Seerah S01 E15 Part B – Be Clever In Dawah!

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A Muslim doesn't fall in the same hole twice, get caught in the same trap twice.

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Even if the person has changed, we accept it. Because we don't believe we better than anybody in front of Allah. But it doesn't mean that we stopped being cautious about the person that he did this to us before he could do it again.

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Right. So we must understand this brothers and sisters.

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They went into character assassination propaganda. This was the next approach. We're going to annihilate his message by doing this. He is the only one with this message. Nobody else is saying it. If we can convince the people he's a madman. No one will listen to him who listens to a madman.

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Let's jeah him. Let's ridiculing. Let's show that we are the Quraysh the other tribes follow us. Let's go and show how we've debased this man how literal and small he is in our eyes. Nobody will listen to his message. Let's try that approach.

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Right? This is what they did.

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And as I said emotional harm brothers and sisters is hard. Don't think for a moment. It's easy.

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It's a test from Allah. Somebody is backbiting somebody spreading rumors about you. You get into the tower, somebody starts sending messages stay away from this person, it affects you. It happens, right?

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Your friends do something to you or even when your enemies do it. You feel it. Nobody should say emotional hurt is is is not hard. It's hard. In fact, it's one of the hardest hurts. What's the evidence for it? Well, Sula Salalah when he was said, he said that day in five was harder for me than Oh hurt.

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Right? emotional hurt matters, brothers and sisters. So this is what they did to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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They started slandering.

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Today, brothers and sisters, propaganda is a sign of the times.

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Not only is it something but it's a sign of the time, the century is not the century without listing propaganda as a part of the makeup of the century. propaganda.

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So it exists. Look at Islamophobia. What is that? If Islam was a human being Subhanallah? how hurt would Islam be?

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How would look at Islamophobia what what is said about Islam? If Islam was a human being, how hurt would Islam be treated by brothers and sisters?

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how hurt with Islam?

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Right. And this should also tell us how responsible we are we are the ambassadors of Islam How well are we defended Islam?

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We failing Islam.

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Islam says I am a human being you are my protectors. It will be crying saying you failed me. You failed me. You failed me. You failed me. You February. The propaganda is so loud and we just passive.

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It's so loud.

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The character of Islam is being assassinated. What are you doing about it? Are you going to help the assassination by going on social media and presenting unbecoming behavior? There's a reason brothers be behind what i'm saying i know this talk is not the lessons are not as light and appealing to many like the earlier lessons of parenting and marriage and so on and so forth. But these are also lessons from the zero we said the Sierra is the whole constitution. Right? This matters to us today. Somehow we look at Malaysian Airlines today propaganda is such a, a

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part and parcel of the century that today people use it to discredit their own people for power. Malaysian Airlines, as you know, we all know shower is upon our Muslim brothers and sisters in Malaysia and the families who lost their loved ones. I mean, let's make dua for Malaysian Airlines as well as Don't forget everybody's pointing fingers at them. This airline is hurting as well. This is two tragedies in one year.

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This is not that this is the time to support it wasn't their fault. What's in the news? What's in the news. People trying to discredit the Malaysian government people from within the country they want to serve their own agenda. And we know how it works everybody is is is after for after market share and greater share of public opinion using this. To get one up on the government This is wrong. This is wrong. This is propaganda.

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This is character assassination as well. Using everything to characters isolate somebody something which is not even he should be used. Right? Like the kurush. They were using nothing madman So Sarah

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and so on and so forth.

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This wasn't doing us on a logo it was said but they were inventing today the same thing in propaganda we invent things to bring people down.

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They forget this something called the plane coming down is the title of Allah. Who who could who could anticipate that? You think anyone could script it? That that's what would happen. Flying over Europe nobody could script is the culture of Allah. It's a test from Allah. It's a test leonese Allah hubbies Amina bhai this way Allah will will separate and differentiate and make manifest. The pure people and the filthy people. The people have belief and those who does believe that people who will say this is the color of Allah, it's a test from Allah, I will not deny Allah I will be patient.

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Allah is always what he does. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not have to go through this. He did not have to be stoned into if he did not have to be emotionally beaten Salalah when he was sending him or her didn't have to happen, but that didn't have to happen. hegira to have he didn't have to happen. He didn't have to happen.

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Hello sha Allah.

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If Allah will everyone on earth would have believed.

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But it's the Divine Wisdom of Allah that things happen this way. Brothers and sisters, because you and I are not in Jannah only, you know, you got to understand this brothers and sisters, we in the dunya we're not living in perpetual bliss in a place of perpetual bliss. Nobody said the dunya was a place of perpetual bliss. And nobody said that dunya was a place of perpetual doom. Jenna perpetual bliss jahannam perpetual Doom, the dunya a phase in between moments of happiness, moments of difficulty in happiness. We are being tested in difficulty we being tested in happiness. We've been tested to see whether we will thank Allah in difficulty we being tested to see whether we will deny

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that's why Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the Muslim not any human being. The believer is in a win win situation. When goodness befalls him.

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He was thankful

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shakar Allah for can a higher Allah

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and when difficulty afflicted him

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he was patient

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for Coronavirus, and that was good for him. When we

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remember my hailstones example, I've said it how many times here? The hillstone is example. You forgot it. You remember it? Right? For the newcomers in the audience, and as a reminder to everyone who had it. I shared with your brothers and sisters an example I said, If hailstones fall from the sky and smash all your wind screens, is that good or bad? Is that goodness? Or is that a test tribulation? What is it?

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What is it? Is a test? tribulation? Isn't it? Bad? It's difficult.

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What about the guy who sells windscreens but apart for him? The guy who's got a windscreen shop he sells wineskins

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is he sad? Or is he happy?

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He's very happy.

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You said your windscreen got smashed. He's happy he can sell his windscreens. today.

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Nothing is pure evil is evil. If you look at it from one side, and if you took some time out, you'll see the goodness and wisdom in it. There's goodness in it. And we'll come to it. We'll come to it. Why the Sahaba were tested why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was tested as well. Right? So I'm just trying to share current examples. You know what I'm speaking about the Malaysian Airlines and so on and so forth. The lesson here is what the Koreans did propaganda and this happens today. This is what happens to the right. People become leaders. There has to be a propaganda division in the whole operation.

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Right. And we know this. We know this we have I've read reports of how certain parties actually get a professional I don't know what they call them spindle. What do they call them? Spin masters. I forget the name. There's a special sorry, Spin Doctors Spin Doctors. Yes, put a spin on everything.

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People will see what it is spin it around. Show them the back door and they're looking at the front door. Spin Doctors right?

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person makes a mistake politician makes a mistake. He's going to get bad public image. Let's spin it. Let's spin it people's emotion already there. Let's channel how that emotion comes out to the benefit of the person. Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't like this. Allah says what to Buddha I mean Abu Dhabi.

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Allah wants you to be straight on the straight and narrow enter the house from its door.

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From his window his chimney, enter from its door be straight.

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And this is from Tacoma. Tacoma. Being straight speaking straight is from the from you acquiring Tukwila, your levena Avenue Tacoma wakulla Colin sadita Oh you believe we got conscious and what will help you get there? Colin sadita speaking an upright word now the crooked world and upright white This is from taco right so this is what the courage did propaganda did it work now Now let's say don't lose hope brothers and sisters. Islamophobia

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is not going to work it's not going to work. In a lot of cases the opposite happens and this is what happened what happened when the chorus spread spread the propaganda remember that example of the websites I gave you a spread the website instead of people saying they go to it right? This is what happened. People from all over we're sending people to come see the What's this? Who is this person busying the courage go and see

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go and see him

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so what happened when they went to see this Oh, good character, how many people came? How many people send their messages? The messages went back and they said What did you see? Did you see the saucer a madman who is buzzing the Quraysh this mighty clan in charge of the Kaaba birds came with stones to remove elephants on their watch. Who is this man? spinning them they said we don't know what we saw was a man with such good character sweetest words welcomes you with a smile. You see what was happening? opposite effect. opposite effect. When you insincere brothers and sisters. Does it work in your favor?

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x you will be exposed

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didn't work in their favor. All they did was assist in spreading the word of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam making this unknown, even more known.

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Right? This is what happens today. Look what Islamophobia has done for Islam. Who doesn't know about Islam? Yes, the issue is, but and this is what happens. They hear the wrong message of Islam, the fox news narrative and so on and so forth. What happens any educated person Hold on a second? Yeah. No, it's cool. I had classmates who are Muslims and neighbors who are Muslims have dealt with people who are Muslim, we read up on this thing.

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How many revolts they have we seen? Say we became interested in Islam because of something we saw on the news.

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And then what happened?

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It was a means of our guidance. We picked up the Quran and we said span Allah, they pick up the Quran and

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change them.

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You know in in my home city Lester, I nevertheless there's a young boy, my home city in Leicester

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it snowed a couple of years ago. So the Muslim is from a Masjid, which I would consider local had I been living in Leicester, mostly the Roma.

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The Masjid is in a wonderful, you know, really if you if you if you Google it, Lester, if you try Google Maps,

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maybe Google will give us some royalties because how many times have we said Google here.

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If you go on Google Maps, and you type musty dormer Leicester, you'll see it's in a very unique location is there's a hill that comes down there's a road going this way and a road going this way. And masoumeh is at the bottom of the hill right in the center of the two roads that go up unique. As you're driving, you take a bed that you just see this beautiful Masjid, in front of you very unique. Now note that it's its center to a hilly area. So two high roads going up. So it snowed and the roads were full of snow, obviously.

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So what happened some of the muscles from the semester decided to be true to their being Muslims, they went and bought these green jackets, the right shoes on so forth. And they started themselves directing traffic, making sure someone's on the top of the hill, right, there's no car coming. So the person at the top would allow the cup because you slide the slide, you can slip, you can avoid an accident, some cars were going up getting stuck all of a sudden, five people with the back pushing your car up the hill.

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Right? Imagine and that Muslims looking in the rearview mirror and just seeing these bits but so Pamela being pushed,

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right, what happened was,

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and then Muslim, a British female who lived in this area, who said that she had a relative went to Afghanistan. And I think if my memory serves me, I don't think he was injured or he was killed that she says she hated Muslims. And it was the worst time of her life. She had to live in this area. It's an area where Muslims have settled.

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She was the worst impression of Muslim and she herself wrote to them

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Newspaper we knew I didn't even know this was happening until I read this article.

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What happened?

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She was driving it. Halfway car got stuck, started sliding.

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All of a sudden

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clatter clatter clatter hands, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom around the car, she looks up in the mirror, this bearded man

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the people who the TV has made a hate because they gave her the wrong impression.

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Right? And she didn't know better, as many like her that was there's many who go and read this many who don't.

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She sees her car sort of rolling backwards to a distraction is being pushed up this year, until the cargo traction and she left.

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So she decided, you know what, I owe it to them. She wrote an article newspaper, this is who I am. This is how much I hated Muslims until this day, this is what happened.

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People see you before the hell did these people speak to her? No, she was in a vehicle window shot she drove afterwards.

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But she saw what they did change the perception.

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Right? So what we're seeing brothers and sisters is Islamophobia.

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What we saw as, as a result of the propaganda of the courage we see today as a result of Islamophobia and the propaganda regarding Islam. And everybody, you will only see the worst worst the mistakes of the Muslims out there. That's what you will see.

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And that's your brothers and sisters. Have a good heart with the non Muslims.

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respect them as a creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. They don't know better. A lot of us. Yes, we human beings we emotionally hurt because of what they do. But they do it because they don't know better. What do you want?

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We haven't showed them the Islam that this was supposed to have seen. Right?

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They haven't seen it.

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What they've seen is what's come out on TV, what's being shown on the internet, the mistakes of a few we're not saying that they haven't been Muslims who made mistakes, we say yes.

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But nobody says that Christianity preaches what we see happening in some of the churches, what some of the

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what we see the sometimes the media puts out right?

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about some events that happen in the churches,

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with regards to children and so on and so forth. So getting to details is a pure place

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do we as Muslims say this is what Christianity teaches? No, we would be lying

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and that's a form of denying your your what what you need to believe to be a Muslim where you believe in Jesus and you believe that Allah revealed to him

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Christianity does not teach us we say this is not Christianity. This is the mistake of a few

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This is the was the message

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and perhaps the Muslims should step out and show their just nature with some emotion emotion Muslims what they do they become part and parcel of the propaganda machine. Think they think like the like the machine

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use article pops up this is what what was discovered in such and such a church what happens? paste the article on Facebook? Look, look at this. Everybody know, this is where you show who you are. Don't crush them. Perhaps tomorrow there'll be people who will listen to the message.

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This is like the 21st century I'm speaking to you current affairs brothers and sisters, Current Affairs, go and take it to your people.

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You better look on how they're on hype. Go and tell those who are not here.

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Yola grande Baraka in the speech and message me. I mean, so in the same so what we're saying is, Islam is being known. People are reading about Islam, people want to find out about Islam why because all of a sudden there's so much Islam in the news.

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right but in the same breath, realize this people who are gullible, naive, they listen to the news and believe it to be true and that's the opinion they take. So when they come to you, you walking across the street, so in your thoughts in your beard, you go to the airport, it's human nature. Yes, nobody is allowed to be racist, but it's human nature. How you naturally love somebody but you're not supposed to act on it. If it means you being unjust, sometimes human nature, people have a hatred for you. They have a hatred for Islam. And you have shown them that you're a Muslim. They don't want to show it but sometimes it will come out. What should you do? We can excuse.

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This is where you understand that they don't know better. It's not their fault. This is where you take the higher ground. speak to them nicely say

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Luca, you're a good person. And I, you didn't mean to say this. But you know what you said it, it hurt me this way. And it's not your fault. You probably have views of Islam based on, you know the mistakes of a few Muslims that the news has taken gone to party with. But if you have a moment, can I just, you know, share with you something, share with you the other side

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you see how you change a negative to a positive? This is when you invite to the message and not to yourself. This is what you do brothers and sisters, this is what you do. Here are some people they say, at the airport, you know, everyone is putting their backs at the machine. I had to get battered. Why are being targeted? I see no further for the next time what you should do. When you go to the machine, go to the guy Patrick and see pat me. That's what you should do. Don't put don't put him in a situation you think he doesn't know that you're gonna feel like you're being targeted.

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Be merciful to the world. This was your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they doing their job. It is what it is. It is what it is brothers and sisters, you go to them and say, Look, pat me

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because you're a forgiving person, you understand? It's not their fault. They're doing their job. And these systems have come into place because of the mistakes of a view.

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It's unjust to deny that there's been mistakes, but it's also unjust not to accept the reality of the situation.

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Don't be upset somebody comes to you Muslims are like this. We're either hot or humid j Luna Paulo Salah when the ignorant people speak to them, they respond in a peaceful way. The message is peace.

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You Muslims are like this. Quiet, wait for them to finish. They didn't get out of the chest. I've heard what you've said. And I'm really trying to be a good person.

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But do you mind telling us where did you get your information from that? You said the Muslims are like this is what you've said? I don't know. I've never heard it. I'm a Muslim.

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Maybe you can help me.

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You know maybe if what you're what you're saying is right, then I have to question what I am. Sometimes reverse psychology. Clever. Clever. You're dour, but be sincere. I'm not saying don't be sincere. Right.

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Your job is to turn a negative into a positive make sure a door of the hour opens. When the door shut.

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What does Allah say?

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It the ability here for either lead for either Lady bayda kobina. Who

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can who will listen, honey, honey, Allah subhanho wa Taala says repel the evil with goodness. So that the enmity between you and a person

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can go away. And that person who is your enemy becomes your strongest supporter.

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That's the that's the successful that's where you measure success. That's where you measure it.

00:23:11--> 00:23:20

Don't tell me I was successful. I did this, this and that the easy things. Tell me about the difficult stuff. From yesterday we said we test our relationship when we disagree.

00:23:21--> 00:23:33

The fundamental thing we have disagreed upon. Let's see now that's the test of the relationship. This is the test of your character where you can convert the enemy into a supporter into a supporter.

00:23:37--> 00:23:53

Allah says not everyone can do this, but only the patient people and those people. The people have greatness. greatness must be great. Islam needs you to be great. It needs you to be great because this is what you can bring to the table.