Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #10 The Shoes of the Prophet

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses various topics related to Islam, including the assignment of the title of Islam to the king, the acceptance of gifts from non Muslims, and the use of hats and shirts to cover up one's body. It also touches on the use of wipes on one's feet and the importance of not touching their bodies for too long. The segment also touches on various cultural context, including those of personal experiences, business, and political events. The speakers discuss various types of footwear and clothing clothing brands, including shoes and clothing, and emphasize the importance of proper clothing and footwear for health. The segment also touches on the topic of praying and washing shoes, including the rules of the culture and the rules of the law.
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So the Christians specifically like the rabbi clause or the priests clause, these are prohibited but if I were a jeans and a shirt or a brother you're imitating the format of Allah start from malaria.

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So most of us will be home.

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No, this is this is an extreme This is not right. As a matter of fact, we said the best thing to do is go with Where are you living, whatever they're wearing, where are you living, wear the same thing as long as does not go through these conditions that we that we mentioned. Okay. And then we said Do not let the pants drag behind you. Make sure it's above the the heel, okay, or another opinion above the ankle. Okay.

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Today, the chapter is pertaining to the horse to the hoof of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the first Hadith

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Hadith in our care, and then hum bin Saad and Hojae bin Abdullah and he Binney, Bura EDA and Avi, Anna and Joshi, Lin Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam confine a sweater in Santa Jane. Fela DISA Houma. somata Wah wah wah masa Allah Hema

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Breda are the Allah Allah narrated that energy and agenda she, what is the Najafi?

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And the Joshi in general is the title for them look off Habesha.

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The title of the moonwalk of Habesha is an ejection like we have found for our there's not one guy right you know, that frown there's not one guy frown whether ruled Egypt was called frown, where the ruled the Signia was called in the gesture, that specific measure she was called us Hannah as Hannah and that is the one that we all know his story that are soulless, I sell them when he died, he prayed some art he lied. Certain absinthium he prayed some art and because he actually became a Muslim became Muslim, I suppose as an animal not preys on a Muslim. Alright, so an agenda she sent to plain black colored hosts as a gift to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam as soon as he

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received them he tried them on performed voodoo and then means when he when it's needed, then wiped on them.

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So there are many rulings in here. This is not a *er

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class, but we will mention a few things in sha Allah number one

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at the time he gave the gift he was not a Muslim so it's allowed to accept gifts from non Muslims not on the holidays and in general it's allowed to accept gifts from non Muslims second Do not be little the gift

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she was gonna bring him off

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from the King.

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So do not belittle the gift no matter how simple like they say the thoughts that count right

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another beautiful thing which is we should apply inshallah

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if someone gives you a gift

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where it right away

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show him or her that you loved it, why are you wearing it?

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It's Pamela resource SLM nanny, even though Natasha was not there. But the next Hadith we're going to see that he did the same thing with another gift. When I know you will get me a gift and you see me wearing it. You feel so good, right? First of all that you know, he liked it. Otherwise, if you don't like something, you're not going to wear it. So that that's Subhanallah How

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thoughtful. But suppose I sent him was, you know, to put pleasure and happiness in people's hearts to that level that he knows that if I gave him a gift and he I saw him wearing it, it's gonna mean so much to me. And same thing for all of us. If you get someone a shirt and he's fine the next day wearing it or he tells you this is my favorite shirt if it's so good, you know?

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Her friend as well then.

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So the two halves the color was black

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and sad, Jane, anybody knows what Sarah Jane mean?

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plane, a balloon will either be sad,

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sad, sad or any

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plane. No decoration, no nothing was playing. They were playing.

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It could also mean no hair on them. Because keep in mind at that time, you know, they take the leather and they wear it. Right? It could have some of the hair of the animals that they get it from still there. So here, it means that there was there was no hair on it. There was no hair on it. Forever. We saw a fella visa Houma, so he wore them right away. Then he made rodu. And after that performed evolution and then wiped over them. This indicates that when an object's purity cannot be

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confirmed, it is deemed to be pure. It also indicates the permissibility of wiping over the hoof. It is allowed. If you put the off make model and you put the roof on, you're allowed to wipe on the hoof as long as

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you did not go one day and one night for the

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resident and three nights for the traveler. Now, this is a different issue.

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Some mother had said it has to be hoof, it has to be the hoof made of leather to be able to wipe on it. Other mother have said no. Any kind of sucks. It's allowed. Some say no, the Sox has to be very thick in order to be able to wipe on it. And the humbly said, even if it has a hole in it does not matter. You can still wipe on it. And we're going to find out why they get that opinion

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from the next Hadith. So if I go to work, especially here, many brothers asked me Do I have to put my foot inside the sink at work?

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No, if you would put your hoof or your socks, the thick ones or whatever it might have you believe in then you could wipe the whole day. And SHA Matata How do you wipe right wipes the right foot left wipes the left foot with the right foot you wipe right and with the left foot you wipe the left. Listen to the second Hadith.

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toddle Mahira bin Shoba

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or idea or Adha

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the here

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glasses No.

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No, I had the here. Lynn Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Fein faladi Serve Hoonah were called ricotta Israel, and Jabra and I'm your worship Bethan find a visa Houma had to halacha Liadrin every Sunday Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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as he can Houma amla and movie Robin shorba narrated that the year

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this year, sorry, this year, gifted prosumers. I send them with a pair of cough that he wore right away.

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And he kept wearing them until they become torn. They were ripped

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off Can you imagine that he is feeling every time he comes. He's here a social selling wearing them until they become torn.

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As soon as I send them did not know whether the skin of the hoof was from an animal that was slaughtered properly or not.

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Also, again, many rulings here.

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He wore them right away. It teaches us to hasten and to show the person that especially if they're next to you to show them that you are very pleased with the gift.

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The proffer the prophesy Center did not know that the skin of the hoof was from an animal that was slaughtered properly or not. The companion reported that because either the source or seller misstated that or the companion determined this because the prophesy Salem did not inquire about it. So when you get a shoe, do not say that the shoe is from a cow that is slaughtered halal or not. As long as the shoe is not from a kunzea

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does not matter. The color of the skin of the pig.

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If it's not Shani Magoo if it's not dyed? It's not You're not allowed to wear it. Or the other skin you don't have to ask that shoe is permissible or not.

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Yeah, when don't make your life complicated, all shoes are permissible unless the shoe goes

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was in any way or any form against the Sharia. But in general, any shoe is permissible. And issue is permissible.

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that's for the for the woman Yeah.

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Until they become tone that indicates how humble was so Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, and that shows the humility

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that he's he was not like you know, everyday a different shoe and he does not really care much about

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the shoe that the whole flat he was wearing, and that indicate also, since they were torn, that means this is where they got their socks has a hole in it, you still can wipe on it. This is where they got it from. Okay.

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Now, this was a very short chapter I'll take one more chapter since we have time Shala better Nyjah fina Ali Rasulillah Salam which is close topic. This is pertaining to the shoes of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophesy Selim had three different types of footwear as even sad narrated

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footwear that was narrow in the middle footwear that with the leather piece in the back to support the ankle and footwear with the long front part that took the shape of a tongue. It was designed this way to fit his second toe, which was the tallest of his toes. So as soon as I saw them second toe was the tallest of the toes. You know some people

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you could look at your toes if you want. The second toe sometimes is longer than the other toes usually the big one is the longest right? But sometimes the second one is the longest. I don't know I read the study that usually people who have that are very smart. You will check your toes I can take

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everybody's look at it.

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That's what they say the second toe is

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definite Mohammed bin Bashar cada death in Abu Dawood tirely fire LISI via LISI called her death and her her mom and call call to the diplomatic que for can and that Lourdes will allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam God Allah Houma. Cada the Hoonah Kiba LAN peba people learn a third underrated I asked us about the hola Juan How did the shoes of assassin him look like? He said they had to pay ballon to Kybella. What does Kybella anybody knows?

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No, you know that shoe that has one toe that you put your finger?

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There's a

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what do you call it? Like

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the flip flop I know. But what do you call that thing from the flip flop? I don't know what's the name of it. This is the Kybella. So it used to have two, one right after the big toe, and one right after the middle toe to the left.

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Two of them. I had a picture of it Subhanallah let me see if I can get it quickly.

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So just like the flip flop, but instead of one the flip flop has one right? This one has two, one right after the toe and one after the second

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after the middle

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don't know if you can see it clearly.

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You see the two

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you see the two places you can see it on the camera. You see the two places

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they say in this picture that this is the shoe but you know we have no Allahu Allah no clue. But this is exactly how it looked like. It has two things one on the toe and one on the second and the middle finger and the middle toe. So

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this is the only actual description that as or the Allah Han said in another narration I'm not best con can Belinelli Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam ki valen Metheny Metheny Yan Shira Coahoma I've loved my best writing

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The descendants of the Prophet sallallaahu Salam, they had two ribbon progresses the ribbon and two upper straps to ribbon and two upper straps. And another let me take a couple more Hadith they're all the same, indicating the same meaning

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another Hadith resource Hassan said lamb shiana huddle convener Alain Wahida li Yun, ala Houma, the union l homage me and Leo female Jamia. So Salam said One should not wear one shoe and walk, either wear both or take both off. Don't wear one shoe. This is not a

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this is not a dream.

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This is not that it's not haram. But this is not recommended.

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When you wear one shoe, maybe

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people might laugh at you.

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People make maybe make fun of you. And that may be my cleat. Either you get upset? Look how,

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you know, thoughtful resource Asalaam was this may be get you upset. Or maybe it will make you very angry that you answer the you know the guy back so it might create something. So to avoid that.

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Don't wear one shoe. That might be the reason. Okay.

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It could be exactly because of the balance. You could even fall because one shoe is higher than the other. So there might there has to be a hikma from that prohibition by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And then the Hadiya said when you put your shoes on, fell Yep, that Billy I mean, why that's a failure. The Bishi man. So when you put your shoes on, start with the right when you take your shoes off, start with with the left.

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And then last Hadith insha Allah is that Rasulillah Salam,

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right Rasulillah Salam you saw li fina Allah in masu futtaim I saw Salah Salem, praying while wearing a pair of sandals that had new souls saw sawn onto them.

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You see, sometimes we see a brother praying with a shoe we get extremely upset and very mad. The Sunnah is to pray with the shoe.

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The Sunnah is to pray with the shoe.

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Keep in mind, on the days of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there was no carpet nothing. So there was all pebbles or sand or mud. So can you imagine somebody standing how how the feet is going to be? So they used to pray with the shoe. And there are many a hadith the Hadith that we all know repeat. Salam came and told him that there was Naja and his shoe so he took his shoes while he's praying. So everybody took their shoes, the Sahaba then he turned around said why did he take your shoes off? They said because we saw yours will Allah take your shoes off? They said no, mine has an agenda. Why did you take so that indicate playing with your shoes? Now if you play with your shoe,

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people look at you. Yeah, when don't go by culture.

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Go buy some now. This is what will unite us.

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Now, if somebody walks into the shoes here with the shoes, absolutely this is wrong.

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But it's not about for Okay, let me give you an example. If somebody walked in now, both of them had given me a brand new shoe brand new

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gift. That's a hint of it.

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I took the shoe and I put them on right here. And I trade with them. Is that okay?

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That the cream is not the shoe that the cream is the dirt on the shoe. Is it clear that that dream is not about wearing the shoe I'm praying that the wrong thing that you're doing is bringing the shoe from outside that has the GSI that has whatever in it. And then praying in the masjid, this is what's wrong, but not the shoe itself. If the shoe is brand new, and nothing in the bottom, and I want it here, and I pray Of course, nobody's going to do it. But I'm just telling you so we can understand the concept. It's not about the shoe. It's about the cleansiness of the shoe. Obviously, Ross was hassling us to pray in the shoe. So if I am in the park, I am on the street, I am on the

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snow. Like for example when you used to be in New York, we used to play in the snow. If I take my shoes off and play in the snow

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I'm gonna get sick for three months maybe I don't pray anymore. Because I don't want to change the culture. No. So it depends. It depends where where are you? You could play out to outside no problem at all. And there are many ideas here the Hadith.

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I too I saw it as soon as I said I'm praying with the shoes with a new souls type

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What does that mean? That means it's permitted in the to pray with the shoes. If I am in the masjid I don't come with the shoes. Obviously this is the rules of the masjid I cannot I do not come with the shoe it could have had you stepped on a dog that pulled outside or something that was not Jalsa Allah annum so I don't come and make this tire replaced now just because of my shoe. But if I'm outside usually how do we clean ourselves there's no water within them. Right so this shoe if I do like this a little bit the should meet him I'm ready I can clean it to the ground. I'm cleaning my my hands with the with the with the dust on the on the on the floor on the ground. Subhanallah so

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it's not about the shoe. It's about the Jessa on on the shoe. So to summarize, all shoes are permitted Jaquan nothing is specific that oh the shoe has to be this way or shoe has to be that way as long as there's nothing indicate on it to indicate that

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maybe there's a cross on it or Allah who had a

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very narrow

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exceptions if they exist. In general. An issue is halal and shamatha Zachman Lucker Baraka Feeco Subhan Allah the hunting commission under ADA Hill and that's the funeral car when I told you the second next week is topic is the ring of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam