Mufti Menk – Bringing the Masjid Home

Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah where Allah Allah He was happy he ultramarine we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we ask Allah to bless them all and to bless every one of us, to grant us protection to give us ease to make us from among the righteous, and to make us from those who can take heed, learn lesson and change our lives for the better. As the days pass, my beloved brothers and sisters, it is indeed an honor to be a part of this light upon light online conference entitled A unique Ramadan

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unique month of Ramadan indeed, you and I know that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given the greatest of importance to worship. Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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One final quote to Jean

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laniado I have not created mankind or Jin kind except in order that they worship me. So this would mean that we need to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And worship means we do that which pleases Allah and abstain from that which displeases Allah through our 24 hours, every single day. That is an amazing statement because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself has taught us that we must make sure that we worship Allah and Allah alone. And he has spoken about the issue of association of partnership with Allah and that it really upsets Allah the Most. In fact, it is the greatest sin that one could commit. So we should always be from among those who worship Allah alone.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala make that easy for us. We came from Allah, we are at a place where Allah once and we will be returning back to Allah. And we are hoping that we get something known as the eternal bliss, genital for DOS, the paradise that is eternal and the highest ranks of it. May Allah grant that to us, my brothers and sisters, from the time we're young, we are taught to pray. And that prayer is five times a day, the term used in the Arabic language is a Salah, Salah itself is unique and amazing, it's amazing because it does not translate actually as prayer fully because it has actions as well as some words and specific types of words in specific postures and positions,

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all of that based on the instruction of the one who wants us to worship Him. When you want a job from someone and you're the boss, you actually decide how that person is going to do the job. So you will say, Can you drive from this point to that point at this speed using this road and do this delivery or that or whatever it may be. But the boss is always the one who decides how the employee would actually behave or what they would do. So my beloved brothers and sisters, Allah being the Creator is far beyond any boss of this world, he decides and dictates how he wants to be worshipped. So he said to us, you will do this and you will do that. And if you take a look at that, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us the intention, the way we should face what we should do prior to getting to Salah in terms of washing ourselves in terms of cleanliness, and then the clothing and then the intention standing in prayer and how we should face and where we should face where we should stand, how we should stand. And then how we should raise our hands what we should say and how we drop the hands whether we tie them or not. And how we tie them all of the details are mentioned by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, amazing. So this is a favor of Allah. This is a blessing that Allah has bestowed upon us, my brothers, my sisters, something we need to know is,

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Allah says the places of worship belong to Allah, the places of worship belong to Allah. In the Arabic language, we use the term sujood referring to prostration specific type of worship where seven bones are on the ground in a specific way, saying some words of praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's called sujood from sajida to prostrate

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To be in frustration or the frustration itself. So the place of frustration is known as mes. g Don't mess g done means a place of frustration, generally in the Arabic language based on the context wherein we're using the language. The term Masjid also refers to the building known as the house of Allah, where people go to put their heads Institute. So where everyone goes to put their head into sujood, it is actually called a Masjid, which means a place where people would go to put their heads in sujood house of Allah. In a nutshell, it is a place of worship, and it belongs to Allah. And in that place of worship, only good acts of worship are allowed, that which concerns the oma is

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allowed, that which is clean and beneficial is allowed, but that which is not clean, that which is immoral, impure, etc. is not allowed in the houses of worship in the houses that belong to Allah. So Allah says in the Quran in surah, two Jin y

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messaggi danila. He violated the

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law he had indeed the houses of prayer meaning the massage it belongs to Allah, the places of prostration belong to Allah.

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Allah alone, what and massage EDA Lila we could say the massage it or the masjid as we call them in English, you know, we've transliterated it but we know what it means. The Masjid belongs to Allah alone, one meaning. Another is the places of prostration belong to Allah alone, cannot prostrate for anyone besides Allah that prostration is simply only holy solely for Allah. That's it. So Anil messaggi danila the machines belong to Allah. And then Allah says fella tada Omar Allah he had. So don't call out don't supplicate to don't call out in worship to anyone besides Allah. Amazing how Allah words this. So on one hand, he says the machines belong to me. So don't worship anyone besides

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me. Subhana Allah. Another translation, he would be saying, the places of prostration belong to me, so don't worship anyone besides me. You and I know that from a young age, we're taught about the importance of the houses of Allah. So much so that at the beginning of the advent of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he went and I'm not going to go back to Adam alayhis, salaam Ibrahim alayhis salam, those who initially built the Kaaba and the beta la el Haram in Makkah, but rather we're just going to the prophets of Allah sallam, when he had the first opportunity as he arrived in the outskirts of Mecca in a suburb known as Tibet. The first thing he did was, he built

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the masjid because the life of a Muslim rotates around the masjid. Right.

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The life of a Muslim rotates around the masjid so much so that the prophets of Salaam told us that one of the seven categories of people who will be attaining a special rank in paradise or prior to paradise in on the Day of Judgment under the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way that is befitting to him, he says, Raja Luna boo mala Campbell masajid a person whose heart is connected or hanging in the masajid the the message the places of worship prostration the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you fulfill one prayer, you worried about the next one, you fulfill the next one, you worried about the following one and so on. So anyone who has that quality, Allah is

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offering you a very great elevated status on the Day of Judgment, when there will be so much of heat when people will be dying, well, when people will be suffering because they would have they would have already been resurrected. But you know, we use the word I'm dying of hunger, which means I'm very hungry. So when we say when people will actually be suffering on that day because of their sweat and because of how hot it will be. Allah says that those whose hearts was stuck to the places of frustration, they're the ones who deserve a will or a shade on this particular day. That's the importance of these places of worship or places of frustration. Similarly, he buildmaster Koba, and

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Allah describes that place in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, that must be done dawn or CSR. Taco I mean,

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I have

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taco Murphy, fi didomi buena

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The houses are the one that was built First, the first house,

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the one that was built upon taqwa from the first day. Speaking about Monsieur Koba is

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Better Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying

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Lamas chicken Oh, Susana taco mean our Liam, it is better for you to stand in it because there are people there who are very very keen and they cleanse themselves in a very good way and the verses are basically praising the people who pray in Masjid, Koba and SubhanAllah. That's the first question. Now if we take a look at what the prophet SAW Selim did when he left that suburb and went into Madina, munawwara amazing. He actually then decided one of the first things to do a game was to build a machine this time, it was to be called in must you do never we, or must you do Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the masjid of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and must

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be the number one. And we all know that that Masjid holds a very, very high value in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us Salah tune famous GD ha the lumen alpha Salatin famous Eva who in mal Masjid al Haram, the a prayer that is rendered in my Masjid, this one here meaning referring to Al Madina, munawwara al Masjid, one is higher in value than 1000 prayers that are prayed elsewhere besides that Masjid al Haram, which means in Mecca to makara, which has a value of 100,000. But in another narration, it even pushes it up to 10,000. All that I'm trying to show you is that the value of the masjid very, very high. However, my

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brothers and sisters sometimes Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah dictates upon us something that we have no choice about, we have to rise to the occasion.

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You see, if you look at the issue of Salatu jamara, Salah in congregation, it is absolutely important to the degree that some of the scholars have taken it to compulsory for the males who are able and capable to fulfill their Salah in congregation in the masjid. And then you look at the reward of it goes to a beautiful Hadith worded in a very, very interesting way, especially for those of us who are looking into it right now. He says Salatu Shama IGF one lumen Salatin, fxdb sublingual, chilena de Raja, and in one narration hum sing one shilling, Salah in congregation is better 25 times than that, which is not done in congregation. Did he use the word Masjid here? No,

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he didn't. So if I am going to fulfill my Salah in congregation, I'm getting a 2527 times greater reward than if I were to fulfill the prayer alone. Right? What if I were to do that in the masjid? Well, that is much more in terms of multiplication of the reward Subhana Allah, I hope you get that. So 25 times is only for Salatu jamara or 27. Beyond that, if you're in the masjid, there is a greater reward that goes way beyond 2527 because not only are you doing the JAMA, but on top of that you're in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala amazing and if you are used to going to the houses of Allah and one day you're not well or for some reason you cannot go Guess what, you get the reward of

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it, you get the reward of having gone to the masjid because you're sick or ill or incapable or unable to go or for some reason Something happened and you could not go but you're used to doing the deed, the angels write that deed for you by the instruction of Allah or Buddha to Jelani.

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So, it's amazing how if you look at that narration it doesn't talk about the masjid although there is definitely very, very great reward and it's even an injunction to go to the massage it however, it is in order for us for us not to despair. The times that we cannot go to the masjid sometimes you're on a journey. You cannot make it you're unwell. You cannot make it. You're taking care of something very important. You cannot make it sometimes you may have overslept, or just forgotten. The professor send them says Manama onsala tiene una sia ha value suddenly her either the Callaghan whoever over sleeps a prayer, or whoever is simply forgotten out of human forgetfulness should

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actually fulfill that prayer as soon as they remember soon as you remember, fulfill it as Allah subhanho wa Taala, meaning that which you've missed and you're now you know, fulfilling as a missed prayer. It's called Kava, Allah will forward it to fulfill that which you have missed in from its rightful time. Okay. So it's very difficult for us to sometimes be at the masjid because of some of the reasons I've given you when a person is sick. If you have a contagious sickness, don't go to the masjid because diseases can be contagious. The Hadith that says la dua does not mean that Allah or his messenger sallallahu wasallam are negating the

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fact that contagious diseases exist. But what they are saying is when a disease has spread, don't blame a person for spreading it rather say it got to me by the decree of Allah. That doesn't mean you don't take precautions, nor does it mean that you can be relaxed and you can say, I'm going to do whatever I want. What it does mean is don't blame people but got to you got to you because Allah wanted you to get it even though you took every precaution. So it's strengthening our faith actually in Allah subhanho wa Taala. My brothers and sisters, so la dua we've just heard what it means. At the same time when you do fear that you may give others a disease you have or a sickness.

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Because it's contagious, you don't go will you get a reward of having gone under two circumstances you will number one is you used to often go then you couldn't go you get a full reward or you didn't used to often go but in your heart you desperately would like to go Allah will give you that reward. So I desperately want to go but I can't go. Allah says Don't worry, you have the reward of it because Allah knows what's in your heart. And the Nia is more important than anything. You know, many of them who had been have commenced their books, including a Sahil Jamia of Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Allah Muhammad nice marine. He says, he started the book, the compilation of the Sahaba

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with the hadith of Omar, Abdullah the Allahu anhu, wherein he says he heard the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam clearly say on the member in Amman, Mr. Roubini, it were in the Malika livery in Managua. Indeed, all actions are judged by their underlying intentions and every person shall have a reward connected to what the intention was amazing. So I really desperately wanted to go to the masjid. I couldn't because of some valid reason, guess what, I got the reward, or I used to go off and then I couldn't guess what I got the reward. Mashallah tabarrok Allah. So, under these circumstances that we're facing right now, you and I know Coronavirus COVID-19. Not all the masajid

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across the globe are closed. No, but many of them have restrictions. Some of them in some countries are totally closed, depending on where you are, and the time of the Coronavirus in your particular area or country. For example, in some countries, it is still open but they're using disinfectant as the muscle is walking in.

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And some of them are actually distancing and whatever. that's a that's a topic on its own. However, let's talk about the broader term restrictions. We have restrictions. Let's face it, there may be nothing that we can do about it during the month of Ramadan this year 2020. So what do we do? Well, it's not the end of the world. Subhan Allah, He bada continues, so now what congregation continues, in fact, perhaps if there was one congregation in your area in the masjid, Allah wants you to have 1000 congregations in your homes, you get what I mean? That is that that is also a blessing of Allah. When have the men lead their their households in prayer? When have people ever learned about

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how to fulfill Salah with Gemma within the home? Sometimes the women don't even know sometimes the young children we've never let them in Salah. So perhaps Allah wants us to give that greater importance and Subhana Allah it is an act of worship, a great act of worship. You know, the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim speaks about doing some form of acts of worship in your house and he says it very interestingly, he says Natacha nobuta Kamakura Gianluca Brie de la salata, kutub, loony hateful content, amazing narration he says,

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Don't make your houses into graves. What does that mean?

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a grave is a place where no acts of worship are happening. So don't convert your houses into graves by never worshipping Allah in your own house. They must be the law of the Quran, they must be declared they must be reminders to your children or your family members on a daily basis collectively or singularly or whatever way possible. They must be solid solid with Gemma they must be solid nephila, whatever else you must talk about it, you must help your child, your children and your family members, you must encourage them and you must be enthusiastic about all of this and your house will not be a cupboard or a grave. You see, some of us didn't know this. And that's why a

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houseware in Surah, Al Baqarah is red shayateen will never come into that house. Subhana Allah Subhan Allah mean, you got to read all the suitors. You got to worship Allah in a house when it's alive, the shayateen stay away. But when the house is dead, then everything wrong happens in that home. So my brothers and sisters the second part of that had it just because I mentioned it it says la De Luca de de, which means don't come to my grave on a fixed timetable.

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You know, we visit the graves and the grave of Rasulullah saw Sonam whenever we can once in a while in order to remember the fact that we're going to be going there. As the prophet SAW Selim says in another Hadith, he says come tonight to commands era Telugu booty Allah zu ha ha ha to the Cairo como la. I used to prohibit you from visiting visiting the graves, but now you visit them in order for them to remind you about the era. So we would visit the grave of the professor Salaam say Salaam to him and so on. However, he says immediately after that Shalu Allah final salata, Kuta blooney Hey for quantum your blessings and salutations that you send upon me, do them wherever you are, they

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will reach me. In what way Allah knows best. Allah knows how he has a mechanism in place where the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam receives the people's blessings and salutations upon him whenever and where they do it. And wherever they are. That is by the qudra the power, the mercy of Allah, the miracle, something granted to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it was not granted to others. So Han Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah me, so that was the Hadith. But going back to the issue of the house, so we need to make the most of our houses. I know I'm speaking to an international audience. In the low density areas where people have larger homes, you may have a specialized room,

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which is called Salah room, or Salah facility, or a Masjid or a masala within the house. You're fortunate it's designated, you use that place you frequent it, you do your Jama in it, and inshallah you're set for this month of Ramadan, make sure the bad increases, you're going to be home more than you have been in a long, long time in most cases. But in the medium to low to high density areas where people don't have a specialized room, you may have a specialized area. So what you do, it's a demarcated area in the house sometimes within the the lounge in one corner where the agenda is where the places of salute. Now I want to take you back to the beginning of this talk where I said that

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you know what, the places of sujood belong to Allah and the same verse translates as the houses of sujood which means the masjid belong to Allah. Look at how it applies even here that suggests that place of prostration belongs to Allah, your forehead and your the bones that are put down on the ground. When you are prostrating you don't do it except for Allah Subhana Allah Look at this. So you designate a place and make sure that you worship Allah there and worship him a lot. Do you know why? A Korra boo Maya Kunal Abu Dhabi, Hua Hua Sajid, the closest that a slave can be to his Lord is when he or she is in prostration Institute. So my brothers and sisters make sure that you use this and

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during the month of Ramadan, more so it is a beautiful month a month where these acts of worship are loved by Allah subhanho wa Taala imagine being in sujood that act of worship wherein you are the closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala and on top of that, there is a designated area in your living room or somewhere in the house where you usually would sit. Brothers and sisters Some of us are not as fortunate and some of the homes are even smaller, some people are living in one room, one bedroom, little apartment, some of them have even less space than that what to do Subhan Allah so here's what to do. When it comes to the time of Salah you can move some of your furniture and you

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can then lay that beautiful carpet or the designated area put some cloth or something that would actually get you into that mode. And then what you do is you dedicate yourself, you dedicate yourself for Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, it's like a small Maha will bait it's a small little place of worship where the pulpit of the house, so panel of a member in your own home, learn to talk to your children, those whom you are living with, in the case of those who are living with people if you're all on your own. Don't speak to yourself but engage in Vicar speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala by worshipping Him through avocado Subhana Allah and hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar. These are acts of

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worship that are loved by Allah statements. Amazing. Listen to what he says. Through the lips of Rasulullah Salaam we've been told Kelly mahtani huffy, fettuccine Ellen. Lisa nice appeal attorney Phil myzone. Habib attorney, Illa Rahmani Subhana Allah He will be Hamdi Subhana Allah Levine, two words that are very

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heavy on the scales very light on the tongue, very light on the tongue very heavy on the scales very loved by Allah, what are they? So behind Allah He will be Hamdi Subhana Allah Allah when praising Allah and glorifying Allah imagine if you were just to glorify glorify You or Allah, I praise you all.

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You are the only one worthy of praise Allah you are the greatest. You are the owner you are the cherisher You are the nourisher You are the Sustainer You are the protector, you are the provider, you are the one in whose hands lies, absolute control of every aspect of existence You are my Lord, I will return to you. You made me in the first place I owe my life to you, I'm going to return to you have mercy on me, the day I returned to you, you are praising Allah, all those words in the Arabic language and if you don't know them in the Arabic language, say it in whatever language you would like Subhana Allah, praise Allah glorify Him, thank him, seek from him, ask Allah. So my

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brothers and sisters were bringing the masjid into our homes. And as much as we are

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definitely in pain, in pain because of the massage it being restricted, the most. The most wise, the wisest, or the most honorable thing to do at this moment, is to ensure that we don't risk other's lives, and we don't risk our own life. So for as long as we have to, we will as soon as we do not have to anymore, we would love to return back to normal. My brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a beautiful month of Ramadan. If you were sitting in that corner of yours in that position of yours in that place, and you did not get up as the Hadith speaks about those who fulfill Salatin federal and stay up to the morning prayer, you know the post sunrise prayer that Shahrukh,

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Shahrukh and so on, they will have a specific reward. If you were to use your designated place, you would definitely be achieving a similar reward in the case where you are unable to go to the house of Allah because Allah knows and Allah will reward us let's let's read to Allah let's turn back to Allah let's seek His forgiveness. Let's ask him to alleviate the suffering of all those suffering and struggling to grant cure to all those who are sick and Ill to have mercy upon those who have passed away to have to give patients to those and subject jahmene to those whom who have lost loved ones, and to eradicate this virus completely and wholly from across the globe and make us better

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people not only through the month of Ramadan, but from now my brothers and sisters and throughout the month and even beyond the month of Ramadan. These are a few words that I thought of sharing on this particular beautiful occasion of this unique Ramadan conference held by light upon light. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of you. Aku Kohli hava masala Allahu wa sallam robotica Allah Nabina Muhammad was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Ramadan 2020

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