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To talk just what they called chew the fat or something like that in this culture, or they used to anyway, that type of talk is permissible unless it becomes excessive, because of the problems of the tongue. And the fact that you will probably end up saying things that you shouldn't have said, because there are things that are prohibited to say, you can't backbite against people. And then finally, what is prohibited. The things that are prohibited in this world are very few. If you take a mathematics position, all this prohibited homothetic admitted to with them will like Manziel or mohila heliad at law. That's it. What is prohibited from eating is carrying dead flesh, blood and

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pig meat and anything that was sacrificed for other than God, that's it. And then even that, woman will Torah read about him, but as far as money if he is forced to do it, not out of transgression, then there's no sin in that so you can even eat pig if you have to eat pig if you're starving. So those are the only things that are prohibited and then Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Muhammad when may sir brown Sava Islam, Allah subhana wa reads from an amateur pond sustainable, that come up in toxicants is prohibited. That's it. That's a horrible Xena don't go near fornication to in new fascia fit. No Canna fascia was a severe, it's a foul thing. And it has a bad effect on the society

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once you allow fornication to just look at the end results of venereal diseases, illegitimate children, the breakdown of family sebelah. And that's all the Quran says it's just it's a bad road to take. Don't go down that road. Don't slander people aside, if what was said about it, don't steal, pretty basic thing. That's what's prohibited. If you want to understand the essence of shediac is that it is a logical set of understandings that enable you to live your life without harming yourself or others. That's the essence of *tier. And I'll give you the essence, as the authorities understand it. There are five things or six I'm break the dignity into lineage and honor

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or name, there are five things every single ruling in the Shetty app in the sacred law of Islam is designed to preserve one of these five things religion, because that's why you were created to worship God. And so preservation of religion and the beauty of Islam even though it's the preservation of Islam, it also demands that Muslims preserve the right for other people to worship in their lands. And that's why the Hanafi and nomadic have even supported the Hindus and the Buddhists and and every religion to worship as they see fit their God or whatever they worship. So therefore commanding us to pray is to preserve religion commanding us to fast to preserve religion,

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all these things, the Hajj preservation of religion, and then protection of life. And that's why the prohibition of killing to preserve life. So all the laws that relate to transactions and treating people correctly, and things have to do with preservation of life and property. Because you can create wars and things like that you treat people wrongly, you do things wrong, you end up fighting and things like that. So that's up to nevsun right, don't kill a soul that Allah subhana wa tada has made sacred, right, and when it happened over seven foot,

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patrol and NASA Demian whoever kills a soul without just do or as a result of brigades and highway robbers and things like that in the earth, people it's so corrupt in the earth. It's as if he's killed all of humanity. So the soul is sacred, every soul, every human soul, whether they're Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, whatever, the soul is sacred, and you have no right to take the soul without permission. And so those laws that relate in shediac, to preservation of life, preservation of property of intellect, the prohibition of intoxicants is to preserve the intellect. That's why they're prohibited because the prophets Allah s&m said and Humberto Madhava, intoxicants are the

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roots that the matrix of so many foul things. And he said that a man will become drunk and end up sleeping with his child or his relative, or kill somebody and not even know it. manslaughter. 50,000 people die every year in the United States because of drunk drivers and people intoxicated, really, most of the deaths on the road in accidents in America are related to drugs and alcohol, the prohibition of drugs and alcohol. Now people say, Well, we tried that in this country. You know, we tried the temperance movement. The truth is that Muslims because they believe in it, that it's from God, and even if you think it's just, it's not God that's told you not to drink but you think it's

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just the government? Well, why should I do that? It's just the government's an arbitrary law. Whereas if you really believe this is from God for your protection, and preservation,

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That's a different matter. And that's why the Muslims generally have lived in societies. If you go to Mauritania, it's almost impossible to find alcohol or drunk people, because people believe in that they don't drink for that reason. I became Muslim when I was 18. Before that, I haven't touched anything, nothing. And before that I was just like teenagers in this country exposed to those things, but you give it up for the sake of God. And so I've lived my entire adult life without ever touching any intoxicant. And I haven't missed it. I'm glad that I didn't, I mean, I'm glad I was protected from all that sorrow and suffering, things related to that. And then also preservation of

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property, prohibition of gambling, the prohibition of usury, the prohibition of stealing of theft of embezzlement, all these type things, is to preserve property. And then the preservation of lineage prohibits fornication to preserve lineage, and also honor dignity. That's why it's prohibited to backbite, to slander to speak ill of people because they have their name, their name is sacred. And so you honor people's name by not speaking ill of them. Unless you have a just reason to do that, like in a court of law where you have to testify against somebody, and then that rule is set aside for a greater good. So there's a situational type of ethics here. There's things that override other

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things. That's why it's permitted to kill somebody who's taken life. So that is the shediac. The shediac is a logical set of principles and precepts. There are a few things that the Quran has legislated clearly, one of them is inheritance. And the reason for that is because one of the things that breaks families apart is the distribution of wealth after the death of a wealthy relative and so what should he does? It apportions that? Now out of the nine categories, six of them are women. The thing about Islam is that women didn't even inherit in even in 19th century Britain, women did not inherit wealth, as Switzerland in 1970s, I think they couldn't even vote. They couldn't vote in

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Switzerland, women until like 1980, or something. And that's considered one of the most progressive European country, but their idea was the family one vote, one house type thing.

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And then if you look at the differences, you know, the idea of women getting half of what men that's not always there's cases where women get more than the men in the division, but with a daughter and a son, the son gets twice as much. Now the reason in shediac, and it's never in the history of Islam, and you can see is an m&m walk in him even a payment jovia which this is eight century you look at what the scholars said, eighth, ninth century, they never interpreted this idea that men were better than women or they get twice as much as or twice as good never. It was always understood that the responsibilities of wealth that men have women do not have that was understood to be the

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rationale, that women are reserved our moon out in the PSA that men have to take care of women maintain them, it's an obligation, and therefore they their money is obligatory, whereas women's money is discretionary. Whatever she earns whatever she inherits, it's her she doesn't have to support anybody or give it to anybody's on she pays that cat. That's it.

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And that's why Muslim world was filled with very wealthy women over history. Many of them were great supporters of Islam as well of building mosques and hospitals and universities, the Quran and Sunnah and the historical embodiment, they talk about the med hubs, and I want to go over that very quickly. The basic four SUNY med hubs came out of a recognition that there were many ways to interpret a verse. For instance, the Koran says about divorce, that you should wait for three, the word it uses is Kuru, and are in Arabic, means it's from the upper bed, which are opposite words, it means the time in which a woman is menstruating. But it also means the time she's free from

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menstruating. There was no clarification from the prophets Eliza about which one it was, and so became an issue we had the issue. Some of the scholars said it means the time between periods. Others said it meant the time of the period. And there's a reason that we believe that God left it like that is it forces people to think that part of the reason the Quran was revealed was to force people to use their intellect under control. We sent down this Koran in order to force you to think and that's one of the meanings of that verse, in order for you to use your intellects and that he had means it comes from jihad, to exert one's utmost intellectual endeavor to understand the

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intentions behind a verse or a hadith. That that's what it is. And for that reason, there are multiple interpretations and therefore the shedding is opened.

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To interpretation,

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as long as it is not crazy what they call Tet, we'll eat something that is just off the wall. It's unacceptable. But generally there are many different opinions about any thought on the line, for instance, believes that Muslim and non Muslim are equated in murder. So if a Muslim kills a non Muslim, then the Muslim dies, they know that Whoo, that's a dumb the people that are responsible for that person, Emma Matic did not, he said that they had to pay the blood money. So that's a difference of opinion, you get those types of difference of opinion in the *tier. And those are all open to discussion debate. I think a very interesting section here, which is jurisprudence and

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politics. One of the things that modern Muslims have really come to believe, is that Islam is a political philosophy, which is very interesting, because that, at essence, is the claim of Zionism. Zionism turned Judaism into a political philosophy. And one of the signs of the end of time is the prophet SAW him said that you will follow Benny Assad, and you will become like Venezuela. And so just as many as he had wanted a Zionist state, there are now modern Muslims that want this thing called an Islamic State. And an Islamic State is the idea that you can force people to be good Muslim, which is a completely insane idea. It's never existed, and it will never exist. If you think

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religion can be legislated by a government, you're completely diluted, it's a delusional state, and I have no other word for it. And Allah subhana wa tada says, in the Koran, do you think you can force people to be believers took Rahu, naza and nukunonu? Meaning, do you think you can force people to believe it doesn't work? Islam is an internal mechanism, the best thing a government can do is to provide as close as possible a court system that is not open to bribery is not open to but even the prophets, Allah Islam said, out of three judges to go to hell, which is bad odds. And that is why traditionally, Muslim scholars never wanted to be judges. And that is why all four of the

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Imams were completely apolitical. They were not involved in politics, the only political Stan that 100 manhandled took was actually not a political stand. It was related to al Qaeda, because he declared openly the Quran was uncreated. Because the martez unite, had convinced the ruling party that the quorum was created, and it was just a stupid period, people did some really stupid things. But that's what hanifa refused to enter into politics and was imprisoned for it. Mr. Malik, if you read the entire model, one does not have one political statement, he was once accused of sympathizing with Mohammed nurses akia, who was one of the family of the Prophet that that a

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rebellion in the hijas. But there's no he didn't have political positions, all he was doing was teaching shediac. If you want to learn it, and apply it to heaven, if you don't, good luck in the APA, and that is the way the religion has to be, it has to be free of politics, once the scholar becomes engaged in the political process, he's corrupted by it, because that's the nature of the world. It's a corrupting element. And so you don't want religion to be tainted by the temporal, you always want religion, to have that a temporal quality to it. And that's why Islam did not create a priesthood or create an ecclesiastical society. The idea is that every believer should try to be as

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close to God as he can, or she can. So you don't want a group of priests dictating for you things know and the scholar, anybody can become a scholar, there's no ordain meant scholars, if they're really rooted and trained, can have difference of opinion. So there's no official church theory. You know, the Pope says, No, you all have to agree with me know that. I'm a different one of them says this, and other says that, and people are deemed intelligent enough and with enough common sense to be able to discern, right and wrong. In a healthy society. This modern concept is really an unfortunate, it's just had a really bad effect on the Muslims. Because what happens is, if these

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guys get into power, they'll be just as bad as the previous government, if not worse. And it's as simple as that. They'll create the same intelligence mechanisms, and they'll do the torture, and they'll do all the cells do the same thing. Suppose that if you don't think this country has it, we have it just doesn't happen in the same way, the school of the Americas. I mean, that's what they do. They train people to torture and do all that stuff. But they do it in South America. They do it in the Middle East. I mean, that's why some of these Qaeda guys they want to interrogate them in other country.

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So they can put the electrodes on and do all that stuff and feel good about it because it didn't happen inside the United States. You know, football can become like lawyers everywhere, jurists know how to manipulate the law for their own ends. And there have always been jurists who would sell their skills to the powers that be. Every King has had an official ruler or two who is willing to issue whatever Islamic edicts were necessary for the government to function in the way the king desired. So it still goes on