Tazkiyah 08 – Suspicion

Mirza Yawar Baig


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salatu salam ala film via Allah Allah, he was happy he will Manuela obod

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shala. Today, I want to remind myself a new about the issue of suspicion,

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as Renata mentioned in sort of the project, right? Well, as I just said, so Allah said Do not be suspicious in Barzani's. He said very early some suspicion or sin.

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Suspicion is probably the most common cause for the breakup of marriages, for the destruction of friendships, for the breakup of business partnerships, for the breakup of families, between brothers and sisters,

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probably more than likely suspicion is the single biggest reason for all of this.

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There are two sides to the story. One side to the story is of

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checking before we trust. And this is the way of says our Nakata Dylon where he used to say I do not deceive anybody, and I do not allow anyone to deceive me.

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So it's not a question of just blindly looking at somebody's face and trusting them completely. No.

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We make our own investigation, we check things and so on and so forth. But then at some point, when we trust, then we do not go back over and over and over and over all our lives know

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what we have done enough. And then we trust until there is some data, some evidence to show that maybe I was wrong. But until there is some hard data,

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you do not go back and check over and over again.

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Many times you have this suspicion is a is literally it's a sickness. Because many cases you have this, you know, thing when the phone rings, then the husband will say whose one was it?

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How come? This message is coming? Uh, where did you go? And the husband comes late devices. Why are you late today? Why were you late yesterday? Why did you go into such a place?

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There is no end to this, there is absolutely no end to this.

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And the problem with that suspicious mind is that no matter what answer you give, it never satisfies.

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So that suspicion will always be there irrespective. So at some point in time you decide whether you speak the truth, or you tell lies, it makes no difference. At the end of the day, suspicion will still be there. And it is like a worm which continues to eat is like a cancer which continues to eat until it destroys that relationships. Until that thing dies.

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Suspicion also is the cause of a lot of waivers. Yesterday we spoke about one of the reasons for a suspicion.

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One of the reasons one Amoeba is suspicious where people you have no facts, but you cannot bear to hear anything good about an individual. So therefore, you will start spreading slander and lies and so on. Not because there is any reason but because of this suspicion.

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Suspicion is a very, very nasty thing. And this is one of the things that we must clean our hearts from.

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Now, this also means to spy, it also means to probe unnecessarily in people's lives.

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And this is another

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another reason why rebirth happens. Because I will start speaking about somebody and then you start probing into that. And then you start saying no, but you know that day he was looking like this, I was looking like this insurance, I saw him with somebody, maybe there is something going on all of this kind of conversation, all of which is given this tax because of the selfish.

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So needlessly interfering in somebody's life needlessly talking about somebody is like, what what are they doing? Why was he doing? You know, why did he Why did this person go there? Why did she go there? Why did he meet so and so why did she meet so and so all of this kind of the justice, all of this kind of

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investigation, you know, if he's not really investigated, going into somebody's life where you have got no right and no reason to go? You know, quote, unquote, and I was gonna quote

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so the point is that this is the suspicion and this kind of, of interfering is a very, very detrimental thing. And unless Mandela has warned us in Surat specifically about these things to the agenda,

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buzzers so very clearly, it's something which is

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not only is it haram because Allah has made it around. But also it is something which like all haram things, it is something which is highly detrimental and highly harmful to us in our own relationships and in our own lives. And as I and as I said, this suspicion is perhaps the biggest reason why so many otherwise good relationships go bad, not because anyone actually did something. But because you've got this thing in your mind, and you reach a stage where the other person can never do anything right? You will never believe them. You will never ever you have no trust in them for no reason not not because they actually broke your trust. No, it's entirely on you, you have got

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this suspicious mind and you keep on suspecting unsuspecting, unsuspecting. And there is no way of getting rid of the suspicion. It's very important to remove this. And as I said, No, I'm not suggesting do that. Just trust blindly No, make your investigations, do a checking. But once you have decided that somebody is trustworthy, then trust them, until and unless some clear data, some clear evidence surfaces, and comes before us, which will tell us that no, I was wrong. In this particular case, this person

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did something wrong. The other thing which helps and especially from an organizational perspective, to keep trust and to remove suspicion is to have proper systems and checks of systems of checks and balances. So it's not a question of just giving, you know, taking, putting your hand in your pocket and grabbing a handful of money and giving it to somebody and then after that suspecting did I give all the did I give too much money or do no checks and balances. And that's when I said if you pay if somebody gives you something, some money, if you pay some money, or you take some money always count. Now we think counting money is you know, sometimes we feel it is an insult to the other

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person No, it

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doesn't count the money because some of the other person by mistake may have given you something less because he counted he counted wrong in that he didn't intend to deceive you or something. Now you didn't count it you go home you counted. Now you are in a fixed How do I go and tell that person you gave me less money? And then the suspicion comes in? Was he really deceiving me? Or was it me genuine mistake. So all of this can be avoided. If you follow a simple system, which is when you give money or you take money, you count it in the presence of that person, there is no disrespect, involved, there is no respect involved. It's a simple matter of having a proper check and balance.

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And similarly, if it's your business or whatever, having simple checks and balances with regard to the affairs of the business ensures that there is no need to unnecessarily suspect anyone. So on the one hand, no need to blindly trust people, on the other hand, no need to have somebody forever the entire life of that relationship, always to have them in a state where you are constantly suspecting them or both of these situations are

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not good and they are detrimental. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to clean our hearts of suspicion. And the idea of saying this is now think about those people who you suspect and remove that suspicion from your heart make Toba and remove that suspicion from your heart, there is no reason to suspect them and maybe they're good people. They're God fearing people.

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And there is no reason why you should suspect them if you suspect them wrongly.

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If you think that there is a genuine reason to suspect, then go and complete that investigation find data if you do not have specific data, if you do not have a specific reason why you are distrusting somebody then you are distrust has no meaning. To continue to distrust someone is completely meaningless unless there is hard evidence. So these are completed and then finish the story. Otherwise, there's a remove that suspicion from your heart, clean your heart, because this is a very big evil that is in the heart, and which destroys relationships which spoils marriages which breaks up partnerships which destroys families. It's a very, very nasty thing We ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to save us from this, from this evil and to and to enable us to live and build relationships of trust. Any team, any community is built on a platform of trust. Without that platform of trust, nothing else will work. That platform of Trust has to be is absolutely essential. And especially for the Muslim, Omar hamdulillah. It's very important to have a platform of trust. Without that trust, we cannot we cannot go anywhere. That's very important for us. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to be to help us to build this community and never to do anything which is devastating to the Muslim Ummah was Allah Allah. Allah Allah. He was heavy, his mind