Ammar Alshukry – Allahs Beautiful Names #05 Miracles Happen When You Do This

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of shapeshifting from gratitude to gratitude and how it is a result of actions. They use Shakeela as an example of how gratitude is a fundamental part of human life, and how it can be seen through actions and personal experiences. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing gratitude to people, not just for personal reasons, but also for their actions and contributions to society. They use Shakeela as an example of how gratitude can increase one's values and their chances of being recognized.
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Shaco the one who increases if sugar means gratitude. How is God grateful? You know to have Allah's beautiful names a shotgun and a sugar coat come from the concept of sugar. And when humans Express sugar, it means gratitude. But what does that mean for Allah subhanaw taala. Looking at the linguistic meaning of the word, it gives us a greater insight, even among older mentions and descended out of, you know, the famous Arabic lexicon, he says that shortcode indicates increase. And so a camel that would become fat into when it goes out to pasture or livestock that becomes fat and with little Fodder is called shockula. So if it's a little input, and gives you a lot of output,

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it gets very fat gives you a lot of milk, it's called sure cool. So in relationship to Allah subhanaw taala. It means that Allah grants great rewards for little actions. For example, you enliven the night of power in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And because of that, just one night, you're granted the reward of the worship of better than 1000 months, or you repent to Allah subhana died in one moment, and a lifetime of sins become erased. And so the name immediately what it should inspire, is that you don't belittle any action of goodness that you can do. Because Allah subhanaw taala is a shocker. And Allah is a shackle. Even if nobody notices Allah subhanho wa Taala may

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increase it and increase it and increase it. So how do we interact with these names a shack and Anisha code? Firstly, understanding the difference between them. shacket is a form that's called Five. A basic form a basic DOER of anything, is called a fat and so the author is somebody who forgives

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Shotcut as someone who shows gratitude, I can as someone who eats live is somebody who plays that's basic Doer form. But then there's what's called CLF mobiola, which is an exaggerated form which indicates that this person does this thing greatly. And that's when the vowel the LE for the yup for example, come after the second letter. So Rahim, meet someone who is very merciful. Kadeem is someone who's very generous Kadir is someone who's very able, I lead is someone who's very knowledgeable. And so Hatfield is a higher level than half of cardio is a higher level that God Allah subhanho data says about humanity. In Medina who sebelah ima Shakira were a mecca for rock.

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Indeed, we guided them to the way and he divides mankind into either being Shakya or ima Sephora, or they are careful. But Allah subhana data doesn't say in my shakin in my camera, these two would both be equal in their weight, they'd be equal in their form, they would both be the basic level Doer form Shakha basic in their gratitude, Katha basic in their ingratitude, but Allah subhana wa Tada doesn't divide mankind like that. He says in my Shakeela, what a marker for what form is for it is for aid for him. It is executory form. It indicates the greatness of the attribute. So what that means is that human beings are either basic in their gratitude or they are exceptional in their

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ingratitude to Allah. He doesn't say in my Shaquan, McAfee Allah, He says Mr. Shakeela, or in Makkah fora, and Allah didn't say in Masha Quran or in Makkah, because that's a high level of gratitude. Allah says no, most human beings are basic in their gratitude. And Allah says waka Leyland in another place, he says what clearly you don't mean by the Shaco. He says very few of my servants are have that level of exceptional gratitude, that level of exceptional gratitude. That's the level of Shaco. That's high level. And so the province of Elijah send them when he would pray until his feet would swell. And he was asked, Why do you pray so much? Why do you exert so much effort when your

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sins were forgiven? He said, a fella who know Abdun shockula. He didn't say should I be asked that shocking? He said, Should I not be servant of Allah who is exceptional in their gratitude to Allah? So the scholars mentioned that what's the difference between shotgun and chikoo is that Shakir is someone who does the basic obligations, that person who prays their five and fasten on my bond and gives there's like God, that's basic gratitude. And Allah subhanho data says, in my Shaquan, that people by default are basic in their gratitude. But a person will continue to ascend in voluntary actions until they become shawcor. And that's the example of the province of Elias and what he is

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seeking, when he is exerting such incredible effort in his worship of Allah subhanho data, should I not be a servant, who is shackled, exceptional in his gratitude. And the second way that we interact with this name is that when you receive a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala, that you show sugar for that blessing, and how do you show sugar for that blessing? I just want you to remember this. Don't act like you didn't receive it. Way back in the day when I was 17 years old. I had a friend of mine who was 18 years old. And he was the coolest person in the group because he got a car. And so when he got the car, he was telling us we had a youth group Halaqa on Friday night, and he was

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recounting to us his experiences with his new car and what a

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allowed for him to do. It was the first time that he was ever allowed to pray if I did in the masjid because he had a car. Before that, you know, taking the bus to go to fetch. It is not very practical. His entire life had never experienced playing frisbee in the masjid. And so it had such a transformative experience on him. He was telling us about the rest of his day. And he said, I was listening to music in my car, and then I would turn it off, and I would say, I can't be listening to music. I prayed for you in the masjid. And then you would be at school and he'd be talking to his friends and he would curse. And then he said, like, I can't curse. I prayed for you in the masjid.

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So he stopped cursing. And so I remember a sarcastically saying to him, Wow, you got a lot out of praying, feathered in the masjid. But what he was really showcasing was gratitude. That if Allah Subhana Allah, Allah gave me the blessing of praying, feathered in the masjid, that I'm not gonna carry throughout my day, like, I had the same day as before. I'm not going to carry myself like I wasn't given that blessing, that spiritual blessing that ALLAH SubhanA data gave me should create a change in my behavior, that when a person does a good deed that they feel grateful for it and their gratitude manifests in them changing their lifestyle, out of fear of it being squandered, or being

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taken away again, you know, there are many of us who become spiritually stagnant because when we were blessed with favors, we did not respond with gratitude. We took them for granted. We are able to fasten them on and develop a relationship with the Quran Ramadan, we memorize chapters of the Quran, maybe in our lives and buckler already co thought or any chapter or verse from the book of Allah Subhan Allah died and we didn't respond with gratitude. And so we didn't move beyond it. We developed the relationship with the Quran in Ramadan, and then when show why the hits, we don't show gratitude for it. And so we we don't get to continue that relationship with the Quran that light

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eventually extinguishes. We practice Islam with passion and dedication and didn't realize that this was a favor from Allah subhanho wa Taala that we should show gratitude for. So maybe instead, we thought that this was was due to our character or our commitment. And so the passion calmed and the dedication faltered. Allah subhana wa Tada says, that if you are grateful, I will surely increase you. So many people see this verse. And they think in terms of physical blessings, they need to thank Allah for this house, they need to thank Allah for this car. But spiritual blessings are more worthy of being appreciated, and more worthy of gratitude being shown for it. And the verse brings

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about our final point, which is to be grateful to people, the prophet cellulitis and him says, The one who doesn't thank people doesn't thank Allah Hadith as reported by admin. And just as Allah increases you in your blessings, if you show gratitude, guess what people do the exact same thing. One of the easiest ways to get more of an attribute that you love from someone is to show appreciation for the attribute, you know, so I'm going to take you back to high school again, one time I come home from school and I find a big tray of vegetables that are stuffed with rice, we call them mushy. And my mom doesn't normally make it. And it was just beautiful, you know, vegetables

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that were stuffed. It was a delicious dish. And I asked my mom, I said, Who made this? And she said, Your auntie so and so she stopped buying, she made it. And so I told her, I said, put her on the phone right now. My mom's like, okay, and then she calls her up and she says, You know, I'm Mark came home and he wanted to talk to you. I just go said, I'm Monty. I just want to let you know that this machine that you made was incredible. It's delicious. It's this and that. And you know, she immediately responded, you know how Auntie's respond. She goes, Oh, that thing? I just made that last minute. Next time. I'm gonna make you some real messy. How long did it take for me to call her

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and just show appreciation, show gratitude? Maybe it took one minute, but when I did that, what have I secured for myself? I have secured a lifetime supply of Mashi. From that auntie.

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Until today, if she finds out that I'm in town, I'm visiting my mom. She'll tell me, Ahmad, how long are you in town for I'm gonna make you that machine that you like.

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If you show gratitude to people, people will increase you. One of the ways that you can increase in getting the values that you want from people is by praising them for the values that you have that you appreciate. And that's not just with Muslims, by the way, even non Muslims, that we be generous with our praise, people will give you more of what you praise them for. And of course, the greatest in this regard is undoubtedly the Prophet still alive. Yes, in that he was an absolute master. He was the master of solid ideas and in noticing good qualities in people and then praising them for those qualities. And so the take home for this show gratitude to people in Ramadan, there are lots

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of people in our communities doing a lot of incredible work, volunteers in every community that we're in, take a moment and appreciate them, take a moment to thank them, your family members, thank them for the qualities that you love that they have and inshallah that they will increase it as well. May Allah subhanho data make us of those who show gratitude

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