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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin be able mousseline.

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Her mother also Allah is another highly, highly he also salam does live in Cathedral.

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Ahmed who

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the shepherd decided the last night of sort of where Allah subhanaw taala said

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in the law hamara livina taco well within homos, you know, Allah said that Allah is with the people of Taqwa and people are SN.

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As myself and you what is the greatest treasure? What is the greatest strength? What is the greatest power? What is the greatest wealth?

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In this world and in the next world?

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The mindset of Allah,

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that Allah is with me.

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Nothing is greater than greater than that there's no wealth, there is no power authority. No person. If Allah is with me, I don't need anybody or anything else.

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How do I get Allah to be with me?

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By Allah told us, he is with the people of Taqwa and people are Essen.

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So I get Allah subhanaw taala. To be with me by developing the COA and developing Sr.

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What is taqwa? The goal is not fear of Allah.

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Even Jetta and said if you are Allah insha Allah.

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But he does not obey Allah He does always or even though he says I fear Allah, it is always Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, therefore, is not fear of Allah Taqwa is fear of displeasing the one we love the most.

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And I say that because Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this as the Sefa as the quality as the

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characteristic of the Momineen of the believers,

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or others rather

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than the Momineen. They love Allah more than anyone and anything is.

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the more we love Allah, the more we fear to offend him, the more we fear, to displease him, and therefore our decoy increases.

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Via have Taqwa then Allah is with us.

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His son is a step higher than Taqwa

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Hassan is to do more.

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The qua is to do justice, a son is to do more.

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That is why we are the eighth in every Joomla in the La Jolla, Monroeville addley Walesa.

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Allah has ordered you to do others to do justice. In Islam, there is no there is nothing short of justice injustice is haram. So there's no question I'm saying I will do partly justice there's no part this is just you either, you're just not just so justice will lessen and more and Excellus SR is is translated in many ways. So best way to understand s&d It is more than justice meaning to give somebody what is do is justice to give them more than what is do is.

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That is why in the simplest form Rasulillah Salam said somebody says salam alikoum walakum wa salaamu Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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somebody says, may peace be upon us and may peace be upon you also and the mercy of Allah and blessings ALLAH.

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So he gave you one you're giving three

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right? Somebody says of al Qaeda was salam aleikum.

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Wa Rahmatullah what this is

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Algebra work I

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like it a salon rally like that. Has I mean, that's why I like that, a salon.

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This is from the names of Allah subhanaw taala. And using Salam Minilite Allah may Allah on this peace be upon you make and peace is actually not a particularly good translation of the word salaam salaam actually been safety. Salah mutt in order visa salamat

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Salam o de so we come on to give you my phone because

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we will have Saturday's even

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though this is Salem, we are saying May you be safe may be protected.

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So I remind myself when you that Allah subhanaw taala sent us into this world to

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live in a way which demonstrates this demonstrates a Taqwa lesson.

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So when we do that we benefit out

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ourselves obviously, because if you live in this way, Allah is with you. So the help of Allah is with us. We are DWIs accepted by that are accepted and so on. But also this is the best and most beautiful form of Dawa of presenting Islam to people by action by showing a life of Taqwa and

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not by, you know, by Earth, and not by lectures, and so on. So on. All of that is good, nothing wrong, but most powerful data is by action. What do you actually do?

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And you will be surprised people watch people see things which we don't think they see. Sometimes people see things we don't even notice.

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But they see them. And they form their own opinions.

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They don't come and tell you, you know, this is what I saw you doing? Why did you do that? They found their own way. And that's the reason why it is very important to be and do the right thing always. No matter what,

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of course, is our agenda and our belief. And this is the true belief that Allah subhanaw taala is watching anyway. So it's not as if you know, nobody's watching but

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it is very, very important to them to demonstrate this in our actions that our lesson

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now, the definition of Taqwa

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one of the most beautiful definitions is somebody has said an hour or so thorough Delano. So he asked he said to him, if you have to go through a narrow path between thorny bushes, how will you go?

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The path is narrow, it's not.

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We'll see. It's not it's not you know, it's very bitter. And both sides there are bushes with tons.

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How will you go, the man said I will collect all my buy clothes, I will hold them close like this and I will work so the clothes don't get snagged on the funds. He said that is

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that is

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not only do we not do something which is haram, but we do not even go near the

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last element they did it in accordance in some of the ayat in which

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something is prohibited with the greatest severity. Allah subhanaw taala did not use the word Hara we use the word Fujitani boo.

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Do not go near it.

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l samro. While by 01 Zabo whereas llamo reduce min Amily shaytani for each turnable

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let's say that

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alcohol and all forms of intoxication

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and gambling, all forms of gambling

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and fortune telling and casting arrows and whatnot all kinds of stuff like that astrology and so on.

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These are reduce some mean Amelie shaytan

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Allah did not say it with so minimal. So these are the actions of shaitan and even from the actions of shatta. And these are the worst these are the dirtiest filthiest actions. So the

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action agenda is enough to say no, this is this is what I mean even among the actual jet This is the worst.

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First anymore do not go close.

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Today we have Muslims who drink this and not say haram.

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So anyway, that's a different

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story. But point point B, stay away. So Taqwa is to stay away to do it yet

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to stay away.

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The question of being careful with with a loss of 100.

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If you do that, hamdulillah then Allah see the reward of that? What is the reward of Allah diraja Will Uganda Allah, Allahu Allah de taco.

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May Allah make us among them? autoclean

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because the reward is such that Allah subhanaw taala did not even imagine this like going if you go to a king, right? We don't know most of us don't know what is the king. But anyway,

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we have seen kings, if you go to a gang and you ask for a favor, so you can give me this ticket.

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Compare that to the king saying I'm with you.

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So the man who got the favorite band who got the money, got the money. He's going there from there with a check or he's going there with a bag of gold. But the man who the king said I am with you. He in His hand is nothing. No.

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He didn't take anything from them. Who got more?

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Who got birth

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The one who was the one who went with his bag of gold that's that's all he has nothing more but the one who the king said I would you call us

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as long as the king is there

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with you and kings tomorrow the king might die

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but Allah subhanaw taala who will have you look at you

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okay as long as the king is there

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so put yourself in that position

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and say I'm laying in my cover

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up the clothes, the grave everything has ever gone home

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and mercury can come and say

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man Robach

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but Allah is with me.

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Who Will Answer The

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Honorable you want to know.

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You want to know Him IRA? Ask him.

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Ask him or ask me. Ask Allah

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that is the meaning

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of the word of Allah.

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He asked us to give us the coin to fill our hearts with His hope and his love and to keep us among those who always have him with us. With dunya Aloka

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sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi