Tazkiyah 17 – Not Being Ungrateful to Allah

Mirza Yawar Baig


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salat wa salam ala rasulillah

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inshallah, in our series. Today I want to run myself and you

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about the importance of not being ungrateful to Allah.

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Not only the importance of sugar, but also consciously not being.

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not showing in gratitude, not showing,

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not not not having,

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not being ungrateful to Allah subhana wa jal

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one of the stories of the Sahaba were a Buddha vilano and Ansari and some others who have a word sitting and this is after the passing away of was also stolen. When a young man in Medina, he came past and he stopped by this gathering. And he said Sara and he said how fortunate you people are that you saw Rasul Allah is Allah, Allah, Allah.

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And I wish I had been born earlier that I would also have seen the power center center.

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So I

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called him

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and he said, Do not be ungrateful to Allah for what Allah has given you.

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Because in our generation, was also Abuja, Helena will have

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so even though to wish to see that Mr. Ross lm is hardly division, it's not a problem is nothing wrong with it. But even that

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the nasty habit is being given by the people who learn Islam at the feet on Amazon seller, is be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for what he has given,

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don't wish for something which he did not give, because we do not know what higher there is in what Allah has given. And if we if Allah had given us what we had wished for, we do not know what would have come with it. But as in this particular case, it was not enough only to be born during the time of asylum, because there were people who were born in his time, and who did not believe in and he and who died on COVID.

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So therefore, the importance of being grateful to Allah Subhana Allah and of course, as we know from the eyes of

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Allah in cover, come in other Elijah did, Allah said, I will increase the blessing of the one who is grateful to me, and the one who is ungrateful, then let him be aware of my punishment, which is severe.

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So gratitude is to Allah subhanaw taala and definitely not complaining about the other of Allah, whatever it is, whether it is the smallest, or the biggest thing, very simple things, for example, it's almost a common thing in most places where we complain about food,

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or whatever is cooked is not to our taste, or you know, I wanted to eat this today and that that is not there. Whatever is almost a very common thing we complain about food. But think about this. I don't think it is no rocket science, but I am sure you've heard this a million times But seriously, the issue is not talking about this and hearing about it but actually to reflect on it and practice it, which is that how many people are there who for whom the food that you're eating and you're complaining about this food, if they got they would fall down in said that Allah subhanaw taala with thankfulness

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because they don't get food period

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let alone

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good food or bad food they don't get there do not get food. I have mice I have myself seen in Jeddah

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African ladies

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searching for food in the garbage bins,

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near restaurants and so on. I have myself seen in Jeddah.

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I have seen people searching for food in garbage bins in New York, in Mayfair, which is one of the most, you know, wealthiest localities. And I asked a friend of mine I said, how is it that people are in this kind of a place? Why are they searching for food in the garbage bins? He says it's such a wealthy place is it because the wealthier the place, the better the garbage.

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I mean, that's what is jokingly said but think of that is the more of the throw away so the more stuff you get in that place because you know people throw it away.

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So there are people who eat out of garbage bins because they have no choice. And Allah subhanaw taala has given us food on our table.

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Is that

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maybe they're a little bit more salt or less salt? Or Or maybe you wanted to eat chicken on that day, but instead of chicken there is the vegetables or there's a lamb or whatever.

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And how can we complain? How can we possibly complain? I'm just giving you one example. I don't have to give a list of examples. I think it applies to everything. Whatever our situation al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallam said, Alhamdulillah, Allah, Allah, Allah said, mail as well, all praise and all thanks to Allah subhanaw taala, no matter which condition he puts us.

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Whether we take it in a situation of health, we take it as a situation of food, or shelter or peace, you know, we sit here we don't do safety is not even something that we think about. I mean, if you seriously think about the way we live in this country,

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you know, except for some occasional thing where some,

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you know, some some external turmoil might be in the offing. But other than that, on a normal day to day basis, safety is not even something that we think about.

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You know, having to is taken for granted, taken by you will resemble what's going to do.

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But there are people, and there are countries of people who are just like us, who may have more wealth than us,

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and so on, but for whom safety is a daily, minute by minute breath by breast cancer.

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There's not a moment passes, where they are not thinking about actual physical safety. When will somebody killed me? Will somebody kill my children? Would somebody kill my wife or my husband? These are actual realities of those people have their lives hamdulillah that has kept us safe. So now because even though we have safety very, we have got a few mosquitoes, we've got a couple of flies. That's something to complain about. Seriously.

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really seriously, we have to take this business of being in this ingratitude is something which is so bad and so widespread among the Muslims constantly and it's very important to inculcate this in children from the earliest age. Because this whining and groaning and moaning the whole time, children are going GTGT always whining, or complaining tone in the voice when they speak.

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This this is not working, that gadget is not working. Some things are just all whining, whining, whining, this is very, very bad. It's something to be inculcated in children from the earliest childhood and of course, children see,

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with their children here with their eyes. So they will do what they see you do. So therefore, we should practice thankfulness to Allah

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and inculcated from the in the children from the beginning. And believe me when this happened in Sharla, this is a good thing for them throughout their lives. This is the secret of good marriages, for example, is being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for what Allah has given us. not complaining because one of the biggest reasons for marriages breaking up is this whole whining and groaning and moaning and complaining business. I don't like this about my wife, I don't like this about my husband. What about all the stuff you like? We take it for granted. That's that's has to happen. One thing the man does is an issue. One thing the woman does is an issue.

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And all because of this lack of gratitude, if we are thankful to

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Allah, Allah gave me whatever he gave me I'm grateful to Allah

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you know, whatever else

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may have come with a package is okay what what's the big deal? Imagine all the good that came with it.

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So that's why I think I want to find myself a new let us inculcate this habit, talk to people, friends and so on and so forth. And anytime you find somebody complaining, stop them and explain to them show them all the good that is there in their lives. On the one hand is all of this good? On the other hand is this one thing I will be talking about? So let us do this inshallah, and spread the word.