Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #16 Duaa before and after eating

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah no Melinda main founder and founder of the Mount Olympus, Hannah, Montana and when

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit from what you told us and increase as a knowledge. I mean, to me, I love this this gathering in sha Allah Allah And subhanAllah Athlon I don't know if you noticed, but since the election,

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we have people entering the deen of Allah has

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it grown if he didn't lie

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in groups Subhanallah let's see.

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Don't you know Allah, Quran Quran Allah, Allah Halal mercury. They plot and they plan Allah subhanaw taala the best of planners. So alhamdulillah Valentin, these are all signs that don't worry, Allah is Allah is with you and Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala is Dean is always will be dominant via the light

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We have reached the chapter

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pertaining to

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what Rasulullah Salam

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said before and after.

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Eating before and after. And we mentioned one Hadith last week. I repeated quickly and inshallah Allah will will will move forward. Her death and Abdullah homeless Sabah and Hashimi inversely call. Definitely Abdullah Allah.

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By the way you hardly hear you always hear Abdullah Druckman are the Halima Abdul

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Hadi here Abdullah Allah beautiful name mashallah spell Abdul Allah. Right? One of the names of Allah is Allah, Abdullah Allah

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at definite Abdon Allah and Matt Moran Hashem in Ottawa and Abby and Omar bin Abi Salam and the Huda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Winder who taught her

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to call

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upon a pheasant Mila to Anna. Well, could it be a Munich or call mimma elec Subhan Allah

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on the cinema narrated of the Allah Han I entered upon the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was eating while he was was food was being served to him. And he said, Oh my son, come near, say Bismillah eat with your right hand and eat from that, which is in front of you. Subhanallah

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Now listen, Jaquan listen to the

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form of speech of sola Salam Yeah, Brene

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so beautiful.

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Otunnu Come Come closer, you know, sit down.

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Say this Mala.

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Eat, you know, can you imagine how that person feel? Or suppose I'm talking to him in this manner? How? How happy he was.

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When a very very, very gentle turn. Yeah. Brene

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so, we learn you know, when we talk to our children try to use the kindest words. I know you've noticed. The stern look man used to the sun. Right? We'll call it even a Liberty Hey, how are ya evil? Yeah, Buddha Yeah.

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So three things are so as I said, I'm taught him and taught us first say Bismillah before you eat, and we said before, it's not Bismillah R Rahman Rahim is Bismillah Okay. Bismillah if you look at all that hadith, you will not see Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. It's not going to be any

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of you saying Sundara man, Rahim but stick to the sooner is better. Bismillah the easiest and the shortest da ever Bismillah Bismillah before you eat Bismillah before the widow Bismillah before you start your exam, before you go inside the house before you start your car Bismillah start anything with with with the name of Allah. It will put Baraka in whatever you're doing. It will put Baraka in whatever you are doing

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it to the right hand

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Have an eat from what is next to you? The second Hadith definitely mood been over 11 Call her death and

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Zubiri call her death and as of yesterday, and Abby Hashem and ismail been Rhea and Abby here, then

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Adidas and Adidas at Foundry con Canada Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either follow her mantra mi con Alhamdulillah he led the upper Amana was akana by Johanna Muslim in this hadith, this dolphin it it's weak in some

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some amount of Hadith said it has some weakness in it, but it's in sha Matata and the meaning of it is amazing. Subhanallah so after you finish eating, so you will not feel that you have done that yourself. This is because of your sweat Alhamdulillah him that the apartment he is the one who fed us He is the one who gave us that drink her apartment was akana This is dunya was added Muslimeen This is Alka Subhan Allah and even in every aspect of our life, we remember the Alhamdulillah hymnody of hominid like we always repeat here one always bring the father back to Allah subhanho wa Taala so there will be Baraka in everything that that you do.

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This hadith in Bukhari, Hadith, Muhammad who shall call her definite yeah here? No, sir. It's called a defender thorugh Vinya Z. And Khalid bin Ma, ma Dan and me Omar makan can Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either roofie it either Monday in here they called Al Hamdulillah 100 Caffi wrong for you even move out I can feel Ray. Ray Ron What da when I was talking to NanHu Rob Donna, this hadith is 100% authentic like I mentioned it's an Buhari.

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So, I will remember or the alarm said that I seldom used to say after the food was removed

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after the food was removed from the table

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he used to say and hamdulillah Hamden Kathy Iran

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for you didn't move out I can feel a Euro move down.

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When I was taking an annual problem, All praise is due to Allah alone. Praise which is abundant, good and blessing that is neither insufficient nor abandoned, nor ignored from our Lord

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Subhanallah Alhamdulillah like you know when we say Robin Allah can hand hand and Kathy are on three even mobile rockin fee Mila Samoa, of the women being women and shoot them in sheet in bed and Athena will measure up to my car and will couldn't Luna

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this is after some Allah you could say any portion of it, but this is the all as a matter of fact, this is one more what's the last part of it

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longer than any

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weather info the legit being cultured, this is the whole day after sun Allah Allah Muhammad, you could say hamdulillah Hamlin cathedra number like 100 100 cathedra, even without a confusion is good to Charlotte. So here after I finished eating Alhamdulillah Hamden cathedral and Mubarak and fee Are you remember what that what does that mean? That means

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I will not stop saying that Hamdulillah I will not abandon saying hamdulillah and I cannot survive without constantly saying hamdulillah I'm struggling and I cannot be

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you know, Ronnie and Che, when someone is running and che he does not need it, I cannot live without keep saying Al Hamdulillah I cannot live without these constant blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah when

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when you hear what our brothers and sisters are going through all over the world, especially with respect to to eating and drinking Subhanallah then you will see this from from the bottom of your heart.

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When you hear that, you know, some people are, you know, looking the garbage

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for for food, just to be able to survive and you have so much food that we throw food more than we eat Subhan

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Allah here 100 coherently even with Allah can fee and Yama put Baraka

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In this food as we can see in the Hadith Subhan Allah this hadith right after that, Kendra Salah SLM yeah call upon if he said that in menos Javi, samosa, Selim was eating with six of his companions

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okay. And that will happen for Arabi, a bedwin came and we all know the RRB is blunt, you know, very blunt and he you know from the desert and the Sahaba used to like when the RRB comes because, you know, he asked questions they are scared to ask, you know, so

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this is what the Hadith said.

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So the food was for six people, for Jaya Arabi for al Qaeda who be looking methane.

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So he ate

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with two bites. So this was acid and say, anybody knows the rest of the body?

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Collar, lonesome, laka Falco.

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If he said Miss Avila, it would have been sufficient for all of us.

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What does that mean? That when you say Bismillah my younger brothers, and I'm so happy that you're attending.

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When you say Bismillah before you eat, Allah will put Baraka put Baraka that food, it will be sufficient it will be it will go down, digested easy, it will fill up your stomach Subhan Allah Oh, that is because of that. Bismillah but that Bismillah has to come from the heart Bismillah Rouhani feel it when you're saying.

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So, as soon as I said, if you just said Bismillah that food would have been sufficient for for everybody. Now listen to this other Hadith which is in Sahih Muslim, most of us know this hadith and NSW Malik Karl Karl Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Allah He please lend me not your ears lend me your heart for this hadith

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in Allah, the yellow bar on the left

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in the law, her lair Allah Adil ABD and yet Kunal Athleta

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will Yeshua Assura, better for your mother who Allah loves

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and as the rated or the Allah on the fossa Salam said, Allah is pleased. I'm going to stop here for a second.

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All my life, all your life, all our life is to gain the pleasure of Allah through.

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Right, everything, some RCM Zakah Taj sadaqat everything to gain the pleasure of Allah. So here, the Hadith started by saying in the law Hello Yaga so Allah is pleased if we do work here. So Allah tell us, what should we do for him to be pleased in Hola Hola, Yaga either a Khalil Aquila, I will share Eva sherbert farmina.

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When you eat something or you drink something, you say, hamdulillah Allah will be pleased.

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He is giving me the food. He is giving me the tongue and the stomach to eat the food. Plus, after he gave me this, if I thank him, he will be pleased. Allah, Allah Akbar. So what kind of Hamdulillah I should say, in order to get this huge prize, which is the riddle of Allah.

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Now, I want you to think of your Alhamdulillah that you say after you finish eating

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Hamdulillah I was the food handler? Or you finished eating hamdulillah No, no, no, that's not the Hamdulillah that will get the riddle of Allah.

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This is hamdulillah by the tongue, you will get nothing but the Hamdulillah.

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To get this reward of freedom of Allah, that's not the hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah has to be combined. The tongue with the heart together you feel Yanni

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from the bottom of your heart, your Allah you blessed me with all this food and you blessed me that I can taste the food and you bless me that the food is being digested. And you personally that the food has been going to waste all that. And many people

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do not have

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one or more of these snacks that you just gain with this

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So how's that handler going to come from the bar

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Have the heart hamdulillah hamdulillah feel it when you're saying hamdulillah

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and the beauty like we said a couple of days ago.

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The beauty is when you say 100 Allah, Allah will give you more. But then Shackleton bless Eden, Allah will give you more, more and more and more. Just make sure to always be grateful and mean it. Like the Sheikh said couple of weeks ago in the hotbar Allah if we just mean what we say, just mean what we say

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all day long. Sorry. gonna close it out. Like it's like,

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between you and me.

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When is the last time you said Salem, and you meant it?

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Honestly, think about it. When you say send them to me, or when I reply the salon to you do I really mean I'm making dua of peace and Rama and baraka to you?

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Because this is what I'm doing. A salam o aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. So I am making your Allah have peace on my brother, your Allah shower your mercy on my brother, Ya Allah bless my brother. When is the last time we said Salam with this meaning in mind.

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Really, or reply the salam with this meaning in mind, or the most common one? I love you for the sake of Allah he cannot even stand him he doesn't even know what's his name. I love you for the sake what I love you for this. Do you really mean it habibi? When we say things we do not mean.

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I love you for the sake of Allah is deep

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slavery Quran class deep Jazak Allah Who are you? Cerca de Graaff is Santa whosoever favorite has been done to him? And he says Eric Allah Hi, Ron. He has completed all kinds of gratitude.

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Do we really feel these words? So this hamdulillah

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is really to deserve the rebar of Allah has to come from the bottom of your heart. And by the way,

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there is

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sometimes we we do something I want to bring it to your attention

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that we say Alhamdulillah

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the Sunnah, listen to this because we fall into this mistake. The Sunnah is not to say Alhamdulillah after finishing your meal while everybody

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still eating is rude

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isn't it the sooner

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the sooner is not to say Alhamdulillah after finishing the meal while others are still eating as that may make them stop eating. They mean stop eating and they still hungry. And mashallah, if you're like me, you eat very fast. Which is not good thing. As you said from

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the chef.

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I'm still starving. No, it's not recommended after you finish all you slow down till everybody's finished. And then when everybody's finished and hamdulillah and masala Salam used to always when he finished eating at someone's house make dua for the people who used to be eating at at their house. This next the next chapter has one Hadith in it, I will read it and then we will continue next week have Allah kept us alive inshallah. The reports pertaining to the cup, the cup of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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interesting Hadith had their son Abdullah had been Abdurrahman, cod and burner Amaroo been awesome cod and Banner Hamad bin Salman column banner homemade with added annascaul Laqad Sakai to rasool Allah, He SallAllahu Sallam beheld al Qaeda. And he had the cup with him and he showed us the Sahaba a shahada Kala, Allah wannabe Eve while our son was 11 and as an American aerated, I presented Russel Wallace I sell them with drinks in this cup

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from all those things which are drunk water, Nabil honey and milk

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Okay, now you know, water we know honey and we normally what is the beef

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now an ignorant person would use this hadith and say, See, masala Salam drank the beef. That is the Arabic language is

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Camera wine

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so they use this hadith, somebody ignorant.

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Drank maybe, because this hadith is a Muslim 100% authentic. What does the beef mean?

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You bring water and try it if you want tonight, you bring water and you bring a date and you put it in the water.

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And 10 Buddha, you leave it for overnight. You get up in the morning, and you drink that water. Amazing. So sweet. The taste of that fruit, whatever fruit that you put in it, you put date, you're gonna taste a beautiful day. That time it was dates only. They put the date and they keep it overnight. You get up in the morning and you drink and beautiful tasting water. sweet. Very sweet. So the the fruit expand. Okay, now, where did the word the beef come from? Nevada. What does Nevada mean? mongoose is somebody who is neglected deserted, right? If there's another Hadith that you're not allowed to do this over three days.

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You're not allowed to leave the date in the water for more than three days because it becomes real heavy.

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I suppose I salon one day, overnight, that's it more than that becomes for me and that stuff that becomes their actual thing that they make their wine from

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the grape and they put this summer they leave it for a while right now whether that be Napa, how did the how is the wine made? They put the grapes and they leave it for a very long time and they tell you oh, this is a very expensive wine. It's 1960 Something the older you leave it, the more expensive it gets. So here Russell was hassling us to drink the water overnight they put a date in it and becomes very sweet and he used to drink it. That's not in the beef that we know right now. Okay, this is somebody ignorant comes and tells you okay, this is the LEL that associate Sam drank maybe so we can drink now not the beat that he drank was just the sweet, sweetened water. As a

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matter of fact, if you notice this new cups that are coming, they have a cup and in the middle there's a thing that you could put any fruit that you want a lot of people proclaiming and you put it in the in the water with the ice and keeps the

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water fruity wherever you put strawberry you put oranges wherever you want. At that time, it was the date.

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So inshallah Tada. Since we ended with the fruits, the next chapter is about the fruits of the terraces I seldom used to used to eat

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this Thursday, Allah subhanaw taala if he kept us alive, I will be leaving to New York.

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Just Thursday, I'll be back Saturday morning Shala just a quick visit. So the Thursday night we have a guest brother Rami coming from mass. He will be taking my spot after a shot so please listen to him and respect him Sharma and I will see you when I come back. Of course I'll see you tomorrow on after tomorrow's span of alumni.

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have been some cold with me.

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