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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi

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Smilo and hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah llama aluminum and fauna on finally my lamp Tana was it no Elman hamara? I mean ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increase us acknowledge Allah subhanaw taala bless this gathering inshallah to Allah and put back in it and may Allah subhanaw taala forgive all our sins and make us from the people at the end of the gathering they will be told get up all your sins are forgiven, I mean

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so, we continue the chapter about the dam, the depth of the food for thought allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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we mentioned

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before that also like I seldom used to eat vinegar, the food the bread and vinegar and

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he used to

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prefer the shoulder of the

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calf the chicken or the Goat

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and today inshallah Tada This hadith

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before I say the Hadith I just want to

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bring up something that

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I noticed today and I have seen it in many other Jeunesses in a text takes place

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number one I mentioned before this cover that they put on the

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the cover the cover that they put on the bucks for the dead body is it's not from the sun no

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this is not from the Sun that cover that you see with the aid on it and stuff like that. If I die please don't put that on my gray on my my cover on my box please. This is not from the sun at all.

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Who said that when you die you wrap your the box with a out of the Quran? Nothing in the sun Nevada. Second very common mistake

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after there's a little geneticists finished

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today the brother said fat yeah

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and then he said do art for them.

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What is what is little Janessa?

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What is Serato? Janessa? Are we making salad to the guy the whole concept of strategy analysis what is that? That's it there's no cool and those who know nothing. The whole concept of sorta Janessa is to have for them.

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So when they when they when they do strategy analysis over the ice cream, please we have shakes on so he wants to make that we just finished to have don't add to the dean yaki don't add don't don't invent any I think extra and the dean, our dean is beautiful. A young Macmillan to the convener. Our Dean's complete stop adding stuff. Al Fatiha we just read the fat Yeah.

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What is the fatty Where does it say? Hadith give me a hadith even give me a weak Hadith I'll take it that says when someone died, I suppose Hassan said I will get up and read the Fatiha give me one Hadith.

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So why you want to come up with something new with the deen? Why? These are all cultural things that especially in the Arab world every five seconds, everybody's screaming that you have

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for what Fatiha Where does it say Fatiha when someone dies Subhan Allah. So just these issues that they keep, because in the Janessa time, it's not time for lecture. It's not time to tell somebody excuse me, this is wrong. It's not the time. It's not a time for more wiser. Nobody wants to listen, it's very emotional time. But now we can talk so you won't do it again please or if something happened to you me i

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Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on all our, the brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers, but if something happened, please let's apply the sunnah to the best of our ability. Okay, inshallah. So this thing that you wrap the box with is not from the Sunnah at all.

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I don't know why they do it, I have no idea. Plus, the other thing is that they read Fatiha and

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let's make dua after right after salata. Janessa don't get me wrong when we get to the couple is sooner to make that for your brother as was said earlier, he can then use I'll make dua for your brother because now he's being questioned. So we make Allah keep him steadfast when the angels came and ask come and ask the three question that time is what I'm talking about. Right? As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah dua for them it

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was just said aloha. Mahalo, Aloha Mahalo. And we did it in Solana Tre, we did it during the summer, which is the dua during the summer is stronger than the drought in general. I was in the connection with Allah. This is a prescription from Rasulillah Salam, the smarter Janessa and the reward for it is immense. After I finished you tell me make dua again, you want to make dua separately by yourself, but to announce Let's all make dua or it's already the Fatiha This is not from the Sunnah. And please do not advise the people at that moment this is not a time for advice because it will create problems to create signal after thing is over. If you are very close to the brother, you take

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him on the side and you advise him quietly and silently any between you and him.

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So let's go back to our Hadith, the Hadith Sahih

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Muslim had nothing more been Ryan and Carla had death and Abby should have nursery and Sophia and until hadn't yet here and I haven't told her Anna Aisha Oman what many call it Omen Omen what meaning call it calendario Salah Sannomiya teeny Firehole by listen to the o'clock and listen to the listen to the 31st Allah says Allah Coronavirus wa Salam 18 If I recall in the key gada

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file who would love to

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call it fire cool in the soil.

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Pa that

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fat any young woman faculty, rasool Allah in now who already at Lennar Hadiya Khan, a woman here called to Hasaan called in the US battle saw even call it some medical.

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I showed the Allahu anha

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the Mother of the Believers narrated that are so seldom used to come to me and ask, is there any food for lunch? Or that lunch?

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When I would say no, no, you're a Salalah the house of the best man ever created. There's no food in it.

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And then he would reply, in this case, I'm fasting

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on one occasion, he came and inquired, and I replied, Yes, we just received the gift.

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He asked what is it? I replied haste. What is highs? Anybody knows what high says

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highs is dates mixed with

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some nation somebody's

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D dates Mr. Mixed with ghee and yogurt. Sometimes they still have till now. Gay dates mixed with the you know, there's another word for something like not the butter

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not butter. something heavier than that. You know, in our country they cook with the something that's very, very heavy.

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Like, it's like a stick salad and then it melts and then you cook with the meat and you cook stuffing. shortening. Yeah. Like to shorten it close to shortening. So it's

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so it's dates mixed with ghee, and yogurt.

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Or ghee and wheat. So he said, I woke up Listen, there's many lessons here. I woke up with the intention to fast then he ate.

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Okay, let's go one by one.

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First, look at the clock.

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Can you imagine this taking place in our days? You go home after a long day. Salam Alaikum Alaikum salaam what do we have for food? Nothing. Nothing.

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How come nothing? Don't you see I'm working all day. Nothing. I'm doing my job. Why don't you do your job? What do you mean nothing?

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What kind of wife are you?

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woman of these days

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many of us wouldn't say these things, but they're also certain say, is any food ya know? hamdulillah I'm going to fast and jump, Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar.

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Every time I read this book,

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it comes clear to me how far are we from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam just by talk we love we are so Allah we love you so much and we cry

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and when it comes to applying and implementing way far

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do we have food? No Hamdulillah I will fast

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Allah with

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one number one focus. So if I get up in the morning and

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I did not have anything as never anything no food, no drink, and then I decided to fast can I do that?

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Obviously from this hadith, I can remember the other day you know my team said oh we have Janessa today so if someone if some of you have not eaten anything yet why don't you

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make the intention to fast can we do that if I did not eat anything from Fraser am Yanni done official came Bismillah

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that's the first first lesson. That means the optional fast does not need prior intention does not need to sleep on an intention. I'm going to fast tomorrow if you do that, like today many brothers were fasting Gods Monday or Thursday or three white days they sleep knowing that tomorrow it's Monday I'm fasting

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100 Now good, but something came up for me. You know what I want to apply the Hadith of the four actions in one day go to Jana, the fasting attending Janessa visiting the sick and giving sadaqa right so I had the opportunity because usually we do that when we have Janaza

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because this is the hardest one to happen to take place. So I heard this a Janessa and haven't eaten anything you know what I'm fasting today. And so because easy visiting the sick is limited the animals it's easier. And Carlos I could fast that's the first lesson second lesson is that like

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the one who's fasting optional fast? Hua and the hero Neff See

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he he is his own Emir but does that mean

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he could change he could decide anytime to start the fast of course it is much better to continue because this is a great either Okay, absolutely no doubt but it's not as as Ramadan you cannot decide Allah You know what? It's okay. I'll pass no, if I have my father is visiting my mother is visiting and I was fasting on Monday and I got a guest a very very important guest to me and they want to eat you want to have lunch? Is it better to take care of the guests or to fast

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take care of the guest why? Because this is something that just happened that might not happen again fasting you could make it up tomorrow you can make it up on Thursday but this guest is a is a

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an option to do a die that that that took place right now take advantage of it right now. It might not happen again tomorrow I don't know if he's gonna come back. I have no idea especially if he is a dear one man can you let me know below he will human error value cream. Amish differ from each other believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment let him take care and honor his guest. Unknowingly the guests will lie on fasting No, that doesn't sound good. You could make it up in sha Allah to Allah it's a it's an option that fast you can test another lesson Subhanallah look

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well I wish we I'm talking to myself first. I wish we could take

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this and implemented in our life What did Ross was Hasulam he switched he switched

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a situation of dunya

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and to a bad

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do we have food No. transform it into okay I'm fasting

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he took it in a situation

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that took place instantly transformed it into a bad do we have food no. Okay, I'm fasting is the food ready for example? No well that's not an you know what? I'm going to pray a cup of raka

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that like what no no no yeah one let's make these classes something that we can benefit from not just your I attended mashallah good lesson. Great o'clock have Rasulullah we all know that. But let's implement them at home with our families. You go home the food is not ready yet.

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So how Allah this is the best man. There was no food in his house yeah, there was no food in his house

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and he transformed the whole thing into not a fight but an argument that he got angry mad upset. No, you know what? Let me take advantage I'm gonna fast wow

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you know there is some time the food is not ready. I'm gonna read it.

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I'm gonna review some memorization, I'm gonna say that car I'm gonna immediately take advantage and switch it into a bag. This is what we when we read this lesson now what is this everything I'm saying? What does that have to do with the book of Chanel? All this hadith is mentioned is to tell us that what kind of food or source as an aid is thrown the whole thing is mentioned to tell us about the dates mixed with the ghee but we could

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take lessons of *er from this hadith How did you know that you were allowed to first if we don't have any tension? They will go say the Hadith sahih incite Muslim from narrated from a great source which is I shadow the Alana. So we take rulings from these Hadith and we implement them in our in our life

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and by the way, there's a notice here

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in the Hadith says Anna Isha usually does not say that. But he says and I Isha among Momineen.

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Not all the time it usually says analysis of the hola Hana and you continue here. This hadith says an ASHA Oman what meaning? Why are the wives of the believers? Why have the wives of the prophets are called Oman? Momineen?

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Why are they called our mothers?

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Because you're not allowed to marry them also.

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You're not allowed to marry them. Like remember in Ramadan, we said a trivia question is a sin that nobody committed. And nobody will ever commit

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a sin nobody have ever committed and nobody will ever commit. What is that sin. Marrying the wives of the Prophet says that nobody ever married them after their death and nobody will ever do it. And it's an order from Allah, non marry the wives of the Prophet after his his death

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so the chef said here the statement of the prophesy salaam where he disclosed his intention to fast chose that it's fine to show others your voluntary good deeds if the purpose is to educate them.

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And he told her another lesson. He told me actually Allah Anna, when she was told that we have a gift of dates, he said, You know what I intended to fast today but I'm going to eat. So he broke his is as fast. So listen, hear that because some because we are taught in general to hide the optional deeds as much as we can. Right? So here, it's okay.

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To say it, if the intention is to educate is to encourage not to show off, you know, try if there was no reason to educate, try to hide your fasting as much as you can.

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However, there's a brother

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only invited me to lunch on Monday and Thursday.

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Yeah, come Tuesday when they come Wednesday, Thursday, brother he got lucky. I

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don't know he doesn't know.

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The next chapter will take a very, very short chapter Inshallah, bad measure, if you suffered will do Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in the time. The reports pertaining to the widow of risotto syndrome at the time of eating is that it will do at the time of eating that's here and find out

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this hadith is live but when we say that if that means that snad of it is the Eve but the metadata inside it is has been mentioned in other Hadith. So the wording and the topic discussed is authentic but the narration one of the narrators is a weak Narrator Okay. Had that had been my near death and estimate of the Brahim and a human is an epi Malika and epi bass and Russell Salam Hara geminal Hala for call riba it is time for call ln T can be wobbu with a Fatah God in nama overtravel. Odo is a control in a solid

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Abdullah does the rated or the Alana. Once after a suicide Selim finished relieving himself from the call of nature, food was served to him. He was asked if

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The water for although should be brought, he replied, I have only been commanded to perform judo when I pray.

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Because some people think that you have to make wudu before you eat no. Here, there's a linguistic thing that we should know about. What's the difference between Whoo. And what do

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we do with a drummer on the wall? And what do with a Fatah on the wall? What's the difference?

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Excellent. we'll do is we'll do that we know what Adama do you have to do? Are you going to perform or do

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what do the Fatah is the water needed to make? So they said

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and then that tea can be what do Should we bring you the water that you're going to perform the wudu so you perform voodoo with water. Okay, so here the Anima said, it might mean not the whole will do part of the word which is washing the hands before you eat. So someone said it is a sunnah and some said it is Mr. hab, it is highly recommended that you wash your hands before eating.

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This is the only Hadith that is in this other Hadith but are not authentic. And

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we'll take this

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what is going What does the sauce I seldom used to say before and after eating? Should we do this now or next week?

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Now next week, now, quickly, it's very easy and we all know it.

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Had nothing I have no moussaka definite, definite he shared this to me and booty lo Kylie and Abdullah had been obeyed when omega and omega consume and I shall call it call the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam either Akella haidakhan fanous here. And the other code Hola, Tiana mi familia con Bismillah. He's a welder who

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were accurate.

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I generated that sola Salam said when a person eat, and he forgot to say Bismillah because we are supposed to say, especially our brother Robert is here. Did you they teach you that before you eat? You say Bismillah? Excellent. Let's assume that you forgot. What do you say? You say? Resource and then you should recite Bismillah a welder who were Hera Bismillah at the beginning and at the end.

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This is a direction to those who may forgot to mention the name of Allah before eating and then they remember that before they finish eating. In such a case the person should say this Mullah or whatever who were well hello. One more Hadith, Hadith and Abdullah Abdullah Sabah al Hashimi al Masri called a hadith and Abdul Allah and MA Mar and he Shem and benowa Abhi and Omar bin Ebby sadhana and now the Hala Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in the whole time for call. Oh no. Yeah Brene for some Mila Tiana we're calling be me. Nick will call me a leak. Here. There are three Sooners that we should learn when we are eating Omar then Eddie selama narrated, I

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entered upon Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam while some food had been served to him, he said oh my son come near. say Bismillah eat with your right hand. Till this day Allah He till this day I see brothers big beard.

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I have no idea and they're still eating with the left hand. You could forget one time you know hamdulillah but sometimes same brothers all the time drinking and eating with the with the left hand Jaquan This is a confirmed sunnah to eat with the with the right hand.

00:24:14--> 00:24:35

say Bismillah eat with the right hand and eat from the from that which is in front of you if you have a big dish or a big plate of rice or whatever, and then don't go over there and start eating and you know dripping all over it from what's next to next to you. Brother Ridwan

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was once here,

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but there was one last yesterday. He told me because as we were talking about eating in the hand with that with the hands, he said that he got

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a fitness magazine from the fitness

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whatever place he goes to in the fitness magazine is mentioning that he was super

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was to bring it to me today but then he could not find the magazine. He found that in the magazine, there was a study done about the health benefits of eating with the hands. Nothing to do with Islam, but a Muslim the guy, okay, he's saying first, when you put the hands, I really wanted to read it to you exactly what it says. But he gave me a hint. He said when you put your hands immediately the fingers tell the temperature of the food. So that prepares your stomach.

00:25:32--> 00:25:35

It prepares your stomach to know what kind of

00:25:37--> 00:25:54

food how hot the temperature of the food, so, it tells you to stop, come down wait or Subhanallah Second, there is some kind of enzymes, whatever in their fingers, that helps digestion of the food.

00:25:56--> 00:26:10

So we have to wait for a non Muslim to tell us these things so we can apply the Sunnah of the man who was informed by the Creator subhanho wa Taala

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I'm gonna leave the other day. What you say after the next weekend chama farmer kept us alive. So you could memorize them and we repeat them together be in the letter. So this Thursday we're not going to have a class because of everybody's off and everybody's eating and all that stuff. And

00:26:29--> 00:26:43

next Thursday also I will be in New York so two Thursdays in a row. I won't have the class but I will be here and my Monday in Charlotte Allah for the classes are coming off here Subhan Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Allah and stuff Heruka on a toolbar like