Your 2 Minute Guide to Eid

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh first of all a robotic to each and every one of you. Secondly, your Quick Guide to the day of aid. It is this another person send them that when you wake up on the day of their aid, that we take a shower, and we put on the nicest clothes that we have, put away your pajamas, put away your work clothes, put away everything else, find the nicest clothes you have, and wear that on the day of aid. Secondly, it is the sum of the percent of that before you leave to go pray the prayer that you have something to eat, the person would have dates, but really anything would do inshallah, after that, when you leave to go pray the eight prayer is the son of

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the prayer send them that you recite the tech bit on the way to the eighth prayer and you recite the tech bit all the way until you get to the place that you're praying at. And also you continue to recite the tech until the Imam begins the prayer. Now the way the prayer works. It's very similar to the Friday prayer and footwear setup except that it is switch. So basically the eighth prayer The way it works is that the prayer comes before the hookah after the prayer and the hookah is over. That is the time to greet your brothers and sisters say you're a bollock give lots of hugs and we say male accept from you and accept from us and so on and so forth. Lastly, it is the son of the

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press send them that when you're headed back home, or wherever you're going, you take a different route than then you took when you came to the IID prayer. Also, I want to mention real quick and out of that, keep in mind that for us as Muslims, as is a happy time, it's a joyous time, it's a time for celebration. Also, it's a time it's that we spend with our family, our friends, and it's a time where we really build our communities and so on to remind you tell it to out of that in many communities, there are brothers and sisters who may not have someone to spend it with. So we should make a special effort to include those brothers and sisters, maybe someone who has come to Islam

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recently, or maybe someone who's living far away from their families. One of the fondest memories that I have from one of my early aides is when I was living somewhere where I didn't have family around me and a brother invited me to his house. And so make the most of that day in building the community and building the brotherhood and sisterhood. inshallah Tada. Until next time in sha Allah said I'm on a comb, what happened to light what I can do