Farhan Abdul Azeez – 3 Main Lessons Of Victory From The Life Of Prophet Musa

Farhan Abdul Azeez
AI: Summary © A doctor named Farhan Abdul Qaeda was born in Michigan and studied medicine in the US. He was a spiritual guide and a student to doctor Jignah Alayshi wan't. The "oppressed parent-child strategy" used in the past is discussed, including breaking news stories and focusing on "oppressed parent-child" to prevent future brutal deaths. The use of brutality in the military operation and the "oppressed parent-child" strategy are also discussed, along with the use of fear and social media to influence politicians' behavior. The history and return of Islam are also highlighted, along with the potential decline in FICO scores on North American cinema.
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Dr. Farhan Abdulaziz a frog mine emergency physician with a lifelong passion for the Islamic sciences and the love of cats, which gives him the nickname Abu Hurayrah. Doctor for hydrogel ICs, was born and raised in Michigan, and from an early age had been pursued of sacred knowledge, as he dedicated volunteer and student debt and another. He followed his passion between studies and medical career to learn Arabic and Tegile read in Egypt while continuing his academic rigor to the local institutes and teachers in the US, having led numerous of our online groups as a spiritual guide, being an active part of our online annual Ramadan program, and most recently, teaching his

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Tafseer of silicon hajah.dr. Farhan is another inspiring example of the student to instructor stories

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at the toys

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to La Huella Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was happy as remain a Santa Monica will have to Allah he'll go

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over 30 sutras

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over 130 times. We find the name of Musa they said I mentioned in the Quran,

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the most frequently mentioned that'd be of alone, despite not being considered and they're all great, but not the greatest Nabhi of Allah. Even after a problem as I said lambda scholars hold that Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam holds that rank. Yet Prophet Musa adding is Saddam is the one who has mentioned more than Ibrahim Ali Sana, more than our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, more than Nurhaliza Salaam and all the other prophets. And so the question becomes why?

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Why is it that Allah has emphasized in over 30 Sutras, the name of Masada his sin?

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And what was it in his story and what was it in his struggle and what was it in the Thai word that he faced that required so much repetition and emphasis for our OMA today

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and a lot can be said 30 sutras summarize in 15 minutes, you can't really do it. But I wanted to pick on three themes from the life of Musa alayhis salam

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and his opponent for own because you can kind of divide most of his life into two halves you know, his his story with fit own and then his story after fit our own with video slot.

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And so the first thing I wanted to share with you as well live facades is in the Quran about the nature of oppressive regimes

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how they operate

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because the these oppressive regimes are something that the homeowner will face, they face the time of the prophets, I said them and they continue to face until our time today. So Allah gave us blueprints, Allah gave us examples of the greatest tyrant for only Allah sunnah. He says, In Phaedra

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li wa Giada. She I still blame football, if I mean one, indeed for our exalted himself in the land. And he made his people subjugated, weak, that oppressed and he divided them.

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Well, Giada, Shia, he divided them. So you learn first divide and conquer. Let's call this area of Egypt's, the east bank, and this area Jaza. Let's call this part, this town. And let's you know what, actually, let's separate so we from sinuata, by putting in a settlement, why don't we do that for Egyptians only nobody thought you allowed. When you have classes in society, the lowest class that we're going to make as many as saw in the Egyptian class, there are a level higher, so we're gonna split you up, we're gonna split your towns up, we're gonna divide them

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and we're going to keep you down and oppressed.

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And that,

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that aspects of divide and conquer is something that we see again and again,

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for our own adopted

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a very similar methodology that we see today of murdering babies. When he was told that someone from Benny Israel

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will rise up and take your kingdom. He said, then what we'll do is we'll kill all the boys, all the baby boys. Now imagine being a mother in that time. spies from his army, from his people are keeping a lookout

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Whoever is pregnant whoever is found to be pregnant, they will be kept an eye on tabs put on them in the moment they give birth. If it's a boy, the baby is slaughtered.

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And this was something that repeating in the life of Mozart is set up Mussolini's Sudan has was born in the year that the babies would have be killed. So what happened was year by year any male baby would be would be killed until they realize you know what, we're going to lose our workforce the slave labor and so what we have to do is keep one year alive one year dead one year alive one year dead. So how old are they Saddam was born in the year that babies will be kept alive, but the year Musa was born was the year that they should be killed.

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And later when he fast forward, the life of Mossad is set up

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for our and tells him that we will kill all the children of any Swahili emphasizing the children not the male's not the woman, not the elderly, but the children.

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You see, you find it interesting that you know as much as Israel has the ability to cut off food and electricity and medicine and all the aid coming into Gaza. And the blackouts have periodically happened. It hasn't been a complete blackout.

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We're getting images, we're getting scenes, we're getting videos of babies being murdered.

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Over 11,000

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Babies murdered.

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And it's almost as if that they are they want these images to get out. Why would you target infants? Why would you target children other than to bite the spirit of the people because the most vulnerable to a man to a father to a mother

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is their children you will do anything for your child.

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So why don't we let these images get out?

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Why don't we try and break the spirit of the people? Not just the Palestinian but of the Ummah

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Why don't we do that? But it's a tried and failed strategy from the past and be the now who will fail again.

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And so brutality was a calling card of fit own.

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Not just the murdering of babies, but crucifying his opponents Allah says when he told the magicians fed up Leon ADEA Cornwell rajulio

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one what I will suddenly Ben Nicholson feed you do ring knuckle What

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are you gonna

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do either about whatever Bill ball he says what I am going to crucify you. So if you're on one of the descriptions Allah gives them is referred out on the video oh, Tad will fit our own little Otah the possessor of pegs, pegs, meaning what, what does that reference to the scholars of difference of opinion, some say refers to one of the things he was known by that he would crucify opponents

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he would pack them today palm trees and cut off one arm and cut off the other leg and let them bleed to death. It's which is why he threatened the magician's who converted to Islam to do but another interpretation is then outside means you know when you when you when you when you set up your army when the army is on the move, and they set up camp for the night. They set up their tents in the peg their tents into the ground. And to give you an idea of the massive military operation if your own Allah calls him the one the possessor of pegs. As if you were to look out into the distance at his army, you will just see rows upon rows upon rows of tents packed into the ground.

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So he was known for brutality.

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And this was one of the things in prison and of course, Allah says, bother that you need to study law and why Isla Agia Arden Kameena Miss Junie if you take a God besides me, I will make you amongst those who are in prison so he would imprison people as well. Same tactics we find today and of course, fear the overarching idea is bring fear to the people from

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m and n equals

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2 million call me following me feed Darwin our mother he may Tina whom Allah says that no one believed in Musa except for some youth amongst his people in the scholars say they but he thought he believed that even some youth from from the Egyptian Egyptian the Egyptians themselves believed in Mousavi Saddam, but why did they fear that why did they not believe how the whole family refer to admit that you may have to know him because of fear of fear that he would put them to trial in prison torture crucify murdered her family, not just target the journalist but target the family of the journalists.

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Just target the physician, but target the physicians, the wife and the physicians children, whoever it is, we will put you to trial

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should over also want to control the narrative we learned from the story of Alan and Musa that tyrants will try and control the narrative.

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He says that about Musa Harun Paulo in Nila says Hey Ronnie ut Danny a yo Freejack, whom in a blink room BC heading EMA wire. Your body parts include moodlemoot

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that they these two magicians but Musa and heroine, Eva Sam, they want to get rid of your amazing lifestyle. They want to drive you out from your home. They hate us they're coming for our freedoms. We hear the same slogans again and again. And also the tyrants will use whatever they can to buy influence. They're set up in Egyptian Benissa eel political action committee

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and they're going to pay off politicians are going to pay off people of influence and those with social media personalities say well give you 5000 Just post post against Palestinians and Post Pro pro apartheid pro genocide post that it's okay pro Israel pro Egypt but only Egypt ah okay let me

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just just get out and use your influence we will pay you handsomely when the when the when the magicians were brought

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out or to call on if you're in an agile run can no longer the been will you pay us well if we went and we defeat Musa Anam Yes, we will pay you handsomely we're in nickel, I mean in local Rabin, and you will be given close power close closest to me, power position the like you will be taken care of Don't worry. So the same tactics being used but also we learn one of the overarching themes from the story of Musa is not just about the tyrants, but also about Allah's plan, and how Allah's plan may not always be what we perceive. And we just take two glimpses from the story of Musa the beginning of his life and the end of his life. And both times you look at it from an outsider perspective, and

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you see no hope. You see there is no way out when Musa was when when the mother of Musa gave birth, Allah commanded her well, hyena

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MIMO was an honorable URI to go ahead and breastfeed him fat either 50 on a two commands, breastfeed him.

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But when you are fearful for his life when they discover him, because it's easier to hide your pregnancy than easy than it is to hide an actual baby.

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Free Doc 50 on a faculty phillium Then throw him in the throat or throw him in the Nile River

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to commands breastfeed and throw them in the river to for two prohibitions, what to hoffy What has any and don't fear, nor nor greed. And then two promises in not all do who in a queue with Jerry to whom you are sending we will certainly return him to you and we will make him from the messengers

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so he's thrown in the river and as a river is taking the body now you know, the villages and towns that are set up along the banks of water that's where the source of source of livelihood so Subhanallah this casket is good that this this little you know baby wouldn't carry what do you want to call it his flowing through the Nile river passing by all these homes and towns and where does it land it lands at the doorstep of it owns palace now from outside and you're looking at the this is about his baby he's done for but Subhan Allah Allah wanted, Musa will be raised in the home of their own to see the tyranny and oppression and the violence and the true nature of this man for what it

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And then you fast forward to the end of his life.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala he says that Subhan Allah when when Fidel and just imagine the power he's feeling when when Benny is slightly left that night, firstly very badly Laden in the Komodo Bell and you will be followed Musa those are with his people and around his told him he gathers his army and Allah says, Felder said if it I don't often do my dad anyhow shooting in the hot seat Vemma Ducati rune we're in the homeland i love or tune we love all you were in that Jimmy on have your own. Allah says that fit Allen send people out to the talents that gathered the people and he sees it. This is a small band but he saw even a small group

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and they have enraged us they've caused as much anger and we will be very cautious but we will pursue them so what happened so what does Allah say? So he gathered the army and they set out for their own little tad.

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massive army. And Allah says, Raj now whom Ming Jin Natty, where are you? We expelled them from their gardens in their springs

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that Allah thought he's taking his army out, let's call all them reserves, we have to finish this problem once and for all. We can no longer live in a state of fear. We can no longer worry about attacks from these people, these barbaric people. So we will finish them once and for all and they took out the army but Allah says no, no, no, no, no, you didn't take them out afterwards now and we took them out.

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And we know what happened to their army.

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So even when, when they got to the point of of thinking they're going to be defeated. We learned what Allah did. And so the last lesson I want to theme from the Surya Musa, I want to share with you is that we have to grow in our faith and strength

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is a progression. USADA in Sudan was taken on this progression as well when he first received revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala been widely adopted this youth what Allah told him, throw your staff and so when he did that, I had to attend zuka and John, he saw it like a like a massive serpent. What does Allah say? One word to be an on 1am You Musa turned around and he began running through this life. He didn't even turn back to look at it. He just literally took off and and ran away. And Allah says yeah, myself we don't want to have Musa Okay, come back. Don't be afraid. In the community, I mean, you will be amongst those who are safe, and then you fast forward in his

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life. And you go to

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when Musa was told to go back to Fit own, he says, I'll be any a Hapa you can be born online, I am afraid that they're going to disbelieve in me and he sees what oh my God, give him one file halfway up to anyone and I am afraid that they're going to kill me. Musa felt this fear. But Allah again reassured him in American Muslim Iran when he meets the magicians in the famous meaning you're with Xena on a day of a festival where all the bunnies throw eaten all of Egypt. They all come out to watch this festival. There was a showdown or throw down a battle between Musa and the magicians. How many magicians Adela call at least 70 Magicians up to 15,000 Depending on the nourishes you read.

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Let's just say 70 Magicians on one side the most powerful magicians and Musa Alam with how to not have him as Saddam. And when they threw when they threw their stabs and they became like snakes How do I even a nurse in the eyes became bewildered by their magic Allah says for Oh Josephine FC li feta Musa Quran Allah to have. He felt fear again. And Allah told them Don't be afraid. You see, Musa went through the stages of fear and apprehension and anxiety and stress and not knowing what's going to happen until finally, after going through this Tobia, we come to the final and final moment. When at the Red Sea. His people are there and they're gathering they're pushing and they're

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pushing and there's nowhere to go. The army of fit owners behind them and the Red Seas in front of them. And when they saw that when they saw the army if it only said in that corner we are certainly going to be overtaken it's going to be a bloodbath

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as for our own is known for doing at that moment, when Musa has most right to be afraid. He grew his strength as the man has to work on all of this has kept going up and up and up throughout this journey.

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He says cologne full confidence in the mayor of BC had been indeed Allah is with me and He will guide me and brothers and sisters, we have to understand from this story, among the many lessons despite what we see from their tyrant eat that yes, they will promote Islamophobia and Palestinian phobia but a greater danger to you and I in is isn't an Islamic phobia a phobia if you we are paralyzed by our fear. If we are willing to stand up to raise our voices into to do whatever we can in whatever capacity we can. When Musa crossed the sea, he took his staff and he was hitting the ground so it comes on them but it wasn't coming on them the ocean wasn't the sea wasn't crumbling on

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them. Why? Because Allah had a different plan. LaWanda waited for all of the army to come in, but we have to strike the water. We have to do our part. And when we do our part Allah will bring victory if we keep our promise to Allah.

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If you if you help Allah in terms of Allah, you can sort of come Allah will help you about a low FICO is likely to fade on North American cinema alongside a lot of cards.

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