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Whoever Allah subhanaw taala guides nobody can miss guide Could you say it one time this Friday don't say it any other time. Just hold it in your heart Allahumma in the no sleep at all. blooding was the theme overleg guide us. Now here's the problem. I have Boston. How many years have you been saying in a Serato? Must have been a dino Serato Mr. team? How do you know you're not already guided? You hear a Juma bro on time?

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How do you know a lead doesn't already love you? You aren't already guided and you should live as a person of Jenna. I don't know. I don't know what convincing it will take because you're saying No brother but I missed fudger but

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it didn't affect a law. You missed fudger because of you and you missed fudger because you don't forgive yourself. If you woke up for fundraising Allah called me there's a text from a law

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a swala to hero min and gnome and the last text reads big smiley face. You asked me what kind of email would Allah subhanaw taala send you a bunch of smiley faces or like thunderbolts and pitchforks and hell if all that text Did you How would it look?

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A lot of smiley faces because everything around a law is happy. How do I know that? Everything in the universe follows Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam It is suggested to us that he said when it rains, every single raindrop is a dust from the clouds. Would you all join me in this be when you hear this one sentence? Whoever Allah guides no one can misguide. Oh Allah guide me along with me as a Luca houda what to call wala alpha one Xena.

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But when you hear a lust, I don't want to call you and you hear a loss pinata call upon you. Why do we pull away whoever Allah guides no one can misguide Allah has guided us. Like are you perfect? I don't think so. But Allah brought you here to the front row of Juma that has to be something you're special enough that Allah said, I'm going to make him an example. I will speak to him through the people who have been reminding the book and I will say Allah who you have seen a lot in the past. So Allah His love is old.

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La Ilaha Illa la hora de la sharika lahu makua al hamdu lillahi wa you meet Li Mo wahana Cody Shane Kadir lovely to be la Harada wabi Islami Dina Wahby Mohammadi, nebia Wahby Mohammed in nebia Wahby Mohammed in Abuja sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that's why you came here. So not I could remind you, you all come on time so I can say on a shadow.

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I bear witness testify. I sign on the dotted line of my soul. There is no the creator sustainer judge, giver of life. There's no other chemist who made liquid oxygen that I swam around with. There is no other architect of this muscular skeletal structure other than a la subhanho wa Taala. And to Jay Z and all the fans out there, whether you believe in him or not. He's still there.