Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #34

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The group discusses the importance of treating others properly and bringing everything back, including her names and struggles. They also mention lessons learned from past experiences and the use of karamat. The importance of theDA is emphasized, and the loss of trust in certain individuals is discussed. They end with a discussion of the trust in Islam and the loss of trust in certain individuals. They also mention a woman who lost everything in a hula and attended a JAMA summit in rowing.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi overcut

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Smilla Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna and finally mount alum Tana.

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Was it nine money? I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit as from what you told us and increase us knowledge mean your ability to me

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and ask Allah subhanaw taala put baraka and this this gathering and Sharma and may Allah make us some of the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told Guma for a nickel, get up all your sins are forgiven, I mean you're burning

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with before I start in sha Allah to Allah.

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Today in the morning, I mentioned something

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I mentioned that

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before that, in my Monday Halaqaat

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I have a Monday class only for sisters.

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It's been going on for a year you can send your wives your your sisters, your mother's

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Stansberry every Monday

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and for the past three months,

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we'll be very happy to know that the topic was

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how can a woman be an Ideal Muslim wife?

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How do you treat your husband in the best manner

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so your wives are

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hearing all that hadith about the importance of treating you in the best of manner

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one person approached me

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and she said I mentioned that in the morning that she's been married for five years. And last week was the first time her husband told her I love you

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last week

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for the first time

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is for both because the treasurer not too many sisters are here

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as well as I said and said Al Kalamata Eva sadaqa.

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A good word is a form of charity

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and who is more deserving than your charity than your wife and your children.

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So my wife if you would like to hear the word I love you, you have to do things that will lead to that word I love you.

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You have to deserve it. Similarly, the brother you have to also do your dues as a husband. And in sha Allah Tala, you will get like Allah said, Hello Giselle.

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In the lesson is the reward of Sn anything else other than SN Subhan Allah, may Allah put love, tranquility and peace and love in all our homes and show me that

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every Thursday we take a hadith that has a story behind it in sha Allah Tala and we will explain it And subhanAllah keep in mind that this hadith are from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jaquan the

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most truthful person ever created.

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So the hadith of course the hadith is

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that he says I'm gonna need to quickly in Arabic control. I saw that a lot Julian had

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the courage or ill Korea

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for quality for quality Morocco. Allahu Marzocchi. Nah, man. Attention woman that one man. That is

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Fajr Raju.

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Will Jaffna mill a gene with a new hobby Shiva Raha top hand corner? Nina Harada violet Mariska Allah fecon Asana hola Raha for Karla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lo Tharaka ladera 204 100 Isla Yun mill Korean

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sola sola say salam said

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that there was a man that

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he was going through difficulty financial difficulty. Yeah and he reached a point zero nothing. He has nothing at all. Nothing

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So he went with his wife

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outdoors outside looking for anything to survive. There's nothing left

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so his wife said

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she put her trust in Allah subhanaw taala first they went out they sleep in the house and say hola asthma they did something I said Aloha Marzano

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man attention well man, that is Allah bless us was something that we could make some dough and some some bread.

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So the man came back home and he saw a Jaffna a big pot

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full of energy full of dough

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with it to nourish Shiva and in the new oven, we call it the nor so everybody knows that no.

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So you translate it into English

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Organic obviously

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yes, yes, yes. So he found that the fire has kindling in it

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what Raha

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Raha is huge. Do you remember the days when the big rock is turning around and crushing the year

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and he saw this the pot is full the fire is on and the big rock was turning and crushing the seeds

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column and what is this from?

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As soon as I said it's telling the Sahaba the story

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that his wife the risky law says from Allah subhanaw taala

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the man came and start cleaning around the stone that's turning around, he start cleaning all the dough and all that stuff around the flower.

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So Suzanne said if he helped if we if he would have left it if it would have kept on turning till the Day of Judgment

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this our life in general is full of tests

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when they are up when they are down till can amo happiness

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and in my experience in this short period of life that I lived I've seen people really he became millionaires and Allah He the same people

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I see them coming to me and asking me for $20 for gas

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same people

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so this thing now I'm let her do

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the blessings you don't know how long they're gonna last. If you want them to last a lot, use them for the sake of Allah and be grateful for them.

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these people were tested,

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they went out the house they applied for job right we go you apply for a job you day and night you ask so and so you ask everybody you go to college, you study you do your your thing.

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But sincerely they have so much trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala he knew that they are in dire need. So they raised their hand and made the and how many times we we discuss the f1 and we reminded ourselves about the importance of the DA

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don't ever despair, Allah He don't ever despair. Like I mentioned in my Hopper the other day, a brother came to me and they're young. He said, I gave up. Every time I do something good. something bad happens. Every time my life is going straight and things are working for me. something bad happens. So you know what? I'm stopped the DA and I stopped the salaat Allahu Akbar Lakota shaitan works.

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You're praying and you're doing everything and look at what Allah is treating you right? Nothing's happened so

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while we're doing all these things, forget it. Don't ever this is from the Shaitan che Tanya Docomo fucker he promises you poverty in every aspect of poverty. So Allah is telling us

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so this reminded me

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of a hadith in Sahih Muslim

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beautiful Hadith Subhan Allah

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I will go straight to the translation. So on the day of the Battle of taboo

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battle of taboo

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words lot of Muslims a lot

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They had their camels and their donkeys and their horses and all their food and everything, but it took so long so

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food and supplies started becoming scarce

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getting less and less

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so they came as a public interest. And again the Hadith in Sahih Muslim

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I found the nurse Majah

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so they came to us last night he was salam. And they said yes will Allah grant us the permission to slaughter some of the cameras that we have

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for we could slaughter and eat we want to survive

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for holidays salatu salam if you go ahead

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Allahu rasool Allah

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infallible. Call Laval

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if they do that,

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we will have way too much less right. It's gonna affect us in the future.

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Well, I can Subhanallah look at the

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wisdom of former well I can

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be fugly as worthy him.

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I suggest you pull together whatever has been left and yeah rasool Allah make dua of Baraka on whatever they have left.

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Beautiful suggestion.

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So, Susannah, agreed, and he asked everybody bring whatever you have left

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the Messenger of Allah spread out and ask the people to bring the provision that is left over, they started doing it, one brought a handful of corn, one brought a handful of dates, another little small piece of bread, whatever is left over. There's so many lessons in this Subhanallah let's start everybody bringing whatever they have. And

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam make dua on that pile of food. Then he said,

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bring up all your vessels. And when in one place, I don't want to say the number but if my memory is correct, it was 30,000 I will double check but it was 30,000

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bring up all your vessels.

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Everyone filled his vessel.

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Everyone filled his vessel with food. So that there was not left a single empty vessel in the whole camp.

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All of them ate to their film and there was

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all of them at their fill. And

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someone said any slave

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then I suppose I said and said

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anyone who meets Allah

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with a headwind La Ilaha illa Allah were any Rasul Allah lei Yong Kola be Hema I've done really Shaq for your job and in general, no one will meet Allah subhanho wa Taala with the shahada without any doubt in his heart, and He will be deprived from entering Jana.

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what are some of the lessons of all these things that we've been saying quickly?

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Allah subhanho wa taala.

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I hope the word karamat is the same in order to Kurama right. Okay. Today is easy.

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Allah subhanaw taala gives karamat to whomsoever he wants from his salad,

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this karma

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Yanni you have to work for it does not happen to everybody.

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It happens to Allah Allah Subhana Allah may Allah make us all from them and shall

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I remember when we mentioned in the story of Sophia unfolding Rahim Allah so again, authority, we all know that he lived all his life, in running away from the outcome, running away from the leaders and rulers and at the end, because everywhere he goes and stays the people he stays at their house, they get punished and the house destroyed. So he used to point palace he gave up, said Carlos, I have to go and surrender to the governor of the time to the hurry from the time on his way there he said Ya Allah. I don't want to be humiliated. Don't make me get there.

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And he died on the way

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humiliated in front of a hacker Subhan Allah. So these are karma that happened to certain kinds of people.

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Now, this is another delille because some people claim that Russell was excellent, did not have any miracles, this is a miracle of Rasulullah cisilion You bring some corn and some food and some bread and this and all of a sudden 30,000 People eat and still everybody eats to the to the film, And subhanAllah nothing have changed from the food still there. Allahu Akbar.

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And the last lesson, which is extremely important here, what is the trust in Allah Subhana

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Allah Quan, whatever your problem, every single one of us have an issue. Don't tell me no. Definitely, you have an issue, whether it's in your health, whether it's in your wealth, whether it's with your wife, whether it's with your in laws, with your children, with something

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online, put your trust in Allah

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sincerely, with your kin,

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with your team, that he can do it without any doubt. You know, what's our problem? Like? I repeated many times you know what the problem

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let me try that.

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Let me try it. Right. Let me give it a shot. What am I losing?

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Let's let's be honest. If you have four if I have a debt of $100,000, okay.

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And multimillionaires said came to me and said

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I got it

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I got it. How do you feel?

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You can sleep that night right?

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Human being that you could wake up in the morning and he's dead. You put trust in Him

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and you lost trust in the result

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this is our problem.

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A big doctor you put your trust in him

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he's gonna kill your mother, your sister your your son, and you lost the trust in the Shafi

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we go to the doctor we go to the people ask him for help but my heart is attached to Allah. If it did not happen colors, it's not good for me. Allah he this is what you're missing. Sincerely, our sincere trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala this woman anyone else was excellent. Tell us the story. What did she do? How many times me and you we said Allah Hama, Sapna and we went home. There's nothing.

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Remember the story? Man. He goes every single day. He picks up his salad $1,000. Let's say he picks it up on his way home.

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He comes nothing. He gives it on to the poor. All of it.

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His nephew, my uncle,

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how do you how do you survive? Every single month I see do the same thing.

00:18:13 --> 00:18:20

He said Allah He my my nephew. Every time I do that, I come home, I lift the pillow and I said I found $1,000.

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So this nephew loved that idea. I liked this idea.

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So he said the mistake we just said let me try it.

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He got the salary boom. This way. He spent it all ran to the house, lift up the pillow.

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Lift up the other pillow.

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There's nothing he went to his uncle said Uncle. We're from the same family. same last name. You're a Muslim. I'm a Muslim. I'm a believer. How come you got to get your money and I don't find it.

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He said, I'm doing it with the Akeem I'm gonna go and find it. You are doing it. So let me try. It's not gonna work.

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Don't give all your money back to me. But I went home, I lift up the mattress, nothing. No trust trusting Allah. Because we all know, I have no doubt in my heart that we all know that the result is one. And we all know in our other cliche in career, a cliche, but Subhanallah that, you know what's what stops the whole thing from happening is that speck of doubt, speck

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speck of doubt.

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Maybe what Allah subhanaw taala say

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in me No.

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No, no. You are also

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was going to continue

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so I'm Amuro turbo

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So I'm gonna mural terrible than they did not have any doubt in their heart at the end of the hula Iike Homosassa these are the true believers Allah Masha Allah Minami Allah. May Allah make us all amongst them cha

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cha try to fast tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. I know it's the weekend but Azure Allah Kudrin, Masha.

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The more you suffer the more you will be rewarded in Sharma so do your best to fast and sacrifice three days he said Allah as if he has fasted the whole year and

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this is what we are here for Yeah, one to remind each other about unmerited favor. Do your best inshallah. And most important more important than fasting is to attend visual in JAMA tomorrow treasure Zakon lucky welcome afikomen Salaam Alaikum.

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