Mohamad Baajour – Duaa to Gain the Love of Allah!

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of praying for Islam is highlighted, including showing gratitude for Islam's love and sharing mutual love through various forms of social media posts and religion. The concept of love is also discussed, including the use of mutual love through "will" and the importance of being present when others are watching. The segment also explores the concept of love through various signs and elements, such as body language and social media posts.
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Many of us performed a bet that performed the acts of worship.

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Because we were born in a Muslim family.

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I grew up in a Muslim household that prays.

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So I started praying.

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I saw my parents fast I fasted. I saw my parents reading the Quran, I read the Quran, many of us

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do that, by that. Only because of that

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tonight in sha Allah Allah I want myself a new to add one more feeling that will change will improve that event that tremendously and that is we are doing the A Baghdad because we love Allah.

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I'm doing it not because not only because this is this is an obligation as a Muslim, but also because I love Allah. And if I raise my children, because many of us, especially my generation, we were raised if you don't pray, you're going to * and beat him to pray and all that stuff we all know that that does not work.

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Then your son will be or your daughter will be a monastic praying without saying yes, I prayed and he did not pray. But if he or she prays because they learned Who is Allah, because they love Allah, this will never stop even when me and you are way gone.

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Either already fell am here. So I will

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listen to this beautiful saying, if the one who's giving the order is known, then the commands will be easier to perform.

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If the one giving the orders is known, then all these orders will be easy to perform. If I informed my son and my daughter constantly, that everything we have is from Allah, I get him a gift thank Allah, everything. You're sick ask Allah for Shiva always bring it back to Allah He loves Allah azza wa jal

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the love of Allah if I ask who loves Allah, everybody claims we love Allah. Loving Allah is not mere lip service. It has to be

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proven by obeying Allah. If you tell your son, Baba, get me a bottle of water. He said no. Baba, help your brother with his homework. No. Baba, fix your room. No. And then he comes in whispering in your ears. Baba, I love you so much.

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What kind of love is this? One of the main

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evidence of love is obedience when Allah Hill methylene Allah, we claim that we love Allah azza wa jal Bismillah. I pray on time, wear the hijab faster than Ramadan. Give your property zakat do all the things that please Allah, just like as parents, we would love our children to do what pleases us. And that shows one of the signs that shows that they love us. Similarly, we have to show Allah that we love him. Now, this is love from our side, but the ultimate goal of every believer is for Allah to love him.

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When the love is mutual, it's a huge difference. I want Allah azza wa jal to love me why? Because when Allah Subhana Allah loves someone, what happens? Plus Allah say Selim told us, Allah will tell Gibreel

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I love so and so. So yeah Gibreel love him. Social BReel will love him now Yeah, soon as Allah

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and Jupiter will go to the rest of the angels only Allah knows the number and will inform them. Allah loves so and so. So love him. So the angels will love him and then

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you will die let COBOL fill then every person on earth will love them. You know these people that you meet, you see this guy honey, Allah he just met him and Subhan Allah. I love him. Yeah.

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These are the people who Allah subhana wa Tada, love. So let's get to the drought. I want Allah to love me. Is there a dua that I can ask Allah to love me? Yes,

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of course, otherwise you will not.

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Listen to this. He doesn't tell me how the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can mean to download.

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Allahu Akbar. So already,

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we know that two prophets made this. There would Alayhis Salam used to make this dua the Rasul Sasana meet that would. So this was a revelation. Yeah.

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the who died in Salam used to make this dua he wasn't reformed right? There's a huge distance there's a huge time difference between him and the wood. What is the DA Allahumma? Inni? Luca Hubdoc were men you hit book were lamb and a levy you believe Huni hubback Allahumma JAL Hogback a hub de la Yeah, me Neff See, we're actually we're Minalima al buried

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yeah Allah I asked you I beg you to love me

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yeah Allah

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make the people who love you love me was a Luca hubba menu hymnbook ya Allah make all the righteous, the NBN all the Imams all the good people on earth love me.

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Well Amel and ya Allah make the action that will make me gain your love. Easy for me to perform. Make me love it. Ya Allah you love pm tahajjud ya Allah make it easy for me to perform tahajjud and meet to love to Azure yeah Allah you love the optional a by that like the optional fasting ya Allah make it easy for me to fast and make it beloved to me. While I'm ill a lady you believe running back and listen to the last part. Yeah, Allah. Make your love. Listen carefully.

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Make your love more beloved to me than my self.

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Make me love you more than I love myself. What does that mean? That means if I approach something haram This is not pleasing to Allah I stopped right away. I do not do it because I love Allah more than I love myself and more than I love my family.

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Yeah, Allah make your love more beloved to me than ally than my family.

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And the last one

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and yeah, Allah

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make your love more beloved to me than cold water.

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What does cold water have to do with this whole thing? Neff see ally cold water

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we are drowning

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in the blessings of Allah.

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We open the fridge and we grab the cold water normal. As a matter of fact, if something happened to the fridge, I think there's going to be a crisis at home

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I want every single one of us to visualize

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how did the solar system and the Companions got cold water

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coming back from jihad.

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Exhausted not coming back from soccer exhausted

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How you gonna get cold water

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as soon as I seen them used cold water

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to show us that was a

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luxury. That was a huge luxury to have cold water

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and now we have access to it 24/7 Without any effort

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make your love more beloved to me than cold water Subhanallah

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anybody would like to repeat that.

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in me as a Luca held back will have the menu hymnbook where la mala a lady you believe oni hubback Allahumma Egil hope Becca a hubba Illya me Neff see we're actually women Allah il buried

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Amira blimey

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in Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning Mina team one quantity now look on it that he was slowed up in our squad in Poland he was slob ina was sabe a lot the one before sharing you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching The one downside BMP no one downside being party was all me now was all in.

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Wouldn't have you Lena fold over gentlemen, one half a lot. The ones that get enough along I guess

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What's the game on all I don't know hula

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