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to what we are going through patient and what we are going through is nothing compared to us have a look do that they were right there, the fire is in front of them. And with few minutes of belief they were believers for a day or so. Allahu Allah, very short period of time. They had no Quran in front of them, like we have right now. And still, when every single one of them was asked you leave your deen or you will be thrown in the Hellfire in the in the ditch of the fire. They all were ready to

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go the fire than to leave their dean. So what is it that you are scared of right now? That's making you tremble and say Oh, what am I going to do? What is? What is it compared to the people of the ditch? What is it because they tell you they're gonna put you in camps and give you cards? Let them do whatever they want. Allah is with us. Allah subhanaw taala is with us. And we have one we did not go through anything compared to the people that we that really stuck to this deen and hold firm to this Deen what we are going through is nothing nothing at all. And what are we going through anyway? Just because they

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made fun of the job or they looked at you in a weird way. As soon as I said and said people will be cut in half. People will be cut in half. And they will never leave the gene cut in half. SubhanAllah. So handler Benny, we should be steadfast in his Deen. And that was the main lesson from from the story of us have a look dude, if we go

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step by step in the Hadith, we will notice Subhanallah I was able to get maybe at least 25 to 30 lessons. But we'll see how many we could get today in sha Allah Tada. First

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Rasulillah Salam did not mention the time he said there was a time before you. Because the time is not important. Because these things could happen again. And again, the time is not important if it's important. loss was excellent. We'll have mentioned when did this story take place? He said there was a Melek, who has a set head who has a magician. And it shows us we can learn a lesson from this that Subhan Allah always the people in authority, this is where the problems come from. He said there's a Melaka. And then he told us all the problems that happened. The Melek is the one who hired the magician to help him run the affairs of his city.

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he picked that magician

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to scare the people from the King. So the people of the village, they are constantly worried about the king.

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And this is exactly what the people of authority do. They keep making you live on the edge, worried about what they're going to do to us what they're going to do to us. But this is not what the believers think.

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The King and the magician requested that the new magician that will take over to be very young.

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So he could stay longer and deceiving people. They use the Phenom and exactly what's happening right now people are attacking our youth. Because if when you attack the youth, you attack the whole ummah. This is the generation this is the future generation. So he used a young man to show the importance of the youth in in if you destroy the youth, you have destroyed the whole ummah.

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The youth, the young man started getting information and knowledge from two people from the Raheb from the monk who was telling him about the heat and their ilaha illAllah. And from the magician who was teaching him magic and sorcery and all that crazy stuff. So he was getting he was learning evil and good shadow and higher. And he reached the point he has to Subhanallah

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because by fitrah

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by instinct, our neffs goes to the higher always so he knew that the right was right. And when the beast came and crossed and blocked the village, he took that rock and he said, Ya Allah, if the right hip is right, kill the beast. If the right hip is Dean is right. And the magician Dean is not right. So he started with the raw hip, knowing that feeling that the right hip is right Subhanallah

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we learned also with that when the right hip told him when you go to the magician and he asked you why you are late, tell him that.

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My parents kept me and when you go to your parents tell them that the magician kept me longer. We learned from

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that, that in situations in some situations, when

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you want to keep away extreme harm away from you, you're allowed to lie. You're allowed to lie. The fender Shal bill is a credential. If the if the evil is extremely harmful, you are allowed to lie we learn from this from this hadith, because the Raheb was telling the young boy to say this to the,

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to the magician, even though he knows that was not was not true.

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Another lesson we learned is when the right hip

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and the monk told the student told The owner told the young man, now you are better than me. Subhanallah Where do you see a teacher these days telling his students that you have reached a level that you are better than me. There is nothing wrong with the teacher telling his students you are better than me. And the end is not by age. And it's not by age, sometimes you see someone coming to the Masjid 6070 years, and a young man just started only three, four years, you will see him way ahead. So it's not has nothing to do with age. So you couldn't find somebody younger, but he is more knowledgeable than the older people.

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One of the main lessons that we learned is when the Raheb when the monk told the young man that now you are going to be tested.

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When he found out that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him Koran that, you know, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala when he sees somebody sincere, doing all the Dawa sincerely for his cause he'll start giving him Karana What does Kurama mean?

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actions that are out of the ordinary, that curing the blind, curing the one with leprosy, you know, killing that beast and the Hadith of Timothy, he specified that the beast is acid is a lion, how can you kill a lion with a small rock and so these are all karamat given to this man, this young man by Allah subhanho wa Taala to prove that his mission is the Huck

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so he will be tested.

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We learn that when you are in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala when you are teaching people Islam when you are a teacher, when you are an Imam, when you are a chef, and you are doing your job by conveying this message, you will definitely be tested 100% Without any doubt when you are a Muslim that is sticking to his Deen. He does not waver you will definitely be tested. Jana is not cheap. Jana is not cheap.

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What? Let me ask you a question. And think about it for a second. What is it me and you are doing to dissolve Jamna?

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Forever, forever?

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What is it?

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This prayer that none of us is concentrating on?

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What is it? Are this fasting that all the time we're complaining during the fasting days, or this other card that we give and everybody knows about?

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Or this has Anambra take pictures at Facebook, look at me. This is my sixth round around the cabin. Everybody has to know that you want to umbra. Everybody has to know that you donated we reached a point that everybody knows everything that you're doing. What happened to your honor that only Allah knows about what happened to the sincerity and the man.

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Is this is this word Jana. When you study the seer of the Sahaba

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really what is my life and your life compared to the seer of the Sahaba

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they will guarantee Jana until the last moment of their life

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they will still working extremely hard and they will guarantee gender some of them

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they were told you are going to Jannah

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even if I am

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in this 5060 years that I lived even if I was perfectly doing my worship perfect.

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The just thing to do is to give me 5060 years in general.

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You live 60 years, you were amazing for 60 years, not one sin okay? You got 60 years of gender

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if you want to be fair,

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right, but to deserve gender forever,

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needs a lot of work.

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This lot of work needs to get out of your comfort zone

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needs when you wake up

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and your neffs is telling you pray Frasier at home, you're gonna tell her no.

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I want to go to the highest place in Vienna. I'm going to the masjid

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when it tells you Oh, this is just an optional fast it's not it's not a big deal. No, I'm gonna fast I wouldn't be 70 years away from hell

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going out of the comfort zone

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sticking to the dean, not every time something bad happened or this is a test

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if any, if this is if we're going to keep going. Everything is beautiful. Everything is dandy. Everybody's loved Muslims. The weather is the test

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was the test

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everything is great hamdulillah everybody loves us. No, it will never happen. It never happened before it will never this will happening right now. It happened in the past. And it's happening now and it's gonna happen in the future again, all the time. This is the Sunnah of Islam. Why?

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One reason

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so the one who's fake with his Iman will be thrown away, and the failure will stay.

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And unfortunately f1 A lot of us are failing. A lot of us are failing.

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Online, a lot of us are failing. We get scared right away.

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What's the worst can I do? What's the what's the worst gonna happen?

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What does it kill you? Is there anything worse than hamdulillah shaheed?

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Like I always repeat if you are abiding by the law, you're not hurting anybody. And you're doing you're a badass.

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What do you have to worry about? You didn't do anything? If somebody comes and harm you just because you're a Muslim, they are the one who's wrong. He didn't do anything wrong.

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Well, you should be honored because you are harmed just because of your deen. But because your status or because of something else? Because you're your CEO and you did something wrong. No, no, just because you're Muslim. Exactly what happened the story, just because they said they're either in Allah. That's all they did. Didn't do anything yet. He hit the arrow, he killed the boy. They said we believe in the rubble. And then they said, Open, dig the ditches, put the fire throw them in the fire. Right there. They did not have that to support them and to to keep them steadfast that shake mountains. They didn't have all that. They didn't have lectures like this and people reminding

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each other all the time. They just right away Subhanallah just like reminds me of the of the magician's of crown. How long were they believers for?

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How long?

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They saw unfounded. Am a nebula be Musa Harun, we believe in the Lord of Musa and Harun.

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You believe before I give you the permission, I'm going to kill you. He put them in this and he slaughtered them crucified them died. One says

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that's it.

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They do not have Shio and drama and they believe the belief when it comes inside the heart, you will feel the sweetness of iman.

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And when you feel the sweetness of Eman, nothing can stop you.

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Subhanallah this is what you're missing. And this is why it's so important that we attend these things not because of me. No. So I want you to remind me and I want

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myself to remind you, we have to remind each other in these situations and these tough situations that we are in we have to remind each other that wake up.

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This is a simple test.

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When we hear about the villain of Yamaha and

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what happened to him we all know the story of villain. Kobe.

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Yes, sir. What is it

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Subhan Allah.

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The Quran was not completely revealed yet and they went through all that. Right.

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So you will be definitely tested. You want to declare that you're a Muslim. You want to practice your deen, you're going to be tested. You want to be I want to fit in. Hi, Merry Christmas. No problem. Go ahead, enjoy.

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Everything's beautiful. Everything's nice. We are all one.

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You call him Jesus. I call him Allah.

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Go ahead, do whatever you want,

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But you're going to be a major loser.

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I'm not telling you to attack anybody to to to go again.

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Study. No, no, no, no. Just stick to your dean. Practice your dean.

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That's it. Practice your dean.

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Be very proud of your dean. Allah he will ma he will lie. This is all that we have. This is all that you have. That's it. That's all we got. We have nothing else. What are we going to take with us to the cover? Have you ever heard someone take his infinity his Lexus to the cover? Hello anyone take his house, his wealth, his jewelry is gold, anything? Nothing? And which one is longer this life or the cover?

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So what am I going to take with me is this man and this steadfastness on the deen.

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So we have to be very strong and remind each other hamdulillah Bala mean, you might hear maybe from 250 million people maybe 5000 10,000 do not like it, what's the big deal. The rest are good people use them to be the reason for you to enter Jannah convey the message to them. Tell them the beauty of Islam Allah who they are deprived from the most beautiful thing in this dunya what Allah He they are deprived from the most beautiful thing in this dunya is the love of Allah subhanaw taala knowing Allah subhanaw They are deprived.

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Give them that beautiful message in a beautiful way in your life and your manners.

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Allah he this is the best thing, the best gift you could ever give anyone, anyone is to show them the beauty of Islam because they are misled. They get the other information from the wrong sources. And they think they feeding them day and night, day and night, day and night. Islam Islam Islam Islam, you know, as I keep telling you that this table is black.

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Every single day we walk in, I tell you this is Tommy Brown, no, no, no, no, it's black, you know that they're going to come a day that you think it's black.

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This is exactly what's happening. Muslims are terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, those, then you start to even reach a point.

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Maybe if

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you keep repeating the thing all over. It might you know Subhanallah this over here, no time to check and authenticity of this stuff.

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you are a Muslim, you will be tested. And all we have to do is beg Allah subhanaw taala to make us pass, pass the test.

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When the Lamb refused, when the when the when the young boy refused all the gifts that the assistant of the Malik of the heir of the king gave him that shows that this young man did not need anything from the dunya he does not care about the dunya all he's looking at is the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Another lesson is

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you have to give

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people who are tortured, they excuse the why did they give the secrets out?

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Because the monk told him, if they catch you don't give my name.

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And he was tortured to a level that he gave the name of the monk. That's the lesson because keep in mind who saying this, the sort of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the young boy gave the name of the monk. But we do not know what kind of torture he went through.

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So if any of our brothers happened, that he was tortured, and he gave something

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give him the benefit of the doubt. You don't know what they went through while you were in luxury.

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Killing him with the killing the monk with the saw in the middle shows you that the people of authority at every era, they are creative in the ways of torture.

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It keeps getting updated. Whether they have now the thing that they do now, was it called waterboarding?

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This is a new right update at that time to cut someone in half with them in charge is something big. So that's another lesson that the people who are tyrants they keep coming up with new ideas of of torture.

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When the hilum which is makes you wonder, when he went and the people died on the mountain, why did he come back to the king again? And when the people died in the ocean? Why did he come back to the king? Because the mission is bigger than me and you

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the diver to Allah is bigger than us. He's not thinking about himself.

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of his thinking how can we get this tower How can we convey this message even it's gonna cost me my life. He kept on coming back because you know that the Mount when hired are in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's another lesson for us at this time. Lay you'll see Benin in Lana Kitab Allahu Lana, nothing will happen to you except that what Allah has decreed. So you are abiding by the law paying your taxes, you're doing everything and something happened. And Hamdulillah you didn't do anything.

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This is where this is where the believer shines. This is where we're on Eman shines

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This is it

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not at the time of ease now, at the time of is beautiful. Everything's beautiful. Now when your Eman shines

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shows us that when somebody when someone loses the Rama from their heart Subhan Allah, not only they torture the people, they will ally him should. They have should. They were sitting and watching them being tortured. And it's one thing to throw someone in the fire. And another thing just to show her to watch him being toasted. Allahu Akbar, Allah is telling us in Bruges, they were just sitting down and watching them being tortured. It's worse than animals animal, usually, a lion would kill its prey to eat it. Because he there was a reason these people killed them and just sitting down and watching them. How evil could you get

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the way this young boy died, without seeing the fruit of his data.

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You know, he told them kill me and he taught him how to kill him.

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And he put the arrow and he said Bismillah Allahu Allah, and the young boy died.

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And after he died, the whole village believed he did not see the fruit.

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That's the lesson for me and you

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don't look for the

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It's not in your hands. All we have to do is plant

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plant the seed now.

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You have no clue who will this three benefit in the future?

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Who will eat from that tree that you planted the seed for? Who will sit under the shade of that tree that you planted the seed for but plant the seed

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that the seed this is all you're asked for to plant the seed you're not you're not requiring that will be accountable for the fruits No, even Roscoe says he was told

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a masala Cali him Akela almost knocking them over Sheila DERA Malika inland but if you just have to give the message

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Subhanallah Allah, he died. But in his heart he wanted everybody to believe because this is bigger than one, one person.

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And the finally, from this, Allah so Allah Sosa Sallam told us the story, the idea of using a young boy

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that you should never belittle anyone

00:23:33--> 00:23:44

from this young boy and Amma believed, OMA believed from this young boy till this day, Allahu Allah, how long is the story? We're still mentioning the story

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and learning lessons from it. So do not belittle Who are you to convey the message? Who are you to stand up and give a talk? Who are you know, you have some element, you're authentic about that and we are sure about the 10 Bismillah the minute you keep saying Who am I to stand up and who am I to do this and who am I to do that? And you let the people of Buddha and innovation to stand up on the members and give lectures and while you are being shy? I don't want to do it. Who am I know

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when you know that you are on the hack, and all your sources are from the Kitab and from the Sunnah and from the authentic hadith stand up and talk.

00:24:27--> 00:24:29

convey the message to the best of your ability.

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May Allah Subhana Allah make us from the people who listen and apply? May Allah Subhana Allah forgive all our sins? May Allah protect our woman ya Allah I ask you this blessing night of Jamal to protect all our women. Ya Allah protect our sisters our mothers, our wives, our daughters, Ya Allah protect them from any harm you're not protect all our children

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don't don't forget your when that tonight is the night of Juma. This is the night where Salah Salem told us to make a lot

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salatu salam wa salam ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can also later on Ebrahim early Ibrahim in need imagery, along with Erica Muhammad. Ali Mohammed. Command director level Rahim, Rahim Nicomedia Mooji. Put to yourself. I'm going to do 1000 The Salah atherosclerosis, I'm going to do 500 I'm going to do this is that he told us he asked us X you to do as much as we can in this night and all day tomorrow. And finally f1 Please don't forget tomorrow is tomorrow. And the best slot in the sight of Allah is the salah to Fraser of Juma in Jamal.

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Jamal is time.

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Six o'clock so we'll see you then in sha Allah is Zach Mala here welcome Africa Subhan Allah 100 Question Allah Allah and stuff Heruka on a Tumeric