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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala should be able to study in one module Rasulullah is Allah it right it will say with salah the Sleeman cathedral Casita, Hamamatsu

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one of the most famous incidents.

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And most famous and most important incidents in the Sierra is the

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incident of the BIA disallow Libya,

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the Treaty of Libya

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for those of you who are not familiar with it,

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first of all study the Sierra there should be no Muslim who's not familiar with these things in the Sierra. But until you get the

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rasa Selim

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in a dream, he saw himself making the love of the Kaaba, which is Omaha with the Muslims.

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We know that the dream of the Ravi SallAllahu Sallam and the Gambia la Musa is why the lighter

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Surah Surah As Salam took this as an instruction of Allah, which is what it was that he should go for.

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So he announced publicly, he said I have been instructed over I went over and anyone who's interested to come in.

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So obviously people were very happy. They had not been especially the Mahajan had not been to Makkah, which was their hometown. For

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from the time they came to Medina.

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So totally 1400 People went with Ross Ross, Ursula. Now it's a long and very interesting story. I won't go into all of that. But 1400 People went, their intention was to make Onra they were not going to fight any wars, any battles. It was they were not armed except for their personal weapons. Other than that, there was no battle planning, there was none of that. To the extent that says an hour of the HIPAA law, who also went with him, he got very, very concerned. And he said, you also love we are going with this intention, but we have enemies. They don't know this if we get attacked, what happens. So please allow us to take heavier weapons and armor and stuff like that. They

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did not accept that for a day, almost two days, then he agreed. So they sent for all that. And he said on condition that those animals which are getting the weapons and all these things must stay away from us, they must not be part of our group. And that's how it happened. They came at the back. This group was going forward they had

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they had haram they had sacrifice sacrificial animals with Demonsaw.

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Now that we'll do long story, we won't go into all that but they eventually stopped at a place called Libya which was literally within a stone's throw of MCC.

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So as I said, I'm Skaven

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Casa de stop there, refused to go forward.

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And so again, this is from Allah subhanaw taala this was the order of Allah, his cavalry was to go forward. People said she has become CASA has become rebellious. And she is you know, revisionism said this is not, it is not in her nature to rebel.

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And she is guided by Allah.

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He Yamamura he said that she is under the guidance of Allah, so it's a lever. So the camel stopped there, he also stopped and they all come to the place over there.

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Now, then there was a gap

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between the Quraysh and there was a seller who sent messengers into the second of my platform or the Alonzo to say that he we have come only to make obrah We have not no intention of anything else, please allow us to come and read over and go back to Medina. Now.

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It was the age old practice of max age or meeting for literally centuries, not just, you know, not just years or something. It was the age old practice of Africa, that nobody would be stopped from coming to the Haram no matter who it is. If they want to come to the Haram we don't stop them because this is the this is bachelor, anybody.

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This was not anybody. This was Mohammed bin Abdullah Abdullah totally. This was the man this was the actual descendant of the one who had the key of the Kaaba, which is of the hotel.

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Right. We have the story of

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Have Abraha and the swans or who had the key of the camera

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so this is the grandson of the man. This is from Bhanu Hashem he they know him. He's the best of their best is the closest relative to their leader, the man who discovered some some of the model

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yet they did not arrive to go. So they went against the most important customer of the Arabs, they broke that customer. There is no there are.

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Meanwhile, there was a robot that said and I've been a fan of Alana who had gone there, he did not come back this somebody said he had been assassinated, he had been killed, he had not been killed, God has given given protection and so on. He was okay but they didn't know that. So it also has to buy from all the Sahaba who came there under a tree

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in the camp of his own relatives, who are the one Roger from Medina, and this is called by to Ridwan and they all get by, and Foros van Mina fondo de la ro sallam, he took his hand he left hand like this, there is a this is the hand I was wore in my hand and he made by so say there was maravilla, who was

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doubly honored that his wear was done by the Rasul Elisa himself. And then Allah revealed karamo this.

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Then came so helping the negotiator from courage

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after they had said support before that, but finally served without, and soybean hour later on, became Muslim or the alarm.

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And he became very critical Muslim at a very critical time. So we'll talk about that later. But anyway, he came and the Salah was written. So when the when the treaty was being written, at that time, they were negotiating the treaty. And the treaty was very one sided. It was a very unfair treaty, very one sided treaty. It looked like a very humiliating treaty, because the Muslims were agreeing to everything but the Quraysh were not agreeing to anything, including

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the thing that really hit the Muslims and heard that was the clause of the treaty to say that if one of the Horatia one of the non Muslims from Makkah, becomes Muslim, and comes to Rasool was reserved, Medina, he should be returned.

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Whereas the opposite of one of the Muslims left Islam and went over to the forays to Makkah, they will not be returned. So it was a very, you know, it was humiliating it was.

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It was not a good treaty.

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And then they said on our other arrow, and again, imagine this is something which we know in the history that it is either Amara Dillon, who actually vocalized and said this, but from my study of the Sierra, I can tell you that this is he was not the only one with this thought in his mind, believe me.

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He came from Surah Surah Surah Salam, and he said, Yasser Allah, are you not the Rasul of Allah?

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That was one of those videos I've done.

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He said, are we not right? Are we not correct? Are we not on the hook? And these people are on battle? Is it not true? There is ourselves Yes, that is true. We are on luck, they are battle.

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He said then why are we agreeing to this treaty? Let us fight

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that Allah decided in battle, what happens to us.

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So as a result of Zen, I have doing what I have been directed by Rob to do.

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That's it. So then I was not satisfied with that he went to set an alarm. And he said, easy, not the Rasul of Allah. So then over said, Of course, he said, are we not on luck? Are these people not on bartholin or oversea? They said, Yes, we are have them. Then why is he agreeing to this?

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Wizard stop talking.

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He's a stop asking this question. Stop rocking. He said hold a stirrup of Rasulullah Salem, and He will guide you to the right path. He said he is doing what he has been directed by his job. And his job will not abandon him as Rob will not leave him alone.

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He said you stop talking.

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So Sarah, over,

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got onto his horse and he rode away. He lived the place

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to a site

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after the Treaty was signed, regular whoa, hold that what was it and how it was written in whose name all this is a beautiful story, inshallah we'll talk but right now I want to come to the point of this thing. So the treaty was signed. As soon as the treaty

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He was signed

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this was a solemn said to the Sahaba

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shave your heads, sacrifice the animals and we are not going to take over this year we will come back next year for as per the treaty

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and for the first time the Sahaba did not move

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they were all sitting there was an Asana was also sitting. So, he said shave your heads sacrificed the animals, they did not move.

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They did not say they will not do it, they did not refuse, but they also did not do it they did not move.

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Now, the see the Hikmah and drama of that IVR is he did not repeat the instruction. He did not repeat the order. Right. He just got up and went into state

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in his dad was our mother almost Selma, we Alana.

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She saw him and she saw his face and she knew that he was upset so she's like Arizona, whatever. Why are you doing like this? He said my OMA is destroying itself. She says don't know what happened. Tell me the story. Here I gave them an order and they have not obeyed.

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Now directly disobeying an order of the Nabhi is over. It's over you or both of you are out of his lab who died your Jana

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she said Dr. Salah they are not disobeying you. She said this is very hard on them. What has happened is very, very hard on them. They are not disobeying you. She said you go outside, you go out there and you shave your head and you sacrifice your animals and inshallah they will follow

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right and this is the advice of his wife

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and she's telling him do this

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now okay, just think about that. Now he didn't say

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why should I obey you who is getting away we are you know?

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He turned it on. And he went out.

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He went out he got a rally rather narrow he's a bring the animals,

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the his camels. He sacrificed. He turns out the rally to shave is it and the Sahaba all of them sort of all of them shaved their heads, many of them were weeping, not because of the weeping with sadness, they came all this way and they cannot make Amara so the weeping with sadness weeping with the frustration Maybe Allah Allah right.

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All this happened that Allah has revealed in Nevada Hannah like a Fatah mobila

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So the Fatah Allah Allah revealed first it is very we have given you a manifest clear victory.

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Now that is the point of my Hydra here. I narrated the story for those of you who don't know the story so that you it makes sense to

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the point my father is what was the victory

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because they came there to make our they could not make. They signed a treaty which was one with one sided one sided treaty which was humiliating

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Carla saying, I gave you a victory, what?

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The victory was the victory of obedience to the Navi Salalah on

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the Sahaba came there with an intention. Their intention was a good intention to their brother to make Amara right the NIA was the Nieto of making umbra.

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This Dean is a dean of Obadiah the Islam is a Muslim is one who submits who obeys

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Allah subhanaw taala making a point here and when you say Obadiah your brother

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Why is such the haram to anyone other than Allah because that is a symbol of your brother. Right? Similar from Buddha is sujood and that that is Jaya is to only to Allah.

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So Abba that itself is a sign of Obadiah. So Amara is Abba which is a sign or vodien but in this place, Allah subhanaw taala is saying not doing the EVA is odia

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the Navy said you will not do our you will go home obeying the Nabhi not doing the EBA is Ahmadiyya

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see the essence of the sin see the beauty of this how now for us today when we say obey Allah subhanaw taala and we have whatever you know May Allah forgive us whatever does that we have whatever you know difficulty we have or dichotomy we have or struggle we have between

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Our desires and obedience to Allah, our desires are all of a nature which is either Hara or mcru or something right.

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What is the general what is the desire the desire is something which is any cases private in Islam

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with the Saba what was their desire their desire was to make ombre

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they didn't desire something Hara they desired something which was the best of the best, which is the ABA and that also the half of the GABA? What what what is better than that?

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Yet Allah is saying, obedience means go, what the NABI tells you to do, even if he's telling you do not do the Ibadah to obey the Navi is superior to the other.

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And Allah said, We have given you manifest victory, that victory was what and Allah again Allah is saying, This is not because of you. Allah gave it in Nevada, anak

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Allah has given you this manifest victory, what are the victory, the victory over the self the victory where the Sahaba proved that they were worthy followers of the leader Muhammad Sallallahu Ali rally he was of use and

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then of course as we know the treaty was for 10 years, but in two years, Allah subhanaw taala gave them back and let's say you don't have to come and hiding and ask permission this or that it is yours. A lot open the door on McCafferty go take it is yours.

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Following following year they came and made over as per the treaty next year for the MCC.

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So the point I want to make for myself and you is that today this is what we should focus on and say today we are looking at all the difficulties, difficulties here difficulties, their difficulties, the velocity and so on and China and whatnot, everything everything everything boils down to obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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make that one thing straight and we'll also manage Allah will open all the doors

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That is where we have to walk off. And for us it's very clear for us we don't have to have the struggle of you know between these

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two clear leave what Allah has told us really fella finished, leave all haram earnings leave all haram actions, leave or everything which Allah has prohibited leave it

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because what Allah prohibited is for our good not, it doesn't make any difference well as well.

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become obedient to Allah subhanaw taala 100% I remind myself I knew this is what we must do. This is what we need to do become obedient to Allah subhanaw taala and then you raise your hands. This is the word of Allah, old Adi as the development

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asked me I will give you raise your hands Allah will grant you before you had the come down.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us obedient Maskull was very attentive to accept our obedience. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which pleases Him and to save us from that which does not please him was Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali he also made me want to get a hold on