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Increase Sujood


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of worship and finding a perfect position in culture, including the use of the symbol today's position and the confusion surrounding the idea of being a Muslim. They also mention a novel called "attempana" which is a scene in a movie, emphasizing the importance of practicing the balancing act and practicing the concept of "haste to close" to avoid getting close to the game. The segment also touches on the importance of learning the concept of "haste to close" to avoid getting close to the game.
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In the lumber salatu salam, Arusha philomela Lee was heavy on Villa vide.

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Today in the TV series we talk about the issue of the importance of worship, to get close to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana data in Surah Allah, he said was good work 30 is it makes sense there and come close to me

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the importance of the search

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in getting close to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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The search there is the iconic image of the Muslim

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says there is a position of complete helplessness

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in the position of such that a person is completely and totally defenseless.

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In no other position, are you completely defenseless, even if you are lying flat on your back on the ground. Anyone who knows any kind of martial arts knows that lying flat on the ground is this is one of the strongest defense positions.

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It's not helpless at all. If you know what to do with your hands, legs, you can do plenty of damage.

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But when you are

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lying in the position of

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where your face is on the ground, your head and your forehead and your noses touching the ground. Your both your hands are flat on the ground, your knees and your feet are flat on the ground, you are completely helpless because you can't do anything. You cannot even see any threat that might be coming towards you. And you are completely helpless. That's the reason why the salute is haram to anyone other than

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the in the olden days, the Kings used to make people do sudo to them. This is haram This is something which will put them into the Hellfire without any doubt.

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Anyone who makes us one of us dies a very big thing as well as an object, that if a person makes another person stand

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deliberately makes him stand

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as a mark of dazeem as a man as a mark of respect for himself. Meaning that if somebody comes in you make him stand you don't give him a chair, you don't offer him a chair, you deliberately make him stand because you consider him to be lower than you as soon as that assumes that such a person will search for his own position in yen.

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So what do you say about somebody who makes someone else do sudo? For him, that's unbelievable. But this is, this has been the practice of all and understand that there are people in the world today even today who

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allow this to happen and who insist that people make salute to them.

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May Allah give them trophies because they die in that state, they will go into the hands, there's no doubt about this.

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They there is a mistaken impression in the minds of some people that is such that is what the court says that as he says the out of respect and it is not the same as the of Buddha yet all of this is from shaitan.

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All of this is that there is no such that as even said the Buddha, the sajida is a position of dazeem towards Allah subhanaw taala

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which is not permissible for anybody else. And people take the lead of surah the use of were usually salam, the his father and mother and his brothers and the whole as regarding the such that the the cheriya of previous ambia is not applicable to us

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whether they did or they did not do is not the question not the question, even if they did it is still haram for us.

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Such that is is not permissible for anyone other than Allah subhana wa tada very important to understand this. Now to get close to Allah subhanaw taala therefore, the position is sudo

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and as I said, this is the I call it the iconic position is the is the graphic symbol of the Muslim, because the position of the Muslims whole life is in the pseudos

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who is a Muslim? A Muslim is a person who is in submission towards Allah subhanaw taala what is the picture of submission? The picture of

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a Muslim is somebody who has made his entire life all his desires, all his aspirations, all his goals, all these aims or objectives subject to Allah subhana wa Taala like insert.

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So any time the hokum of Allah subhanho wa Taala the order of Allah subhanaw taala come before the Muslim What does the Muslim say? Savannah wattana the annotators headed in the second bucket in further today, semana wattana over on a curb and

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no argument

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No argument or law we hear and we obey.

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We hear and we obey means we hear and we obey, whether we like it or not, we hear and we obey, whether we understand it or not, we hear and we obey, whether it is fashionable or not, we hear and we obey whether anyone else likes it or not. We hear and we obey whether we become popular or unpopular. here and we will be this is our position of a Muslim semana

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The position of getting close to Allah subhanaw taala is the position of sudo and therefore the Allah have said that the people who want to get close to Allah subhanaw taala must increase the amount of sudo castrato suit

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they must do more and more sudo

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meaning praying more and more now.

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Of course there are for example, there's a magic pill they have to lose and I feel upset to be the Navara delana who said when I was shown the agenda in Mirage, I heard your footsteps engine

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I heard your footsteps engine what is it that you do? where Allah Subhana Allah gave you Jenna like this and blah blah blah galana Zarzuela whenever I make will do after I finished with oh I do I made to work artificial

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so there is a blue is a very important novel. Whenever possible, let us try to do that. In any case, it's a good idea to always stay in Moodle anytime there was broken immediately.

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straightaway, there's no need to wait like, any time the minute that was broken. So you're always in a state of whoo inshallah. And then when inshallah We ask Allah subhanaw taala when the time comes for us to go

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down and do a whatever time it is. So therefore, there's a very important salah and then of course, the two plus two Serato or sre as we call it,

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when the sun has come up, so this is after the

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the Mambo caught up after further after that is over, when the sun has come up when you can, when the lights has become right, then you pray two rakaat two and two, two and two. And so the Rasul observed Allah subhanaw taala when you pray the Torah God, Allah subhanho wa Taala will become your coffee he will become the

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caretaker of your affairs for the day.

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And when we make this the idea of doing this Salawat and doing such rather than doing that is to do them with the complete understanding of what is this Avada and also asking Allah subhanaw taala for those things which he associated with that event,

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not just blindly Of course inshallah, if you do, and we pray Allah will give us rewarded with there's no doubt about that. But the question is to enhance that how to get more of this. So before we move into la casa Isaiah Allah you are going to become my coffee you will become the caretaker of my office for the owner today. Allah show me the signs of this video showing the signs of your in your in my in my day to day today this is a difficult matter that is coming up please Wallace on this matter for me even before I was let the matter resort, mega mega nothing stops you from making the make dua and then ask Allah Sahaja

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right. So Casa de su to bring more and more such that to a cat as I said when the sun comes up to

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him said no, no please go to rocket Allah subhanaw taala will become the caretaker of his affairs for the day. And Hudler does another two rockets after the first rocket, Allah Subhana Allah will give him the reward of one hi gentlemen, Amara

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one accepted has been accepted

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to work out of knuffle salah and you're getting the reward of a hedge and an oma

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What more can we ask?

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So, let us try to maximize the profit maximizing often and then of course, there is the

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the the the What am I have prescribes a lot after Maariv and so on and so forth.

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Even without going into the specific name of the salah and so on, just praying novel,

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as many novel as we can play,

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except for the moment of Act which is at sunrise, just before sunset and when the sun is at its zenith, midday. Other than that, there is no prohibition, you can pray. Now I feel that absolutely any time of the day or night. So make this into a habit and

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as much as possible

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and with the intention of this

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The other important thing to do is when we are playing the novel is to work on the work on perfecting this

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the idea of this novel is not

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perfect is alive because now what happens normally in in for your brain further your brain behind me ma'am and so on so on. So if you even if there is some fork in usr inshallah Allah will forgive it but other than that there is no time to really correct that fault and so on. Right? But in the NFL you are by yourself. You can play the novel as long as you want. So start the novel made Nia ensure that everything is perfect, make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep your concentration and your dedication horseshoe and Kudo clear.

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I always you know, my shift was to say, read

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sources of mass pull out the webinars before you start Salah because these specific shaytan who brings the service

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the harness this aura is against the Hamas. So therefore make the read the surah and then you make your Nia for the Salah. So when you are doing and I will do that and then concentrate in an effort to ensure that the novel is perfect in every respect. And then what you do is you make this you you tell yourself that if I make a mistake, I'm going to complete the novel and I will put it to more

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and if I make a mistake again I'm going to complete that I won't break this line between completed and then make two more

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in a bit the schatten at the at at his own game the more the more he

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put was obvious the more number of now Phil you pray and of course Allah will give you a reward lunch Allah will give us reward not only for brain but he will use reward for the effort that goes into this. So this says I will run away he doesn't want you to get that reward so you know he will not have any will pray to a katana will completely free from all service of Satan inshallah. So the novel is also a time to improve the quality of our Salah. Try to perfect the quality of the Salah, because when before Allah subhanaw taala you're standing before us America was speaking to us manatal how perfect should that be? Right? So now I feel is the time to do that. So Casa Salut.

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inshallah, let's try to practice this. Let us try to remember that this answer is not restricted only to the Salah. sajida is the position of the Muslim in his life or in her life, the position of the Muslim in his or her life is the position of sudduth let us keep this in mind because this is the biggest problem is our knifes that comes in and tells us we know something is wrong but we still do it because enough tells us You are not innocent they were standing before Allah subhanaw taala challenge challenging his authority and believe me, there's not a safe thing to do. Don't do it right. Right. So don't do that all down institute that is the position of safety as far as the human

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being is concerned. And what Allah say with regard to that he said was good. What he said makes us there and come close to me.

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I always used to wonder whenever a desire How can you do such and close anyway you can't even move as if Allah subhanaw taala said get stand up and run and come close to me or come close to me walk close me one can understand as they go in such the income close to me was should walk there it may suit and come close to me. How can you go close you can't even move.

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That is when I got the understanding that was to go after him is when you make sense that Allah will bring you close to

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come close to me. Allah will bring us closer inshallah We ask Allah for this. So therefore the beauty of such that is what you get close to Allah subhanaw taala and this is a live search saying this was to Dr. Ibiza the caliber of Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala saying make sudo and you come close to me live your life as if you are in sudduth and you will be close to me to Santa as in Nevada so as the as in our whole life, which is what the life of the Muslim is supposed to be and which is what we asked her to give us was Salah highlanda bill Karim, Allah Allah He was heavy as mind erotica.