The secret ingredient here it is. hydrocodone hydrocodone de Waal, Anna hieromonk. MD, MD, the best of you are the ones that are the best in their families, and I'm the best of you to my family. I'm the best to my family. You want to make Dawa to your family be the best to your family. Let's see you be the best son of all, not the disappointment, not the one that yell at all the time but the one that we're proud of. You want to be the best to your family, be the best husband, be the best wife, you know, be the best grandson and granddaughter. This is what we have to become. May Allah as though didn't make us effective diaries to the family. May Allah protect all of us and our

00:33:02--> 00:33:12

families from the Hellfire and reunite us in the awesome gathering of Paradise if we don't get a chance to see each other in this dunya again, maybe we see each other in childhood Tyler in the paradise