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Mohamad Baajour
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would benefit us benefit less from what he told us and increase his knowledge. I mean,

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering chama and make us from the people whom at the end of the gathering, they will be told como mcphedran Nico Cabo de la se ethical. May Allah make us from the people who at the end of the gathering, they'd be told, get up all your sins are forgiven, and they have been switched into good deeds and trauma and miserable anime.

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Just to mention to Annie from the Sunnah is to approach the chef and to sit as close as possible to the speaker inshallah so if you could come closer to be much nicer in JAMA and let's make it a habit in sha Allah Tala all the time in Java

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today, since we arrived only few days ago from from ombre.

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We arrived Monday night and I was hoping that other brothers who were with us to join us today and

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tell you their stories and

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what was the highlight of the trip, but unfortunately,

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most of the brothers were away and they were not able to make it tonight, so inshallah maybe next Thursday, they will be available. And we will tell you about some of the adventures that we had this beautiful trip, just briefly inshallah to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala fallenness pinata Allah, it was

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an amazing, amazing trip. Amazing. We left on the 23rd and we were back on Monday the second a total of 10 days even though a couple of days in the beginning went only just traveling because when you leave Friday we arrived Sunday so Saturday was you know always between the air and the buses and the trains and but hamdulillah value in general it was an amazing trip everything was so smooth so easy. No missing buses no normal condition all that stuff everything was great. Plus the crowd was not that you know there's not too many people at this time. So you were able handler by mean to do that off without being hurt or punched or under the law. And the weather was forget about it. If you ever

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want to go to Angola This is the time amazing 6570 75 Gorgeous, so you pray real Korea with that chillin the air amazing and Medina and Mecca, Hamden, Alabama and everything was was great. The group that I had was amazing people. One of them's brother Aziz, I see here rather thesis here No.

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Okay, most of the most of the group are people who attend our salad all the time. hamdulillah so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from all of us Inshallah, and from everybody who have performed the hombre Sharma and I guarantee you that I kept your own my daughter, and I specifically for all the epic congregation, and whomsoever asked me for that, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to, to bless them in I made it in Mecca and Medina and my sujood everywhere in the plane. So I made that for everybody Inshallah, hopefully, that Allah subhanaw taala would accept from all of us, John. So today

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in the process of thinking of a new topic, because the topic of storage of the Quran, we've been handling it for over a year and few months, so I'm almost finished or finished all the stories of the Quran.

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So in that process, while I'm thinking of a new topic in sha Allah to Allah, today, I just want to discuss something very simple and Subhanallah, one of the students of knowledge, you know, in the Quran, you read the area, maybe you could read the AI 100 times and nothing happens and all of a sudden you read the AI and something inside of you explodes, Allahu Akbar, where was this either before, or Allah will bless you with you know, you know what that means. And Allah is to Halleck Allah will open your mind and open your heart to a meaning that never been found by any other scholar. This is the Quran this is the the beauty and the miraculous state of the Quran that from

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now till the Day of Judgment, you will find people finding pearls and gems inside of these areas. So one of the students of knowledge read this area. And this is SubhanAllah.

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We all pass it quickly because there's not concern us because Allah stone is talking about you're not allowed to

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hunt why you are so many people pass because who's gonna hunt right in his around right. So that is historical data. When Allah subhanaw taala said, Yeah, you

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know, layup you know, one cool Moon

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More Vichy

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meanness ie the 10 Lugu ad con worry in Hong Kong, Leon and Hola mi fr for who believe. Feminine Tada, the fellow who had le Allah subhanaw taala said over you believe ALLAH is going to test you with some of the side hunting gun tenerlo Id come it's going to be so close that you could even touch the side touch the animal with your hand or with your arrows. You know, here the ones with the hand are the small animals and we're the one with the arrows are the big animals. So it's going to be you're going to be tested

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while you're on Iran that you're going to be tested with animals being very close to you so you can hunt

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but this is a test. Lea Allah Allah so Allah subhanaw taala even though he is alive, it will hold your shahada but his test for us the Albania half of will be live who's going to be feeding him in

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Terminator and whoever does that fella who

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is talking about

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Saeed and the animals, it was said that the Sahaba the animals come so close to them that they could touch them with their hands. And when you're traveling you're in dire need of hunts and food. And so then it was a major test is right there, the chicken whatever you want to call it, the sheep whatever is right there the any kind of hunt was very close to them. But they will give an order Yeah, you and Medina, Amman was an order from Allah do not touch it.

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Now, so this student of knowledge SubhanAllah. He said, We are also in 2016 are being tested with something very similar.

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It's not

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animals or praise that are in front of us to catch but

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cell phones,

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the Haram just like it was so close

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to the Sahaba to catch now the Haram is on your fingertips. Been a decomp between your hands.

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And what we or what it was used to in the past 1520 years ago to get

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some haram pictures, some haram video, some haram clips 15 years ago, you have to hide it and go and ask your friends when your friends are leaving. And you know how Haram is haram.

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All that is haram is now under your fingertips. Right there, just two clicks and you get whatever you want.

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So the test now,

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just like they were tested

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with that short period of time during not to do this, we are tested on a daily basis with this NEMA that ALLAH blessed you with every form that you have, every smartphone that you own is just from Allah subhanaw taala because you could use it for the fire, or you could use it for the shadow for the evil.

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You could use the internet for the shadow or for the high you could use that YouTube for the shadow or for the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any form of social media, it could be used for either it's you decide Allah gave you this test, it's between your hands under your control and you will be questioned about every single thing that is stored in this machine

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this machine, I can also

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in the past

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when we define

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that biting

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when we define backbiting we say

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there are three people

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me abusive and Yosef and I'm talking to abusive about use of

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behind his back.

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Or I'm talking to abusive about React because this is a separate situation that is allowed in Islam if I'm telling him about this.

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So I'm talking about useful what's

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usually the norm that backbiting includes has to have more than two people

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or more than one person has to have more than one person to commit backbiting. When you have this machine Subhanallah you can commit backbiting when you're alone

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this never heard unheard of

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If you tell the Sahaba How can I commit backbiting alone? They wouldn't say it's impossible. But with texting and email and sending pictures to people to make fun of them or to talk behind their back, you are really backbiting when you're alone.

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So this machine could be a reason for you transgender or could be a reason for you to enter *.

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Everything you know, when Allah subhanaw taala said Nihil Federman, colon Illa de Hiraki Bon Appetit, everything you utter, it is recorded, right? Similarly, people think that everything you type is not recorded know everything you type is also recorded. Everything you comment on Facebook or whatever, it's also recorded, every gesture, every emoji is recorded.

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So now the this Haram is between our hands.

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why did Allah subhanaw taala said say that Lia Allah, so Allah subhanaw taala will confirm who fears him in right. This is this is the the success in dunya.

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In Larina Shona Rob doesn't believe love um, no Fira?

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Well, Joan, ah, cabbie.

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Allah said this little milk, the one who fear Allah in the raid,

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when there's no one they have the forgiveness of Allah and the huge reward

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what was Leafa tiljander to little turkey in a Euro it has to I do in any color aware of in Hatfield. But then when Hershey Aruna and I believe was

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named man Hashirama. And they'd be like, the one who fear Allah in the hype when he's alone when there's nobody at home, when everything is closed, when your wife is away, when your parents are not home. This is the real fear of Allah, the

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establishment of the Name of Allah keep in our hearts, you want to protect your children just dedicate all your life to establish in their hearts What does a rocky mean?

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You set when the time for solid comes Mother's not here. Rocky was here, when the time that you make will do if he's lying or Rocky was here. Did you do your homework? Did you do this? Are you fasting that you are located is here always constantly thinking of a rocky if we have a rock established in Namaha can alikoum rock Eva It's not a coincidence that every Friday we have to say that and every Muslim should hear this idea in Allah can I know you can rock Eva, Allah is watching over watching every single thing because I'm not going to stay on this dunya for a long time, we all going to depart and these children if they were forced to do this and then if they were doing it just because

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of you just to please you they don't they hate it. They have no clue what they're praying. They have no clue what that means. They have no clue what Fatiha means when you go it's gone with you.

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But if we can establish that this is a bad this is to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, as watching, if we can establish that Allah He is a major success in the tarbiyah in the upgrading of our children.

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If we can establish a rocky

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when McMahon was talking to his son, what do you say after you told them about a shirk?

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And then Allah said about was sinal insane. It's not was not luck, man. People think look man told them about the importance of penance. No, it was Allah subhanaw taala who mentioned in the middle of the advices of Lachman where we're saying that insanity rarely the hematoma when another one, but the beginning you have been a year datasheet Biller, then also in an incident. What was the second advice that Lachman gave His Son? Yeah, when a tackle myth card I have that him in hurdle 32nd fee Saphira office center

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will fill out yet TV.

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Allahu Akbar, oh, my son, if it was the weight of the mustard seed, and it was in the rock, inside the rock, or it was anywhere in the Milky Way is in the heavens, or it was anywhere in the earth. Allah was bring it.

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So he's teaching his son, make sure Allah will bring it don't think that I cannot see

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You, you could do whatever you want.

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Nobody's watching, and I was watching a clip on YouTube, I was watching a clip on the on the computer on my iPad. And then all of a sudden, to the right, there was a very tempting clip. The title was very tempting press here. You see this, you see that? A woman did this a man did that. Come on, check it, it's only one minute. So the shaitan is telling you there's no one home, click it and you make a step far 500 times and two Raka and you fast for two days you're done.

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The Shaitan is talking and your email is kicking. So you have a battle right now. If you click you lost, you lost the battle.

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All it takes is one click

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to get addicted to that stuff. One click, one click.

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Your eyes will enjoy. They will send the message to the heart The heart will love you send the message to the mind. He will get addicted.

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And sooner you can start.

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And by the way, this is the main title of our conference that's coming up. So all about addictions. On January 21. speakers from all over the states are coming to this masjid, to discuss addictions to *. To addiction to alcohol to drugs.

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addiction to video games addiction to worrying addiction to homosexuality, topics nobody ever discussed. And we keep putting our heads in the sand and oh no, no, no not our community.

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Wake up my brothers and sisters. We put our kids surrounded by haram 789 hours a day. Oh no, no way my son, my daughter Nan possible. So nine hours a day times. Let's say 60 days are off

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300 How much is that 2700 hours a year with with it with it with a company that we are not approving and we think that No my son is shielded? He is exempted. He is no no that my son not my daughter, they chama May Allah protect all our children. But definitely there is some kind of effect and if we do not target these issues and discuss it with them, they will go to the wrong sources to hear the answers. That's why in sha Allah Tala it's an extremely important conference for all of us to attend inshallah. So

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feeling Allah and de

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la Sol allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when he

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said the hadith of Phil van very famous Hadith

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Allah says Allah said 11 o'clock AM and yet to know yo Mel Korea Matthew Bihar Salah to mystery Isabel T ham.

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I know for people that will come on the Day of Judgment with Hasselblad as big as the mountain of Tahoma has an Earth as big as a mountain. And I just came back from from seeing the mountain. So can the image of a mountain is right in my mind still.

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So as not as big as that mountain as heavy as that mountain. Fair Jana, hello, Lada and Montura Allah Hoon make it into scattered dust. God

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Chabad shattered

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colorful van ya rasool Allah Who are these people so from lead gen whom Lana described them to us, tell us their characteristic also.

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Had so we cannot be amongst them

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at their own accord. I mean, who

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called Anna inom ICWA. And I

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mean, surely that

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they are your brothers.

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They are from amongst you.

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Listen to this. This is one of the strongest words in the Hadith. Yet whose own I mean a Layli come on at Hulu

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it's not the pray five times a day. It's not the fashion Ramadan they give them a card they go to Hajj. No. Yeah Hoon, Amina lane. They pray to hug good.

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They pray tahajjud.

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As soon as I said the dad mentioned the frog went straight to the optional How can I when I now like I mentioned all the time we reached a point in our Ummah, unfortunately, if you want to praise someone, you would say that he prays five times a day.

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He prays five times I saw him fasting, he gives money. So this becomes a form of praise, even though Stephanie says natural. If you're Muslim, you have to pray five times

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Today you have to fasten Ramadan it became something great What do you think of this guy? I want to he's asking for my daughter in marriage What do you think of him?

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Maybe four times

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four times brother he prays four times. What about the fifth one? Angela is working on it but four times brother he fasted Ramadan

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this is became something great. Now suppose I said and said yeah, who's gonna be the lay?

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These people pray tahajjud that the other sort of law was her problem then why oh, that Ananda is gonna go into scattered dust era Salalah

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where they can now home aquarium either Hello be Mahara Mila intercooler, this is a problem. The problem is, this is what you see this is what you hear. But when they are alone, and they are alone.

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And they have the option to commit haram they have no fear of Allah subhana wa Taala it's just in front of you just in front of everybody. They are Masha Allah beautiful this and that and

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but when they are alone, this is actually gonna rub down behind yo Metropolis ah, your server, Salah is going to be exposed. Whatever you're doing and you're alone. This is what really matters. When we spoke about the hope about the class. We said what is a Class A philosophy you want to know yourself if a miraculous or not compare your man in secret your Annelle in public. If it's equal, Allahu Akbar, if it's better in secret, Allahu Akbar even better, but if it's different, it's less, it's fake, then you're in trouble. If your Salat in the masjid is much longer than the salad at home, then you have a problem.

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You just want to show off if your luck is here is amazing. And you'll go home and start yelling and screaming at your wife and beating your children and when we come to the masjid mashallah smiling always understand that

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these are the people that you should be more nice to and kinder to the people at home.

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colorable claim calm, okay, and rahamallah is a new kind of suburb, little in ticket to that suburban lift about Panama said there's a no the sins of the

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secret are the main reason for people going astray. And they're a badass of the secret or the main reason for steadfastness.

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cell phones, our iPads, our computers, our laptops, they are all

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boxes. Put in them, what you would like to see on the Day of Judgment.

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Install in them, what you want to see on the Day of Judgment, whatever you do not want to see on the Day of Judgment. Don't put it in there, because everything everything will be exposed.

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This is my message this today in sha Allah to Allah may Allah protect us in in the secret and in public. May Allah subhanaw taala make the A Baghdad the secret a by that the A Baghdad when there is nobody's watching May Allah make them beloved to our hearts. May Allah subhanaw taala increase our love to one another. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply and make me from the people who practice what they preach. May Allah subhanaw taala unite our hearts and increase our love to one another. Is that one love here are a couple of them. So I'm I will be performing the first copper tomorrow at one o'clock I will see you all then and please before that I

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would love to see you at slotted fish at 640 so you can be under the protection of Allah the whole day. Salaam Alaikum lot Subhana Allah Allah, masha Allah Allah in the stuff your account

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