Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #33

Mohamad Baajour
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Feel that means you finished the studies of the Quran which is true when you get to this whole fee that means you finished all the story before that, but I was looking back and they found that I missed one story. And this will be our discussion today we in Allah

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and the story is the story of

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the believer from L frown version L min min early frown, the believer amongst the people of frown, he was mentioned in which surah

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and which surah was mentioned the moment and frown, only one place. Only one surah

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Yes, masha Allah is another name for the Surah

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Some, like whether they say they call it movement. It's named after him sort of moment. And it's called the Quran surah troffer Surah troffer

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when you hear the time when you hear the term Frauen all that comes to your mouth your mind is tyranny and oppression and killing and blood and a person that is deep in disbelief.

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When you hear Musa alayhis salam you remember the strong man, the the wise man, the great prophet.

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But between those two there was a man mentioned in surah raffia

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Allah subhanaw taala called him Raja min yak to mu Imana. There was a man from amongst the people of frown, which was said it was said

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Subhan Allah, Allah when there's so many lessons, which is one very important lesson that I always repeat, but it's extremely important to always repeat.

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Allah never mentioned this guy's name. Never mentioned this man's name

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you know why? Because what, what matters is Allah knows. Allah knows his name.

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Allah knows who he is

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that's lost in our Amal is the most important factor of Allah He sometimes we get so involved

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in Dawa also not only in dunya matters, we get so involved in Dawa but we forget why are we doing the Dharma

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for the people who are in Dawa and calling to Allah after a while when you give a lot of lectures or you give a speeches you forget what's the main reason why did I start? So we need to be reminded that you're doing this for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And when you do this for the sake of Allah, many people, many people are gonna stop and be an obstacle in your way.

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Now, you have to imagine this situation here. This man is hiding Allah said himself Subhanallah that this man next to me, man, this man is hiding his Eman his belief he already believed in. In Musa Islam. He believed in Musa Alia Salam so it was said that he was the cousin of frown he was close to frown doesn't matter. He was all we know is that he was one of the people that are near to frown. He is from the people on the ground sit down he is one of the people who sit with frown individualists.

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But Allah said yet to me man, he was hiding his his belief

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but when you hide your belief there was a certain time they tell us how long you gotta hide your belief when this man said that's it I cannot hide it anymore

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excellent ohada frown they're only act on Musa

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when frown said Hollis, I wanted to kill Musa

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so you're gonna keep hiding your inner know now you have to stand up.

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Now you have to defend you love Musa alayhis salam you have to defend him behind his back.

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Well, yeah, Rob

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frown said we're kind of around was our only act on Musa well yet. Let him call his Lord. He's claiming that there's another Lord other than me. Let him call his Lord. Listen to the beautiful for around the day of round. Is a day now in the UK offer. A you bet Deena Deena calm. L. A. You'll hear often out of the facade, Masha, Allah Alec.

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Now he's so worried. He's telling his people I'm afraid I'm so worried that Musa might switch your deen and change your Dean from believing in me. And I'm so worried that Musa

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is gonna cause corruption on earth. Now I know him Allah Who slaughtered the babies.

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Who killed millions of babies when they were first born Musa Are you

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He's telling his people this is fake. This is all fake what we call right now.

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What is this right now? Media This is media. This area is media.

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We are worried about you know people are being killed Subhanallah What happened to you? People are being slaughtered than * up nobody said anything. One cat gets stuck on a tree the whole fire department the police department will all gather to bring the cat down

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what is this double standard? People are being slaughtered all day all night. No man no one is covering it. No one

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we are so worried you know un comes out and said we are worried about what's happening in health. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you for being worried.

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Subhan Allah look at this because he's in charge. I'm worried about you. I'm afraid that moose has might come and change things around and cause corruption on earth. So when this man heard this, he cannot be quiet anymore. We're calling min

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min early for round Allah said this is from Ali found but the most important word Allah subhanaw taala describe this man is by calling him Allahu Akbar. Can you imagine Allah calling you and woman why? Because we always have doubt about our iman. But Allah to call you and what we're calling Rajan on McMinn Allahu Akbar. What a title her Judo movement gradually not that nothing male Eman Bacala Roger mean early for around.

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He is from the people around you have to move a man I talked to Runa Rajan a year rugby Allah. You are killing Musa alayhis salam just because he's saying My Lord is Allah.

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What does this remind you of? Who said that?

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Excellent. Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah.

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That it is in Bukhari?

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That he said the solos I sell them

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he was or sell to our Abdullah have no ammo.

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And I shed my Asana I wish we could be Rasulullah Salallahu Salam

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Abdullah Mohammed was asked

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what is the worst thing that the people of Quraysh did to Rasul Allah says, He said, I saw Akbar even be more aid.

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Coming to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam while He was praying.

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Akbar put the sheath around the neck of Rasuwa seldom waka Naka who hadn't Contadina

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and tried to strangle Las Olas Isola

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resemble Cali

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everybody's quiet.

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The only one who stood up and we'll back out of the Alon and what did he say? I talked to Luna Rosalyn a Akula Robbie, Allah wa Khadija Campbell the United Arab become

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exactly he repeated the same idea. He told us to the people of Croatia so here the man from Al frown

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you're killing him and just because he said Allah has my Lord and He has brought you well most satisfied yeah Tim bayonet

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and he brought you so many miracles is slow the stick became a snake he put his hand that became white he put it back it came back normal hey the frogs the blood the lions many many aids

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you still did not believe that's why you want to kill him.

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When Yeah, who cares even for highly he cares

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if he's lying. Allah is gonna punish him for his for his lies. Well yeah cusat You can you sub combat don't let the rider come by.

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And if he's telling the truth,

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and you followed him whatever he's promising you some of it will take place.

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In the Lucha Libre, yeah demon who must be from Canada. If he's Canada, if he's Allah, Allah is not gonna guide him.

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as we see, this man, this believer is teaching me and teaching you the methods of dialogue.

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Keep in mind, he is sitting in the company of frown, and his likes.

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People like for our money, the worst of the worst. And he stood up and said something whether they're soulless, SLM, said

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of Berlin Jihad

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collimate, Huck and the Sultan

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of Delhi jihad, the best form of jihad, Jihad his phone different stages. The best form of jihad is to stand up

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and say the hack in front of a tyrant

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so now you can imagine this man stood up and frowns listening to this attack to Runa Roger and be hola Baja can be hanging out in the Rubicon yeah who cares even fairly he can

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you can you some bad old lady.

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So, first method of Dawa to this kind of level of people he spoke to them with logically if he's lying while you want to kill him if he's lying Allah is gonna punishment if he's telling the truth. Follow him and then you will get to be will benefit so he came first from

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my perspective

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then it started with him Yeah, call me look unbelievable cool young vahi Rena Phil, look at your look around you. Yeah, coffee still calling yakang Look at the method. Yeah, Betty. Yeah, call me he's still calling my account. My people

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you are hearing a fill out of look around you.

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Allah has blessed you so many blessings.

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You are dominant. You are you are you're rich. You're wealthy. Da da enough in order for me Ian Solna Minh dancila He injure Anna

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who's gonna make us victorious of Allah subhanaw taala. Sundance.

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Around Maria come

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my way or the highway.

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Now or you come in lemma Ara when I decom LS Aveda rachet Masha Allah, the only thing I'm telling you right now is what's going to save you.

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His way is Sabina rachet, the way you frown Subhan Allah

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this is exactly

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when someone calls to Allah Subhana Allah Tana

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everybody around them, they're gonna attack them. This is haram Allah Allah when all we need is just to go back to the Quran and study it.

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You tell people where your sister please wear the hijab or you people bring in US backward saying

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no, no, no, no, we are telling you Sabina Rashard you take off your clothes, dance music, drinking alcohol drugs, this is the civilization then you cannot become civilized developed country otherwise no you're behind your extremist your backward he said he is telling them about Sevilla Rashad.

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Now we back to the believer. We're currently the chairman of Comey now he finished the article now he's

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giving them example from history. Yeah, call me in the half hour you can miss laomi I'm so worried that things will happen to you just like happen to the people before you misled that become me know when we're dealing with a mood well Edina embody him. He's me now he's coming from a different perspective. The first one did not work. Okay, let's go to another way of calling them look what happened to know Look what happened to the mood look what happened to add when Allah who you read was on Monday but Allah does not oppress anybody.

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okay, third way Yeah, call me call me in the car for Allah you call me oh my god. I'm so worried about that day when you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and you run away from each other. When they call when they are not when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and the angels are calling the people and everybody is running from everybody young man to a loon and would be rim would be in a manner Camino Allah him and ask him when a ukulele love and I know whom in had that day you will be fleeing.

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There's no protection from Allah except Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I'm bringing it to your attention I'm making you notice. Please remember that day? Yo, Montana

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then a couple of eight and then frown. We'll call it a frown. Now frown is even getting worse than worst. The worst kind of coffee. What kind of frown Yeah, man who nearly sort of not only a blown Isbell, Bob

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O'Hanlon, build me a tower.

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I want to reach the ways what's ways, as barber said

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My word for Talia Elahi Musa when Nila caregiver, I want to reach about this god there's no God other than me. I want to know about this God of Musa

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This is where one of the delille when we ask people sometimes where does Allah many people say Allah is everywhere? No, this is the wrong answer. And this is the Delete here. Allah is on his arch above the seventh heaven even for our new that

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yeah man Neely Subhana Allah

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as bad as Synology even know for now know that Allah subhanaw taala is not everywhere Allah says above the ash. I want to go up and see Allah Amin Temen disana a yes if I become either here tomorrow for Santa Allah sistema.

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Ohana the Amman again Subhan Allah very two pages of conversation. Lacan Allah the fourth way to be only Adhikam sir de la shared my way is Rashad

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Mahan under the airmen. Yeah called me to be only Adhikam Saudi and Russia. Yeah, call me in Omaha they'll hire to dunya Mata when Hirata Hadar will Cara

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Look at this beautiful welcome, lady.

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Yeah comit Tebbe decom savvy Russia

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follow me. My people follow me. I'm gonna guide you to the right path to the path that will lead you Allah.

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Yeah, call me in the hill higher to dunya.

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Hirata here

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how much do we need this ayah right now?

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My brothers my sisters in the Mojave higher to dunya Amata Hirata hiya doll Cara, this is just a stage short period of time and the air Cara, Cara, this is where we are going to set will be in Allah. May Allah gatherers in general just like He gathered us here.

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In the

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sixth method mannheimia Say Yeah, 10 further youth in Missoula. I'm gonna amulet slowly hand in the current

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Jenna, use Hakuna if he had

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if you ever if you do one once a year, you will get once a year. And if you do want Hassan it's multiplied many, many folds

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as long as you're doing it with believe Allah subhanaw taala will enter them Jana Yusaku and if he had been really he said no limit to the risk of ALLAH SubhanA

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wa call me nearly at Oh, Camila Najat with a de Haan any l&r.

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What's wrong with you might come. I call you. He called the agenda Najat I call you to be saved to salvation. And you're calling me to help.

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The owner Neely Acorah biller how should we can be here My name is Sally up and we're Anna at the row come Ill as he is in our firm, you're calling me to commit kufr and Schilke and I'm calling you to the Aziz he's as he is and if you have committed so many sins, he's got a far

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larger amount and number 10 own any les les sallahu that will fit dunya wonderful one Namara Illa remember this year one I'm going to finish here because long story

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no matter dinner Illa Allah if you take something with you today

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and tomorrow dinner

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when Mara dinner you know Allah

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we all going back to Allah subhanaw taala

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Kelowna says

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your cartoon mount from Elena total Joan. We all going back to Allah subhanaw taala so don't feed anybody. Allah He don't feed anybody. All these people barking and screaming and yelling and threatening. Allah He oh they can do is in dystonia. They have not affected the liminal Malecon young Lilla Hila hidden ha ha.

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Allah he this is all these things that you're seeing in Halab right now. Wallahi These are all signs of victory coming soon. And we remind each other like the shit that The Movement said for certain Karuna kulula calm. You're going to remember what I'm telling you. This is what the man said. You remember what I'm telling you? These are the signs of victory.

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For Muslims, just be patient. Don't think that Allah subhanaw taala is not aware of what's happened

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but was planted so often I'm alone. Allah knows. Allah subhanaw taala knows and he is the Hakeem and read the Hadith. Go home and read the Hadith. What Rasulullah saw sallam said about out of the sham about what's happening, what's going to happen in the sham? You will see it like a puzzle falling into places.

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And the signs of the akhira is coming very soon.

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This is exactly what someone told us. There will be a big battle in Shem.

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May Allah subhanaw taala keep us steadfast on his Deen? May Allah make our last these are besties in sha Allah, may Allah forgive our sins. May Allah subhanaw taala Give victory to all the Muslims all over the world. May Allah subhana wa Taala save them. May Allah subhanaw taala replace their patients with the highest place in Jannah Ameen horrible enemy, please come to Fraser tomorrow at six four in sha Allah Allah, the most beloved to Allah to Allah is Sultan Fisher Jamar of Yama Juma Salah and Amina Muhammad Ali he was mean Subhana Colombard 100 I should allow him to and stuff he'll come and Talk

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