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poetry was that was the word of the day. You know, they used to write a few verses of poetry, go put it on the Kaaba and say challenge. So someone else would come and try to write the next verse. And then the poet himself would give his own verses. It was competition. And because of poetry, some tribes would get elevated and some would get them back then it was, it was their measure of excellence. So the Quran can and that gave the challenge gives 10 sutras like it.

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And they couldn't, it's not for lack of trying, they tried, but they couldn't.

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You know, one of the poets I say this, have been

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one of the poets, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the verses was summer is at the boot camp.

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He gave it to the Sahaba it goes go put this on the Kaaba was summer is that elbowroom go put this on the Kaaba. This is our challenge. Give us the next verse.

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So one of the poets came in he saw this he goes, Oh, this is easy. And he ran home

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you know, took pen and paper and started to write like, you know,

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what summer is that? Summer what, what's next? And

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eventually he came he wrote down and he stuck it on the on the cover. And this is what the poor soul had written was semer izettle borouge when they say that

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women are creatures with private parts

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This was his poetry in comparison to Wyoming was so much easier to route to minimum route Russia he didn't want to shoot. There was no and the Arabs themselves looked at it ago know what an embarrassment

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and others tried. One of the classic ones is Musa Lima

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Messiah Lima claimed Prophethood

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so he said that Allah has revealed to that Prophet and his revealed to me as well so we are dual prophets.

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So he can to to emulate the last Imran the last is one of probably the most sharpest minds admits you know, in Arab history.

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A diplomat the astute politician I think a strategist I'm originally from the Allahu Akbar you know he's the type of man that will look at you and see through you you know you there's little you can hide from from hombre blas sama sila came to him and he said

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what's the lightest that's been revealed on the on the prophet of ages

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now I'm gonna blast is not a prophet is not a Muslim at this stage. So he goes what's the latest that's been revealed on the on the prophet of hijas isn't the one from your tribe because he's from from the Quran as well.

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So I'm going to LA said he goes I think it's in our in our Calico author for solid Arabic I want her initial Anika who will abaco

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so he goes something similar is revealed upon me

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so he said

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what's revealed upon he almost a limb

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so he said the soul of tofa

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so he goes read to me so he said

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in Altadena

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for suddenly Rebecca Water

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Water angkasa

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verily we have given you the apple

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So prior to your Lord and relax and forget

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and forget about your worries

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so am revenue losses Amara you know I'm there is no child so he said

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has has a second one has anything else been revealed masala goes now

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because, yeah,

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he goes

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because to our profit a lot of Blizzard revealed alum Tara gave a lot of us have been feeling

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so he figured feel as the catch word here. Let's do this one. So he goes

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Alfie Lomond field

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wama abraca Melfi

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la hora tomahto when was a loon possio because elephant or elephant and what do you know of an elephant. It has a long trunk and a short tail.

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So I looked at him and said

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yeah musei Lima

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what law he in Nicola tell them? What law you know almost a lemma that I know that you're a liar.

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Hold on. You see, normally you tell people you know you're a liar. Yeah that's one level. But armor says I know you know you're a liar but you know that I know you're a liar and you're still going like shameless

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so they will try and even today you get Christians and you know in the Arab world try to to concoct and make their Bible into Quranic version. And anyone that is that the slightly learned in Arabic looks at it and goes you know in a noodle Soham in terms of boho in a theorem in Surah yo in a lot of them in the same way as the comparison with this and that.

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So, linguistically, it was a miracle.

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But the age of language kind of passed. Today, we live in the age of Science and Technology.

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It would be appropriate for the Quran to be a miracle in this field as well. And it is I want to share a personal story with you and

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I might end with this.

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And I said might because something else might come up. So

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now I'm being honest, because I used to say this is the last one and it never was. So now I use the word Martin we're all covered.

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So this is a personal story.

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I was a grade six kid

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and my teacher took me to cytec you know site they always courtside tickets called I think that's called the planetarium now that you know, that big little dome is stuff that you drive by the freeway, you see it, you know, scientists went there. And they showed us

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you know, science and the stars and all that. And then a lady was doing a presentation.

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I was a young kid grade six.

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And she got a balloon.

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And inside the balloon she had filled it with little, you know, the punch holes, things in those little paper cuts inside there. And, and the balloon was full. And then she got the needle and she went like that, and a burst and all the little stars went everywhere. And she said, this is how the universe was created.

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Like the Big Bang.

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Now, I started hebbs very early on in life. And I had read the verse, you know, a lot older the Holocaust savasana was

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created the seven heavens visit that the I am and seven consecutive days or periods of time and and so when this person said to us,

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But what's the what's the grade six kid gonna say? You know, so it annoyed me. I really did. Oh, you know, I we came from a very conservative upbringing. So

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I was very unhappy. So I came home and it kind of went into into the backburner. You know, I forgot about it. And then I was watching

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the news. I remember like, today it was in my uncle's house.

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And the news came on, and they said, the discovery of the decade.

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And so, you know, discovery of the decades not discovery of today's I paid attention to it. And they said this confirm that the world is made from the Big Bang. And I was like, don't you know, that the world is made from the Big Bang. So the what the lady had said the birthday was correct. But I still don't know enough to.

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I grew up by I went to uni, and in uni, my unit, my research started. And I came across this verse, and I want you to listen to it. Highlights of Hana. So actually, the first what was the big bang? So what they did, right is they got infrared radiation. And they bounced that at the celestial bodies, you know, what are the different planets and things that that are flying around in space. And they notice that each time it takes longer to come back, which means it's expanding, it's moving further and further away, because it's traveling further and further each time it comes back. So naturally, they figured if it's gone out there, if you rewind, comes back to one point, so everything must have

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been joined together and then it burst apart. So hence the big bank. So they said the discovery of the decade

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and everything joined together, burst. So I I'm researching and I came across the verse Allah Subhana Allah lm er en la Vina cafo do not the unbeliever see an assembler worth he will offer that cannot

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confer takahama do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and earth were all joined together and we burst them apart?

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Big Bang to the dot.

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Yeah, everything was joined together and we blew them apart. And then he continues what jalna mean elementary? In high end from water, we might everything living everyone is union, you know, unanimous consensus that water is the source of life. You know, so when they look on Mars for life, they don't look for, you know, aliens walking, they look for water. So if there's water, there's probably life there. And the Quran mentioned that 14 and a half centuries ago a man had no clue.

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Like, how would a person in the desert walking sheep come to the conclusion that you see this whole heavens cannot can they will all join together? They will zero volume for Fat Duck and Homer in reverse them upon

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and for those and I met a person at school, and he said this verse made me a Muslim.

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Like when I came across it, what else are you going to say? He says it to the letter that

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I'm everything was joined together and only the creator will know how it came about at that time without any of the modern technologies

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