Tazkiyah 07 – Gheebah (Backbiting)

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen while Allah He was happy with me

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today inshallah I want to remind myself and you about one of the most common things that Allah forgive us we do, which is not only haram but it is haram to the extent where Allah subhanaw taala specifically mentioned it in the Quran and also gave an example that Allah Subhana data set for carrito he said Don't you feel

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disgusted with this example?

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And that is the sin of Riba.

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In surah, Allah subhanaw taala said to do but is like eating the flesh of your dead brother.

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Then Allah said for verito don't do feel karate yet. Don't you feel disgusted when you with this example?

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And Viva is worse than that.

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was worse than that the reason why. First of all, what is good with Viva is to say something about a person which that person would not like to hear if you had told him or her that to say something negative something disparaging about an individual.

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Whenever you explain this,

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the Sahaba asked him they said yourself but what if it is true?

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Only if it is true, it is real, but if it is not true, then it is even worse. It is slender, it is done. You are saying about somebody something which is not true. So if it is true, it is vivid and if it is not true, it is more than it is slander.

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So to say anything which is negative see the standard that are solos are a certain set.

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Say the IHS is a fellow delana Monday,

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she mentioned another of the wives of Ross Ross Ross lm, say the soda delana who was much older and she was heavy. So say the eyeshadow delana mentioned say the soda and said that she is heavy, heavy celluloid is elevated to her. Isaiah, if these words of yours are put into the oceans, they will make all the oceans better.

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Now Allah Allah maybe she said it jokingly who knows.

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All of these people are

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people who about whom Allah subhanaw taala has granted them gender, that people about whom is also foreign revealed and so on. But still, even though it wasn't as if

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the law was deliberately setting out to assassinate the character of say the so that not

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just to say that she was just she's heavy,

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so does her salon disapproved. And he said that these words were put into the ocean, it will make the whole ocean better.

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So what to say about other things, which may Allah protect us, which we say, or which we are witness to, because in the river, the issue is not only speaking but also being witnessed what is being said.

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So if some somebody is saying something, and if you are sitting there and you are not protesting against it, or you don't get up and walk out, or you don't stop that, then you are equally responsible for what has been spoken, even though you didn't study it, even though you may not even agree with it. But if you keep quiet,

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then you are responsible, like the one who was speaking

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what is not we were not the word is where you say something negative, but in a case in one of three cases, one

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in a case where a crime is being investigated.

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So you are obviously giving information about a person obviously, that information is negative, but because it is a crime, a crime has been committed, therefore, it is your duty to

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give that information to hide that information and say, I cannot do it without my brother, this is nonsense. That doesn't work. Second place where

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to give negative information is permissible is where somebody asks your advice, either in relation to a marriage or in relation to doing business. So supposing somebody says, I want I have a proposal for my daughter or my son from so and so who is known to you, what is your opinion? Now you know that that person is bad, you know that that person is something is wrong with that person or their family. And this is a fact you know that this is true,

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Did you say that no, no, but I cannot deliver this is wrong, because by hiding it now, you are probably going to ruin somebody else's life. So, therefore, you have to it is your duty to say clearly that this is what I know about these people, please find out for yourself, do your own investigation, but this is what I know about these people and this is the negativity. So, that is for as far as marriage is concerned or as far as doing business somebody says I want to do business with so and so. And you know that that person is either incompetent or dishonest or something, it is your duty to inform the person and say this is what I know about that person.

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The third case where it is permissible to speak something negative about another individual is where that person is a public figure, and that person's actions are corrupting society.

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So for example, if it is somebody who is

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doing something negative, whether it is in Islam or whether it is generally speaking, someone is spreading some evil somebody islamically for example, if there is an alum was given a fatwa, which is contrary to the Quran and Sunnah. Or if there is some organization which is doing something which is negative islamically. Or even if it is a thing to Islam, if it is, generally speaking, somebody who's doing something negative as a public figure, who is doing something a politician or whoever, who is doing something negative, then it is your duty to stand up and speak against that person and to warn the people against that person against their organization, because that is that organization

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is spreading evil, if you don't want against them, if you don't speak against them, then you are not stopping that evil from spreading and therefore you will be culpable Therefore, it is permissible to speak something negative about that you are not that is not driven, therefore, that this kind of thing, speaking negative is permissible. But other than these three things, to speak something negative about somebody else in Islam is not permitted is not permissible. If it is something negative, which you are really so concerned about, then you should go and speak to that person directly. And tell him this is what you are doing. This is what is wrong with it, please stop doing

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it or does what you're saying whatever the case might be, but to speak about that to a third person, not permissible, this is not permissible. Another form of waiver, which is called an amoeba relates to caring tells you sit in one place, you hear something and then you go and convey that in some other place.

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And you say this is what they were saying about you this is what this is what was happening that is this again is the person who does that is called an attack. And that becomes an assumption that will not antigen.

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So it is as bad as that sound. Gary stills hear something from one place and goes and

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says it somewhere else. Also included in this is to

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say something negative, without actually saying it meaning to indicate by your body language, by your gestures by the tone of your voice, something which is negative, even though you did not actually speak any words. So for example, if somebody mentioned somebody if a person is mentioned, and you say, Oh, that one. Yeah, I know all about.

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Now, you haven't said anything right away by the by the by the by the expression on your face? And

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oh, no, all I say is Oh, what is Oh, so the point is, but the way you say the tone of voice and the exposure zone is conveying something negative about that individual, all of this kind of stuff comes into the,

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into the description of river. And the biggest problem is,

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is that it is a sin where

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when you committed your good deeds go to the person about whom you were speaking.

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So now as I always say, you do not do veba of somebody you will do with somebody you dislike now what sense does it make to give your good deeds to the person that you dislike, makes absolutely no sense. And that's why the famous

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famous quote of fire is angelelli. He says that if I have to deliver, I will do a rebirth of my mother, because at least my good deeds will go to a mother. Why should I? Why should I go to go somewhere else? Not that he was doing

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to illustrate the principle, this is what he said. So the it makes absolutely no sense to give your good deeds to somebody who you consider to be, you know, consider that person to be bad. And that's why I also say that I say no May Allah bless the, the slander And may Allah bless the one who does Viva because he gives an honest he gives honest so

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Because somebody came along and said, told him, so and so saying something bad about you. So, we went to the market, he bought some fruits and he went to that person and gave it to him. He said, Why? He said, because you have been giving me a good deal. So I thought I should return something. reciprocate. So here is some food for you. So the point is that, I always say, may Allah bless bless the slanderer restaurant overachiever, because he's giving me so many of his good deeds. Mashallah, if I asked my friends and say please give me one good deed they will.

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Not good. No, no, no, I did my good. But the slander gives giving it free, giving it for free. And again, do remember it's a question of, it's not even not even a Queenslander does not have to have good deeds to give you. Because if he does not have good deeds, and you are evil goes through that this is the philosophical Rosella very azova, about the people who are the destitute of Duma. And he said, Who are the destitute people of humanity, as well as the people who do not have the narrow they have, they have no money, he said, No, they are the people who will come before Allah subhanaw taala, on the day of judgment, with mountain sized good deeds with lots of goodies. But there will

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be people who they're wrong. They're who they're harmed, and who they beat and who they cursed, and who they disagree with, about and who did it, about, and so on. And all of these people, the good deeds will be given to them, until they're all the good deeds are exhausted, but the people will still be there. And Allah subhanho wa Taala, who knows, everything will ask now What shall we do the people who say Allah, give our evil leads to this man, because of what he did, and this will be done and the person will be thrown into the Hellfire because of what he did.

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So therefore, I don't myself and you that this rebirth, even though for a lot of us, I remember one day, I was being desert young people. And we were talking about river, and one of them said, Oh, there goes my social life. So

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I think that's probably the case for a lot of people, there goes a social life, but doesn't matter let the social life goals that is the social life you have there is a time you let it go. So, therefore, let us remind myself when you stay away from this evil, let us try to nice way even if somebody else starts it, tell them Look, let us not go into this, this is harmful for us, why are we giving away our good deeds to somebody else? Let us do that do it in a nice way, but do it because otherwise it never stops and there is a never ending thing and you know, we don't realize how much we lose when we are doing so he was carrying all this garbage in our heads about other people. And

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then we are giving good deeds makes absolutely no sense. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from this evil. And the biggest reason why it is such an evil I mean to go to complete, let me I forgot that piece. The biggest reason why this is such a big evil and it's such a huge prohibition on this is because this is like the termites, which eat the foundation of a building you know, in the olden days, you had buildings made of wood, even now in the US and other places. Wood is used in construction so you have beams and so on made of wood. Now if termites get into that,

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then the wood from the outside the word looks absolutely intact, but from the inside it completely becomes hollow because the termites eat it up. And then suddenly the whole building collapses one day because the beam cannot hold the pillar cannot hold the structure anymore because it has no strength and this is what rebirth does to the oma

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This is what we were just trying to muddy the river is like termites in a building it destroys from inside it destroys humans on the face of it we have good relations with Santa Monica my brother How are you and inside you are saying I hope you die tomorrow you know i mean this is like inside because the inside is filled with evil we are bad talking each other slandering each other the whole time and on the face of it we are showing this nice face and you know smiling and so on and so on. But inside there is no compassion there is no mercy there is no

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desire to help one another nothing zero. And all we do is spread evil about each other. Talk bad talk this one bad talk that one bad talk that one constantly we have only this issue of bad talking people we just we have nothing positive to say we have only negative to say we are very we believe negative very easily whatever it is and tomorrow inshallah we'll talk about suspicion and the problem with that. This This time, Gemma also is on that on that item.

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So therefore, let us be very very careful with this. This is like termites eating a building. A river destroys your mind. That's the reason why there is such a severe prohibition

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on women to women were brought from

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the family they said jasola they are suffering from terrible stomach cramps very much not a stomach pain.

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You make the turn said get a bowl. And then he told them vomit. And when they put their finger into the into the throat and he vomited, they vomited out roar lumps of flesh, and is one of the ways that they vomit or draw lumps of fresh. There was a lesson of said you were eating the flesh of your brother,

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or sister.

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Obviously women didn't eat the flesh. But this is where Allah subhanaw taala showed in actual, why in a graphic and material way. Now what happens with the issue of these women, they were talking about other other people see, this is the result. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala, to save us, and to have mercy on us, and to save us from this very, very nasty thing. And let us completely reject it and remove it from our lives. Because there's absolutely no good in this. Absolutely. It's completely negative habit, which unfortunately has become part of life. It's high time we get rid of this absolute No, no, do not talk negative about anybody, period, whoever it might be, whatever it

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may be, there's no need, if you really think so, if you're so concerned, go talk to the person, go tell the person this is what you're doing while you're doing it. If you can do that.

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Normally, there is no need to tell a third person about what has been happening, except of course the three cases which I already mentioned, was a little

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while and he was happy.