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I will be lying in the shade on the road James Miller and Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was on page nine below his brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. sokola. Hi, thank you for joining us night number 10 of this year's Ramadan in Panama, one third of the cinema been almost over. And this is the first third which is the third of mercy email must Allah bless us with mercy in our lives and Allah have mercy upon all of us living and dead. Meanwhile, hamdulillah we continue with section two of surah. Yaseen, we said, the first section was the introduction, and it highlighted the main themes of the

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surah. And then Allah Subhana, wa Taala, would enforce those themes through examples. And the first example is the parable, the example of the people of the town, we see that this town is unknown, we don't know where this town was, who these people were, but they were a unique town in that they received something which a very, you know, we don't have another example similar to this, they received three messages being sent to them, usually a Lost Planet, Allah would send one messenger to a people. And if they are lucky, they may be to ambia like the case of bunnies are in the court, Nabi Musa and Abby huddled at the same time, they got a visa curry and a BA and a visa all at the

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same time. And so it's really unique that a town will receive two ambia. But Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that they were two of them, to know these two messengers, and they were not able to get through to the people. And so Allah sent them a third one for access now, meaning they worked hand in hand trying to support each other. And then of course, so these three MB are not able to get across to these these people. And the Quran mentions some of the false arguments that the townspeople made against the MBR. And now Allah subhanaw taala is showing that it is sort of human nature, common theme throughout our existence, that we don't like to take advice. We don't like

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people to tell us what to do, even if those advices could even who knows critic, certainly will receive advice we, you know, move in an adversarial and antagonistic position when someone tells us something. And our response usually is, well, who are you to tell me what to do? What are you to tell me how to spend my money, or how to raise my kids or how to dress, it's nothing to do with you. It's none of your business. And so this is a very similar argument when they make to the MBA you are just like us, you are no better than us, you have nothing to do is none of your business. Remember swana law as a creation of a law, everything belongs to Allah, our money, our children, our lives,

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our health, our bodies. And these are messages they fought for us that when we receive guidance, you know, maybe it is from our parents, our teachers, our Imams, and unlimitedly someone that is sort of in a position of authority might be from a friend, it might even be from someone that really got inverted commas, that is jr to us. If we receive sound advice, whether we like it or not, it's the medicine, you know, my sometimes the mates and tastes a bit better, but it's good for us and we should take it and we should learn from it Subhanallah and then we look at some of the other false responses and this is very common with even find it today. They said these messengers, you bring us

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bad omens, and you bring us in to try because you are the source of misfortune and bad luck, and the NBA respond by saying, rather your misfortune is with you, your your bad omens are with you. Meaning that in one of the the seeds of this is that whatever harm befalls you it is through your own doing that yes, sometimes almost $100 sins as hardship not as a punishment or not because of anything we did. Rather it is to elevate us into to grant us further patience like that is for example, the prophets of Salaam, the difficulties he went through. But for most of us by and large, Allah subhanho wa Taala put certain difficulties in our way as a reminder for us to come back because of

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some mistakes we are doing. And so the problem we are seeing whatever it is before seeing you as a community, biological calamities falling upon you, this is your own doing. And it is better for you to rather look at yourselves and fix those problems than to lash out at us. And in US Finally, even as an Imam, many times you get phone calls, and you'll find that there are problems in a marriage and a business things are not being successful. And immediately the first response is for the person to look for outside reasons for why this is going wrong. It must be God It must be someone is envious on me someone is singing to come on me whatever it might be, rather than say, well look at

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yourself, brother or sister. Maybe the problem is you as a husband or you as a as a wife. That is where the problem lies. And it's very difficult for people to accept that or rather believe in supernatural solutions, supernatural problems mean to look at things rationally and take a hard look at themselves. And then of course, they even escalated further. They went further to say that we will harm you and we said once you get to this point really lost all credibility if you had work and the only way to get your message across is to scream and shout and to abuse people with your community with your friends or your business. The only way for you to win an argument is to be

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aggressive, when really you have no credibility anymore. And this is crossing a line one of the prophets asylums is one of the signs of a hypocrite someone that does not have to imagine his heart is when he argues he becomes abusive. He calls names he even begins to sway and how sad it is. We find this even in so called Islamic organizations Islamic you know, mostly it's unlimited committees find these things happening. And Allah subhanaw taala protect us. The story then continues about this town and in fact, the real hero of the story is

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Not the cmba Allah subhana wa tada will devote more of the story to an unknown will lead to an unknown man one of the followers one of the Sahaba of these ambia and he is really the the hero of this this passage and it's amazing Allah subhanaw taala would immortalize his dialogue with his people and to all of eternity. He doesn't mention his name. It doesn't mean we sit he comes from just what he said to them. And what Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him as a reward. So Allah subhanaw taala continues out, will I imitate on the regime?

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What do I mean? apostle Medina theological Lee. Yes, sir, that amen came running from the furtherest in the City Color Jacobi Italia mursaleen. So a man unknown man, he comes running hurrying from the end of the city, means the end of the city and that's why most means the smiley that is for so Mecca and Medina, the two homes are close, and most of axon Jerusalem is further away. And so the man comes from the edge of town, basically on the outskirts of town, running very fast to the center of town it would be and he says to his people, oh my people follow the messengers follow these three messengers. So there's a number of things we mentioned in here, the men he sees my people and you'd

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find in the MBR mini if we go through if you as you decide through granule fine, and know when to is people in Urbino said Oh, my people now decided, let me show you. They all said oh my people. So even though these people come with it, some even those people will come, I think the worst of deeds, the MBR. And those who call to to guidance, never see yourself as better or external to the city. And many times you find the superiority complex when someone gives advice was it also as the his advice to those who are receiving admonition, those who give advice and those who are teaching, never put yourself in a superior position? They saying and if the MBA would say, Oh, my people, you

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and I are from one we are, we are brothers in our in this town. This is what he's saying, I am from amongst you, and I'm here only to give you advice. Also, when Allah mentions, why would Allah mention him coming from the furthest end of the city, what what benefit was that Allah could just say, a man from the town, one of the benefits is to know that this is of course, a message to the lobby, so solemn, but even though the people here in your immediate vicinity are not following your guidance, your message could reach far and wide, you don't even know who's going to pick up your message. And in fact, this is what's going to happen. I found very faraway, unknown unknown but, you

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know, unexpectedly I'm going to be solo my town called Medina would accept and embrace Islam with the people of Mecca would not accept Islam, and so you never know who your audience would be. And also one of the more and more contemporary sees, mentioned, that this man lived outside of the town outside the hustle bustle, the night in the olden days, the town center was the economic hub, and those who lived in the center of town were the wealthy people. And that's why the UBI usually they are sent to the center of town where the majority of the people live and outside of the town or more the farms, the rural people. And so in that there is a guidance that those people who are more

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rural, attached to a more simple lifestyle, more attached to nature, they are more susceptible to receiving guidance, whereas those who are very engrossed in madonia, and those who are very wealthy and those who are on the higher end of society, it is common for them to be an antagonistic way against the message why because the message challenges the status quo, so they have the most to lose. And when you are so engrossed in the dunya, it is very difficult for you to think beyond that. And so Allah subhanaw taala has given example that many times it is the simple humble people that we look down the the simple folk that are the ones that are closest to Allah and the more susceptible

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to receiving the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them. And so he runs to them and he says, follow the messengers. And he continues and he says to his people, who mursaleen Italia mela is Hello, come on. repeat again. He says, follow these people who are asking you have any money well, and they are on guidance. So twice he repeats the word it who wrote it who and again for us. The message is very clear. This is not a man telling an extinct city for them to follow. The messenger is telling us Oh people are people you know 2020 follow your soul. If you want success, if you want guidance on what has given you an example follow him and him that is success. So he repeats

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it to them twice, follow the messengers, and he says follow those who don't ask you for any money. They're not asking you for any money, and they are on guidance. And one of the clearest ways to know the truthfulness of a prophet. Many of these prophets we find today in the comments of these false prophets, much of their preaching is simply to live lavish lifestyles, and they use this as a means to acquire wealth. And of course, it's self enrichment. If you look at the MBR of old ladies sees nothing from this message from a linear perspective they receive nothing. Rather This message is preaching the Word of Allah was a burden upon them, they could receive no money, they could receive

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no charity. They simply depended on law completely. And this is one of the the requirements of being a Navy that you will go through this kind of very rough, hard lifestyle.

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They families. And so if you look at the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Salah, for example, when he started preaching his message, the Quran asked when they can accept the message, obviously. And for those who don't accept Islam as well, if you think about it, well, what is the motivation of this man? He's coming with a message. You know, our first instinct is using this to get some power to get some money. So the question really had that same you perhaps you fabricated this, this visit to the squadron because you want something out of it? Well, we'll tell you, no need for you to bring up this religion, stop preaching, and we'll make you our king. They even said to him, we never in our

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history had a king, we will make you our first king. And if it's money you want, we'll divide the wealth in half half will you have the whole city of Marquez wealth is for you. And if there's any woman that you want, maybe then you choose any woman you want, if she's married, we'll divorce her. And you can have if you even want children, we will give our children to you. And so the Prophet peace be upon him responded to them whether you say that oh by people, if you were to give me the sun in my right hand, and the morning my left hand, meaning you were to give me the kingdom of the whole world, then what benefit is this against Allah subhanho wa Taala. I am just here to convey a

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message and I either convey the message or I send an opposition to Allah. Also, the man says on that point, someone might ask them, is it not the correct that those who preach today, the Imams, your elements, your uppers, the chef's, they should also not be receiving money that this should be done purely in love. So common kind of question that people ask. In fact, there's a hadith in Sahih Bukhari the Prophet Solomon says, the thing for which is most deserving to take a reasonable payment is the book of Allah meaning to teach in the book of Allah, the ambia are different, they are ordained, and they are appointed by Allah subhanaw taala. But your mom and your teacher, your mom or

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your halifa, they are providing you a service. Yes, the service goes beyond just the transaction, they doing it for your benefit for your after all. They are concerned about your spiritual well being the well being of your children and spiritually, man. And of course, they also need to eat and feed their family, and they also deserve a fair wage. So nothing wrong for the person who is teaching you Islamic knowledge to pay for it. And in fact, really Subhana Allah, what we pay, we look at what we pay in terms of subscription to maybe DSTV, or the dounia things which are not even at the very least, it's no benefit at the worst, it's even harder compared with what we pay our

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mothers and our Imams and our chefs. Very, very sad, you know, I'm fortunate to be part of an organization called the IDP, the economic development project. And we see how the moms struggle with their communities financially mean and even now it was in the COVID-19 world with a massage it closed down. We have a slogan yet ADP that our imams built our communities that while everyone else, your doctor, your lawyer, your accountant, are concerned about something of your dunya even if they are sincere, you know, you have a very good mechanic, he cares about your car, your mom is concerned about your soul. And therefore how you teach your mom and by how much you contribute to the well

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being of your mom and his family shows you how much you value the service he is giving. So Allah subhanaw taala support those who are teaching his his message and grant us to support them as well. And so also the the man says this when he speaking to his people, he says, follow those ambia those messengers who asked for no payment. And they are also rightly guided. Why did he mention this? Because even even those who reject the message can recognize that these people have a high moral standing, that the population You know, this was a lamp, he is truthful, he's kind he's kidding. He's generous. He's brave, all the things that any person can identify as being good, a good human

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being the MBR. Of course, they personify this for us, this is a message that we should be of the highest moral caliber, but even those who don't accept our religion, they don't accept our, you know, our worship our Deen, they should recognize in us that these people have a high moral character, whichever definition you want to define someone as having models, these people excel in it, they are the first to give charity, they are the first to give to assist when there is a calamity, they are the last you would find when it comes to lying. You don't find it amongst them that when you do when they do work, they are honest. So this is what we should we should, you know,

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follow that follow that path of, of guidance and and be the first in in answering those things so that people can recognize it, even those who don't believe in Islam. And so the man continues, one or the other, our attorney will lie down. He says, Why should I not worship? He who originated me photography is more than Hakone. It's deeper than the one who created me is actually the one who made me from nothing. Why should I not worship Him? Who made me from nothing was related to john and to him, You mean all of us we will return? So this verse, he says if there is a response to a question, so this man is one of them, you know, someone that the townspeople knew? And they said,

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Are you also following the religion of these three crazy people? How can you worship the gods and forsake our gods? And so he says, even though he responds to them, he says, How can I not worship the one who created me who created the universe and to whom we are all going back? So it's a very simple argument. It's a very concise and simple argument. And it's the theory

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Of all NBA this, this is the same theology of La Ilaha Illa. What we learn from this is the message from Nabil Adam, until maybe so sometime until the end of time, the format of success in this world is to worship Allah alone, again, uses the word, use the word, Buddha, to worship, not to believe. Most people I repeat this many times most people of the world, they believe in one overall creator within the Jews, indiscretions, whatever it might be, believe in one creator, but what they worship is something other than that creator. And so he said, How silly is it? You believe in one overall Master of the Universe, but your worship is for others besides him? What benefit is that to me? And

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it is to Him we will return he continues at the human dooney area in Europe, Muhammad Abdullah Tony Anisha Toshi.

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So he's asking and look at look at the thing. He doesn't say you people, he says me and use a hypothetical. He said, hypothetically, if I should take others besides Allah, as objects of worship earlier, if I should worship any besides Allah, and in that case, I have my idol. I have my comet. I have my Wali I have my chef, I have my stone, whatever it might be, I worship that thing. But then even the man is the Most Merciful if Allah once for me, he wants he wants to bring about some hardship upon me, he wants to cause some hardship upon me. If Allah wishes for me any kind of harm or adversity, then these things that I you worshiping besides Allah can cannot benefit me, what

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benefit Can they do against Allah subhanho wa Taala and he Shiva to whom they intercession with Allah is of no benefit when are you alone and they cannot save me. And this is a powerful message to many people today. Many times as we see, most people they believe in one creator, supreme law, you know, originator and we believe all power is in his head in his hands. So it is asked why do you worship these things? Why you go to the graves and the saints and these things, they will say no, these people are our intercessors with Allah subhanaw taala and the man is asking a very simple question. What benefit can the karma do to intercede with the loss of Hannah data? If Allah does not

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wish for you any good or Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to bless you can this can this indecision be of any benefit to you can even Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam give a give you a blessing Allah is not intended for you or protect us from our home that Allah subhana wa Taala wishes to be for us. Rather it is based and it is safest. It is the only way rather not safest. It is the only way to turn to Allah directly. And this is the gift of Islam Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we can invoke him directly when we mix Allah He can Abu

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alot we worship directly and this is what Allah wants from us. So the man says what what benefit is there to call upon anyone besides Allah when Allah has all the power in me even if he's already mobian again he puts it upon himself to you people are misguided he says if I were to worship on someone besides Allah then in green surely I will be in clear error I would make me making a huge mistake in the amount to be wrong become and I is me I am surely I am worshipping your God. The same one that made me made you so it is outrageous the same creator for smile own so please is a is a really really is like pleading with him. Listen to me. I'm giving you sound advice. Now the ayah

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jumps pre recorded agenda. Someone is saved said we don't know who the one that saying it. It could be a lawyer himself. Or it could be the angels most likely it's the angels. It says clean adequate agenda. It was said to him in the agenda. Call I later call me on the moon. He said How I wish my people could know we Maharani Rob be with me how my lord has forgiven me and how he has made me amongst those who are honored. So how what's going on here in the dialogue of he had spoken to his people and he said worship Allah. This is the only way for you. It says Kira. What is meant here is people actually killed him. So they killed in these towns, this these people, they could no longer

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stand what he was saying. And so they murdered him. And this is a very powerful message to the believers that of Makkah and to many parts of the world. And Allah make it easy that people even though you come with good advice and sincere guidance, they would be so angry to listen to that they might actually kill someone. So this Wali of Allah was murdered by his people simply because he said to them to worship Allah. And as a response, Allah said to him into Jana, you have gentlemen Now, what's beautiful is even before the day of karma, even before the questioning on the cover, the moment he died, the moment is so lift his body, it will say to him, this is your place in general,

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you have now admission to gender. Yes, you won't be able to intergender now until the deaf comma, but he's so old and he would be in a coma that is a garden, regardless of gender. And then amazingly Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the first statement he makes often this man dies, what a wonderful person he is. He says, Oh how I wish my people could no he is still feeling sad about the people that killed him. He still worried and concerned about them. When he sees what Allah has prepared for him agenda. This is how I wish my people could see this how they could know

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How my lord has offered me how Allah has forgiven my sins, all those shortcomings, all those, wipe them away ALLAH forgive all our sins, wipe away our sins, and he has made me amongst the undead made me cry mean, say Allah has anointed me beyond what I could have imagined. What's also what's also lovely here, the sentence structure is a bit odd. It would have been easy on the tongue to say I wish people knew how Allah has forgiven and honored me use the verb on it, but instead he's UCC. how Allah has forgiven me which is a verb and made me amongst those who are honored, made it into a noun form. Why? Because a noun is not bound by time verb is past present, it's bound by time. Yeah, he

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says, always made me of those who are honored, meaningful eternity, and now is the forever I will always be amongst honored meaning his reward will never ever end. He was also beautiful, he said, made me amongst the honor. There are so many countless, unknown only I like the smell simple, humble people that we don't know. We may even look down on them, and they are so dear and so close to Allah, even though Allah mentions three ambia it is this man, and it's this man's discussion and he is death that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about in this in the surah and giving more attention to it. Also, as we said, what's beautiful is his concern and his love for his people that even as much

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as they are they harmed him they even killed him. He still you know dies, wanting good and hide for them. If you're giving advice that you should OkCupid only give advice to those whom you love. And if you don't love the people you are calling out to when it's best for you not to give advice. Allah Subhana Dada continuing the next section of verses, even the lead to see what is the repercussions of these people have killed us Wali Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah forgive us and guide us and grant us genital freedos I mean, sokola he said I want more light well

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