Daood Butt – Live Jumuah Lecture – Last Friday of Ramadan – May 7, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a culture where individuals are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities and experiences to achieve their goals. The culture is a blessing for those who have passed away and lost their sense of normality. The speakers stress the importance of forgiveness and embracing the idea of a "bringing light on things" to avoid harming others. The segment also discusses the holistic nature of Islam, the importance of purifying one's bodies and minds with passion for achieving the end goal of becoming a healthy person, and the importance of finding success and finding one's own happiness in life. The segment ends with a recap of the messages conveyed by Allah to his followers and a reminder to donate to the community.
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In Alhamdulillah Muhammadu monastery no one has told Pharaoh when our rules will be learned him in srry and fusina woman say RTR Marina, Maria de la hufa Mobile La MaMa yoga lil Fela de ella. Ana Shadwell in the Maha hula Cherie Keller on a shadow under Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was a he was a limiter, Sleeman. kathira are either the law we'll see Come on FCB takoma here as a Virgil chemicon Allah subhanho wa Taala the Aruba learning ministry Ponte rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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yohannes it Taco Bell como la de Hanukkah akumina. I've seen where Haider wahala come in has o jaha or betheme in humare geralyn. Kathy Romani, sir. What Tacoma had lady Tessa Luna be he will Arnhem in namaha Cana la Kumara Kiba. My brothers and sisters, here we are

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on the last Friday

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of the blessed month of Ramadan.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Of course allowed us to benefit from this month of Ramadan brought us to this month allowed us to enjoy the days of fasting enjoy the nights of very bad, enjoy a week of praying in the masjid right having the masjid opened, enjoying the fact that we can come together and also enjoying the fact that we know that there are so many bounties and blessings and mercy and forgiveness and pardoning environment of Allah subhanho wa Taala at so this month of Ramadan was a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala and is a blessing from Allah. When you think of the amount of people that have passed away, not only just before the month began, but you think of the amount of people who passed

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away throughout the last year, thinking that they would reach many more months of Ramadan, thinking that they would benefit from another Laila to Qatar, thinking that they would try or attempt to perform RT cough thinking that they may or dreaming to go for. I'm gonna during the month of Ramadan, many of them have left us and now here we are in the last Friday of this month of Ramadan. A Friday where I know in many cultures is an important day, community members in fact, just yesterday, a few of them reaching out asking you know it's the last Friday of Ramadan What are we doing that's different? What are we doing that special? Well every single day during the month of

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Ramadan is special and important and every single Friday of the month of Ramadan is special and important. But of course when we think of the amount of blessings that we get from Ramadan, and now the added amount of blessings and mercy from Juma and it's being added together, you know, layers and layers of Rama and mercy and forgiveness being added from Allah subhanho wa Taala we know that this is an opportunity that we don't want to let slip away. And so my brothers and sisters I thought that we would take this time take this opportunity

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to not only you know seek nearness to Allah subhanho wa Taala but try to understand how we can maintain that nearness, how we can maintain these good deeds, how we should try to strive as hard as we can throughout the rest of the year to try to keep up at least one or two of the actions or have the extra a bad or have the good thoughts and feelings or refraining from backbiting or refraining from lying refraining from stealing or from cheating or from doing anything that was hot on that that may have been done from or by some of us prior to this month of Ramadan. You see my brothers and sisters Allah subhana wa tada doesn't disappear after Ramadan leaves. And that's the feeling

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that many community members get every single year that the mercy of Allah has now stopped that the forgiveness of Allah has now stopped that the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tana has been cut off that shade Thawne is out and now things go back to normal things don't go back to normal my brothers and sisters, we are the ones who take ourselves away from Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, there are certain things that will, you know, sort of fall back into place sleep patterns will continue to you know, transition back into how they used to be, you know, the Knights will probably not be used as much anymore, which is strange because as Muslims we should continue to try to use some portion of

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our night in worship and a bad but my brothers and sisters remember Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says in the Quran and letting in our call to those who say

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Rob Boone, Oh, those who say Rob Boone, Allah, our Lord, is Allah.

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Right? They affirm the fact that our Lord is Allah. And before we even go further, what does it mean? To believe that our Lord is Allah and to affirm and to state to verbally state, a lady in our call who they say themselves? And I'm going along? What does it mean to say that our Lord is Allah? It means that we believe and understand who Allah subhana wa to add it truly is. does Allah disappear after a month of Ramadan? No. Does Allah's forgiveness stop after the month of Ramadan? No. Does Allah's mercy stop? After the month of Ramadan? No. And that's where we as Muslims make a little bit of a mistake. When we say today is the day varied. What do we begin doing on the day

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varied? We begin the day very with submitting to Allah. Knowing that Allah did not leave Allah does not end Allah does not go away. Allah does not turn a blind eye. Allah subhana wa Johanna's mercy and blessings and Rama are continuous and are always there. His knowledge of what we're doing is always there his ability to see ability to hear ability to know what's going on around us in front of us and within us never ends. So when we know that our Lord is Allah, what we are saying is, we know that Allah will never end his blessings and Allah does not abandon us. And this is why you see after the month of Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala encourages us to continue to do good deeds in

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the way of fasting. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says man sama Ramadan and Eamon and yT surber Wolfie Rahul Mehta goddamnit them be right whoever fast throughout the month of Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah forgives for forgives them of their sins that have passed.

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But then Allah subhanho wa Taala also allows us to fast six more days.

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What do we get as a reward for those six days of fasting?

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From Berra, who will be sitting mindshare, while for Captain Nemo, Osama doubt, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says once you fasted for the month of Ramadan, then you follow it up with fasting six days of the month of chawan. It's as though have fasted the whole year, you get the reward of having fasted an entire year.

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Now six days equals one year in rewards, an encouragement motivation from Allah don't stop don't end. don't finish your acts of goodness and kindness and height and submission to Allah throughout the month of Ramadan. And then on the day of read Hello us we let it all go. Continue the good deeds. And so knowing that Allah subhana wa Taala is our Lord means with that we know Allah will continue to bless and we need to continue to do good deeds I want to continue to earn from Allah. So he says I lead in Apollo buena mo from Mr. camuy, tetanus and while he Moon Man.

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You can el taco for zen, Allah Subhana, which Allah says that they don't just state that Allah is their Lord. From muster calm, they follow it up with his stick on what is it stay calm, to stay firm and to believe and to understand that we need to continue along this path of goodness. It is the way of the believer. What this month of Ramadan has done is it's molded us into amazing people. We are slightly better than we were before it'll move on. We don't just naturally become the ultimate human being. But we are a little bit better than we used to be. And then when we maintain this for the rest of the year, next year in Milan, we become molded slightly better. And the year after we are

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molded even better. And it's like someone who goes to the gym or someone who's working out and they want to become fit right they want to become healthier. And so you know they work out and they do an exercise and it doesn't mean that they become chiseled. Not every single person is become is going to become chiseled out and have like cuts in their muscles. No. But what it means is that your heart will become stronger, your lungs will become stronger. Your blood is filled with oxygen. Your body is healthier.

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Right, you're eating more pure foods, you're letting go of junk foods, you're sleeping on time, you are speaking when you need to, you're refraining from speaking, when you don't need to, you're going to places that you should be going to, and not going to places that you shouldn't be going to, and so on and so forth. So purification of our bodies is a holistic thing. And it requires so many things for us to do my brothers and sisters, but it's one step at a time. You don't just go online, right? And okay, let me I get, I'm gonna go to this gym, right, I'll get a gym membership over here. Because you know, all of my friends go there and martial law. They're all like, super strong. So let

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me choose that gym, and you get the gym membership. And you go over there one day and DD, you tap yourself through the door, you walk in, and you're like, Alright, now that I'm here, all I need to do is

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inhale the air, walk around, look like I'm tough. And I'm going to be healthy. No, you need to work hard. You need to work really hard. You got to get in there, you need to sweat, you need to drip sweat, you got to feel the sweat dripping down your face, you need to feel the sweat dripping down your back, your clothes need to eat and get drenched, your energy is lost. You know, your body is just like, Oh, I can't do this anymore. And you keep pushing, you keep pushing, and you keep pushing. Why? Because you want to receive the end goal. You want something amazing to happen to you. You want to be blessed with something. As believers, when we push hard to purify the heart,

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to purify our heart, which means purifying our soul, our selves, our mind, our body, our tongues, our eyes, what we listen to where we go, the things that we do, the things that we take the things that we spend, right, we want to purify every aspect of our lives. Why? What is the end goal? The end goal is a day that we will be placed into paradise.

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And who is welcoming us there.

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You get into paradise. And you look around and you think to yourself, Is this mine?

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Did I earn this?

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Did I work for this? Where did this come from?

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And use you feel something on you and you go like this?

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And you wonder why is this glowing? Why is it so beautiful? And you smell it and you think to yourself, I smell like musk? I smell amazing.

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And you look at yourself and you're like, is this the body that I used to have in

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in this world.

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And it's not the same.

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It's so much better. You look at yourself and you wonder, wow, I'm filled with energy. And look at the glow. It's amazing. And you look at your clothing. And it's as though it just came off of the rack in a store. But it's made of the most pure

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And you look around you. And you see sofas. Some of these sofas are made of saffron. Some of the sofas are made of silk. Some of the sofas are made of rubies, some are made of pearls. And you go and you sit inside this hollowed out pearl. And you're sitting down you're like oh, I can get used to this really fast. This is awesome.

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And you look around you. And you think to yourself, wait a second.

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Where's everybody else?

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Oh, it's Friday. Friday is the day that we gather. Friday is the day of Joomla. Let's go let me let me find everyone else. And you go and you look for everyone else. And you gather on this street or in this area.

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And you start to see your friends and you start to see your family and you meet everyone that's there. And this wind from the north comes as we see in the Hadeeth inside the head body.

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The northerly wind, a slight cool breeze comes

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and you feel it on you

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and you start to change in scent. And you change in beauty and you change in clothes and you change all round.

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And you return to your family afterwards from this market place this Friday marketplace because in this dunya we leave the market and we go to pray Jumeirah in the in paradise right in Jannah we leave our gender our garden and we go to the marketplace and the marketplace is a place that we change ourselves we become more beautiful we become more amazing.

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And you come back to your to your home to your palace. And you see your family there.

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And you look at them and you say

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something's not right.

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And you start to get worried. What's not right. Your family is looking at you going wow. What did you do? You look even better than you did this morning. You look even better than you were before. And you smell so nice and your family brings you closer. Hmm, wow, you smell really good. And you're looking at them and you go, but something's happened to you too. You look very different. You've changed. You smell really nice. And you look really good. And where'd you get these nice clothing. And your skin is so pure and perfect. And it's glowing like you could almost see right through it.

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That's a Friday and gentlemen.

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That's a Friday and agenda.

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Today is a Friday in this dunya

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and we're going to work hard to get the Friday in Jen.

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My brothers and sisters, when you go to the Friday markets in Jenna

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you never would think once of this dunya

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you never would think once of Oh, you know I missed my Honda. I missed my Toyota. I miss my van.

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Miss cutting the grass.

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You look in front of you. And all you can see are delights. All you can see are beauties. All you could see are things of amazement, that you just want to spend your time with

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putting your feet in the grass of Paradise, walking along the beaches of the rivers that flow of honey. In this dunya we think to travel to Sydney, Australia, or Malaysia or Florida or Jamaica, you know, wherever it is that you'd like going to enjoy the beach. Imagine the beaches of paradise

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where you take off your shoes that don't even have a speck of dirt on them. They're like brand new and you've walked as you've walked for hundreds of miles in them because you were enjoying this walk and enjoying the scenery. And they're so pure still. And you get there and you take off your footwear. And you put your foot in the sand. And it's sand of saffron that smells so beautiful. Not like the sand of this dunya that then sticks to your foot and gets between your toes and in your nails. And then you have to wash it out and you put your shoes on and your socks and you're like, oh man, there's sand in my shoes. No, the sand of the akhirah is saffron, and rubies, and pearls, and

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musk, and delights. And then in front of you is rivers flowing of honey, and you can stick your hand in and drink of it. And then you wish to yourself where is where is my river of wine. I'm thirsty. And you go and you get your river of wine. And you walk along it and you swim in it and you take from it and you drink it and you don't become intoxicated. You enjoy from the bounties of the aclara you enjoy from the blessings of Paradise, a time that Allah subhanho wa Taala calls out to you

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peace be upon all of you. And we go and we meet Allah and we ask Allah Allah in fact asks us you know you're here Is there anything yeah, Allah you know, please don't we've we've paid the price we've done all we can no more punishment Allah has is waiting for us to give us more

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and he calls us and gathers us and then the people will ask that we want to see you. We want to be delighted with being able to see you.

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And then Allah subhana wa tada commands for the veil of nor the veil of nor that blinds us from him as in shields our site from being able to see Allah subhanho wa Taala the command is given to remove that shield.

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And we see a law as

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my brothers and sisters, why am I mentioning this?

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Don't we want to reach paradise? Don't we want to continue upon goodness, don't we wish to have those days and those nights and those years and those centuries

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upon century upon century of joy and happiness. There's a small price to pay and that price is a sacrifice of this dunya

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That price is a sacrifice that we give to a law after this month of Ramadan ends as well. That price is still making do our Allah to Allah asking Allah for forgiveness, asking Allah for help asking Allah for goodra for the ability to do and to achieve the things that we want to achieve in our lives, asking Allah for protection, reading reciting from the Quran

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Subhana Allah, you know in this dunya I just looked down at my notes and there's one little thing I forgot to mention, you know, the comb, the comb of Paradise, will be a comb of gold. We will comb our hair with gold, Allah

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Allahu Akbar. Right? how merciful is Allah subhanaw taala in this dunya we make a big fuss for a little gold ring with one diamond on top and everyone goes and shows it off and says look at my diamond ring that my husband bought for me Everyone is showing it off Look at mine diamond drink.

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And in Africa, how will it be? We are comb will be made of gold, we will pick up our comb, and it's made of gold law. And we use it just to groom ourselves. We're grooming ourselves with gold.

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how merciful is loss of habitat. And we will see a lot and the price that we pay is a small little price. The price that we pay is a price of submission.

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And larina call were a boon Allah for Mr. Como tetanus zodwa hyla himal mala iica the angels will descend upon us in this dunya there will be our protectors assigned by a Vasa panel who were to add

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alert to harmful weather

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reminding us Don't be scared. Well, zoo and don't worry.

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What ob she will bill Jenna, and let you continue to learn and glad tidings of Paradise paradise that used to work hard for that used to wish for us to dream about That's for you.

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That's for us.

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Those that strive and work really hard and remember the key component in this entire football is

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living livina corlew rabona Law Firm must

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be firm in your belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right and know and believe and submit to Allah always. That is the key component to attain eternal bliss, eternal happiness into eternal joy. That is the key component to be happy in this dunya. To be surrounded by the angels to be told and to be made to feel. Don't be scared. Don't worry, everything will be fine. Allah is protecting you. Allah is looking after you. Even at the times when we don't have wealth in our pockets, even at the time when we don't have a home to live in. Even at the time when we don't have a job to earn from

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Loretta has no

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Don't worry,

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don't worry. Because as much as Allah will remove the worries of the believers in the ephemera and place them into paradise. Allah is able to remove our worries of this dunya Just don't let the worries fill your heart.

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Trust Allah. Get up every day working hard.

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Spend the nights if you don't have from Allah subhanaw taala spend the night asking from Allah subhana wa to add the most successful of people from amongst the believers who I've spoken to. And this really is a reminder for myself first, before any of you many of the believers who I know who are successful believers, people who we admire, people who we look up to people who we sometimes rarely hear about, or rarely see on social media or always see on social media I always hear about those who we feel are successful and close to Allah, what is the one thing that they do that many of us fail to do?

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Use the Knights to worship Allah subhana wa mitad so my brothers and sisters

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there there's only a few more days of this month of Ramadan.

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And we need to give it not only all that we've got throughout this month of Ramadan, but to continue to do good deeds after this month of Ramadan. So I asked Allah subhana wa to had to make it easy for every single one of us to continue upon goodness and height. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for us to find it within our hearts to say

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Free peace investing, peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I ask Allah subhana wa attallah to make us from amongst those who always remember the simnet of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his message, and to allow us to be from those who continuously follow the way shown to us from Allah subhanho wa Taala through His Beloved Prophet and Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed, come on later Allah Ibrahim our early Ibrahima innaka homido Majeed alberic Allah Muhammad wa ala early Muhammad come about Dr. Allah Ibrahima Allah early Ibrahima nikka homido Majeed Allahu mofi Lennar on long oxy

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Lennar en la Marzocco, where our feanor en la Hama in Nicaragua one two Herbalife with our fortune along the inner careful one two Herbalife with our 400 Allah in the careful one two Herbalife for federal foreign, we asked you all law, you will love to forgive you love to pardon. Please make us from amongst those that you've pardon of our sins. Yet Allah please bless us with your pardoning bless us with your forgiveness. Bless us with Your mercy. Bless us with your dharma. Bless us with all the bounties and the nerim and the beautiful things that you've put around us. Yeah Allah allow us to continue to receive from you you know Allah Please allow us to receive the best of your

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blessings you know Allah Please allow us to be from amongst those that only go towards what is good for us. Yeah Allah Please allow us to be from amongst those that have the strength and the ability to wake up every single morning and to give every single day and every single night for your sake, Allah please make us from amongst those that turned to you in every aspect of our lives. Whether we're stuck in traffic or we're standing in a long line to order a coffee you have a loved please make us from amongst those that always submit to you Allah please make us from amongst those that will turn to you in every single shape and form and wait in our lives. Yeah Allah please make it

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easy for us to constantly seek your blessings and constantly seek your forgiveness through every single good deed that we could possibly do. Yeah Allah please make us from amongst those that are written in your books of those who have maintained our mustard here Allah please make us from amongst those that give sadaqa as much as we possibly can, especially on a Friday. Allah please make us from amongst those that don't think twice when when reaching into our pockets either to pull out our wallet or to pull out our phone and to go to our Masjid website and to donate and give in sadaqa Allah please make us from amongst those that turned to you in every way shape and form when we see

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someone who is in need and we want to help them and we don't know how to do that. Yeah, Allah please make us from amongst those that at least will raise our hands into our heart and ask from you to be there for them. You know, Allah, please make it easy for us to get through the difficult moments in our lives. Yeah, Allah. we as parents make do our how for our children. We as children make dua for our parents, we as husbands make to offer our spouses we as spouses, those who are you know, the wives from amongst us make do our house or their husbands have a law. There are children of this world who don't have parents

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who don't have parents to make your offer them. You've taken their parents away. Their parents have returned to you already. Yeah, Allah make us as believers, those who never forget the orphan child. Yeah, Allah please make us from amongst those who never raise our hands. Except that we also remember the orphan child. Yeah, Allah please make us from amongst those who remember that you had given us a messenger, who was also an orphan child, who you protect it, who you saved, who you provided for who you gave every single ounce of wealth this dunya has, you gave him the opportunity to have from it, you gave him the choice to take from it. Yeah, Allah you gave him something even

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better. You gave him

00:29:16 --> 00:29:59

firm belief. You gave him the strength. You gave him the know how you gave him the wisdom. You gave him the words to be able to convey that message to every single one of his companions, and to preserve that suddenness so that we can benefit from it as well. Yeah, Allah, allow us to be just like him. Allow us to learn from his son, allow us to be from amongst those that implement every little aspect of his life in our lives on law, please make us from amongst those that understand as much as you protected him. You will protect the orphan children of this world. You

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look after them, you will make them the leaders of this Deen you will make them leaders of this dunya as well. You will make them be the honest and just and true rulers of lands and they will lead people by example you will make them from amongst those that are shaded. Those who come close to the massage it you will make them from amongst those who spend in your cause and in your way you will make them from amongst those who love their parents who stay away from harm and hardship and evil. Yeah, Allah you are the one who will protect those children. And just like you protect them, and they have no parents, yet Allah protect us. Even though we have our parents with us, or those from

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amongst us whose parents have already left, or those of us who are parents to our children, yet Allah protect us as well provide for us make it easy for us to not only pass through this time of this dunya but to attain the pleasures and the joys of paradise. Allah grant us the highest level of paradise of law. This is the last Friday of this Jumeirah of this month of Ramadan. It is the last Juma of this month of Ramadan. And we beg from you yeah Allah to open our hearts to you to accept from every single good deed that we've done throughout this month of Ramadan. Yeah, Allah, many of us and many of our community members feel like they fell short. We feel like we didn't give enough,

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especially last night on a night of a Friday and an odd night of this month of Ramadan. Allah, there are some community members,

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all of us who feel like we didn't do enough. We may have spent every single minute in a bad day over the night to Allah. But we feel that we didn't do enough. Yeah, Allah make it easy for us to attain the rewards for our intentions. Some of us may have wanted to recite more code and but we didn't have the ability to do so.

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Except our intentions reward us for our intentions. Yeah, Allah Some of us are asleep while doing calm while doing the code, while making do our heart while sitting up doing good deeds while performing some kind of very bad while seeking knowledge or helping to spread knowledge or even correcting that knowledge. Yeah, a lot for the single minutes that we've lost out on. Don't take that away from us.

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Accept our intentions, bless us in abundance for what we intended to do. Yeah, Allah put Baraka and Hyatt in our time, and make us from amongst those that are constantly busy in your remembrance of Allah allow us to be from the best of the Muslims who give the best of examples who need the best of people, and who pull the best of people away from the harms and the evils of this world and allow us to be a means to show them

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your goodness, your way. Your Dean in Medina in the law Hill Islam. Yeah, Allah. We don't even know how much more to ask from you. Yet Allah we can spend days and days and days asking from your mercy. Yeah, Allah. Some of us our feet hurt due to some illness.

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fix it. Yeah, Allah some people their hearts hurt and have illness. fix it. Yeah. A lot. Some of us our eyes hurt. fix it. Yeah, a lot. Some of us their ears don't hear. fix it. Yeah, Allah some people, their mouths can speak. fix it. Yeah, Allah, some people's knees are in so much pain that they can't even make such a and they wish and they desire and they pray and they cry and they beg to be able to put their forehead on the ground one more time in such that in their life, and they have such a difficult time. But they have such a strong desire, yet Allah for those people, allow them to make at least one more sajida in this dunya

00:34:31 --> 00:34:45

even if it is the moment that they leave this world and they fall to the ground on their knees in prostration to you, yet Allah accept the pure intentions into our heart

00:34:46 --> 00:34:51

of the believers and the righteous ones from amongst us. You have a law.

00:34:53 --> 00:35:00

There is so much destruction on this earth. There are so many people who are suffering. There are

00:35:00 --> 00:35:24

are so many children who don't have food. There are so many parents who don't have wealth to even provide food to their children. There are mothers who scramble who run from room to room looking for greens on the ground. Yeah, a lot. I've heard stories of your believers whose mothers went outside and took sand and dirt

00:35:25 --> 00:36:18

and mixed it with water and fed it to their children. Yeah, a lot. I have friends who ate dirt to survive, accept from them and put them into the highest levels of paradise. And allow us to know that we live in lands where we are spoiled. But don't let the luxuries of this life take us away from you. And yet a lot of these luxuries of this life take us away from you. Then take away the luxuries of this life so that we turn back to you. Yeah, Allah. I know people who have eaten from the sand underneath our shoes in order to be able to survive as believers being killed in their countries for simply saying that they are Muslim for simply standing up as Muslims and standing for

00:36:18 --> 00:37:06

your deen and standing with the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu I had a he was sending yet Allah. Those people dedicated their time away from their parents away from their spouses. Yeah, Allah. Some students of knowledge have lost their wives along the way. You know Allah, some students of knowledge have lost their husbands along the way. He lost some students of knowledge have lost their children along the way. And they did not give up seeking your blessings and your reward. Yeah, Allah, Ya Allah, accept from them. And don't ever let them become diluted. From this dunya or by this dunya Yeah, Allah protect them from being taken away.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:11

From your remembrance, the law.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:20

We sit here in Milton, we sit here in Canada, we sit here in the comforts of our homes.

00:37:21 --> 00:37:25

And we forget the hardships and the struggles of people around the world.

00:37:27 --> 00:38:15

And there are many hardships that you are more aware of than we are, you know of the insect that is struggling looking in our own backyards for some food, you know of the people in countries and lands in tribes and areas, in little villages that we are not even aware of. Yet Allah provide for every single one of them and continue to provide and make us a means to spread Deen to them the most precious, the most beautiful, the most important thing of this world yet Allah allow us to be a means to spread Islam through the use of technology through the use of our feet and our legs and our arms and our bodies and our strength Yeah, Allah please make us from amongst those

00:38:16 --> 00:38:24

who can spread this Deen far and wide and bring people and masses into Islam? I mean

00:38:27 --> 00:38:33

panicle bottom I'll be Hambrick. I should have alerted landowners to federal cabinet to make

00:38:35 --> 00:38:40

a lot more soluble cinema bag and I said you know what I mean? I'm hammered while earlier Saturday or Sunday.

00:38:41 --> 00:38:58

In the lie, I'm going to be the Hadley one. So anyway, at the corba we in her and in fresh out you will want to carry well belly. Yo comme la la quinta korone with Cora La Jolla, the Qualcomm. What a rumor yesterday Bella con, already called La Hey, La Jolla animal test now. My brothers and sisters.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:03

Of course, last reminder, don't forget to donate to our Masjid

00:39:04 --> 00:39:40

www dot akena melton.com you can go to the mustard outside and donate right now as well. You know the brothers are there. And you can always swing by in the evening also between nine and 11pm and I hope to see some of you there shot a lot tomorrow night as well. I know on the odd nights we've been encouraging people to donate, please send a message to all of your contacts and let them know the masjid you know website details. Aigner melton.com icna Ma lt o n calm

00:39:41 --> 00:39:59

send them the link to it. And also remind anyone who you know that we can all always swing by our Masjid especially to our being, you know, the 27th night of this month of Ramadan. You know, I've been there on every single one of the odd nights and we've only had five or six people

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

every single night five or six maximum, come out to donate. And in a community that is so large like ours, we encourage everyone to do their part and to come out or to donate from the comfort of your homes, we know that it's a pandemic and we encourage every single one of us to do our part. So if you can, and you're able to donate from home and I know that a lot of people like to give a check, or some people like to give in cash, so you can still do that every single evening and shout out to Anna until the end of this month of Ramadan between 9pm and 11pm. Does aka mulago haven or barakallahu li calm or cenomar alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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