Abdul Wahab Saleem – Embracing Quran #10 – Your Organs Will Talk About Your Sins

Abdul Wahab Saleem
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Sudan hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Welcome back to embracing Quran Tafseer of Surah Yaseen Allah subhanho wa Taala continues, and he says, a young woman, Timo Allah for him, and today, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will seal their faces. Naughty Mahana of ye will seal their faces in their mouths, what to Kenly Munna ad him and their hands will begin to speak to us what the shadows are do loom and their feet will also witness as well being knocked down, we actually bone, their feet will begin to witness all of the things that they were earning all of the sins that they were earning, or all of the good deeds that they were earning as well. So now, the witnesses will become the hands

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and the feet.

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Because these people, they begin to argue with Allah subhanaw taala, as it has, in some reports that when Allah subhanaw taala will ask them about the the scrolls that the angels have recorded. So some of the people who disbelieve they will start to argue with Allah and say, I didn't do this. And I didn't do that. And I didn't do this. And I didn't do that. So what Allah will do is Allah will take their mouths and they will seal the mouths, so that the mouth is no longer speaking anymore. And the body begins to speak, because they didn't want the angels to be witnesses for them or against them because they felt that the angels are harming them, and they're not being honest. Or at least they

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were denying what the angels had written down in the scrolls. So Allah subhanaw taala said, Okay, well, if you want to have a witness, that is yourself, it's not going to be your mouth, let your body speak. So Allah subhanaw taala will seal the mouths and the body will begin to speak the hands will speak and some of the reports have it that the thighs will be one of the first things in the body to speak as well. So that if those thighs were revealed in a haram manner, in a haram situation, they will be able to be a witness against that person, but to Kenley Munna ID him and the hands will speak what they had to do know whom the feet will begin to witness whatever whatever they

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saw and wherever they walked, be Malka and only accessible and they will witness in regards to everything that the individual who is the owner of these hands and feet earned.

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One owner ona SHA now Allah says when ona Shah who loved our Mesna Hala uni him faster Baku syrup, you will soon if Allah wishes at this point, he has the ability. And even before that he has the ability because Allah has absolute ability. Allah says I could completely obliterate their eyes. So they have no more eyes anymore. First debacle, Sara so they raised two words the path and then they fall because they don't know how to go on the Surat to achieve jedna at the end of the surah. Or the other possible meaning is that it means the word set off here means anyway, meaning normally when a person has eyes, you're able to walk so Allah subhanaw taala says, If I really wished, since these

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people, they use their bodies in the wrong way. And now they're not admitting to the fact that they use their bodies in the wrong way. I gave them those blessings of eyes and I gave them the blessing of their body and their ability to move. If I wished I could have completely obliterated their eyes. And they would try to walk on the path that they were used to, but they would not know the direction because they have no eyes for a naive zero and then how will they be able to see the path and the direction in which they're walking. And if I wished as well, if we wished lemma Sokhna we would have completely transformed them in their spots thermostat, or will the young one LG rune, Allah said if

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I wish I could have made them into rocks. Allah can do that. You know, Allah subhanaw taala has given us flesh and bones, Allah has given us our joints as well so we can move around. If Allah wished he could make us into rocks instantly, within one moment, within a second, and then we wouldn't be able to move and we wouldn't have wished to do we wouldn't have the ability to do what we wish to do. Allah continues, and he says woman, Mohammed Hoonah Kisu Phil hull. Now Allah is telling these people and us as well. He's reminding us that on the Day of Judgment, the bodies and the limbs that you use my dear brother, my dear sister, those limbs, they will speak loudly and

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clearly to Allah, about everything that you did, and everything that I did. And Allah said, If I wished I could take your eyes and completely obliterate them, so you can't see any longer. And that would stop you from a lot of evil, but I gave you the blessing of having able to see I gave you that blessing and the ability to be able to see so use that a business ability in a positive way and don't look at them or haram. Don't look at the things that are impermissible Festiva

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off. And then Allah says similar to your body, I've made it flexible, I've given you the ability to walk, move, I've given you joints as well, if I wished I could have completely transformed all of that into rock into something that's inanimate, so there is no movement and then you wouldn't be able to move firmus delta or Maldivian, then they wouldn't be able to get up and move anywhere while you're on your own. And nor can they go back to being flesh and bones again, nor can they go back to being able to, to move around. And Allah gives another reminder as well. Now, he is talking to the people who are disbelieving on the day of judgment. And Allah wants to tell them that I created you

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and I gave you the strength and you use that strength in the wrong way. But did you forget that after the strength that you can use for evil comes weakness again. And so Allah says, Woman more or more whoever we allow to live for a long time noona Castlefield Hulk, we ended up continuing completely reversing him. We reverse him in terms of his creation in terms of his strength of, you know, don't they use their brains? Don't they use their minds? Because normally, if something grows, you'd imagine it'll keep on getting will continue to get stronger, but Allah has you done the opposite. And that's why a poet says the cliche in either Mata min osano while you horrible TB, like

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she Insano, that everything when it come becomes perfected and complete after that, there's only defect before it. And a person who has intellect, he doesn't lose focus of reality, because he's going through ease at that moment, and comfort at that moment. So Allah is saying you had strength fused it in the wrong way, did you forget that after that strength, there's going to be weakness as well that you have to bear. And there's going to be difficulty as well that you have to bear and that Allah will take you from weak to strong, but then he'll reverse you into weak again, right? As you grow into an elderly human being, you will be in need of the young people. That's what Allah is

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reminding the person of. And also, and now Allah speaks about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because this is all about the Prophet. The Prophet is becoming, bringing the message, and he's the messenger. And he gives examples Allah gives examples of these messengers, these three messengers, who were sent by Allah subhanaw, taala, to the Syrian Antioch, and then the people of that village. They didn't accept these messengers. So Allah is telling you what happened to those people and what was the outcome and result of those people and why they were in denial and why they shouldn't have been in denial and that there are signs of the of the fact that there is a hereafter

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and that there is a judgement. And Allah has the ability. So Allah subhanaw taala turns back to the Prophet again, and he says, We're not alone now shall we didn't teach him poetry, everything that you're hearing over here, this powerful word of his, it's Allah, it's not the Prophet. Allah's Prophet doesn't even know poetry, let alone this, which is even greater than poetry. Well, Mount alumna who shared our 1 million but healer, and it's not even appropriate for the Prophet to, to know poetry. It's not befitting for the Prophet to know poetry. The Prophet didn't know poetry, but he also didn't hate poetry, by the way, as well. Because some people they believe that there's

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something intrinsically wrong with poetry and that's wrong. And the Prophet never disapproved of poetry. Rather he had what were known as the shroud or Rasul, the poets of the Prophet. Right. Hassan Ibn dabit, was a poet of the Prophet Abdullah was a poet of the Prophet as well. And these are known as the was the poets of the Prophet read, encourage them, and the Prophet never said to anyone that Oh, to whom, well Oh, who do you see like a feeder on he never used the the angel Jibreel la Salam, as a compensation or as a ransom for anyone except for Hassan. He said me, he said go and, and speak ill of them as an Quraysh.

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And the pagan Arabs were harming the Prophet. And he said that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and may God will be a ransom for you. So that means the Prophet considered Hassan to be a person of status and he was a poet. Okay.

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And Hassan Of course, he said a lot of ill things about Croatia but every time you'd speak about Croatia would pull the profit out of the the entirety of kurush even though the Prophet himself was from Kadesh he and he used to say Stan Luca min on camera to stellar shout out to Minella Jean, I will pull you out of them, just as you take the hair out of dough. You know, when you take a hair out of dough, it very smoothly comes out of there. So you would say I would take you out of them, I would speak of them, but I'll never include you I'll be able to exclude you from my conversation just as you take a hair out of hygiene out of dough. So the point is that the poetry is not

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intrinsically evil. So even that verse in Surah sharara, where Allah says, We're sure out yet Debbie a woman wah wah and LM Tara unknown frequently widen your hormone. While you're alone, Emma

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If I don't, Allah says after that Illa livina Armano except those who believe, when he says that poets are followed by people who are misguided, don't you see they say all these things and they don't even do them themselves. So they lie in their speech. And then Allah says, except for those people who believe. So Allah even excluded the believing poets poetry is a tool. And the mama Shafia used to say Hassan Cherie Hassan was the year who said, he used to say that good poetry is good and evil, poetry is evil. So so long as you're using this tool for a positive message, it's a positive tool. It's a strong tool. And the Prophet though he didn't have this tool, because what if he had

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the ability to form poetry, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then the people of Quraysh, wouldn't would potentially say that, hey, you're a poet. So all of this book that you're bringing, which sounds very poetic, it's all poetry. The Prophet didn't know poetry, and it's not even befitting of him. And one day, the Prophet salallahu idea was setting them with spreading the word booty, and he gave 100 to one person and other 100 to another person, another 100 to another person. And one of them was a poet, and he gave that person a little bit less for whatever reason, we don't know exactly the reason. Now, this poet, he went back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and he said, attend your Aluna hubby will not have an herb ad, Boehner

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grew Yang letter with a cry, do you take my portion, and you make it between arena and between Accra?

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So Accra, and arena, they got more than this individual who's even Medus the poet.

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So he's saying to the profit, are you making my portion less than the other people that you've given to sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then this port continues. He says for Makana Hassan wala Herbison here for Carnival does have an imaginary that Heslin or habits they were no better than then Medus in terms of their social status. So don't make me lower than the other people that are over here. So he very poetically said this. And when the Prophet heard this line of poetry, one day, the prophet of you obviously after that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Okay, give him just as much as everybody else got. So he doesn't have to say anything about us, because he's a

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poet. You don't want to be messing with the poet because if you say some, if he says something about you in the Arabian society goes all across the planet. Now, obviously, this person he might have not fought as well, or he didn't have the same sort of task. So he didn't get as much work Guney, the prophet wasn't trying to be unfair, but because every single person that did a certain role would get the amount of work booty that it deserved in that role. So other people got more than a bit Mudassar been modest, got angry, said, look, you've been hardest, and even Heslin, and even Medus. We're all from the same type of people. And our fathers. They're all equally valuable within

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society. They get more than me, and I get less than them. And he said, Well, I'm not going to do not marry him in Houma woman darkfield, the Leo Mala, your fairy, he said to the Prophet in this what he was afraid of. He said that, you know, I'm not less than any of these two other people that you're giving to. And if you end up putting me down today or prophet, then I will never be raised, and everybody will forever stay in her lane. Even mythos got less than other people. So give me more. And the prophets Allah said, Let me said give him as much as he wants it. Nearly Santa who? Basically he said, Don't let him say anything about me by by giving him what he wants, because he's

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a poet he has. He's basically the historic media. So

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So that's what happened. And the purpose of telling the story is because one day, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tried to quote Ibn Mehta Das, he tried to say, attend your annual NaVi. Whenever they obey the Boehner or iannetta Well, a cry and the Prophet made a mistake.

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Instead of quoting it, Boehner arena will cry, the prophet read it banal, ACARA arena. Now Abu Bakr was sitting there in Abu Bakar is the second best man in this ummah. And he said to the Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, it's not like that, oh, Prophet of Allah. So the Prophet said, What do you mean? He said, even mythos? He said, at that your Aluna hobby when I had an herb ad Boehner area in Accra, he didn't say banal, I've got arena time. So the prophets, Allah, Allahu Allah, he was setting them, he replied, He said, they're both the same. But they're not the same when it comes to the line of poetry, the meter of poetry and Abu Bakar caught on to that. And that's

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because Abu Bakr was a poet, and he had the ability to see the meters of poetry, whereas the prophets of Allah while he was setting them, Allah didn't make them a poet poet intentionally, so that no one is ever able to accuse the prophet of having concocted the Quran.

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and having written the Quran, so even when the Prophet is quoting poetry, he sometimes doesn't get it right because there's a meter and that meter is not known to everybody poets know it and non poets don't and the Prophet Allah clearly says in the Quran, when Allah alumna Shara we never taught him poetry. The prophets of Salaam is not a poet Allah says that you're not shy.

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Um, you're cool and they want him to be showered. And the Arabs want him to be showered. But Allah makes these slight things happen. Like the Prophet misquoting Ibn mythos very slightly, the meaning is the same, by the way, but he's not quoting the poetry accurately. So why does that happen so that everybody realizes the prophet is not boy. He's not a poet. There is no way he can make this Quran up. Even if they tried to write them off as a poet don't they say in the Quran? Me Hakuna Sharon Natalia boss will be here I build my own. They say that he's a shower and we're waiting for him to die.

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But Allah doesn't want him to be a Shire. He says when I am Marina who it's not even befitting for the Prophet to be a poet. In Hua Allah, the Quran, Allah Quran McBean. It's simply a vicar this Quran is not a work of a poet. This is a remembrance from God. And this is for onmobile This is a Quran which is very explicit and clear ly using the Rahman Karna Hagen while you're heckled cold or idle caffeine, then Allah subhanaw taala says the reason why revealed this Quran guys, and this is the end of this segment. He said the reason why reveal revealed this Quran is so that Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can warn through that anyone who's alive spiritually, because

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obviously only the only people that will get to read this are those who are alive physically, but the ones who will feel warned, are the ones who are alive spiritually as well. So you have to have a living heart for you to be able to feel this put on while you're Hickel cold or handle caffeine. If you're not feeling the Quran, then you've got to ask Allah to make your heart or life. You've got to ask Allah to revive your heart, because it's the spirit within the heart, which will allow you to understand and which will allow you to be able to get closer to the words of God while your phone or handle caffeine and so that the word of God the decree of God, the final decree of Allah subhanaw

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taala it becomes a manifest reality upon all those people who disbelieve in the Quran. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant us hearts they can be recipients of the message of Allah subhanaw taala in the book of Allah the Quran was Allah Allahu Allah say he didn't Mohammed in what? Early he was so happy he marine

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