Should I Go To Therapy or Just Read the Quran Q&A

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People think that therapy is a mental illness issue. No, it's a personal growth issue. Somebody from the outside is looking at you and saying here are some things you're not seeing about yourself

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these articles in my question is that you said something about, you know, therapists that go to the go to Motions get better map get to not get what Allah say, saw what they're right, right. Or at the same time, there are some things like mental illnesses, what I just say autism or ADHD and stuff, scale yet on third slide, past aspect, and I've forgotten, not just in those cases, therapy is amazing. I've gone to therapy many times. Yes, was the anger and stuff it's like, it's all I've no shame in saying it. Therapy. People think of therapy is a mental illness. As you know, it's a personal growth issue. Somebody from the outside is looking at you and saying, here are some things

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you're not seeing about yourself. Right, and resource Isilon served as that counselor for the Sahaba and there also is about you know, anxiety and depression and some can help you through that. What about if you have anxiety with panic attacks? Should you get help for that or should you like dependent let me let me answer this question in this way. Allah says, Well, you only McCollum tech Huhtala moons, he teaches you what you couldn't possibly have known yourself. So Allah will not teach us heart surgery. Allah will not teach us a chapter on anxiety and depression. And you know, mental illnesses or psychological disorders, he will address some things, those things that we could

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never have learned ourselves, but all the things we can discover, study, and grow in ourselves. Those are things that are not going to be discussed in the Quran. The Quran will guide our studies, point them in the right direction, but it will not touch on all the subjects not in the way that we think somebody says, Oh, I'm gonna study depression in the Quran, or I'm gonna say this. No, you can guide your studies, you have to see depression, as a dedicated subject with people that have dedicated their lives to studying depression. And then you have to see what insights the Quran has to guide that study in a certain direction. The Quran is ayat, they guide you in a certain

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direction. The Quran is not a textbook for a particular subject.

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Right. Okay, thank you.

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