Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #39 I love the Messenger

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of cowboys who were afraid of the blue bucket and had a history of shameless cow carriers. They eventually lost control and eventually left the area, leading to the deaths of hundreds of soldiers and the loss of their lives. The transcript also describes a group of soldiers who were not armored or armed with weapons and the possibility of a war with their neighbor. The transcript describes a group of cowboys who were not armored or armed with weapons and the possibility of a war with their neighbor.
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All around Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be able to mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He went early he was able to sell them just live and cathedral cathedral from Nevada. My brothers and sisters.

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You continue with our story of the events leading to the Battle of other

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novels via another law. No, of course in those days he was not a Muslim yet and he was the most bitter enemy of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam.

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He was a great leader and he was very smart. He realized that there is danger

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in passing too close to Medina. So he took a different

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route for his caravan. And he went closer to the sea. So he must have gone you know, through where now agenda is, and

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what while he was doing that

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he also wanted to make sure that

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he would be able to get help, if he needed help, if you got attacked and he wanted to make sure that there would be the courage would be able to help him so what he did was he hired Dum Dum been Ammar al Rifai

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to come to convey a message asking from asking for help from the courage

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now than the mere hour was, obviously must have been quite an actor and a very resourceful character.

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So he wrote his gavel, he wrote very fast and and just to think about that dromedaries, which are the camels that the Arabs used to use single, single single humped camels much smaller than the Bactrian camels of Central Asia with two humps much smaller also, then Indian camels that we have in Rajasthan, but very fast. The dromedary can literally run faster than a resource

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and maintain that much, much longer than a resource. So they have enormous, enormous

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capacity to endure hardship, in novel stamina, enormous capacity, especially to endure thirst which was a big thing in the, in the Arabian Peninsula because the water was in very short supply. So he hired this man I was hired this man to this guy he wrote, he wrote his comment very fast, reached Makkah in a frenzy and then see his drama. He didn't just walk into the madness of the Horatian say, Excuse me, I think we have some trouble.

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Events caravan might be entrained into all that, he went straight to the color.

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In front of the governor, the cover was important, not only because of his religious significance, but because that was the center of town. So all the activity in Makkah was would happen around that on the Kaaba. The market of Baca was around the Kaaba, quite literally until even I think, if I'm not mistaken, the late 50s or even the early 60s There were shops between Safa and Marwa and the people doing say, would walk between the shops so there was this treat between Safa and Marwa with shops on either side, and people will do say when they when they did ombre walking between the shops up and down that street. So this whole place was was usually active and you had people making the

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offer the Kaabah you had people you know your people in the shops and all that. So he went to the place where he would get maximum

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exposure maximum publicity, maximum visibility. So you in the middle of that he went there then what he did was he lived off his camel. He took out the saddle he turned it upside down he slashed the nose and the years of the camel so the camera was bleeding and saddled with upside down and then he also told his own clothes his story his shirt from front and back and obviously he probably would have had

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bloodstains on the camels blood on it on himself and he started screaming and it's an all crash your merchandise your all your all your goods and so on. They are with the on the caravan Abu Sofia, and they are being they're about to be ambushed by Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his companions and I can't enter I came from there and I don't even know maybe they're all dead. Maybe the caravan is gone or has been looted and so on. And so immediately we need you origin he made such a huge crime. It's such a

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enormous fast. I mean, it must have been quite an actor,

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that the news was the response was instantaneous, the people of courage, they was turned by this completely unexpected, they did not expect that Muhammad Salah would have the courage to attack them, or attack the caravan. And they were, you know, they were absolutely astounded, they never expected that to happen. And so, they called the people and quickly everybody came, all of the leaders joined them, except I will have and I will have instead designated he sent one man

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who owed him some money. So he said to the man go and fight and your your debt is, if you survive your debt is

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is paid off. Now, interesting thing, you might say, Well, why did I was I will have not go? Why do you not because he was number one enemy of us who was

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the only man about whom Allah subhanaw taala reveal Quran promising punishment for him. So why didn't you go and he didn't go because he believed that if he fought, so Eliza Salam face to face that you will be killed. In that battle. If he went to battle against Muhammad wa salam, he will be killed he completely and totally believe that. It's very strange if you think about it, that

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these people, the horizon, the and the and the non Muslim, the idolatrous Arabs of Makkah, they believed every single thing that Mohamed Salah is, and I'm told that without exception,

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whatever he told them they believed

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except Lila high Lama.

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When he told them, do not worship idols, worship your Creator, worship Allah subhanaw taala, to whom is your editor? This they didn't believe. But they believed everything else. All his prophecies, whatever he said, they believe, and they believed it to the extent that I mean, imagine this is I will have in those days not going to battle along with your tribe, when the whole tribe was going was a very serious matter. It was a matter which was a huge prestige battle, you could literally lose your leadership as a result of that. But he was so terrified of dying, that he said, You know, I can't go Why can't you go because Mara was also upset this because if I fight him, I'm going to if

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you believe him, that how come you don't believe the real message that she bought? This is what hatred does to us.

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And it was rather I mentioned this in the Quran as well. This is what hated us was hatred makes us deny the truth, even when the truth is clearly clearly evident to us.

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But hatred will not allow us to accept the truth as truth. May Allah save us from hatred, malice, rather always enable us to see the truth and to accept it and to see the falsehood and to stay away from it. Allahumma Arina Khan

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was looking at DEVAR for additional Bartylla Bertillon was organized at NAB, oh Allah show us the truth is truth and enable us to follow that and show us the battle and the falsehood is false. It enabled us to stay away from it and protect us from it. I mean, you're

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so the courage now they gather gather all those people, and they also mobilize other Arab tribes to join them.

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So totally it was all the client, the the clans of Quraysh, who had

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who were, who are aligned with them and who

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were their partner, their,

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you know, their allies. They gave their consent except Bernardi. They didn't, they didn't come into that. They didn't join this army.

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There was a the finally the throng the whole bunch of them. They were 1300 soldiers, including 100 horsemen and 600 soldiers in full armor with a large number of calories. Now, again, those of you who are interested in military history and you read something about those times, I'm talking about the seventh century and even later

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you will be surprised at the small numbers.

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For example, in the 13th century, when Genghis Khan was was in the ascendance one to one of the Mungo's was 10,000 soldiers, those 10,000 horsemen armed with their double count bows, and a sword, right and they were all all of the hour they would be they would wear a silk shirt inside because if an arrow penetrated in the silk cave out, cotton left pieces inside which then you

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became subject so the soldier would die

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today would assist shield shirt inside and then on that they used to wear

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Chinese armor which was made of

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pieces of metal linked together but this size you know the 250 metres Alma two fingers, pieces of metal all linked together, which gave them

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a huge amount of freedom of movement, unlike what would have happened if they had been wearing armor like the European knights which was played our plates plate iron or plate steel, which was enormously heavy, and a completely restricted movement to a great extent. Not completely but obeyed extent. But the Chinese armor was was very light. And it was

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it was very effective. And it gave them almost total freedom of movement. So this we're talking here about

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armored soldiers on horseback,

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double cardboard bows and swords. And a toolbar, which was one unit of the army

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was 10,000 soldiers. So if you're talking about huge numbers of soldiers, if you go to the Roman legions, a legion was roughly between four to 5000 soldiers. So this is you know, big big numbers but here and I told you the the arrows were not campaigners. They were not people who are professional soldiers.

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They fought because when they when they needed to fight the fight, and so their their

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numbers were very small, at the most the rate at each other. And you don't need a huge army to read another, another tribe. So here we have 1300 soldiers, which is still more than three times the number of Sahaba the number of people with us was seven because that's only 300. And this is 30 knowledge about four times

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which included 100 horsemen and 600 soldiers in full armor, the rest of them were not armored or they had partial our they of course, they had a large number of camels and food supplies and you know, the the

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all the way with all

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tents and whatnot.

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Now Soraka been not recovered. They were afraid. As they were leaving, they were they were afraid of the blue bucket. Now this was a tribe with with whom the horses had some long standing enmity. And so they were afraid that the one worker might attack them from the rear so they had a rear guard to take care of that. At that time. Shaitan IBLEES appeared to them in the guise of Soraka with Malik

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being disarmed Sam and mobolaji who was the chief of Bernie Canada and he said to them I guarantee that no harm will come to you from behind he said I will take care of your

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your problems from if anybody attacks you from behind and I'm with you.

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Because we're heard that describes this

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tactic of shaitan and so beautifully Allah describes this and it's a great warning for us.

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And was right that I said what is the what is the and Allah who would say that? What is their animal shelter? armella home Bacala value hola como yo ma Amina nurse you in Niger lagoon for Allama Tara till fee attorney Nagasaki bay here ACARA anybody who Minko in nee ma Corona in the cloud for Allah wala who should easily come. Allah said And remember when shaytan made their evil deeds, seem fair to them, made the evil deed good to them, and said, No one of mankind can overcome you on this day. That is the battle of buzzer and verily, I'm your neighbor, I'm your friend for each and every hill. But when the two forces came inside of each other, he ran away and he said Verily, I have nothing to

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do with you. Verily, I see what you do not see. Verily, I fear Allah for Allah is Severe in punishment, and this is sudo to run file. I have 48 zeros on file as

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detailed descriptions of the Battle of weather, and so everyone has have that rough.

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Now here sha Allah is run through the voting and we are I'm I'm sort of getting ahead of myself a little bit.

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Which is on the day of bother. When the last one Tara sent the Malayaka

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shaytan sada. Oh,

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out of the garage, couldn't see them. Obviously, the men couldn't see them. But shaytan saw them. And he, as soon as he saw them, he ran away. And he said, Allah is Severe and punishment, I think again here is the reason I mentioned is if here is once again, this is a case of knowingly denying the truth.

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It pleases crime is not just in denying the truth, but in denying the truth with knowledge.

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He was not mistaken.

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He was not mistaken, he did not disobey Allah subhanaw taala because it did not realize who Allah is. He knew everything, despite that he disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. And then he insisted on the disobedience, he said, Give me time, and then you lie on your way over. So he said, Give me time until the day when you reserve the people, this is the kind of attitude which is so destructive and disastrous. May Allah subhanaw taala save us from ourselves and from having that kind of attitude.

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So now, this,

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this army of the coresh

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moved swiftly northward, to bother. And on the way, they received another message almost yet,

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because he,

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you know, by the by then he had escaped, asking them to go back home, because the caravan had escaped the Muslims.

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So he was able to I was able to escape and go away, Whereas He, whereas so so he's no, no, no need now, to come, you also go back home. Now when they got the message, they told you the error or not

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professional soldiers like the Romans and the Persians. So as far as they were concerned, well, you know, you're going to read down there is no needs to go back home, no point in risking life and limb. But I Bucha * was the sort of de facto leader of the Army General of the Army. He said no, he insisted that they should go to bother and stay there. And he said, We will stay there three nights and we will make festivities and we will dance and we will beat our drums and so on, because he said, but they're also the seasonal market. So, this was a time and

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I know people will be coming. So he said, we are going to go stay there and do all this and to make sure we want to make sure that people know that the holidays are still powerful that they still have the upper hand and that nothing else has changed that

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no Bonanza one of the trials were with them acting on the advice of one of the leaders of darkness miniature rake, they decided they said no we are not with this and we are going back now there is no need to fight we are not going to bother. So they left and

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there are 300 soldiers did left in MIT. Now, the after thereafter, after whatever happened in bother which we will see inshallah Allah has been Jurez became what the urges to call the well rubbed palm tree. You know, this protest is for America. He became the the most reliable advisor of the Bonanza era who literally blindly obeyed Him. In all matters, they just didn't. They said with here's a man who's wise, and we are not going to argue with him about anything. So the blind lady.

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So they took the head and shoulders again, this also shows how the Arabs their military

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endeavors, how they were organized, where people follow their own tribal leaders, even though there was in this case, I was Al was the overall commander what he had no authority over the individual leaders, even individual tribe, wanted to leave as elite tribal leader wanted to leave, he took his time when he went and there's nothing that the commanding officer could do. You could literally be left without any people

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just by yourself and your immediate followers in a battle and not not a happy situation to be in

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battle Hashem also were inclined to break away but I will threaten them and so on so forth. So they stopped there. So that the Army Now from 1300 It became down to one or two 1000 And they came to bother and they camped, there was a place called over to Husa there was a sand dunes so they can behind this and

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and also as a result of scouts reported to him, that

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an encounter with the McCanns was inescapable and that he would have to decide how to respond to it. So Ross

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decided to stop in bother at a particular place and he ordered this one of the Sahaba

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Above, even though among the villain who he asked us was a seller, he said, Yeah, so Allah, Allah is Allah is this behavior Allah that we should that we are ordered to stop here and not to go ahead?

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Or is this a matter of opinion and battle tactics? So also, as I said, this is not what he this is a matter of opinion and battle tactics. So hubbub even on Monday, he said, then with your permission, I have another opinion, because it was such a what is it? He said, I believe that we should go ahead

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to the well, brother had some wells, he said, I believe that we should go ahead to the well, that is nearest to the army of the Quraysh and stop there. And then we should block up the other ones. Right. So now we have a well, which is behind us. We build a system, we fill it with water, so we can fight with water, and they won't have water because we will block up the other wells and we have one well with water.

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Surah Surah says he liked his advices he thought it's a good advice he accepted and he ordered that they should be done. Now, as soon as I said that, this is one of the

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interesting, this is one of the strongest indicators of the style of leadership of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, which was very collaborative and inclusive,

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and focused entirely on the success of his mission.

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He never allowed his ego

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or any sense of superiority to come in the way of listening to his companions. He encourage dialogue and dissent. And that is why he was able to get the best out of such a diverse group of people, which would have had, which would

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have had any other

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leader literally running for cover. I mean, imagine leading a group of people who practically didn't agree on anything, very diverse group of people

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coming from a culture of vendettas and revenge and all kinds of things. And, you know, he goes on the tip of the noses, about resource esalaam was able to put them all together and make them into one cohesive force.

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So he did this by his respect to he saw he respected them. And he showed that respect by giving them time and listening to them with total concentration. Anyone if he was walking, if there was someone walking by side and the person spoke, as soon as the resident would stop, he would completely turn around, he will look at the person eye contact, and he would listen to him until he finished. He never spoke to somebody over his shoulder, he never spoke to somebody, you know, in the in passing, if he was in a hurry, then he would tell the person come at this time, I will talk to you. But if he was talking to somebody, he gave them their full and complete attention. And that's why

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many Saba they felt that they felt very special different than Oh, Ross was a Salam loves me more than anybody else. Because he gives me so much attention. He is He looks at me directly when he speaks. There's a very interesting

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story about our rasa, Delano. It's an amusing story, but it illustrates this, this the power of respecting people, and giving them the respect in building relationships and building teams. Our last level Anil says that I one day, he said, I really felt that as soon as Hassan loves me more than anybody else, because he would always look at me directly and speak to me and so on. Of course, he didn't realize that there was a reason that we everybody. Anyway, so he's talking to us. So he said, I decided to ask us,

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but he didn't want to ask him to directly because you know, it's like, devastating if he says no. So he didn't want to say for example, Arizona do love me more than anybody else. So he didn't say that. He said, he asked him, he said he also love Who do you love the most?

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So as soon as I said, I'm still Asia, or mother, he said,

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he said it. He said, Don't allow yourself. I mean, I don't mean the among the women, women, I don't mean your wives and so on. He said among the men who do love the most. Russell was the father of Isaiah, which is different

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than the last one that says, Well, I decided to

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not to ask any more questions, because it's, you know, he didn't want to

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get himself into

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internal medicine situation, but this shows us how, as soon as I

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respected people and he

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built this

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atmosphere of trust. Now that is why his companions did not hesitate to give their appearance.

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Sadly, even today, we see team members withholding key information

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For fear of offending the leader,

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if they have to say something that is contrary to the readers opinion, they are afraid that this will offend the leader, so they don't say the result is that sometimes or many times the team fails to achieve the task because key information is held back. Now allowing dissent is not only essential to success, because it forces us to look at the other side of the coin, which is critical to the achievement of our goals. But it's a sign of the supreme confidence of the leader, only a leader who's completely confident about himself or herself, and their leadership can be comfortable about having their followers disagree with them on any matter. Leaders who lack confidence they feel

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threatened by dissent, and do their best to kill it and eliminate those who disagree with them. They realize their mistake too late when the entire mission fails. We have too many examples of this in our history and even more painfully today as we speak.

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That's why I say if only we can learn from the Sierra or fossils or celebrities such a beautiful example that also helped other gear, if only we learn.

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The night of the battle, the surah salaam saw a dream in which he saw the army of the horizon much smaller than it really was. Next morning, there was read very interestingly,

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the rain fell in the same area. But on the Muslims. It was a very light kind of shower which made the earth form it washed them it refreshed them. They had drinking water, fresh water in that system. But under kurage the rain was very hard that a heavy shower which made the whole ground muddy and difficult to move and you know, damaged goods and so on and so forth. So this is one of the many

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miracles that happened in butter. And last round that I said

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about this is your shikumen No is I mean who we will not see Ronnie Coleman Osama ima Leotta Hara Woombie were you they were uncom read the Shivani Allah Yahweh Tala who become we will forbid a bill Akbar. Allah says Remember, when he challenged Allah who covered you with a slumber, he made you?

00:27:29 --> 00:27:50

He gave you sleep which which took away your tiredness covered you with a slumber as a security from him. It was a Mercy of Allah. And he caused rainwater to descend on you from the sky to clean you thereby and to remove from you, the rich, the whispering and the threats of shaytan and

00:27:51 --> 00:27:57

to strengthen your heart and to make your feet fall thereby. So Allah subhanaw taala is

00:27:59 --> 00:28:07

saying to the Muslims, and reminding them that this was his special mercy because of which they were able to

00:28:09 --> 00:28:11

that Allah gave it to them as his special mercy.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:15

They're also also held a

00:28:18 --> 00:28:27

emergency meeting to review the ongoing situation and to exchange viewpoints with the Army leaders. Some Muslims feared the encounter obviously,

00:28:28 --> 00:28:39

because this army was three times their size, and they were much better armed and an armored than the Muslims. So some of them their courage began to waver.

00:28:40 --> 00:28:42

In this regard, Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:28:44 --> 00:28:50

tells us what he what he did. Were lots of

00:28:51 --> 00:29:15

says cover Accra Zakharov Buka Mumbai Attica Bill happy we're in for a minute like it who Yuja DeLuca feel happy by the metabo Jana Kanima Yusaku Anna ill motiva home Yun rule. Allah said as your rub caused you all Mohamed Salah Salem to go out from your home

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with the truth and verily, a party among the among the believers disliked it disputing with you concerning the truth after it was made manifest as if they were being driven to death while they were looking at it.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:34

In the immediate

00:29:36 --> 00:29:38

vicinity of brother

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Rasulullah Salamina Walker Cydia for the llano they scouted and in which they managed to locate a Campbell's operation. They found an old Bedouin there from whom they were able to get the exact location of the army of the operation and in the same in the evening of the same day. Ross was dispatched three

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Hi Didi leaders.

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I live in Italy as a way williwaw And sadly we because of the Allahu Anhu to scout around for news about the AMI. Now these are two men drawing water for the maca army. So they captured them and the interrogated them. So they admitted that they were water carriers for the holidays.

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But the answer did not please some of the Muslims, so they beat up these boys in order to extract from them and answer

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their what they wanted to hear them saying that there was a caravan which was full of which which was laden with wealth. So these two wise when they realized that they will be being beaten up, so they lied. Now so Rosa Solomon, he heard about this whole thing was very angry, he never allowed people to torture and to beat up and so on. So he said he's very easy. He said to them, when they told you the truth, you beat them up. And when they told you a lie, you release them. He said, What kind of sense is this? And then he talked to the two boys and he asked them some questions. And so they told him everything I told him about that. I mean, the number of soldiers, their exact

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location, and the names of some of the leaders who are with them.

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Now Islam then turned to the Muslims, and he said listen, the Quran says have said to you, their most precious lives

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more Inshallah, in our next class. I want us to reflect on this and say, what are the lessons that we learn from this beautiful story of this era of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Allah will carry while he was happy with Mohammed Africa.

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