The Mother You Need to Know

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So this is almost so lame. This is a Sahaba. She's a she companion.

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She has a son.

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Oh my year 10 years old, nine years old. And he was loved by over Swati. Salatu sound is a very famous story about the Roswaal is AutoSum making a joke. So Oh, my ear had a bird.

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And the bird name is a new hire. And the bird died.

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So omega was very sad. You can imagine 10 years old, lose a bird. And Roswaal he saw to us and joked with him. And he said, Yeah, oh, yeah. Yeah. Only Martha Allen northern tribes. Yeah, only and what's happened to the northern year.

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That same boy got sick

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and died.

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Died in the house.

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His father was actually out of town.

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So the mother listened to me sisters. Give me your heart before your brain.

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His mother.

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She washed him.

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She shrouded him and put him in his own.

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wallhack came in Oh Salim came in.

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And he said, what happened? Where is it? Oh my god. She said he ate in his in his room. She didn't die. He's in his room.

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And she served him dinner.

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She fulfilled the rights of the wife.

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And then she looked at him and said, What do you say about someone was given a trust to take care of it. And then later on that person who gave the trust wanted the trust back? Is that okay?

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And he said, Yeah, it's not theirs. It's his.

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And she said, Well, Allah took his trust back.

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Oh, my he died.

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He was upset.

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He went to Roswell, a salatu. Salam.

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He couldn't believe it. How can she say it this way? How can everything went normal before she tells him the story? So they went to Ross Swati Salah to a sinner. And he made the famous Doha as some of you probably may know, when the when the husband and the wife have the intimate relationship. There is a Doha in it.

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And she got pregnant that night.

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And Allah replaced her.

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That sob

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that's patient