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Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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whether you want to study or that a city will give him a my birth, let him initiate one is a gene Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ob strategies surgery were simply MD Dr. Melissa Annie of kuqali probenecid narina we were on BB number 37 but hopefully many men are yeah but I'm Allahu Allah showed the fear of the believer that his deeds would be wasted, and he does not even realize then Mr. Bahari mentioned, the sayings, the statements of many salah and basically all of these statements, what do they show that no person can feel secure? No person should feel secure. That just because he's a believer, just because he has done righteous deeds, he will be perfectly fine and nothing can harm

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him nothing can harm his deeds, no, the person should always remain between fear and hope. Because as long as a person is fearful, he is careful, isn't it? And as soon as a person becomes free of fear, then he tends to become careless, then he does not care about what he's doing what he's saying. He doesn't care about the consequences of his actions. And then Mr. Bahari, he mentioned the Hadith, in which we learned that the debate he sets out to avoid it in another module that I asked a while about the merger or the merger. Who are they? Okay, so there are a sect. Okay, that came about in early Islam. And what was their main that basically, if you look at the word Mooji, it's from

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Elijah Raja. And what does that mean? Whoa. So they are those who believed very strongly in Raja in Egypt. And what does that mean? That as long as a person is a believer, there is hope that he is forgiven, he will enter Paradise that nothing at all will harm him. So in other words, when you're a believer, if you have a man that is only a crawl in the heart, then do whatever say whatever, it doesn't matter. So whether you curse or you speak the truth, it's the same whether you lie, or you say good things, it's the same whether you pray or you don't pray, it's the same. So Mr. mojari he causes Hades over here because when the baby asked a while about the merger, what do you say about

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them? So he quoted a hadith saying that unobvious Allah lover do send him a call see babble Muslim you for so insulting a Muslim is for so it's committing a sin. wakita who cover and fighting him is covered. So, in other words, the Buddha What did they say that's available Muslim is also a man and clitoral Muslim is also a man. But the saying of the prophets of Allah center contradicts that very clearly. If you curse a Muslim, that's not a man, it's kyousuke. If you kill him, if you fight him, that's not a man that is careful. So in other words, a person must be afraid that his words and his actions can harm his image and his words see bad can they harm as a man? Yes, it was his actions

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without can that harm has he man? Yes, it can, because this is Cofer. So the point of quoting this Hadees, in this topic under this chapter heading is to prove that your words and actions do affect your Eman

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and therefore a person must always remain in fear.

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Yes, there should be hope, but there should always be fear as well. As well an adequate Eva to Mr. Eden had This is Mary Lou Jefferson on her maiden arnesson color of water near Roberto Clemente and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Prophet sallallahu sallam. Hara just went out your bureau Bureau. He was informing bill a little powdery about the night of

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meaning he was going to tell people about when exactly the laser cutter was going to be which night it was going to be. Fattah la Hara, Giuliani, fetta la Ha. So they too, were fighting, arguing, insulting each other, who rajalakshmi to men minute Muslim era from the Muslims for color. So he said, The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he saw those two men arguing with each other, insulting one another, he said in the courage to indeed I came out Leo Murakami so that I may inform you, Bill, a little Qadri about the Night of Decree that which night it is supposed to be. However, we're in now who and indeed he de la her. He was disputing he was he was insulting each other who Fulani and so

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and so on and so and so. These two people they were insulting one another. So what happened? photo fair art so it was lifted up. Meaning that not

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knowledge that I have when the layer two other was going to be that knowledge was lifted up for me it was taken away from me what I saw and perhaps in your corner, that it is Highland knuckle, it is better for you. It's quite possible. Hopefully this is better for you what is better for you that we don't know about the exact night when later the other is going to be? Therefore what should you do is the Meizu. Her, all of you find it, search for it look for it, when fee in a cemetery, the seventh what this three, and the ninth will hum C and the fifth. So search for a little quarter in the last 10 odd nights, but which ones in particular, the seventh, the ninth and the fifth in the

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Hades, the first and the third meaning the 21st and the 23rd. And I mentioned which ones 25th 27th and 29. So find a little card in these nights. What Did We Learn This Hades? And we see that the result of mutual disputes. The result of showing disrespect to one another is what that we are deprived off

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that we are deprived of goodness. What's the chapter heading, that the believer should be afraid of his deeds getting wasted, of something affecting his Eman, something affecting his deeds, say manohara showing us another angle over here. That when we do something wrong, that can result in being deprived of good that when we do something wrong, we are deprived of good mahasamadhi disputing with each other is the cause of all of

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this is why in the Quran What do we learn well Latin Azur Fatah, Shalu whatever, that do not fight with one another. Why? Because you will become weak, you will become weak you will become disheartened. We carded, and as a result, your V meaning your all it will depart you you will not have that glory anymore, it will leave you and we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whenever he dispatched companions together, he would always instruct them to be united in one way or the other. For example, when he sent more Ativan, Jebel, and ever Musashi to Yemen, he told both of them to obey one another, to listen to each other, to cooperate with each other. Why? Because if they don't

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cooperate with each other, then what will happen, there will be disputes and when there are disputes, when there are arguments, then that will result in goodness departing people, that people are deprived of good people are deprived of height. So this hadith teaches us that we should always fear that because of our actions, or because of our words, we might get deprived of good that the deeds that we have done, they may get wasted, they may get nullified, and in the future, great opportunities also are taken away from us. This is the quote that a person becomes careful then, but his actions about his words. Another thing that we see in this hadith is that the Prophet sallallahu

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sallam, he said that after joining the people that this is why I cannot tell you this knowledge was taken away from me because of your dispute. He said that what I said an akuna hydrological that in every situation, what should we see? What should we look for the positive side, always look for something positive, in even the greatest of problems. And you know what? This is sugar in a way. This can only be done by a person who is grateful, a person who is ungrateful, what will he do? He will always look at the negative things. Why is this happening? Why did that happen? And this happened, and that happened as if a person is listening and counting the things that went wrong,

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that he does not like, but a grateful person. What is his thinking like? Positive that even in the most difficult situations, or even in the situation that he dislikes? What is he searching for the positive aspect. And in every problem that a person can ever suffer, there's always something good. Remember that everything there is shared, and there is also height for Alhambra, high foodora wa taco ha, every person, even every human being has a good side, as well as an evil side, a person who has harmed you, it's also quite possible that they have benefited you in some way or the other. And you may never see the positive side, but search for it, look for it, and you will find it. You will

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find it. So we see that even in this situation, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he gave the Sahaba hope that look for the positive, perhaps as much better for you. And if you think about it, is there a benefit in this? That the laylat Okada has not been appointed, but we have been told to look for it. Is there a benefit in this? What's the benefit? That if we were told about that specific night then we would limit our evader to that night saying that Oh, that night, the worship is

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You know equal to alpha. So don't worry about the rest of your life, just worship on that night and you're fine. But the thing is that when we have not been told specifically about that night and not just search for it, what do we have to do? worship the rest of the nights as well? Isn't it? Is there any other benefit? It keeps people stuck first, otherwise people will become so relaxed, if you think about it. This is also a means of separating between people who are sincere, who are sincerely striving to worship Allah subhanaw taala and others who are just getting by because a person who is sincerely striving to worship Allah subhanaw taala, what will you do? You will worship

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every single night hoping to find a little cutter?

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The one who is striving, the one who is putting in effort and the one who is lazy, or the one who is not that much interested? Will he strive as much? No, but if he knew Okay, this is the night that you can worship a loss of power this is a little further than that lazy person would also worship on that night, what would be the difference between those who have been striving the entire month and those who haven't been striving so it differentiates between those who are sincere and those who are lazy. So, this Hadees there are many many lessons in it. And after the lesson these two are extremely important. The first one that we should be careful about what we do and say because it can

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affect our needs our Eman And secondly, that always look for the positive in every problem. But so early Do you believe an obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Anil Imani. Well Islami while you're standing, we're in Massara. So algebra, the questioning of gibreel who an obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when jabril asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about what I knew a man about Eman well Islam and Islam well his son and also your son, and also we're ill Massara and the knowledge of the hour, whereby enema BIA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah, Who and the explanation of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for him meaning the explanation that he gave him the answers that he gave him to

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his questions, similar color, then he said, meaning the profit sort of all the sudden after giving all the answers to these questions, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to the rest of the people who were there that Jeju believe that was jabril who had come or a Salaam, you're a limo. Come, Dina, come, he came to teach you your religion for journalists. Delica. So he made meaning the Prophet sallallahu cinnamate Delica that Kula who all of it Dena Dean, meaning all that gibreel had asked about. And what did he ask about Eman Islam, arson, and El Moussa. And all that the prophets of Allah Sallam explained to him all of that the prophets of Allah Salaam made that what Dean he

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called all of that, Dean how by saying you're a Lima con, your local dealer.

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So in other words, a man Buhari is trying to prove over here that Eman is not just belief. It's not just faith in your heart been the in your religion. It includes your Eman, your belief, your faith, as well as your Islam as well as your actions as well as your son the extra good that you do or how you do. Why am I being an abuse Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and also that which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clarified, to who Li was de to the delegation of delegation of who are delicacy, the delegation of Abdullah case, and what did he clarify to them? What did you explain to them, meaning a man of a man, later on, we will learn about the hadiza the weft of, of the place in which

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a group of people came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and asked him about Eman to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not just tell them about belief in response to their question, but he also told them about actions that they have to perform. So in other words, the mind is not just about faith, it includes actions and all of this together is Dean. We're calling it Allah and the statement of Allah subhanaw taala or my evidently liberal Islam Medina and following your cobalamin who and whoever seeks other than Islam as religion, then it will never ever be accepted from him in the ayah. Islam has been used and then been has been said, so Islam is Dean. It's not just actions

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but rather it is also faith. So Deen includes what religion includes what, Eman Islam and we cannot separate them. Now in the chapter heading Eman Buhari summarizes the entire Hadees

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Are you familiar with this hadith?

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So he summarizes the entire Hadees and later on, he mentions it. And in this hadith we learned that jabril asked about Islam Eman and your son as well as the knowledge of the hour and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explained all of that to him. So let's look at the Hadees by the way before we read the

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Just so that you know, the version that is into him Buhari is a shorter version. As you can see, it's like the abridged version. The longer version of the same Hadees is in Sahih Muslim, which you also read in a very No way. The 40 a Hadith, the Hadith, which is there about in which the angel Gabriel came that Hades is taken from Sahih Muslim which has been narrated by him with the heavy armor of the learner. So that one is much longer. So don't worry about you know, if you don't see certain details over here, don't worry this head this is the shorter version and this has been narrated by Abu huraira lovano had this it almost said that on Kala had data is Marie Luna Ibrahim

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Barona aloha Yana Tammy you, abuser otter Avi hora de Paula he said, canon abuso Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Barisan. There is meaning one who has appeared. One who is in front of Yeoman one day Let NASA for the people. So one day the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sitting in the company of the people meaning he was in front of them. He was in a public place. There were people with him for Adele Would you believe so gibreel came to him for Allah and he said, Melly man what is email? Do you have a Tahoe debris or Roger? Roger? Okay, some attributes on a virgin, both are there okay. In some versions, you will find Virgil. In other

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versions you will find jabril refers to save

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the burrito for Carla Mel Eamon what is a man? collar he said, lie man Oh, man is and took me in a belay that you believe in Allah. Wa Malaika T and his angels were believe he and with his meeting, meeting Who? Allah subhanaw taala was well, Rosalie and his messengers. Were to Mina and that you believe Bill baracy with the resurrection. Allah He said, Mal Islam, what is Islam? jabril asked what is Islam? Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam replied, Al Islam Islam is and terrible, the law her that you worship Allah when to shrieker and that you do not associate be with him You do not associate any partners with him what to Pima and that you establish a salata the Salah, what to

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idea, and that you give up as the character. There's a cat which is Alma for Uber, the obligatory the mandatory, what the sooner and that you fast Ramadan, in the month of Ramadan, Allah He said, we need to be asked my son, what is your son, Carla, he said, the profits are allowed and replied, and that would allow her that you worship Allah uneca as though you are Dada who you are seeing him. If sad is that you worship Allah as though you see him for in so if lamb not the con, you are thorough who you see him. So if you are not going to see him, which obviously you're not going to see, right, obviously you're not going to see a loss of final data for innner who then at least remember that

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indeed he Yasaka he sees you. So the first level of your son is that you worship Allah as though you see him but if you cannot bring about that feeling, then at least worship with the feeling that he is watching you, that is x and that's the second level of airson. Allah He said jabril asked matassa to when is the our meaning when will the Day of Judgment be? Allah He said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Man not ulmus Ulu The one who is being questioned on her about it, the one who is being questioned about it and who is that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he is not be alhama at all more annoying men than in the one who is asking. So the one who is being asked does not know any more

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than the one who is asking, meaning both are the same in their knowledge concerning when the Day of Judgment is going to be. Who is asking gibreel so does he really know about it know the profit side of autism does you know about it? No. So both of us are equal in the knowledge of when the Day of Judgment is going to happen. However, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said was so beautiful. And I will inform you on shortly about it's about its science. What are the signs either when when or that She will give birth Who? Emma to the female slave? Who will she give birth to? Or Baha her master? When the female slave will give birth to her master, meaning her child will be Who? her master? What

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he that and when? del Paul Willa de la Wella. What's the route I want you to dissect the word flow down to what the school mean?

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To be long, and the thought well, yet, well, you will defer all competition. So the power when he is competing with one another. Why? Why, in order to make even taller, so they're competing in making tall who is competing and making tall who are two rods?

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Rory shepherds, the shepherds of evil camels, which kind of camels Aloo black camels and black camels were cheaper than red camels. Red camels were like, extremely expensive, okay, and cheaper than them lesser than them in quality or which ones the boom camels. So when the shepherds have black camels, what are they doing? They're competing to make tall What? Phil bonyen in the buildings that they're constructing. In other words, when the poorest of Bedouins when the poorest of Arabs, they are competing with each other in making high rises in building tall buildings. There's a competition literally. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Phil bonini few homes in in

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five. What does it mean by few homes in

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meaning that the hour is one of five things. The hour is one of five things that last year alone Muna, Nan knows them Illa Allah except Allah. What does it mean by few comes in that the hour the knowledge of when the hour is going to come? is one of those five things one of those five matters about which none knows except to Allah soprano, tada Summa telenovela sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recited the verse which verse in the lower in the hood is Massara. Whereas this verse instead of lachemann, open up sort of look, man, I want you to find this verse right now. Who found it, read it, read it out loud, so that everybody can hear you loudly

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enough somatics he will either one method enough some va elding remote in Allah Hollywood hobby. So there are five things that are mentioned in this verse that only Allah subhanaw taala knows first of all, in Allah or in the who isn't Massara that only Allah knows when the damage is going to happen. Secondly, secondly, will you know Zero Waste when the rain is going to fall? The clouds can go by us right above us they can come and stand above us even however only Allah knows when exactly the rain is going to fall. Thirdly, where llamo Murphy or ham only he knows what exactly is in the wombs fourth. One methylene Epson Mather taxable weather, no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow and

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fifth one methylene Epson be a link to modes no person knows as to which land he will die in. So these are five things five matters about which who knows alone, only Allah knows no one else but Allah knows about these five matters, sigma algebra, and then he went back who went back gibreel meaning he left for Karla so the profits are a lot a certain set to the companions were sitting there who do who call him back when he called that man back, who just left follow me Roshi, and so they did not see anything me they couldn't find a sign of him. He left and they could not find him anywhere. For Karla so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Hello Do you believe that was gibreel Jaya

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He came up to NASA to teach the people Dena home their religion on Omar Abdullah Abdullah said Jana Delica Kula who means Eman. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam made all of that part of email, all of what he meant Islam etc, as well as a Messiah. So this is exactly what he's trying to prove over here. First of all, in this hadith we see that gibreel he came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and asked him several questions from the version so he Muslim we learn that he came shadow by other Thea that he came in extremely white clouds. And lei La La he thought Amina suffer, you could not even see any sign on him of travel, because nobody knew him. And obviously if nobody knew you, that meant

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you were an outsider, you're a traveler. So he came in extremely white clothes, no signs of any travel any journey on him. So people were amazed that Who is this man? Where did he come from with such good appearance? And people were immediately attracted towards him. And this is how, you know everybody's attention was drawn towards a conversation that took place. This is why so many Sahaba remember that incident and narrated that incident as well because

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The way w came, and the way he came and started asking questions, it attracted everybody's attention. And then we also learned about how he sat, he said in a very respectful manner, right in front of the prophets on a line, etc. And then he asked him questions. What questions did he ask him first of all, about a man about a man? When he asked that what is a man the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave him the answer that a man is that you believe in Allah and His angels, in his meeting in his messengers, and that you believe in the resurrection? Typically, we know that the pillars of a man are how many, six and they include belief in Allah. Belief in the books, the messengers, the

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angels, the day of judgment as well as the decree the destiny are all of them mentioned over here. No, they're not mentioned over here which ones are missing? belief in books and belief in others. And we see an addition over here which is a man in the locker of Allah, what does it mean my belief in Lika of Allah believe in meeting what Allah refers to believe in his uh, his a Maha Sabha, because when a person will meet Allah first on the Day of Judgment, What is that for? So that Allah will question him.

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So May you be to whom they may or may lose, he will inform them about what they have done. And informing them means what asking them about what they have done. We learn in sort of in Chicago, yeah, you will insert in naka de Haan in Arabic adhan formula p you are going to meet your Lord for a moment ot Akita will be a meaningful sofa you hacer boo, he's having a zero. So the power of Allah is what is a sibylline belief in the lifter as well. And over here, belief in resurrection is also mentioned. But we know that belief in the hereafter includes belief in resurrection. It includes belief in the meeting with Allah soprano God as well as well as every other matter of the hereafter.

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Then we see that jabril asked about Islam and what was the response that was given to him that Islam is untenable the law will have to Sheikha be otherwise what do we know that Islam is Shahada? Allah, Allah Illallah Muhammadan Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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Ducky masala what to do SOHCAHTOA Frodo what the sama Ramadan, which one is not mentioned, Hajj is not mentioned

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then gibreel asked about your son. Why do you think all five are not mentioned all six are not mentioned? All five pillars are not mentioned all six pillars of Eman are not mentioned. What does it teach us? To understand a Hardee's? It is important that we look at other related ahaadeeth as well. Just as in order to understand the verses of the Quran correctly, what do we need to do? Look at the verses in the light of other verses. Look at the verses in the light of the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Only then can you have the correct understanding of the verse. If you take it separately. If you look at it separately, then can you understand it fully? You cannot. Similarly

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the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well you can only fully comprehend when you look at the other related hobbies. So especially those hobbies that are similar as I told you earlier that this version is a shorter version, and the longer version isn't a Muslim. So to understand this fully what do we need to do? Look at that hobbies as well and look at the other hobbies as well. This Hadees does not prove that Hajj is not a part of Islam, okay. This Hadith does not prove that belief in Divine Decree is not necessary. Not at all. Okay, this is just like in the Quran, sometimes, Eman when it is mentioned belief in only the Day of Judgment is mentioned over there or

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belief in Allah alone as mentioned over there does that mean belief in the angels not necessary? No, of course it is. So jabril asked about your son and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he responded to him that your son is what Antara with Allaha. Khanna Katara Who? That you worship Allah as though you see him? But can you see Allah?

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No, you cannot. So what does it mean then? What does it mean?

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Think about it. If you have, for example, a reward that is to be given to you, in front of you. You can see it

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when you're doing what you're doing. How do you do it with with desire? Isn't it seeking that reward? There's a difference in how you feel. And other situation the reward is not in front of you. However, your supervisor they're watching you. How are you doing your work with fear with hope. You understand the difference? in one situation their word is before you you are doing whatever you're doing with

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With desire seeking reward, nothing else is on your mind. All you want is your reward. There's none of that's driving you. There's a driving force. Another situation is when somebody is watching you, you don't care about their reward, all that you're concerned about is that you do what you're doing properly. Why? Because they're watching you. So you become careful. So what is the driving force? Fear. So there are two levels of your son, one is a higher level and the other is a lesser level. But both of these levels, they make a person worship Allah subhanaw taala in a beautiful manner. This is what makes him worship Allah subhanaw taala in the best way that he's able to the first

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level is off for the Riba to follow that when a person is worshiping Allah, seeking,

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seeking what you love, seeking the pleasure of Allah, the face of Allah, when a person worships and this way, he's not thinking about, if I don't pray, you know, I could be punished. If I don't pray. If I don't do this, I could be questioned. If I don't do this, I will suffer.

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Like, for example, sometimes people are very concerned about, let's say, performing their solder. And why are they afraid about making sure they're performing this lab properly? What is driving them? fear that I have a question about another day of judgment? Yes, that's good. But what is that you're worshipping Allah, you're praying your Salah, you're looking forward to it, you love it, you enjoy it, you can't wait to have that meeting with Allah soprano.

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This has been a, this is a higher level, the secondary level, the lesser level is what that a person worships out of fear, that is a vital hub.

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Hear that a person is trying to save himself from some punishment, or from some, you know, dangerous consequences in this dunya or in the hereafter. Now think about what your son is, what is your son, literally, to beautify, to do your action beautifully, that whatever you're doing, you do it in the best way.

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So the highest level of air sign is that whatever act of worship you're doing, whether it is an app, or in a song, or it is, you know, dealing with other people more, I'm allowed with other people, according to the laws of the last panel, or any action that a person is any other. He doesn't to seek the pleasure of Allah. This is just like, when a test has to be taken. Some people they're excited about the test. They're looking forward to it. Why because they have enjoyed whatever they have learned, and they can't wait to take the exam. they've enjoyed their entire experience. And there are other people who are opposite, that they don't want to even think about the test. They're

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doing whatever they're doing with fear. And with, you know, not as good feelings as others, both feelings can come together, but always one will overpower the other. You will notice it yourself as well. Sometimes when you're standing to pray, you're praying just to make sure you're praying because it's an obligation on you. And other times you're praying, because you want to you want to is there a difference? There is a difference. For example, if you wake up for a budget, just to make sure you pray your budget, how will you wish you will be different. And if you pray, if you wake up early enough, and you perform, you will do property, and you stand and you pray with concentration,

00:33:29 --> 00:33:31

there's it's a different level.

00:33:32 --> 00:33:36

So if someone has two levels, one is enter with a lowercase a negative Oh.

00:33:37 --> 00:34:18

Secondly, what a lambda condo for in New Yorker that at least will bring your son and your robot, it doesn't mean that you picture something in your mind. No, that's not what the meaning is. The meaning is that you are worshipping Him as though you can see him and when a person can see someone in front of them. They behave differently. It is as though not literally, but as though so how can you do that? How can you worship realize though you can see him this is only possible when you are concentrating fully when you are in all of the greatness the majesty of Allah subhanaw taala and that is only possible when you recognize your Lord when you realize his greatness that he is notice

00:34:18 --> 00:34:58

in my work, you will use Hollywood cliche, and he is a Samir he is obviously so with the knowledge of asleep that with the knowledge of his of all with the knowledge of his greatness, His Majesty, that is what brings this consciousness it's the same thing that you're doing something to please a lot of them the year after you can see him that in the year after you can see him right. So the one who worships Allah with this driving force that he with tala desiring the reward from Allah subhanaw taala. Then such a person will be gifted with seeing a loss of penalty on the day of judgment as well in the hereafter as well. The next question that jabril asked him was about the Day of

00:34:58 --> 00:35:00

Judgment. When is it going to be

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him that he does not know. However, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him something different. He didn't just say, I don't know, sorry, can't help you. When somebody asks you a question, and you don't know about the answer, don't make up an answer. Tell them you don't know. But at least, you know, give them the knowledge of something else that can perhaps help them. For example, if somebody comes and asks me a question, I don't know the answer, I'll tell them, I don't know, you can check on this website. You can ask this person, you can check that book. I haven't heard about it. However, there's something similar that I've heard about, you

00:35:36 --> 00:36:12

know, such and such, satisfy the other person. Okay. We know sometimes when we hear about the stories of the scholars of the past, for example, about your family that somebody came and asked him so many questions, and he said, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. And he said I'd heard so much about you said, Go tell the people I asked Malik such and such. And he said, he doesn't know. So when we hear about these stories, we think, you know, we should just say I don't know, okay, say I don't know, however, give something to the other person. They're looking for knowledge, they're looking for something that they're looking for answers, if you do not have the answer, at least

00:36:12 --> 00:36:37

guide them somewhere from where they can find the answer, or at least give them something that they can benefit from. Okay. And it's not that the scholars of the past didn't follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. So there was a reason why they did what they did. Okay, because that was a time of great St. Laugh. There was a time when people were, you know, looking for fitna, literally. So when somebody came asking you certain questions, it was best to, to give them a straightforward answer.

00:36:38 --> 00:37:14

For example, Mr. Buhari even, we learned about him that towards the end of his life, he went towards he went to a particular city to stay there, he decided that he was going to reside there. And it said that it was it was his birthplace. And when he started teaching over there, a lot of people started coming to his gatherings. A lot of people started coming to these gatherings, to the point that the other gatherings the other Magennis they became empty. So the other scholars, I mean, they became envious, they became jealous. So anyway, one person he asked him a certain question, and it was a matter of, you know, great if they laugh, at that time around Buhari gave him the answer.

00:37:14 --> 00:37:53

Other people who did not like him, they made literally a mountain out of that molehill. They exaggerated it so much to the point that people boycotted him on Buhari, so you can read about this. But the point that I'm making over here is that the scholars of the past if they ever gave an abrupt answer, it was for a reason. It was for a reason. And we see it the prophets are allowed Islam. So now was that when somebody asked him a question he did not know he doesn't say a play No, but rather he gave them something. So what did the Prophet said a lot of them informed about, what did he say? Then? He told him about the signs of the Day of Judgment. The first sign is what that when a slave

00:37:53 --> 00:38:27

woman will give birth to her own master? What does it mean by this? There are many interpretations that have been given to this statement that the female slave gives birth to her master. One of them is that a slave woman and the slave woman is a savvy service seen by a surveyor, it refers to the women as well as children from among the war captives, the women and children among the war captains, like for example, a places conquered enemy's defeated, so what's going to happen?

00:38:28 --> 00:39:13

What's going to happen, then, their wealth is distributed as booty and the women, children, people, they're made into slaves, generally. Right? So the women and the children, what are they known as Serbia or Serbia. So some scholars have said that this means that a Serbian woman would give birth, and the child would be who free. Why? Because that child would be the child of who the master and the master is free. If the master is free, obviously, he is a father, so his child will also be free. And when that child grows up, he becomes a master, and the mother is still a slave. And some have said that what this is figurative for the increase of you can say, such capital women, such

00:39:13 --> 00:39:28

slave women, which indicates victory, or the many victories that Muslims will have near the end of time, some have interpreted it in this way. But other scholars disagree. Why? Because this was something that was happening even at that time.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:59

If a slave woman gave birth to a child, that child would be a free child. Okay? That child would be a free child. Now, is he allowed to sell his mother obviously, that's a different case. But this was something that was happening at that time as well. But this had this is telling us about what will happen towards the end of time. So other scholars they have said that this means that when a slave woman will give birth to such children, who will become kings and masters in other words,

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

Live community will rise to become the Kings to become the leaders. And we see that in the past this has already happened, for example, and you think of a particular dynasty, the mom, Luke, have you heard about them? No, the mom, Luke's, they held a lot of political as well as military authority in the vast majority of the Muslim empire for a very, very long time. And especially in Egypt, there was a man, Luke Sultanate, and in some areas, that when Luke's they even reached the level of the Sultan, and who are these mo Luqman, Luke is someone who is owned, okay, there were people of slave origin, their ancestors were slaves, but they became kings. Other scholars have interpreted this in

00:40:46 --> 00:41:33

another way as well. And this seems to be more relevant. And this interpretation is that when the mother becomes like the servant of her own child, when the mother is treated as a slave, by who, by her own children, the Arabs, they had great morals and values as well. And amongst them was what respecting their parents. Respect for parents was something that was, that was a big deal in that community in those people. We see that for example, when most urban roommate when he became a Muslim, what his mother said, I'm not going to eat, I'm not going to drink, right? I'm not going to sit in the shade. Why do you think she was able to do that because she was his mother, children were

00:41:33 --> 00:42:11

supposed to look after their parents, children were supposed to be respectful towards their mothers. This was something understood, it was a very major value that the Arabs had. And we see that in Islam, this was encouraged, it was taken to a higher level even with Bill Wiley Dany aksana, however, we see that this Hadees tells us that towards the end of time, this will reverse this will not happen anymore. What that children will not have respect for their parents, especially their mother. In fact, the children will treat their mother as a slave is treated. How is the slave treated?

00:42:13 --> 00:42:48

Okay, for example, a slave has given many, many chores to do, that the slave is serving the master. And it said that today, even girls, I'm not just talking about boys, even girls, from the moment they're born until many many years after, who is looking after them, their mother. And still it's amazing that the mother is not being looked after. But rather, the mother is still looking after who her daughters, her children, as if the children never take the responsibility of taking care of their parents. What else leaves me to do?

00:42:50 --> 00:43:32

Follow commands? How are they treated? With disrespect? Are they ever thanked or appreciated for their efforts, and it said that mothers will cook they will do the laundry, they will clean. But still, they will not be appreciated for their efforts, they will not be appreciated, thanks for all the love and care that they're showing. How old are slaves treated? For example, if a slave is being spoken with, he will not be, you know, addressed with respect, with kind words with a low voice, but rather he is instructed in a very commanding voice, right? And harsh words may also be used. A person may even yell and scream, raise his voice, isn't it? And we see the same thing today that

00:43:32 --> 00:44:11

children speak to their mothers, as if they're speaking to servants, yelling at them using harsh words, as if they're talking to little children, not even children, you know, servants, slaves, how ultra slaves treated, that they have absolutely no say in the decisions that are made. And sometimes children also do that with their parents. They don't give them any freedom. With regards to you know, what has to be done? I Walters are servants treated slaves treated? Yes. If they don't do something, they have to suffer the consequences. And similarly, if the mother forgets to, you know, wash a particular shirt or something, then she has to suffer so much. The way the children yell, the

00:44:11 --> 00:44:52

way they argue the way they fight. Another thing is that a slave whether it's labor sick, or a slave is tired, or a slave is overworked. Are people concerned about his well being? Are people concerned about? Oh, you know what, it's okay. Give him rest. Let's do it ourselves. No. And unfortunately, mothers are treated in the same way that whether she is sick, or she's tired, or she's exhausted, or she's old. It doesn't matter. It's as though her illness is not a big deal. It's as though her aging is not a problem. Just like a servant is threatened that he will be fired. Similarly, children threaten their parents. I'm going to leave this on you. If people are ever advised that, you know

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

Have some respect for your parents, they say they're my parents. I can do whatever I want. You can do whatever you want. This is not right.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

Because parents have certain rights, and they should be respected. So anyway, we all need to reflect in our own lives, every single one of us and see how we treat our parents. Are they still serving us? Or is it about time that we start serving them? Are there still moments when, you know, our parents are ill, they're sick, they're tired. But still, we expect the mother to make breakfast for the mother to cook for us, and we will not even help them. It's about time we take responsibility. Then secondly, the second sign of the Day of Judgment is that when the shepherds of black camels compete in making tall buildings, as I mentioned to you, that such efforts are who very poor why,

00:45:42 --> 00:46:01

because what do they own, like camels which are not that expensive? They were cheaper compared to red camels. So it refers to the very poor shepherds, even even the most poorest among the Arabs, that what are they doing? They are competing in constructing tall buildings. In other words, Allah subhanaw taala will bless them with a lot of wealth.

00:46:03 --> 00:46:38

Allah will bless them with a lot of wealth and that wealth, what will they use it for? Just building buildings. You see, Arabs, what property do they have? Could they have agriculture? Good, they know very limited only in the US, but generally, what did they have animals, camels, whom they ate off of whom they used as a vehicle, even so people whose lives revolved around camels, now their life is about buildings changed completely. So much. Well, the loss of habitat is less than one. So this is one of the signs of the Day of Judgment.

00:46:39 --> 00:46:49

Anyway, this had this has proven what that the religion Dean includes Eman Islam, as well as your son as well as knowledge of the deen al Massara.

00:46:50 --> 00:47:06

It was Sara knowledge is also included in what Dean that is also a major part of our D. We will conclude over here so Chronicle long will be home decondition to La Ilaha. Illa, anta Nesta who wanted to be a Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Lesson 18 – Chapter 37 Hadith 49-50

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