A Story Full Of Morals

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I read this hadith and I wanted to share with you to show our clap as Muslims.

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One time

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a man

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was passing by and he saw of either of you.

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For the people who do not know about

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is one of the first people in Islam, one of the first people in Islam, and he was a man, when he took shahada, his tribe followed him any RAF in Islam,

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our DNA from the first people from the first batch.

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So one time he saw him and Hadith in Bukhari.

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And what's your de la hawla? Wa fatawa Allah, he saw him worrying God, Allah, Allah in Arabic,

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it means

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a two piece garment that is matching

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a two piece garment, top and bottom that matches they call it a holla or Buddha.

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So he saw him wearing one part of the hula. And his slave is wearing the other part.

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And he's wearing the top and the slave is wearing the bottom or vice versa.

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So you said yeah.

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Why don't you wait the whole law and get your slave and he thought would be any

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get him anything, he will be very happy.

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He said, one time

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I had a problem with another man

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for a year or two who beat on me.

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So I made fun of his mother.

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But couldn't nafzger helliya

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And we were in jail yet somebody calls us. We reply by cursing their father and mother.

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So we had an argument. I cursed him. I cursed his mother. By the way side note, many people say that this man is talking about is Bilal. And that is not true. It's not Bilal, even though many scholars said it will. But they literally you know, it retrieved their words and they said no, no, it's not Beloved.

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So I hear to be on me.

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I made fun of his mother, his mother and I called him yagna. So that

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Oh, son of the black one.

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Fisher Kenny Illa Rasulullah. This man went and complained to Rasulillah salam ala Rasulillah Abuja did this to me. So la Salam was very upset. He caught up with her. I hear to be on me. Is this true? Did you really crush his mother? So there are so Allah you know, in our culture?

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We when somebody calls us because their father and mother

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said yeah, they're in Cameroon. Fie, Jaya Helia

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Yeah, but even though you are a Muslim and you are from the first batch and you are one of the greatest Sahaba but there is still some traces of Jaya Helia of ignorance in you

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the one who come when you come

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Femen Kana Fe that day Eddie, fill your time home in a call where you will miss him in my eldest wala to hit ugly buena la him.

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For so much. I seldom listen to this listen to the Aflac of the Muslim. He said.

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Your brother's he called the slave because the slave his cousin is a slave.

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He did not wish to be a slave.

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If you own that man, he becomes your brother. He's a Muslim, he's your brother.

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They are under your

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service. Then. This is the order. You feed them from what you eat. You dress them from what you wear and do not burden them. And if you give them a hard task, I know him you yourself help them.

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You yourself help them

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so now you understand why he's wearing half

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and the slave is waiting another half

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in Cameroon fija Helia Yeah, brother. You have still traces of Jay Haley.

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Yeah of ignorance in you, many of us that have became

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close to Allah. At a later age, they can relate and they always say Subhan Allah, the days of Jaya Helia we used to do this or some of the brothers who converted, they will say on the days of Jay Helia when we were ignorant about Islam, we used to do this. So, this was still they had he had this other still have some of the traces of J Lea in them. So now a Buddha is explaining to the man Why is he wearing this garment and the slave is wearing the rest of the garment because the source is an ordered us to take care of the people who are working for us. I wish the speeches mentioned to our brothers and sisters in the in the college in the Gulf.

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The way they treat the people who work for them is ridiculous.

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You eat this is literally this is what the Hadith meant. You're eating steak, he eats steak. He doesn't eat lentil you eat lentil he eats lentil no problem. But if you eat steak, he has to eat steak

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you wear nice clothes, he wears nice clothes. Look at look, look how far a Buddha went.

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Well canal was set with a similar MUSAWAH click and he went to the MUSAWAH. And he also said I'm told us you know to take care of them in an honorable manner. But a Buddha went to the extreme he shared his his garment he doesn't have to do that. As long as he gives them know what happened in our in our situation or in our culture.

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If somebody asks you for something, you pick the worst piece of clothing that you have the one with the most stains the one with the most holes and you give it to your main or your helper right this is what we do. This is against the Sunnah for salsa and sell them.

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You eat the best food and you give the leftover of two three days ago then this is for my maid This is for my driver. This is for my gardener.

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This is not Islam. Islam is teaching us and our beloved also Salam is teaching us that you know what he said? In Aquila Emeril Jaya Helia mold warned that Academy Hadith Sahih Muslim, all the matters of Jamelia are under my feet. So say salam said all matters of Jehovah Yeah, of course that contradicts with Islam are under my feet and is worthless. Watch this don't pay any attention to it.

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And we all know that there is no difference between an adult B or an RB black white rich poor, a chroma komende Allah He at cotton the formula with Allah azza wa jal is the one with the most Taqwa he is the most beloved to Allah azza wa jal does not matter what color what status he is, or she is. So we have won this, and even though not many of us have made and but if we do, or if we have workers working for us, in our businesses, please try to apply this order from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if you see anybody abusing it, advise them gently and kindly until them and we relate to them. This this hadith, this beautiful Hadith from Abu Dhabi, may Allah make us from the

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people who listen and apply Zachman Lochhead without a philosophy comes

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in mostly me now almost Lima Do you want to know meaning Mina the one quantity now I looked on it that the more slowly been I was born in Poland the one saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know, before she

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was before she was polishing. The one downside the lino one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one Hatfield was the was the Katina long I guess.

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Was the guild or I don't know who

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was a gentleman Eileen.