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When we look at the heroic heroic stances of our brothers and sisters in Palestine and in us,

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many of us might feel that we would love to kiss the heads of these brothers and say to them to Zach, hello here Shokran thank you for these lessons, even though they're going through some terrible and difficult calamities, the lessons of suburb of patience, of Eman and your pain of this image and their faith in the European their certainty with the loss of panna Wattana. In the face of all of this,

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they have that Eman

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and it reminded me of a story of one of the great Sahaba

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Abdullah bin who

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wrote the Allahu Allah and during the Philip of Ahmad Maha Pablo, the Allahu Anwen, he was captured,

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along with many of the other Sahaba Oh, and the tambourine as prisoners of war by the Romans. And when they realized that he was not just one of the fighters, but he was from the Sahaba of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam. They focused on Him, the king of the Romans at that time, he came to him, and he said, I will give you half of my wealth.

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If you leave Islam, and accept Christianity.

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What was the reply of Abdullah even heard that fettled, the Allahu, and he said, If you gave me all of your wealth, and all the wealth of all of your kingdom, and all of Rome, and the wealth of all of the Arabs, he said, I wouldn't leave the religion of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even if it was with a blink of an eye for a blink of an eye, wouldn't leave the religion of Islam.

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There, he said to him, in that case, I will kill you. If you don't accept Christianity, he said, then that's what it's going to be.

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So we ordered his soldiers to

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tie him up on the cross. And He told them to shoot arrows around him, to scare him. And then to invite him again to Christianity, he still refused. Then they came with boiling water. And they put it in front of m&a bought two of the prisoners from the Muslims, and they put them in this pot of boiling water. Obviously, you can imagine

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what that must have looked like with their bones coming up to the top. And then it came his time to be plunged into that boiling water. So as he got closer to the boiling water, he started to corral the loved one. And when he cried, they thought, Hmm, now we got him. So they told the kings had stopped the execution. And they asked him, Why are you crying, thinking maybe he changed his mind when he saw death in front of him. He said, It's because I wished that with

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every hair on my body I had equal souls that would come out and the death for Allah subhanaw Without in the path of Allah like this, but it's only one soul unfortunately, I'm only going to die once now wishing to die over and over again for the sake of Allah. Hearing that they were surprised. He said, Look, if you kiss my head

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out of every sign of respect of Tallinn showing the greatness of the king, he said, If you kiss my head, I will free you. He said no. He said I'll kiss your head if you free me and all of the Muslim prisoners.

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So he agreed to that and then when he came back to Medina, and I'm gonna I'm gonna call Pablo the Allahu and heard this news. He said it's the right upon every Muslim who sees Abdullah bin or whatever to kiss his head and he said I will start by doing so a lot of them are called Bob kiss the head of Abdullah the Allahu Allah And subhanAllah when we hear these stories of the Sahaba we automatically think that was the old Iman when they were true Muslims and they were very strong. And that might be true but when we see similar stances of Iman and so but I'm being firm on their deen and such any a genocide that's happening now to our brothers and sisters in Gaza, but yet you see

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that the bot and how firmly on the religion and I remember a gathering with some brothers and we're talking about religious brothers dedicated brothers to the religion saying Wallahi I don't know if I could do that. If I was to face something like that that's this is Sinead. This is very tough with the brothers and sisters are facing but yet they have that the banks, they're staying firm upon their religion. So what is it that they have

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that makes them so strong?

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And right away, one might say you have to have strong Iman, which is true, but that's a bit cliche.

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How do you get to that strong you want to be that to be firm and the face of adversity when the fitna comes when the calamities come? How do you get that EMA that's what we need to focus on.

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And before we mentioned some of the tools that we need

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it's important that we remind ourselves if you want to be from the mote meaning you truly want to be from the believers,

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you have to realize like what Allah says in the Quran when you open up chapter 29

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sort of that Uncle Bucha

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Allah sends a very clear message for us to reflect on to ponder on

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a husband nurse who a year upon who were homeless afternoon

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Allah said to the people think they're going to say they believe

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and when we say we believe it's a belief that we put into action, so they think we're gonna say they're gonna believe they're not going to be tested. We're not going to pretend and let the name and cuddly him well yeah Allah man Hola, hola, Lena Sadako wala your element nailcare the beam, and we surely trusted those before them. So it was made clear to Allah and to everyone make clear to Allah, the ones who are the truthful, and the ones who are the liars, And subhanAllah that's when the biggest benefits are what is happening now to our brothers and sisters and muslin in Palestine. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing us the true believers from them on everything. It's become

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crystal clear to everyone now there's no doubt about it. Now it's become very clear.

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So that is the Olson when it comes to this image that we have the foundation, it comes to striving and struggling for Allah subhanho wa taala. That's a very powerful message at the beginning of the store and Uncle Uncle both also the last verse, verse 69, when Allah subhanho wa Taala said, will lead into Jahad Rufina Lana, the unknown Subala now we're in Allahu Allah merman mercy mean that those who strive for us who strive for Allah subhanaw taala to strive for his religion strive to implement Islam in their lives. What happened to them, Allah said, He will guide us to his ways, and he said in the law Halima sinning and indeed the law will be with the doers of good and humbling. So

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this is the foundation

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that we strive and we struggle for Allah subhanho wa Taala we strive to implement Islam in our lives, we make the most important thing, our goal or objective, how to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and how to be obedient to Him.

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And then we add to that our mela Sania doing as many good deeds as we can.

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What happens or what is the importance of these good deeds? The Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us in the Hadith that was narrated by Imam Muslim

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he said baju Bill family Fitzalan he said to

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be ready for fitness they're gonna come with good deeds gotta tie Leland Muslim he says gonna come like part of a dark nights mean it's gonna creep up on you. That's the important that you're ready. He said to be prepared for these fitness when they come with what without man with good deeds. And he gave us a description of how severe these fitness these tests these tribulations are going to be.

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He said used to be Harajuku mina

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williamsii cafiero

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masala mafia Subhanallah Allah. He said a person will wake up in the morning

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as a believer and reach the evening as a disbeliever as a caffeine. Oh you will see more than we used to be who cafiero Or he will be in the evening a believer and in the morning time he will be a disbeliever Why, what does he do? You'd be rude Dino who will be out of them in a dunya he will sell his Deen for something of the dunya

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that's why when we strive for Allah subhanho wa Taala to implement the deen when fitna and true and tribulations and tests come in shallow Tada will be for Allah subhanho wa Taala told us in the Quran

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will know and know whom it found OMA you are you are going to be he like Anna favor Allah who was assured that it betta that if they were to do what they were instructed to do, it will be better for them and it will keep them firm.

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It will keep them firm when they do what Allah subhanho wa Taala has commanded them to do.

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After we established the foundation of striving and struggling for a lot, doing as many good deeds as we can, then we need our other weapons to keep us further and further and the most important of these weapons, the Quran,

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the thicker and the DUA

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we look into the Quran

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We know the Quran is a book of Baraka blessings.

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But one of the key objectives of why the Quran was sent down as Allah told us and sort of the foregone verse 32

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Okay, then he clearly knew That better be for Adam. And we set it down like this so it would keep your heart firm.

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Allah told us, who knows the law who wrote Odyssey Mirrabooka bill.

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And so the

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first 102 When Allah said, say that the Holy Spirit brought it down from Europe from your LORD with truth. Why what is the objective of it being sent down from from Allah subhanho wa Taala Do you think BT Latina Armand, who were who then were Bashar Al Muslimeen, to keep those who believe form

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and a source of Huda guidance and glad tidings bouchart For the Muslims. This is why the Quran was sent down. When we read in the Quran, the stories of the Quran the stories that the Prophet was able to tell us about it. Well, kulana Cousteau Alikum and it was duly noted b2b For adic, Allah said, and we tell you the stories of all of the prophets, their news, why to keep your heart firm.

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These are the key is one of the key objectives with the Quran. That's what the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam he said Surah two V come man Temasek to be lend to the new body Kitab Allah, he said I left behind that what you hold firm to you will never go astray after me. He said the book of Allah the brand

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and then the Dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada when we talk about the Dhikr of Allah we often think about the spiritual side we get I love his decree law he taught my nofollow which is correct no doubt about that, that the hearts are find assurance to the Dhikr of Allah. But there's something even greater than that. Allah told us in Surah till unveil

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year are you Hallelujah, Amen. Oh, either LLP tune Viet and first go to one Corolla, Kathy Iran LUCAM to play one. Oh, you would have believed if you were to meet a group meaning of the enemy forces, first of all to stay firm.

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stay firm and what one could Aloha Kathy Iran LUCAM to balloon and remember law was much remembrance. Perhaps you will be successful.

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That's why the decay was one of our key tools and staying firm upon the truth. At the time of adversity, the time of difficulty and like that the DUA as well.

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The do

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it's a precaution of preparation

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for Auburn Atlanta, super Lumina by the head Atena Oh Allah do not let our hearts go straight after you've got it us and the most dua that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe was selling us to make. Allah Houma yam open liberal Kulu Gulu febest Kelby Allah, Dini, Oh Allah, the control of the hearts, make my heart firm upon your religion.

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And once we use that, as a precaution, we constantly Baga law and seek his assistance and bake him and ask him to keep us firm upon our religion. When the calamity strikes.

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When the troubles hits, we have the strength in the abilities to see Rob benna forever Allina sabara, with a bit of a dominant one. So not only can we read, we have the strength to do what our brothers are doing right now in front of our eyes when they're saying Oh Allah, to pour down sober patients upon us and to keep our feet firm and to make us victorious against the disbelievers.

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And from the key tools that keep us firm

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upon our deen at the time of calamities and difficulties,

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so we can be something like our brothers and sisters and we see in front of us now what's happening in Palestine Subhanallah to have that certainty that European is to strengthen our iman and the further

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and alows decree will lay us even here Elana catchable Allahu lenah Who are Mowlana while Allah He failure to work, believe me don't

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say nothing will happen to us except for what Allah has decreed for us. He is on moulana He's our supporter. He's the one who gives assistance and upon Allah the true believers make taco they rely by the Brothers and Sisters in Islam. It's very important that we realize that these tools that I mentioned in the first hook, but they only really work properly. If we implement them during the time of Raha during the time of ease, and we do Tobia we train ourselves to be

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I'm a customer this is who we are. We strive for a low subpoena without a to establish his religion within ourselves and upon the earth. We strive to do as much good as we can. We're constantly reading the Quran, we're constantly making dua and making dikkat. It becomes part of who we are. If we do that, during the time of record, during the time of ease, when the time of ship them, the time of difficulty, the time of fitna turbulence and calamities the time of empty hands of being tested, or men are being tested. When these times come.

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You're ready to be prepared to be able to withstand it. And that's why you'll find the brothers do we have the soldiers? Why did they train because if something does happen, they have to be prepared. Why is the martial artist always training to be prepared? When you have you do have to use at least you know how to do it, your email as well. You have to train that Eman to be prepared for when it comes home, you're ready. But if you want to try to put it into action at the time of the calamities, it doesn't really work.

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It might work eventually. But you might go to a lot of difficulty where it'd be much easier for you from the beginning, if you put into action from the beginning you trained.

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And that's why one of the key things to stay firm as well, is to make sure you're in a good environment, with good brothers around you, with good sisters around you for our sisters, with people who are like minded, and their goals and their objective, which is to stay firm upon their religion this life and be successful in this life and in the hereafter. Those like minded individuals with us that we stay that we keep them around around us. And that's why I love told us and the verse that probably are all of you have already read today. And sorbitol calf was big enough second

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with who had the patient with who was big enough. Second I lived in a road or a bar mitzvah that he will actually you read on a ledger.

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Allah said to be patient, keep yourself patient with those who are making dua to Allah night and day they want to be successful. They want the Lord to be pleased with them. Whenever I do I know.

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Allah said don't let them go far away from you need to have keep your brothers close to you. Because if they're strong, you're strong, and if they're weak, you're going to be weak and that's why the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam he said

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a Raja Lu Allah Dini Khalili, he tell younger woman you heard it

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that the man is on the religion pay attention to the wording of the Hadith. He didn't say his influences. He said his added Dean on the religion that's how much he's influenced. He's on the religion of his friend. So be very careful about those who you be friends. If they're strong, you'll stay strong. If they're weak, you're going to become weak.

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My dear brothers and sisters, what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Palestine is a great calamity not just for them, but for the entire ummah.

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Even us, we can't enjoy our lives, we go to difficulty many of us are brought to tears, day in and day out and we see what's happening. But at the same time, there's many valuable lessons that Allah is giving us, those who are outside of Palestine as Muslims to reflect on and from that is to prepare ourselves to be strong in our iman, because if calamity strikes and realize in know very well, that calamity test difficulties, it hits everyone, it might hit you in the individual weigh in each person's tests might be different. And it might hit us as a group where we're an entire country goes through an affliction May Allah protect us, but the reality is that we're going to be tested as

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the Lord told us in the beginning of sort of the uncle boot, therefore we have to prepare ourselves so we're ready to win when it comes. We're able to withstand it and turn it into a blessing for us into agile in shallow Tana otherwise it's going to be very difficult to deal with those calamities and those tests when they come from Allah subhana wa Tada.