Mohamad Baajour – JAR #94 Common Mistakes On The Day Of Jumaah

Mohamad Baajour
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That Gator fan in

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the Quran

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Pharaoh meaning well now I'm going to login now in

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Santa Monica has la here I'm gonna get Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allama lymphoma and fowl now in front of Yuma alum Tana wasn't the ailment or hamara I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers will benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase as a knowledge. I mean, me and my dear beloved respect his brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal to make me a new from the people who listen and apply.

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We have a very important topic tonight and that is

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human Joomla the day of Friday, the day of Joomla as we all know

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Joomla is our weekly aid. It is the Muslims weekly aid is the best day of the week, or soulless, Asalaam praise that day. And

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we noticed that there are many mistakes, very common mistakes done by many mousseline on that day. So inshallah I will address them today to the best of my ability asking Allah azza wa jal to give me the Tofik and make it from my heart to your heart. First

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many people neglect Joomla in general,

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they skip coming to the masjid on Joomla

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without any valid reason,

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I am busy at work I am this I am that NO NO NO NO coming to Juma is afforded upon every Muslim male adult Muslim male. Allah revealed the surah name that algebra and in it he said yeah you Alladhina amanu either no DLs solidarity me yo mill Jumeirah fossa Illa the Kerala weather will bear when all you believe when the call is made for Jumeirah leave

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your trade leave your business leave your job and come to the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal attending Juma is afforded upon every single adult Muslim male.

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The sisters, they have an option is not a an obligation upon them. If they would like to come, Allahu Akbar Alhamdulillah and if they don't want, they are not sinful.

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Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said and the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, let those who abandon attending the Juma prayer, refrain from doing so. Or Allah will seal their hearts and they will become heedless.

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So this is a very dangerous matter, and it's a major sin, leaving Joomla without any valid excuse, and another Hadith whomsoever leaves Juma on purpose. Three weeks in a row, it is his sealed on his heart that he is a monastic, he's a hypocrite. So this is a very dangerous matter.

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most of us attend the Joomla and during the Joomla and sometimes before the Joomla we have some common mistakes first.

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Some people come early Alhamdulillah which is a very good thing and they read the Quran. Excellent. But they read the Quran in a loud voice that bothered the people who are maybe praying. That is the first mistake. You cannot even read in the Quran should be quiet.

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Move your lips but really quietly and do not disturb anybody who is who's praying.

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Many people Masha Allah they come to joumana but they harm others how? By parking in their driveway by blocking their driveway by parking on their front lawn. We cannot Subhanallah we are coming to perform a bad we are coming to perform an act of worship. And I go and I harm my neighbors or the neighbors of the masjid and my brothers and sisters or I block them and I stay inside and they maybe they have to finish and go to work and I delay them. No

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we are not supposed to cause any harm.

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to anybody, anytime and specifically on the day of of Joomla.

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Another common mistake is someone who Allah blessed and he comes early to the masjid. Instead of earning the reward of being in the first rose, he sits all the way in the back to lean his back against the wall. Now if the brother has a sickness, the brother has a back problem. That's a different story. I'm talking about her body, someone who has nothing and he sits in the back and he loses the measure of the first rows.

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We walk into the masjid and we start filling the spaces. As we go, you come in and you see an empty space you go there and sit down in that space and everybody fill up the rows. this will this will not create any problems and will not create the next mistake which is the hook the rehab. You see brother coming late and he saw a spot which is not supposed to be empty in the third row and the masjid is fun. He keeps crossing

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the brothers above their shoulder to get there under Salah Salem, he told us and He prohibited doing that to have the record.

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Now some brothers also Subhanallah they are already in the masjid and they stand at the entrance of the masjid and they start talking and the Imam stood up already and they are not in the main hall. They are not sitting down and getting ready for the hotpot. Why this is a mistake because you already my brother have missed Rasulullah Sallam told us that the angels are standing at the door and recalling the people who are coming to Joomla you have missed your name to be on the list of people attending the Joomla when the Imam stand up Rasul Allah Islam said the angels sit down and listen to the hotbar sometimes people live around the masjid or people are in the parking lot talk

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talking and chatting and the hotbar already started, you have missed a lot of reward my brother so please, the minute you come try to make sure you are in the masjid before before the Imam stands up. Sometimes there are schools in the masjid and the kids keep playing around. Sometimes not even any they're 1214 16 they are playing around the masjid. And they are the first people who should be attending the Jamaat and they play around the masjid and the Imam stand up and then they come and sit down and listen to the hotbar you are losing a huge reward.

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Now we come to the most

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common mistake. Unfortunately, it is the cell phone

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using the cell phone while the Hatim is performing the hotbar is giving the hotbar my brothers and sisters Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said whosoever play with the pebbles Faqad lover.

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At the time of Rasulullah Satsang there was no carpet. People used to sit down and there are pebbles on the floor. So they used to play with the pebbles while the Hatim he said whomsoever play with the pebbles that had lava. What does love mean? His Joomla the Azure the reward of Joomla is gone. Now he will get the Azure only of Dora Allahu Akbar, just because he's playing with the pebbles. Similarly,

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playing with the carpet, playing with your toes, playing with the phone, checking your messages, put the phone away Subhan Allah.

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Half an hour a week, not a day, half an hour a week, we cannot

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detach ourselves from the dunya half an hour a week. Put your phone away my brother put your phone away.

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You have lost the measure of Joomla when you start playing on the phone, come in, turn off the phone, put it on airplane mode and put it in your pocket and do not touch it until the Salah is over.

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Please, please my brothers and sisters. Leave the dunya for half an hour and concentrate on the hotbar listening to the hotbar paying attention to the hotbar is urgent.

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Another very common mistake if every once in a while something happened and you came late and you attended only the salaat hamdulillah you're excused but there are people every single week. They only come to attend us a lot. My brother, my brother my dear brother, please, please. You are missing a lot of

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reward, you are missing the pleasure of listening to the words of Allah azza wa jal, you are missing the the measure of getting some advice, recharging yourself your spirituality for a week.

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If there is a major excuse hamdulillah but some people have no excuse whatsoever they come and shaitan convinced them how to spray the Juma you're done.

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That's a very common mistake.

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My brothers and sisters another mistake is when the Imam is making dua at the end of the hotbar people raise their hands, there's no raising their hands at the time of the DUA, you just say quietly mean

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when the Imam walks in or when the person walks into the masjid and then the Imam is on the member and then is making that and then you see many people repeating after them then and when the Imam is stands up to give the hook but then they start there to sunnah.

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It is excellent to repeat after the than in any other day except this salad listening to the hotbar is a worship repeating after the more than is a sunnah. So when you walk in and then is making then pray to quick resource I said and call them coffee for 10 Very light quick to Raka and sit down and enjoy the football.

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My brothers and sisters Another common mistake is that people walk into the masjid and As Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah Habibi even ordering good and forbidding evil is not allowed during the hotpot. Ross Ross, I sent him said do not even tell your brother be quiet. Do not say Be quiet.

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So you are saying the Salaam and you are forcing your brother to reply to you? This isn't. So do not say the Salaam and if someone comes to you and said the salon, raise your hand and after the salad, you gently kindly advise him that during the hotbar you do not say the salam. My brothers and sisters these are few of the common mistakes that we face on a weekly basis every single Juma I hope that we go through them and try to avoid them to the best of our ability asking Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who listen and apply. I love you all for the sake of Allah subhana colomba behenic especially Allah Allahu Allah and the stuff you Rocha on a toolbar like

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feel flooded, he got out I

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mean, only

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the lobby was on meaning

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