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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various ways to pay off debt, including settling debts, giving back money, and using a partner. They emphasize the importance of helping people avoid debt and offer support to those affected by it. The segment also touches on helping people pay off their debt to alleviate struggles and empower them.
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Was that catered for in

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the Quran?

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Pharaoh, meaning well now for now, Jean now in

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah alumna alumna main Foner. One fan Bhima alum Tana wasn't no element your camera I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you taught us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, your ability I mean, my beloved Dear brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to make me a new from the people who listen and apply.

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I shall have the Allahu Ana. She said that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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used to say in his

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Aloma in near are also becoming a semi well Muslim. He used to seek refuge with Allah from sins and from heavy debt. From that tonight's topic we will be discussing the issue of debt and how can we help one another, take care or cover the debt.

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how heavy

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is the matter of that? Listen to this really amazing Hadith

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one of the Sahaba

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he said we are sitting with Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And he raised his head towards the sky. And he put his palm on his forehead like this. And he said, Subhan Allah, what a strict issue has been revealed to me.

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And then as a hobby said, we were very scared and the next day I came through solos I Solomon said, era soul Allah, what was that strict issue that you were talking about yesterday? He said, by the one who is my hair, my soul is in his hand. If a man were killed feasable Allah in a battle for the sake of Allah, then brought back to life. Then killed again V Sebelius Allah

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and he owed a debt. He would not enter the Jannah until the debt is paid.

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Allahu Akbar, a person died feasable Allah it's the highest level of rabada which the rebirth of jihad, they came back to life and died again. But if he has debt

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he will not enter the Djinn until that debt is paid off.

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Another Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was asked to come and pray Janessa upon his hobby upon a companion. He said does this man or any money? They said yeah Rasul Allah He owes to dinar.

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Or Salah Salam said, salute Allah for Hebrew. Go ahead and prey upon your brother

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and he did not pray. So one of the Sahaba he said Yes Will Allah because he wants to Salah Salem to creation as upon the sahabi because the dua for Salah Salem Lama fellow Allah Muhammad, he will make a great drive for the person and the drivers. wasallam is Mr. Jab. Susan Yara Salalah I'll take care of it. Please pray the Janessa upon him. So the man he said I took care of it one of the sahaba. So I suppose I celebrate the Janessa upon that disease to Hobby the next day.

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He said when he saw the person did you take care of the debt? Said you're Salalah not yet. So just any of the not even happened long time ago. It's just yesterday

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said go and take care of it next day or so. And so did you take care of the debt? As a hobby said yes, yes. Hola. I paid it off. He said now. His skin is cool.

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Allahu Akbar. Now his skin is cool. My brothers and sisters we all commit sins and this is between us and Allah and Allah azza wa jal. We beg him to forgive all our sins. But when there is a miss Ella, when there's an issue between the bad between us, we have to settle it and especially if it is that

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Have we heard from these ahaadeeth The danger of debt? So how can we help each other? Take care of the debt? One more Hadith before I mentioned six ways to help one another, pay off the debt.

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A man came through a solo Salomon ask ya rasool Allah who is the most beloved people to Allah.

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, the most beloved people to Allah are the ones who bring the most benefit to people.

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And then he asked what are the best the most beloved deeds to Allah

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Azza wa sallam said, to make a Muslim happy to remove some grief from him. And then he mentioned the third one, to pay off or forgive his debt. And he mentioned many, many more, to pay off his debt. So paying off the debt of a Muslim brother or a Muslim sister is one of the most beloved Amen to Allah. How about I assist in achieving or if I do myself, one of these most beloved Amell to Allah, six ways we can help one another, pay off the debt. Number one.

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If Allah subhanaw taala blessed you with love,

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you go, and you pay off that debt.

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My brother Rahim, he owes this person $5,000. And Allah has blessed me, I have so much money, I have millions of dollars. So I take that 5000 And I say Rahim, who is the person that you owe the money to? He said, Brother, so and so I go there. And his is the money. And brother Rahim it's done. Allahu Akbar, that is the best. That's taken care of you took care of the debt, and you paid it off, because you can afford it.

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that is the peak, that's number one second, if you have the money, but you still an average person, you tell them listen, brother, Raheem, this is the money, go and pay off your 5000. And I know that your payback is

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this Ramadan, I'm gonna make it another six months. So you give him the money to go pay off the debt, and you give them an extension and the payback.

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Or you could tell him you know what? You owe 5000. Here's 5000, go pay your debt. And then you give me back 3000 And you extend the time. So you lend him the money to pay off the debt. That's the Second. Third.

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You go to people that you know, and you collect from them the amount of money to go pay off that person's that.

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I know, Brother, brother, Muhammad, brother, Helene brother, Jamil, they're all Hamdulillah. I mean, well off, I go to this person, I take 1000. From here 500 From here, and I tell them, this is will put so rule in someone in someone's life, this will put joy in someone's life. This is one of the most beloved to Allah, and we do it collectively, all of us, and we go and you take that money, and you pay off his his that.

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you know, a rich person, you go and you convince that person to pay off his debt. You're not rich yourself, but you want and you know how much the brother is suffering with that debt. You go and you ask that person Listen, Allah blessed you with a lot of wealth, and our brother is in dire need to pay off that debt in sha Allah, Allah will reward you immensely. Why don't you pay off his debt? You convince a rich person to pay off his debt. Fifth

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you can go to the person who lent the money

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and ask him to drop the

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debt, or part of it.

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You know, brother Hamdulillah, but I mean, may Allah reward you for giving brother Rahim, the money and you helped him when he really needed it. But you know, he's going through some hardship right now. Can you make the 5000 3000? Or can you make can you forgive him for the sake of Allah? You know, you try, you give it a shot. That is a way of also helping pay off the debt. And the last one is to go to that same person who lent him the money. And you tell him Listen, I know that the money is Judas Ramadan. Can you make an extension to Libya, Allah will till Jamal Oh, well, can you make an extension and give him more time he's going through some hardship. He had to pay his bills. He

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had this he had that his mother was sick because, you know, you tell them exactly what's happening. And you ask him to please extend the payment plan

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and remind that person

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Subhan Allah one of the amazing Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said, lend me your heart, listen to this panel and I want you to make this intention before you lend anyone the money. So like I said, I'm set and I'm going to paraphrase and I'm going to give an example to understand.

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If I lent the brother Rahim $5,000

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Rasool Allah Azza wa sallam said,

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From the day I lend him the money till the day is due, let's say I told him Ramadan, first I want the money back from the day I lent him the money till the day it is due, it will be recorded that I gave in charity that amount.

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It will be recorded in my skill that I gave $5,000 charity every single day till the date is supposed to pay. Now listen to this. Ramadan first came, and Rahim said I don't have the money shot. Can you give me another month? Can you extend it for another 30 days?

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As well as I said and said every day after that

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dedicated day, it will be recorded $10,000 A day double the amount that you gave every single day as if you gave it in charity. Allahu Akbar, for a person who's investing in the Acura yaki take your time, I'm getting recorded $10,000 a day, Allahu Akbar. This is how the movement believes this is how the believer believe. Right? And especially, especially this is very important point that the brother who borrowed the money, he is a sincere brother. He's making all the effort to pay the money. He made the intention before he borrows that I am your Allah borrowing the money and Yama you know you are the Aleem, I'm borrowing it because I need it and Ya Allah, I'm going to do my best to

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pay it off in the dedicated time.

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Subhanallah so my brothers and sisters, if we can ever help one another in this matter, please do not hesitate. We have six ways here. If you can do any of them, may Allah reward you and trust me what goes around comes around. You might need your cell phone day for someone to come and help you pay off your debt or relieve any kind of grief from you. May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply? May Allah azza wa jal make our last deeds are besties and our last words La ilaha illallah love you all for the sake of Allah subhana Calama behenic Masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff Heruka on a topic

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flooded he got out on

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minoli to

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the lobby was on Nene meaning