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I'm not gonna lie to either one personally either Rasulullah Hill Kareem in the love of Allah ukata Who's a luna Island maybe yeah you will Xena Armand was actually he was selling with a steamer along masala Allah season and Mohamed Anwar Ali Mohammed Kumar Selita like Rahim Allah divine loca mudra even Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohamed Kamal Baraka live Rahim Allah Eva I mean Luca Majeed,

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my brothers and sisters.

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Let me tell you about this person. He was the father of seven children, three sons and four daughters.

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His first son died at the age of two years, and a few months.

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Think about this how much joy a two year old kid brings to the family.

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His second son died

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in 15 months, the third son died in 17 months. His first daughter got married and left the world at the age of 28.

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His second daughter got married and left the world at the age of 21. His third daughter got married and she also passed away at the age of 27 years.

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He saw all his sons and daughters leaving the world before his eyes. At the time of his own death.

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Only one daughter was left with the world. Do you know who this person was? Of course you do. Mohamed rasuluh Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi was

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the topic of today is why should we study the sera sera is the biography of Ursula licenser his life why should we study

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Allah subhanaw taala declared and said

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although we'll even show you toggle rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim love Ottoman love Island meanie that is verse Fe him also them you foresee him you have to do Wiley Heemeyer de or use a key him where you are limo model kita ACHEMA we're in

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Cabo Lulu V vol early movie.

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And so the libera subhanaw taala said Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala has conferred

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a great favor of the believers by raising a Messenger from among them,

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reciting to them His revelation, purifying them, and teaching them the book, the Kitab

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and wisdom

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because indeed, before that, they had been clearly misguide the strip.

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Think about this i.

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Firstly, Allah subhanaw taala causes messenger SallAllahu Sallam his blessing the blessing of Allah on the Muslims. He's a blessing in two ways. One because he is the messenger of Allah, and to have the Messenger of Allah sent to us is a blessing. And two because he is from among us, a human being.

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For the for the forage, to whom he wasn't even close the connection, he was their own family, their own tribe.

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Secondly, let us reflect on why Allah subhanho wa Taala called Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam his blessing. I don't speak on behalf of Allah and He knows the real answer to the question but to me, the answer is in the rest of the eye where Allah subhanaw taala said four things,

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recite what was revealed to you, your if other people, teach them the book, and teach them the wisdom of what Allah subhanaw taala revealed, in other words, but also realize that asylum is the root the door the means for us to access to understand to practice and enjoy the blessings of the kalam of Allah the love of Allah, Al Quran energy.

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Without Allah is Allah is guidance. We may read the Quran, but we will never understand it. We will never be able to practice what Allah subhanaw taala ordered, and so will not benefit from what Allah subhanaw taala gave us

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to illustrate with only one simple example. Allah Subhana Allah order as to establish Salah we read the ayah and we say I'm ready to pray. So what should I do? The Quran is silent about this. There is no explanation of Salah in the Quran. The same is true for the cat for so for fasting for Hajj. For all the method,

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the method, the detail method is not mentioned.

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Clearly this is deliberate because Allah subhanaw taala could have mentioned the method in detail if he had wanted to. But he didn't

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he revealed the details of the method to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in a form again of revelation of Ye, which we know as what he via my flow the way which is not recited in Salah.

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Those other teachings, the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu which guide us to what the Quran Al Karim commands. The Sunnah is the fieldwork of the Quran.

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We simply cannot practice our deal without the help and authority of the Sunnah. All this emphasizes the position and importance of Rasulullah saw Selim in our lives for us to practice Islam.

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The four things that Allah Subhana Allah mentioned are really four steps to reach the Quran and to benefit from it. I call these steps inform, repair, teach, demonstrate,

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from the perspective of the student, which means us these steps must be matched by our response, which must be Listen, get ready to receive, learn, and practice.

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Think of this like a farmer where the best seed he wants to have a great harvest which the seed can produce. What must you do? First,

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not just plant the seed right? First, you must prepare the soil without preparing the soil he will never get the harvest that he wants. He must plow and we know and test for toxins and pathogens and pH value and organic matter content and so on and take steps to correct all the deficiencies that he might find. Then he must take measures to protect the land where he will plant the seed from heavy winds from harmful insects from birds and animals, which then destroy the crop. Then he must take measures for water storage and irrigation. Only when all this is done will he plant the seed

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after planting, he waters he leaves with pests and disease and so on until he gets the harvest. That is the case of learning Islam. It is not something you can learn from watching YouTube videos sporadically or reading one or two books. The key is to follow the steps that Allah subhanaw taala described in which Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam demonstrated in practice. Without that we will never get the harvest of benefits in the Quran came to give us a loss around Delica minded establish sobre la Surah Surah Salam taught us how to do that, and said Salou cover it Mooney who said, Pray as you have seen me pray.

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These are the fundamental principle in everything in Islam and that is why it is so critical to study not just read, study the Sira. Pray as Rasulullah saw celebrate do business as he did business, treat your family as he treated his family govern the state if you are in that position, like he governed history, deal with conflict as he dealt with conflict via a friend as he was a friend to his friends deal with joy with fear and grief with loss of gain as he dealt with them. Syrah is the answer.

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If you if you face bereavement,

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ask, what do you do so Allah is always in a loop. If you feel evil from those in power and authority, ask, what do you do so like sort of Arsalan do if you have power and authority and want to know how to use it correctly as what it will

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If you're feeling helpless and depressed and facing despair, because nothing seems to be going your way ask what it is sort of like Salalah Hey, listen.

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If you have everything going for you and you're popular, loved by everyone and you are an icon and you want to know how to behave, ask what it is like so

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if you are young and facing the physical, mental and emotional challenges of youth and are looking for direction, ask what it is like solidarity center group. If you are old and believe that you are in the last days of your life and want to know what to do, ask, What did you like to do? If you are married and want to make your home a garden from the garden agenda as what it is all right. So

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if you are married in your home looks like a battleground and you feel like a soldier facing enemy fire. And you want to know how to change that situation as

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what it was what writers do. And finally, if you are a teacher, with students who you feel should have remained in the aim of Allah and never manifested invest in flesh and blood, but you must deal with them. Ask what it is all right, so

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I can go on and list many more everyday life situations for you. Whether you are young or old man

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woman getting or proper, sick or healthy, strong or weak, educated or not add to the list but I want if you want answers to your life situation, ask what he does

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because he's Sierra has answers to all our questions to all the challenges and dilemmas and confusion, fears and apprehensions and hopes and aspirations. And that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Look at Ghana like goofy Rasul Allah who's worked on has an atoll, Lehmann carriers, Allah will Yo Ma Hera with the Corolla Katya indeed, in the Messenger of Allah, you have an excellent example for whoever has hope in Allah, and the Last Day, and remember that la subhanaw taala a great deal.

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And that's around that I told us that He sent His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that we could learn from him and that would lead us to a place where we could look forward to his gender Gela who mercy on the day when there will be no shade except tissue. For everyone else, Allah subhanaw taala described the Day of Judgment and frightening terms. But for those who follow the Sunnah, he promised us His mercy and said that we could look forward to that day. We will all see it. But only those who love Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam

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can look forward to it, to meeting Allah and to meeting Rasulullah sallallahu in person and taking the cup of Alcocer from his blessed hand. We ask Allah subhanaw taala Allah Vin Lenny that Arshak Yo Ma Allah

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Oh Allah grant us the share of your throat on the day when there will be no shade except cushion.

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And those around Bella mentioned towards in connection with Rasul Allah, one is eat at obedience.

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And for those who obey Allah and His Messenger, Salah Salem, Allah subhanaw taala promised success

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and loss of accuracy.

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Yeah, you heard Lavina

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Amano, it Avila the whole Colin sadita usually had a Kumar American way of luck on Google. Well, my youth you're a Lucha Rasulo. First of all is on Azima. Allah said all believers have Taqwa of Allah, and speak the truth.

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And he Jellico will bless your leads will correct them will beautify them for you, and forgive your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has truly achieved great and final success. Please reflect on this I obedience is dependent on an order or request. If there is no request or order you cannot obey. If there is an order or request, you may obey or disobey. But if there is no but if there is no order or request, you cannot do anything. Obedience is a sign of Taqwa. Obedience is the boundary condition is the boundary condition of entering and remaining in Islam.

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To be Muslims, to be Muslim means to be to submit to the God of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the way that resorcinol Salam taught us to submit to them in that way, not your way.

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Allah subhanaw taala commanded us to pray, we pray in the way that resources are great. If someone changes that way, even a little you Salah becomes invalid. If he insists on that way, which he invented. He exits Islam altogether. Obedience is the door through which we enter Islam. Without obedience. There is no Islam. Obedience is not an option. The position of the Muslim is seminar of honor, we hear and we obey.

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But in the ayah

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Allah subhanaw taala

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another word

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Allah Subhana Allah as it couldn't come down to a bow and Allah PATA Briony put me only, not for Antione Tabby Yubico Allah who were full of lava comb, Allah or for Rahim Allah said, O Muhammad, wa salam, O Prophet, if you tell them say to those who hold to those who say to them,

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who claim to love Allah, if you sincerely love Allah, if you really truly love Allah, then make my etbr Then follow me. Emulate me.

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Emulate me, Imitate me do what I do. Allah what will happen that Allah will love you and forgive your sins.

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For Allah is all forgiving, Most Merciful. Those who claim to love Allah are being clearly told that their claims on loving Allah must be substantiated and proved by emulating resources salah, who is the Beloved of Allah. Please note that as I said earlier, obedience needs a command or request. Emulation needs no command. Emulation is the most reliable sign of love. We emulate those we love. That is how all the so called influencers work today.

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People love them and look up to them and so they emulate the one they emulate promise them nothing can do nothing for them. And he or she doesn't even know they exist. But people still emulate them irrespective of all this, because love is only what

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it needs no external rewards. But in the case of those who claim to love Allah, he ordered them to prove that by emulating a soul license and if they do that, Allah said I will love you. Allah will love you.

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I want you I want us to reflect on this I

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and to ask ourselves

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and to ask ourselves

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what is the meaning of Allah will love me?

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What will change in my life? If Allah loves me,

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the Quran came for us to reflect on it. Not just to read it and put it away.

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He that which is obedience is that is

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it Teva, which is emulation. edema is

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he that will get a Jana, it diva will get us Allah subhanahu wa t that Allah will be pleased with us. With Eva, Allah will love us. The reward of it that is measurable, even though it is generally you know, levels with things at one level that are less than those that are higher level. But the reward of a diva is that Allah Himself will love us. The love of Allah is rare minute.

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We don't hold boundaries, as Allah subhanaw taala himself.

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Now I'm not saying this, Allah subhanaw taala said this, you have in common law, community, you will

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reflect on this letter and let it sink in. Think about this. How would it feel to become the Beloved of Allah?

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What does someone who Allah approves off or likes which is good Hamdulillah we need this, but someone who Allah loves. There's a world of difference between life and love, even in our own lives. Allah is an example that a lot of fun. What about being loved by Him, Jonathan? What do you think that means?

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Seriously, ask yourself this question.

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And say what in my life am I doing? Which proves evidence that I love Allah?

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And what in my life am I doing? Which is evidence or which is at least will destroy this claim of mine? That I love Allah? Am I following the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu or am I doing something which goes against the sunnah or which destroys the Sunnah of asceticism.

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Somebody said, we live only once. So let us live that in a way that will make us the Beloved of Allah. So that when we meet him geladeira that will be the best day of our lives.

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Some of our anatomy dy rally he was named Africa