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AI: Summary © The upcoming deen center and fitness facilities in Syria will be discussed by the host, with political backlash occurring in Syria as well. The speakers touch on the pros and cons of the current crisis in Ukraine, including the practicality of the situation and potential for discrimination. They also discuss the pros and cons of the Ukraine crisis, including the loss of people and the moral and political implications of the conflict, and the importance of providing psychological counseling to make people feel empowered to build successful lives.
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They are Muslims with completely different habits, different political culture with which we have nothing to do with our Polish culture

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mafia nukkad

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This is your brother Hamza and dress jerseys. And I want every single one of you to support Eddie from the deen show, financially and otherwise but in what way? I want you to support his new project. The Deen center is going to be a transformative experience the center why because it's going to be a masjid is going to be a place of worship is also going to have fitness facilities. And it's also going to be a data center to call people back to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Muslims and non Muslims, and we trust Edie completely. I for one will take 1000 bullets for Eddie, he has a vision. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Dawa. He's had a huge success with the deen

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show. And he had the support of many dua 10 preachers and scholars from all around the world. He's going to be an amazing project for everybody. Go to the Dean's into the org Donate now.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, greetings of peace. Welcome to the D show. I'm Edie your host, you guys have been requesting for quite some time to talk about to create awareness on what's going on in Syria. We've talked about many of the oppressions that are going on all over the world in different places. But what about Syria? You don't hear much about it on the news. You hear about Ukraine, you hear about all the other things that are going on, but why not Syria? Why not? When the Muslims are being oppressed? The world is silent, no prayers for the Muslims. So we are here to talk with our next guest, who is the president of an organization is doing some wonderful work. Dr.

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Safar, how are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good.

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So how you been? It's been quite a while since we've seen that time has just flown by. So I know. I know. I'm doing I'm doing very well. And busy, very busy. But Hamdulillah. You know, I love

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community service. I love serving my community. And I've been busy with that. Ever since you know me? Yes. Yeah. You're also an attorney? Yes, I am. Yes. You're the you're the president of an organization that's dedicated to creating awareness on what's going on in Syria? Yes. Tell us about this organization. The organization is the Syrian forum, USA. And it's it's a organization that is dedicated to uplifting and kind of repairing really, the life of Syrians that have been shattered by by the war that now has been going on for about 11 years going on to 12.

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Okay, we hear what's going on in Ukraine. And it said, anytime oppression is happening anywhere in the world. But a lot of people are asleep to what's happened on Syria, you don't hear much is it kind of like is everything over is back to normal? It is really not back to normal. But so basically, there's a de facto division now of Syria, the you know, the northern part, like a strip of about maybe 50 kilometers from the Turkish border. And it's not consolidated yet, but but it is, it is almost, it's been consolidated. And there's a lot of complications and a lot of international kind of haggling and back and forth between the different actors and governments and countries that

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have control or have some influence. But eventually, what people see is that North Korea and South Korea kind of thing for the foreseeable future, the North being mostly, you know, under the, if you will,

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I don't want to say the protectorate of Turkey, but almost like that. And then And then, and everybody who fled the regime will will be in that in that strip, if you will. And in south of that it will be it will be controlled by the government as as it has been. Yeah. So what's the situation of the Muslims there? You know, just in general, like day to day life, can you paint a picture of what's the day to day life in Syria? Try so. So really, it's a very difficult and incredible dichotomy in that in that you are either under the government control, and you are.

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You are safe from bombardment, but you are living the most oppressive life there is. You literally have no control over anything. You walk out of your door. You don't know if you're going to be stopped by a secret

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Police, you don't know whether somebody is going to whisk you and decide that, you know, you are somehow a threat to the government and they throw you into somewhere where they torture you. I mean, you hear the stories, and you see the pictures of us. I mean, the government is merciless, and it seems like the international community have decided that they are not going to hold them accountable. And they got that message loud and clear. So they continue to oppress. So they have they have a complete iron iron fist on the area under their control. And if you are a younger man or woman, you know, you avoid going out you avoid, you know, you try to stick to places where you can

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avoid the government's you know, reach and eyes.

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On the other hand, if you are outside of government control, then then you can be bound anyone any money. So whether by the government troops, whether by the Russians, or whether by the Iranians, and so and so you are not safe.

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And that's really the the life, you know, in Syria in general, you choose either oppression, or you choose basically being being unsafe and bombed anytime. How would you compare now with whole world awakening, and coming to the aid of the Ukrainian people, compared to when things are happening in places like Gaza in places like Myanmar and other places? Most were in Syria now? And it seems like there's a double standard. So I'm sure we are wondering why Ukrainians are welcome in all countries, while we Syrian refugees are still in tents and remain under the snow under death. And no one is looking at us. But Hungary is now allowing Ukrainians through their closed borders. Yeah, I don't

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know why there is this discrimination. We are also humans, we also fled in a hair suffering for 10 years. It's a day and night. Absolutely. And it's very clear, it's very clear. And I would say I mean, partly, maybe it's for practical reasons. Ukraine being being, you know, you know, in Europe and being too close. You know, if Ukraine falls, then, you know, the Western world in general, feel vulnerable. And so that, you know, so there's that practical element, but most definitely, there's another element of the fact that those people in Ukraine are not brown and black people, are they not? You know, you saw the reporters when they were reporting on it. They were saying they look like

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us blond hair blue. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. They don't they don't hide their prejudices. Yeah, not at all. Also, as a as an attorney, I mean, do you see now, because you know, the laws, I don't know, in this particular area of expertise, maybe you're familiar with, but it's kind of ironic that you saw people even from the UK and United States, other parts of the world, going over there, you know, volunteering to, you know, to help. And if somebody was to do the same, right, they'd be locked up for life. Okay, then you're fighting for democracy.

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Democracy, this process of God say, UK, I've been setting my mind to why I'm going and I always say, just because 16,000 Foreigners have joined in the fight on the ground in Ukraine. And Monday, the country temporarily lifted visa requirements for foreigners making it easier for them to come in and get after it. They're here to fight. I have to fight I will fight. Ukraine's president called on foreigners to join a newly formed international defense Legion to bolster the country's army. He hailed them all as heroes. And 1000s of people from around the world have been answering that call. Some are joining Ukraine's armed forces, others are trying to get to the battle on their own. Sure.

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Absolutely. Again, it's a double standard, throw and throw. Absolutely. So you've seen those things also. Sure, sure. And it's a it's a matter of designation, and because, you know, I mean, you know, the lights, whatever the lawmakers makes it, you know, so if they draft the law in a certain way, that would criminalize an act, it becomes criminal. And, and, you know, and, and beyond that, even when it comes to the application of the law, you know, sometimes the government can turn the other eye to something for short term or long term or forever, or it can be like a hawk right on it, the first infraction, they jump on it, and they, you know, think of it as you know, you drive down a

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highway and, you know, sometimes you drive at and they let you get away with it, and sometimes you're like, you know, 5657 and they flag you down and they have multiple reasons, sometimes discriminatory reasons. Sometimes it's, you know, it's the same way it really is the same way till there was a situation with just some of the basic necessities for life, electricity, food, water. Yeah. What's going on with that? I mean, again, if you are under government control, you probably are getting electricity, three, four hours a day, that's about it. And if you are outside, it depends where you are some areas that have now gotten some infrastructure

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From Turkey, they they live in relative, you know, as far as utilities as far as water and for running water all that they live in, in relatively decent situation. But there are many places where they don't have the in the infrastructure have been destroyed, utterly. And they so they don't have running water. They don't have electricity they live on, you know, generators and you know, they go get gas from from miles away and they walk that distance and that kind of stuff. Yeah. And so as far as food also the same thing. I mean, a lot of them on the northern part, they still live on, you know, aid, they still live on, you know, the handouts from the international community, from

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charities, including Muslim charities. And they don't have means of being able to secure their own needs, or the charity organizations who tried to help their brothers and sisters down there. Are they given a hard time? Are they able to get in there and help? I would say for the most part they can, I would say yes. There was a time where where the border was completely open. And you know, the the charities can go back and forth freely. It has been tightened, but it's still it's relatively easier to bring aid in from from the turkey side. So what could the world at large people who don't know much about this part of the world? Why is it important to get informed on what's going on there

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in Syria? Sure.

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I mean, on a humanitarian level, like it really is, is one of the, I would say the worst strategy, if tragedy in the 21st century bar, none, I really do. about sort of the population of Syria, pre war was 23 million. So there's about about 5 million that are displaced around the world, in Turkey by 3 million. And then the other 2 million between Egypt and Lebanon, and then the European countries,

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you know, throughout. So that's about 5 million. And then you have about another 5 million that are displaced within Syria, in that northern strip that I talked about. So you have about 10 out of 23 million, that are that are displaced. So the country got got shattered. And and the repercussions of that, I would say, are felt poor white, I would dare say that Russia's aggression in Ukraine was as a result of the green light it got in Syria, because they felt that they have leverage and they can, they can make a move on something more strategic to them, which is to kind of hurt Europe and be able to, to grab land from countries that they feel traditionally or, you know, historically have

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somehow either belong to them, or should fall under their influence. And so, so even the Ukraine situation, I believe, is as a result of the international community, being laxed on Syria. But in addition to that, honestly, on a philosophical level, I'll tell you, that to me, you know, the moral failure of the Western civilization in Syria, to me, is something that will probably, you know, how to put it in,

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will bring in my mind the downfall of Western civilization, if there's not a correction to that, to that failure, because you have, I mean, the videos, I mean, only three months ago, the videos, literally in some neighborhoods in Damascus, they were they were literally digging the ground, making a hole, bringing it out of the neighborhood, everybody they think is against the government, marching them into the hole and shooting them in the head right at the hole and then pushing them in. Absolutely. And, and there was videos of about a couple of those, but they say there's hundreds of them. I mean, that the amount of you know, the torture, I mean, you know, that we had the seeds

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of law that was passed, as a result of what as a result of 55,000 pictures of 11,000 people who died under torture, and they had the exact system that Hitler had, where everybody who, who was killed under torture, they had them film, they throw them on the floor naked. They had them filmed in five, six different positions. And then reports were written about about them. And those reports were being submitted to the President himself, and of course, the intelligence agencies under him. So you have that kind of that kind of atrocities that should have required to set aside anything else any politics any just on moral grounds, and the fact that that didn't happen to me, is is something that

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that in my mind, if not corrected? Is is is capable

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of bringing down the Western civilization. Honestly, that's really deep. You know, when you think about it, you going back to, again, what's going on, you know, you see a lot of pray for Ukraine or others. And that's not to diminish the suffering of people. But have you seen anything? Pray for the Muslims in Syria? Really? Not really. I see maybe one, one go trending? I have not seen. I have not seen that. I mean, that's mind boggling. Yeah. Yeah. So what's your tell us the, again, what your organization does. So Syrian forum USA is an organization dedicated Our motto is rebuilding Syrian lives, because as I told you, those slides were shattered in every respect. And so we basically work

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on on supporting the putting together back together the lives of Syrians, whether in Turkey, or northern Syria, or even in some pockets within the government's control if we if we can, and if we are able to, and basically, we focus on really, like our methodology, and is that we say, you know, from the old adage, you know, give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, give him a teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. So, our we have focused, for example, on securing jobs, for Syrians who are in Turkey, we have built relationships with the with the industrial complex, if you will, with some government agencies, where we trained Syrians, we put them into jobs, we monitor

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them in those jobs, make sure that they are earning money, because honestly, like personally, when, when, when, when I would go to Syria, the northern part, and then in Turkey, one of the most difficult scenes is to see a little Syrian child coming up to the cars when they stop at the traffic light to clean the window. So they can get you know, some some money, and then almost always, when you look to the side, you will find that his mom is sitting under the tree waiting for him to collect those little money and bring it to her because her husband, you know, got killed either in prison or is away or, or whatever, those kinds of things. So those moms, for example, we take them,

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we buy them sewing machines, we train them on there, some of them, they learn how to cut stones, the beads, you know, they make beads and stuff, some of them they became entrepreneurs, the one lady that stands out for me is that now she employs about 25 Ladies, and she started out by getting her own machine and working. So, our our motto and our our philosophy is that, you know, do whatever we can to make them stand on their feet. So, we do small business loans, you know, we we have bought seeds for for farmers, if the area is safe enough to where they can they can plant where we have bought some people for example, you know, either either some sheep or or even a small calf, and they

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they you know, they raised them then they use their milk and and all that and sell them. So, so we do whatever we can to try to, to bring somebody to stand on their feet. And we monitor them we have them we provide them even with psychological support and social counseling, until we can feel that they are able to now do move on their own, we move to the next you know, the next group the next batch so so that's our model. And the name of the organization again is Syrian forum USA. God Almighty a lot of words you thank you, thank you hear me except for most trying to make a difference by creating awareness. And see you next time here and shall I mean shall Sharla salaam Alhamdulillah

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we are in contract to purchase this 35,000 square foot facility to make it the dissenter. And in it there'll be a masjid in sha Allah. The last the final master you said to mankind the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said that the one who helps build a masjid for Allah. Allah will build for them a house in Jannah get the tremendous rewards and donate right now to help purchase this property. May God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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