Napoleon (Outlawz) and Jim Carrey’s Thoughts on Will Smith smacking Chris Rock

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The speaker discusses the upcoming interview with Will Smith and mentions a woman named Jada Prinkett who had a shoulder injury. They also discuss the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and not being disrespectful towards women. The interviewer mentions that they have prayed for May Islam to guide people and encourage them to live their

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Did you ever meet Will Smith?

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We can't get away

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we don't even know metadata no two outfits complete.

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But the VSA would it be? Forever?

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Hey, hey, security

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smooth bro. You know what it is?

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Wow, okay. All right. Okay, so for get close to anybody that was in his inner circle.

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I know Charlie Mac. Who's he's one of the best ones Will Smith best friend hamdulillah Charlie Mac as Muslim.

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Of course we met Jada Pinkett because she had a very good strong friendship with to pot and also to pot mother. I never met Will Smith personally. How do you think would he end up benefiting? Like what his situation? What do you think with what just happened with Chris Rock?

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That was a nice one. Okay.

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Well, Will Smith to snap out of it?

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Name out your

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Wow, dude. Yeah, it was a GI Jane junkie, my wife's name.

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I'm going to okay, I was sick and I was sick. And by the standing ovation, I felt like Hollywood is just spineless. On mass. And it just, it really felt like, Oh, this is a really clear indication that we're not the cool club anymore. Man, just, you know, it was sad to be honest, when I when I when I seen it, and I read about it, and I even watched the video, it was actually a sad thing that you know what I mean that it got to that point, I think he was, it must be something else on the inside that boiled, that make them want to react that way. It came out of nowhere, because we'll have something going on inside him that's frustrated. And I wish him the best. You know, you know, a

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lot of celebrities have to realize once you become you own that world stage who you are actually, you, you and you and influence on other kids, you're your role model to these kids, no robot or to these kids. So when you reach a certain level, you're not 20 years old, you're not 16 years old, you're old enough to have grandkids, it's very important that you behave in a way that you want your kids and see, or your grandkids and your family to be proud of you. You know what I mean? And I think um, I think he probably going to regret what he done. I'm sure that he's going to realize that he shouldn't have reacted in that manner. And you're not amazed because especially the days that you

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live it you live in a canceled culture now where they wait for you to make any mistake and they cancel you. Wow. So Will Will Smith's what you said his best friend which is named Charlie Charlie Mac is one of the best best friends of Will Smith and on and Charlie Mac as a Muslim. He's Muslim Fulfiller he Muslim Hungary like he always be good at will. You know, he's be good aware he's to be good at Jada. And, and and he's a person has wisdom. So it's good to know that we'll have some people someone like that in this corner. Because maybe he can give us some good advice and Sharla. So we're that's what we're hoping I can use situations, because so many things come up when people

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don't have the blueprint for life. You know, do you think now Will Smith would be able to benefit not just in his marriage? I mean, in just in totality, his whole life with Islam.

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May Allah give him a diet. I mean, I prayed that I prayed that he accepted religion of Islam because he had like, he have so many people that's close to Islam, that I mean, he has so many Muslims that are close to him, you know, so you never know guidances from Allah, you never know, he might realize that Islam is what he needs to put some order in his life. You know what I mean? Because money and fame doesn't necessarily equal happiness. You know what I mean? Islam is what give that peace that you know, cement to your creators was the only thing that's going to fulfill that void that you fill in your heart. And so I pray that Allah May Allah guide them, you know me, I pray he get he died. I

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mean, I mean, a lot of things come up when you see this whole situation, you see Lita, you know this, this comes to mind with the whole situation that protective jealousy that's their outline.

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You know, how are you looking back then at women compared to now?

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You know, fortunately, you have this Lita back then

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Braga Latino blood in me I think

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I think always had this like this this jealousy me Aki, you know, I mean,

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but Islam teaches you how to have a healthy jealousy. You know what I mean? Healthy good over your woman with his balance and Islam Subhana live his practices it put everything in his in his doom place, you know what I mean? So, but back then I didn't

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really have respect for a woman because I came from a Vironment that I remember as a kid, if I had a girl that I was I liked or whatever, you know, I don't want to go into details. And as soon as my homies see me with her, I will start acting all tough and disrespectful towards him. Because the environment showed us that the more respect you you might obtain is about being disrespectful for women. And then when we went into the music industry, we kind of dragged that on with us, you know what I mean? It wasn't really no respect. It just, it just it was a very strange upbringing. You know, I thank God that I did come from a family a marriage, I knew my mother and father was married.

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My grandparents were married, I answer uncle that marry. So I did see that growing up, you know what I mean? But I didn't have really no role model to teach me how to treat a woman until I accepted the religion of Islam. And I started reading and learning and studying, how to profit, how his companions how they dealt with women. These are some of the most masculine the most these are the people that broke down Roman armies the Persian armies, no no army can come to them. These was the these is real men, but yet they were so patient, and soft. We're dealing with a woman. So we had it wrong all the time. We thought that in order to show us the show that we are real man, you got to be

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tough to your woman and strong and yell at them. But we get from the Prophet and his companions to the opposite. I'm Videla.