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Jumah Khutbah delivered at Westwood Mall Musalla in Durban, South Africa – August 2018

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam Allah, Allah will begin by trading above to the handle of Allah, Masha Allah, peace and blessings upon the final prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all those qualities of righteousness.

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We live in a time in which many people are seeking answers about why we exist

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amongst the many non Western nations of the world, the people that fall,

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and materialism,

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they are many people who are depressed, they are depressed, because they don't know why they exist. They don't know what they should be doing with their lives. And because of this, they feel an emptiness inside.

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Sometimes people try to fill this emptiness by buying more things, they buy a lot of things, it makes them happy for a few days, their happiness goes away, they look for something bigger to buy something more to buy, maybe I'm not happy, because I don't have a big enough

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or fast enough, or big enough house,

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get that thing that they think will make them happy. This will not happen, this should be empty inside.

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This is because these people have chosen a path which does not correspond to the true purpose of life. It goes against the very nature of why the law prevails. Now the people who don't have access to Revelation, they find themselves feeling completely empty, because they have no clue why they exist.

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Imagine if we have to build a robot,

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and this robot, if we believe in the ability to pay for itself,

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and then the robot in the middle of the desert, without explaining why we believe what is good for what he needs to do, it will be completely lost. If you have no idea what it's supposed to be doing with its existence,

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to us as human beings is we never build anything unless

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we don't invent anything unless it has a purpose. And when we build the buildings, we always have an instruction and a set of guidelines, a teacher to show how he was supposed to use what are we supposed to do? And what's the purpose of it?

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So why did you so many human beings think that the human itself does not have the set of instructions and the purpose?

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And this focus on the on the fact that everybody needs a license, or you wouldn't be able to do it?

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Right, so I'm not gonna talk about the truth.

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But there are some people who asked why regulation. Why do we need regulation?

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We need our district attorneys to do what they want. And my answer to them is revelation exists by necessity.

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Just like instruction manuals exist by teachers exist by necessity. We don't know how to use anything unless we have a teacher instruction manual or both to show us how to use and so alone does not create something as magnificent as a human being as complex as a human being with the consciousness

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itself and is leaving without a set of instructions. And so therefore, profit center deletion exists by necessity. And I want to talk to me a bit about the revelation a lot of Hannah Donna has said for us, what should be our, our relationship with

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has said revelation, many prophets without history,

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there will be the word, the overall deal. These were the books in the previous prophets, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, David alayhi wasallam all of these prophets receive different evolutions of

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our oma received two types of revelation from Allah. And both of these revelations are equally important in terms of guiding our life.

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These two called the revelation of the Quran, and

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the Quran and this

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is defined as the Word of

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traditionally cetera. And the Quran is defined as Arabic. It has to be Arabic, and it is defined as the vertical

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existence of the Quran itself.

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And the existence of the Quran is itself proof that Islam is the truth in of itself to anybody who studied it would open

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that one revelation Allah, He sent us.

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The other revelation sentence is called the cylinder, which is stored in the books of police. Now many people get confused with these two terms.

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The word student actually has five minutes, but in this context, means

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that which the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said or done any of these guidance and how to live our life, right, whatever the profitable companies will allow you some thought,

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or practice in front of the haba is called the sooner and then the ration which stores his knowledge are called the Heidi's right to be example.

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So what the Sahaba said, is called the Aggies, or what the prophet SAW subsidies for the Aggies and the benefits of that.

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you should think the Quran and Sunnah they go hand in hand, and they are both revelation of

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himself in the Quran says about the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he does not speak out of his own desires only representative.

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Furthermore, it could not be logical to believe that the Prophet Muhammad

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and repeat something which was against the bar, rather, whenever the breach was an explanation of the

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explanation of

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the heavies tells us how many times are they? What are those times? How?

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What do you mean by we don't know what

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tells us what percentage of our wealth will be given in soccer, how many times a year, right once a year, and of each type of wealth, how much we should give, because it's different amounts to different types of wealth, by the amount of data you give on money, we know to be two and a half percent. When you own a farm.

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Right, you discovered

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many of us don't know this, all of

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people have

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given us the status revolution.

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And if we study these two forms of Revelation, you'll find guidance for every part of

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the problem today is that the average Muslim

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has not read the Quran.

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And the average Muslim is ignorant about the books.

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And so many a time one of three things happens either the average Muslim this goes on when he

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goes to school goes to work

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without ever thinking about Islam.

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but because you're not aware of

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the person or the person may begin with nothing to offer and

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the barrier between these three problems is one simple study the Quran study

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and put the focus on the first

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because this is the primary form of Revelation, a lot of

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and you should be at least

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the highest level of meaning, it has been

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hobbies is not itself a medical itself.

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So, if you have to choose one thing to study,

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if you have to make time every day to study you choose one thing to study, study the bar,

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of course study in light of the study.

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But make sure you are giving

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said they

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To combine

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the best of you are those who

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The practical how

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to be the best solutions you need to do the things you need to learn the word of the line.

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To be a good Muslim, you need to learn the world to be the best. So we need to go and teach why. How can we do this if we don't understand why

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this will happen to you see what the Quran the Quran is the word of Allah that He revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

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Why? What is the purpose of the Quran? Why?

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Allah explains in the Quran what you see, in the very second page of the Quran, the millisecond buzzer soon after that.

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This book about machines no doubt it is guidance for those who are conscious about life. Meaning if you open the

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wisdom seeking guidance, you will find it

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if you have any value at all, when you open the Quran and try to understand you will find that it actually the purpose of the Quran is guidance. The purpose of the Quran is to show us how to live our lives in the best possible way. And again, if you're not understanding the Quran, how do we get

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in the olden days when the Muslims were ruling the world during the golden age of Islam,

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the king of the

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Empire, he made a declaration across the Empire. That Declaration was an Arabic will now be the official language of the Muslim Empire. And so Muslims living in Spain had to learn Arabic and wisdom because it is not Africa had to learn Arabic and Muslims living in India had to learn Arabic. As a result, Muslims across the Muslim world at that time could read the Quran said Muslims across the world at that time to be a decent understanding.

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Fast forward 1000 years later, the Golden Age ended the dark ages of the Muslim Empire came upon us

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and now we have a time with the majority of Muslims don't understand the Quran. Don't make

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me wonder why Allah guides

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to the very first step to benefiting from the Quran is to make an effort to understand.

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If you cannot learn Arabic at least read the translation we sit with Allah who support the Kuba if you get a simple steps you can go online, on YouTube and iTunes you know many different websites, you will find hundreds of feet of the lecture to sit and listen to them.

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Make an effort to understand the Quran. What will happen when you understand that there are many things will happen when you understand that one of the first thing is your life will have hooks you won't be won't be wasting life away. Because you now have guidance from Allah guiding your lifestyle guide you what to do to your life. Now.

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The second thing is that in mind increase lots of

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the believers and those who will be yours

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and all of us who have been wanting to know when we feel like

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we feel that it's more easier for us to sit on days like that it is especially important to recycle. Because Quranic

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increases in your mind protects you.

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It does benefit that comes from reciting Quran is that it comes back to you when you are having difficulties. And every person I have met with studied the Quran we

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all have the exact same experience. That experience is when something goes wrong in their life, immediately immersive product comes to their mind.

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For example, going through a difficult time and the first thought in their head

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story alone.

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I will

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argue that the water for lack of a person who's connected with the poor in the time the difficulty the Quran is the first thing that comes to mind. When the Quran comes to mind the disease to the heart, a person who is disconnected from the Quran, what thoughts come to their mind, Allah has abandoned why you love energy. This is not fair. Why am I doing this? This is a sign of

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these kinds of thoughts.

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rather a person with strong demand when something bad happens the word of Allah

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We will definitely be the words of alignment. These are the words that come to your mind.

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So when you take the Quran and you studied and you understand it, then it comes back to you when you need it. Like in medical, it just comes to you when you need it. What benefit that comes from understanding the Quran is you will get to goodness in your life what in particular the Quran, it is very difficult to explain to someone why the Quran is a miracle, it has to be experienced.

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Like for example, one of the things that amazes me about the Quran, the Quran will describe the exact question and statements that a disbeliever will make.

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And then when I read in discussion with atheists, the exact questions you will ask the exact same as you would meet the ones mentioned in the Quran.

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Even though the Quran was revealed one out of 100 years ago, word for word, it will tell you what people are going to say was the exact question they will ask word for word when

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you said the natural phenomena, and you want to see with your eyes.

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The Quran will explain to you how people are going to behave in certain situations, and then you will see happening. So the Quran becomes a life. It's not just a book, it's a book that's happening.

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So explain some of the benefits.

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For the remainder of this discussion, I just want to mention some simple jobs to read.

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I know all of us are busy all of us have jobs what we accomplished here. So it may be hard for us to make time for the brand. But remember, the Quran should be a priority, the life of

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it should not be something you own inside that agenda. It shouldn't be only Ramadan or when someone passes away, you bring the Quran down from the top shelf, nobody does that, and you need to buy it. That's not what the Quran is meant for. It's meant to guide our life. So to give you three or four simple things, that if we do the simple thing and don't take too much time, then inshallah you become part of our life. Okay? The first one is very simple. If you are not in the habit of reciting to

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recite for five minutes every day.

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How many of us are so busy, so busy that we don't have five minutes?

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Five minutes. Even if you can find

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your recycling program, you get 10 rewards for each letter? How many words did you get in five minutes to do the modification. It's amazing, some five minutes bullet as a habit compared to one year of recycling for an for five minutes every day. Once that's a habit

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once that's a habit

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of like that slowly overnight, right? But sacrifice abandon something, don't start with that you start with something and can build up. If we recycle. for five minutes every day, we have the connection with a love of life, we have a need of losing on one provider, we have a constant source of reward for five minutes every day. And all of this will benefit us.

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So point number one is to recite a poem for five minutes every day. Point number two is to find a means of understanding the Quran. Now I will not recommend just reading a translation at all because for my experience, I found many people when they just read the translation, they come up with their own interpretations, their own misunderstandings and ended up mixing up the meaning of the Quran. Rather, I would say study the meaning of the Quran.

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in your neighborhood. It is notice the circle you're able no problem go online idea websites I use them Central, full of meetups, the lectures by the YouTube in iTunes this actually lectures everywhere. And if you don't have time you can do what many of us do is when you sit in traffic in the morning, listening to music.

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How much of the Quran would you understand if you listen to what I've seen every morning?

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By the time you own

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2550 or 60? How much of that just from your drive to

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make it more productive. Make sure you have something beneficial.

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Download a whole list of skills and just let them play on your way to work. Your knowledge of the live world will increase in this way you're trying to become productive is not a waste of time. It's not a it's a source of frustration because for many people what is the biggest frustration in their life? How much time is wasted in traffic every day? Are we using the time to listen is obscene.

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Now beneficial. So finally, some people can use other people when when working out you know when you're on the treadmill with your iTunes or with a cursory lecture on iTunes.

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In many ways to be practical for the world. It's not something where you don't have time for you can be surprised

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Number one.

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Point number two is make an effort to understand what is a lifelong commitment, not something you will do overnight for the rest of your life constantly increase your understanding.

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And point number three make an effort to learn by the word.

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No point in calling ourselves wisdom if you don't care about

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no point in calling us or Muslims, we have absolutely no interest in following up

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because of the day of judgment and the sense of judgment that will be approved or

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a decision in the books of me that the Quran will be approved for

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the Quran

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our and speak or I will speak the ground would speak our Deen

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and the Quran and the Quran will tell a lot that this individual recited me to visually

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see this individual ignored me.

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He knew what it was but he didn't want

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to do what you want.

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The Quran was either for us or against us.

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We have to decide which one by maybe

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two or three simple things. If we do these three simple things and inshallah inshallah our life will have more purpose our life will be, we will experience an increasing demand, you will experience your peace on a daily basis will be more productive. Allah will be more knowledgeable about Islam will understand our religion better and you'll be able to practice

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recycling for up to five minutes every day make the time that we need to understand.

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I just making the speaking part of our life inshallah our life would be better it will be happier, we will experience the peace that comes from connecting to Allah and we will be able to deal with the test of life much more easier. Because when you have the Quran in your life, the test of life

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in the Quran is not a very easy to become this one which is terrible.

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But the Quran

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to make the Quran I made this commitment from today onwards moving forward.

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I will try to understand the Quran

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accepted from us and

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give us