Mirza Yawar Baig – Why did I come for Isha

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of attitude when studying a course is discussed, with the emphasis on the learning experience and the potential impact on attendees. The course is designed to provide exposure to various topics and benefit attendees, including gaining rewards and protecting personal information. The benefits of a collision and the potential negative impact on attendees' health are also discussed. The importance of being prepared for a potential visit from someone named Lord is emphasized, along with the desire to connect with him to fill one's hearts with him.
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Hello ma Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala sherfield MBA when was sullied Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah you and it was I will send them to Stephen because he was here

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for my brother

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my brother sisters

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or the benefit of a deed

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depends on the attitude with which it is done

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if something is done with passion with

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attention to detail

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with great deep interest

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then it has one kind of effect

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if the same thing is done in a lackadaisical manner

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just you know ticking the boxes

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the deed is the same,

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but the effect is very different.

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The attitude decides

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what comes out the result of that deed

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and this is across the board everything whether it is academics your studies

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you study with deep interest in the subject Allah will open doors for you to study because I have to finish this portion I will have mug up something memorize it and you know examination I have to regurgitate some undigested mess on the table and then I'm done. Right he will see people there two people straight like this.

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Similarly, take anything Take for example exercise, you know you there's someone who goes to the gym and he's very particular about the thing what he's supposed to do that command with a diet everything together, somebody else is going there to pass time.

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The attitude with which a deed is done decides the result of that deed.

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The question I asked myself when you is what is our attitude to Salah?

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What is it we are doing?

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A VST a box. I have to go everybody goes my father was my brother goes somebody goes. If I don't go for a couple of days somebody will ask whatever do you

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so I go hamdulillah Imam Reserva will recite something as done whenever Islamic volumes are on Google

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is there meaning in the salah?

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Because the attitude to a deed depends on other thing, which is what is the expected reward of that deed?

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Right Attitude doesn't come by itself. Attitude come because of an understanding that this thing is good for me

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that I'm interested in it.

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If I'm

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either not clear, what is the benefit, or I think there is really no benefit, then I can't have an attitude of deep interest.

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So what do we expect from salah?

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Why did we come here? We've reached out to Russia. Why? First? Of course, we have to do it. I'm not talking about that. I'm saying why? What did we expect to get from this collision

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expectations are two kinds one is we expect to get some benefit to the other side of it is if I don't do it, then there is a fear of a loss. So I'm expecting a benefit or I'm sharing a loss. So I'm doing it to gain something or I'm doing it to protect myself from a loss.

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I go to work because it is my career I should go there I must prove myself and as the year my performance appraisal has a bearing on my promotions has a bearing on a bonus which I've had get increment and so on and so on. So, all of these things expected benefits and the opposite of that if I don't go to work and so on, then it will have a negative effect makes me go to work with a with a good attitude.

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You if that is not there and I see that for example in my

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in my family business consulting

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practice. I see this a lot with the sons of big business people.

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Founder creates a company builds it works very hard and so on. But the son sleeps 11 o'clock in the day. He won't go to work.

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Why? Because he he knows Yeah, he's nothing. He is the son of the

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have the final word, the father won't kick me out of the house. No, I still have my god, I still have my money, I still have my credit card, I still have my phone, I still have my house. And if my father acts to funny, my mother is always there. Go to the mom and she will twist him back to back to shape, you know?

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No interest in the world because nothing and nothing really changes.

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Whereas somebody who's starting from scratch, things change for him. His life changes he's afraid if I lose this, but

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children are wealthy parents.

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Not everybody but the majority of

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and that is the reason why businesses entrepreneurs are they have a what we call a three generation lifespan. First generation build it second generation maintain the third generation sinks it for generations back to this back to square one. Right doesn't have to happen, but happens.

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So to bring it back again, here, we came here for Serato. Nisha, with what expectation?

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Did we come here with any expectation at all?

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First question, is that did we have any expect before we come into the muscle? am I expecting anything at all? I go to a restaurant and it's a Lebanese restaurant. I'm not going there to eat Hyderabadi Biryani because I know that I that you can't get that in Lebanese restaurant. I'm going there to eat Lebanese food.

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I go to a Turkish restaurant I'm not doing for Lebanese food. There's an expectation, right? There's an expectation in terms of my memory of Turkish food how it should be. I'm in this restaurant. Now is this the same standard high low whatnot, when I enter the Masjid? What is my expectation? This Serrato Asia What am I expecting to get from this?

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Now if I came here without any expectation that I obviously I can't ask you Did you get anything you never wanted anything?

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You didn't come with an expectation what will you get?

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Seriously, we have to ask these questions to ourselves because at the end of the day,

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if I have no expectation I come here I do. Why?

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You know we're talking about UK stand up, sit down

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and then I go home

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what did we get?

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What are we supposed to get in Salah. We are supposed to get a complete rejuvenation of Eman is supposed to get a complete rejuvenation reconnection with ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla Jalla DeLallo I come here to Allah subhanaw taala my story I come here to seek the help of Allah subhanaw taala I come here to seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala

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I come here I come here to tell Allah subhanaw taala my problems he knows them already but I used my job as a slave to go and tell him yeah, this is my problem please help me solve me solve it for me.

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But all of this will never happen if I don't even come here with that expectation.

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And then obviously my attitude towards Salah will be what is something to do finish it now my life begins now I will go home now I have plans. Now I've got plans after the after the Salah maybe in the masjid maybe at home maybe I meet somebody maybe I'm going out for dinner somewhere maybe or maybe maybe.

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Now the plans but in the budget problem.

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I remind myself when you are in the sisters, Allah subhanaw taala gives us opportunities and it gives us more opportunities and more Hamdulillah we have a beautiful budget very very beautiful community may Allah bless all of you wonderful beautiful people mashallah

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right let's take advantage of that.

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Let us take advantage of that let's meet each other talk to each other learn to know about each other help each other that is the all of this is part of the

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reason for the establishment of a budget image is not just some building and you know with carpets no

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it is the center it's the heart of the Muslim community that's how it should be no attributing property

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and the heart of the majority Salah

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five times a day we come here to connect with Allah subhanaw taala.

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So everyone must have when you let us come here consciously let us come here with a goal with a purpose and then do our seller fulfill that and then ask ourselves did I get this purpose? And if I got it a hungry life I did not get it. What What will I do now when I come back tomorrow morning for Serato What will I do differently?

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Will that be a will there be a difference between that'd be a better result than what we had just now. Right? You ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to is more to fill our hearts with is no

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to connect us with Him and to keep us connected and to take us in a state where we are connected with him masala Allah Allah will carry Mohali he was I remember how to go

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