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Mohamad Baajour
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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llama hadn't had the luxury of time and Ariana datamine May Allah bless and protect all these beautiful faces away from the Hellfire I mean you're behind me

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before we start our day for this week inshallah just another reminder about the Saturday we're having our fundraising in the gym and insha Allah Tala come and join us and I want every single one of us to feel the responsibility that I am responsible for this endowment

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not you know, somebody will take care of it because this is the epic mentality or somebody will take care of it mashallah Epic is a very successful community. Epic is a successful community because of you. So please make sure that you come in sha Allah Tala have we're gonna have a delicious dinner, a good great company in sha Allah and beautiful speeches, beautiful presentation by our dark Quran, her school, great video that the brothers are working on it day and night. So come and Charlotte Allah it will be a beautiful gathering for the whole community inshallah. Second, the gym will be closed from tomorrow night at 9pm. And of course Saturday just for the preparation.

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So Musa tomorrow tonight you said okay, tonight from 9pm all the way till Saturday after the fundraising for the preparation for the fundraising job.

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Last Friday, subhanAllah brother.

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Last Last Friday, after we finished drummer, a brother came to me And subhanAllah very handsome, good looking brother. And he came from New York just to thank epic for all Subhan Allah came from New York to thank epic for all the activities and thank the speakers and all that. And then he said Please, you know, ask your community to make a dua for me because I was just diagnosed with brain cancer. So please brother my hand I know you're watching us because I promised you so please keep him in your diet in sha Allah Tala that's Allah, Allah the Umrah Bill aushadhi and yes via this Allah I love him or Bill aushadhi and yes via Allah more openness agreeableness, which we enter

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Shafi last year, that she felt like she felt and they avoided Osaka. Tonight, in sha Allah Tala Abdullah anima sewed narrated this hadith and the Hadith in Bukhari, Muslim Paul can Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aircool Allahumma inni as a local Hooda what to call? Well, alfalfa well Rena Subhanallah very beautiful,

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comprehensive drought Imam Sadiq Rahim Allah He said this dua covers the failure of the dean and the dunya. This to those four things covered everything about the deen and everything about the dunya the first two will take care of the deen and the second two will take care of the dunya Allahumma inni Luca alHuda ya Allah I asked you guidance and the solos I seldom left it open. He did not just say guidance in the deen. Number one is the guidance in the deen because it's great number to be a Muslim. But another great lemma is to be a guided Muslim. So I'm asking Allah to guide me in the matters of the deen guide me to the best of salaat guide me to the best of dua guide me to the best

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of a Baghdad in general and also guide me in all my affairs, all my dunya affairs guide me to take the right decisions. Allah who made me as a Luca luda, who does guidance, open guidance, all kinds of guidance to any fail. Allah how many SL can Houda what taka taka is from McLean right? And we're talking of the people who have Taqwa. We all want to be from the Matata and I beg Allah azza wa jal in this sublessor night or Friday, to make us all from the Moroccan. A taco is to build a barrier between you and anything that is haram. Allah said, what the canal era let you avoid that will Catherine and have Taqwa from the Now what does that mean? Build the barrier between you and the

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hellfire? That means build the barrier from anything that might lead to the Hellfire type when Allah said what duckula What does that mean? Build the barrier between you and anything that's not pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala a Taqwa is to do everything that Allah ordered and to stay away from what he has prohibited. So I'm asking Allah azza wa jal here, Allah how many alkyl Houda what took up well, alfalfa Subhan Allah, Allah FF, the probably the closest translation is chastity. FF is when someone is a thief. He is clean and pure from mainly the fascia of Xena. Okay, but not only the Zener the major zener but yeah Allah I'm asking you protection from the Zener of the iron

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because of course I sent them he told us when the line tesni The Iron commit Zina also so I'm asking Allah from the FF in all the parts of my body. I thought from every aspect and the last one Subhan Allah will Rena Rena

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in translation probably you can

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Find it. Rena means richness okay. And there's nothing wrong to ask for in men in wealth, but here in our source as salam said, and the Hadith isn't Buhari, he said in laser Lavina and kefla DeLallo when I Kindle Rena, Rena, and nefs was was excellent said richness is not the richness of wealth, but richness is to have richness in your soul. So here Hina means freedom from needing others.

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Ally how well you know one of the die that I personally make all the time Yeah, Allah take my soul before I need anybody to shower me to help me to feed me to spend on me Subhanallah I'm asking Allah subhanaw taala to make me self sufficient. I don't want to lead anybody. I don't want to need no one Subhanallah from anyone from needing anything from anybody. Subhanallah so you have one very beautiful four things that amazing taught to us by Rasulullah sai Solomon the hadith is 100% authentic. Okay, as usual, we repeat it after each other Allahumma in Lucca. alHuda. What took a while Alpha? Well, Rena, one can I say this you could say this in your schedule. You could say this

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before that asleep. You can say this at any time, at any time, especially when the DA is accepted. And subhanAllah This is a blessed night. Ask Allah subhanaw taala in the night of Friday, to give us all these words that we have learned in sha Allah to Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all. May Allah make our last deeds, our best deeds and make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah and make sure you make a lot of solid and Rasool Allah Islam because it's the night of Friday, and we'll see you tomorrow. Tomorrow at Faisal in sha Allah at 615 sound like God the F la me know.

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A Latina woman woofie Asana de he FOSS your own. Well levena umani love we weren't born well levena Homeless Zeca DE FARIA rune will levy now only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get amen for

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