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Follow The Sunnah


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The title " healthcare" refers to actions taken to fulfill spiritual needs and actions that do not keep people from doing their job. The speaker discusses the importance of worship and teaching others how to worship God. The use of goddamn words and brahmas images in Islam is essential for everyone to follow actions of worship. The transcript describes a dinner where a wrestler accidentally insults a non-M-th alternate- race wrestler's father and his wife, and discusses the impact of Facebook's "the internet" system on people's behavior. The conversation shifts to the wrestler's reward for harming a non-M-th alternate- race wrestler's father and his wife, and the wrestler's reward for harming a non-M-th alternate- race wrestler's father and his wife.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah, even mousseline Laila Ali, he was happy I mean, my

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apology Allah Allah in Allah Houma la eco huzzah Luna NaVi yeah you will as you know Manasa Reilly he was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli, ala Sayyidina, Muhammad, Ali Muhammad, Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allahu Allah Muhammad, Muhammad. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I began with this ayah because today's

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topic is on Serbia is following the sun.

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And I wanted one myself I knew

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that inshallah this whole tarbiyah series is about 52 or 53 sessions. And if Allah Subhana Allah gives me the hat and gives me the trophy, the Zakat, then inshallah, we will also do 53 Juma footbag on this.

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Bye, but if you forget all of them.

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And if you want to remember only one,

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then remember this one.

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And that in general is enough for all of them.

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Allah subhanaw taala created us.

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And he mentioned the reason why He created us. And he said, Hello to Jenna valincia, elderly.

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He said, I have not created the gin and the incense for anything other than my worship.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala taught us how to worship Him. Allah taught us how to convert our convert every aspect, and every action of our existence into well.

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It was necessary to do this because Allah subhanaw taala created us and told us that He created us only for his worship.

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But then what he created needs to eat. It needs to sleep.

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It has physical needs, it has to go on its living. It has to build a house.

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It has to bring up children.

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So if Allah said I created human beings and jinn only to worship me,

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that Allah subhanaw taala did not leave us free to worship Him.

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So what did I say? Well, I will do nothing but worship You and I will be on this masala 24 hours.

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I can't do it. Because during those 24 hours, I will be hungry. Okay, so I won't eat.

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I will be thirsty so I won't, I won't drink what I have to go to the toilet, what to do.

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I will sleep I will try to keep awake as much as possible. Maybe I will even give away 24 hours. But what about the next 24?

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So Allah made us for his worship.

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But he made us with all kinds of needs

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all kinds of needs,

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which do not keep us free to worship him. Then how is it possible to worship?

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But you know, and I know Allah never never does anything without a purpose. And Allah subhanaw taala does not do something which is or does not order us to do something which is impossible to fulfill. So if Allah subhanaw taala said, I have created a new form of worship, then there has to be a way in which every one of these actions has to become an action of worship.

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And what is that way?

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And that's one of the third look at Canada.

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That way is the one that weighs the sooner. Allah does that for you. The best example to follow is the example of mine IV sterilizer.

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In what shall we follow him

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in everything in life.

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You follow him in the way he used to worship because he said sallu camara Tony, usually he said worship. Pray as you see me pray.

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How shall I wake up in the morning?

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What must I do when I opened my eyes

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shut up.

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The head is narrated by

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sallallahu Sallam was set up, and he would raise his finger to the sky.

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And he would recite the last two hours or so to Baja. From our soul to get

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this is how to wake up.

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And how to go to sleep

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after the whole day is over,

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as well as an alarm would recite

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the truth for us sort of the work and sort of like

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I said, I said there are no reports and says that he never went to sleep without resetting the susurrus.

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And then of course, other uscar with regard to the cat is for The Diviners. I don't want to go into the details.

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But the point is, from waking up, to going to sleep,

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and all the time in between.

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So you've asked the question as to how do I wake up in a way that this becomes your image because you

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wake up the way my abused

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so the waking up becomes bad.

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A how to sleep

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where my sleep becomes a bother, because you created before. And you did not say that worship me only when you are awake. So I want to worship even when I'm sleeping, how to do that. Sleep the way when I've used selasa

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and everything in between, you're allowed to write it the way I'm used to it, three fingers,

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the two finger three fingers and the thumb. The palm doesn't get

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the food doesn't touch the farm, eat from one side to the plate, have concern for the other person who's eating with you. Give the best food to him best marshals to him.

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Hey, sit in this particular way.

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Eat only so much

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though due to the food is coming out of your ears.

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Imagine how to eat just eating.

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When I go to the toilet, I pass urine or I pass my stools How should I wash myself vlsm gave instructions about specifically how to wash yourself.

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The people used to the people used to some of the Manasa t news to criticize and say what kind of abuse he even explains these things in such detail. There is my rub has instructed me to instruct you because this is part of your life. There is nothing that we need to be ashamed about to speak because that is part of your life.

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If I don't teach you the who will teach you

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how to eat, how to enter the toilets, what to say when you are entering the toilet.

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Allow my knees

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what to say when coming out of the toilet.

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What to say when you are eating before you begin eating your food, what to say after you finish eating of food, how to eat your food in between.

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If you go to your wife, how to do that.

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When you come away how to do that.

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When you enter your shop when you go to your business when you go to your employment,

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how to go what to do, how to do what not to do.

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If you are a king of a country, how much to rule this country. If you are a subject under a king, how much do we have?

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There is not a single aspect of life which has been left untouched.

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Nevada de la la in one of his letters he mentioned that he was coming back from

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he was on a ship and they were going back to India and on the ship was also Rabindranath Tagore

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and Mara said that he asked Rabindranath Tagore his rational question I said that the Brahmas image, which is the system of you know, the Hindu system of

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life, he said, says Ron, I told him that the promise of our system is a good system, that it focuses on compassion and on justice and you know,

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it's there's no idol worship in it and everything is good, I mean, all the good manners and so on and so on, and so on.

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How is it that this thing never really took off? You know, very few people will follow it really nobody who follows it. What is the reason because Tiger was somebody who's to promote that. He said, What do you think is the reason

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and Tiger made a fantastic statement shows the amount of insight and wisdom the man had.

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He said there was no one to demonstrate what brahmo Samaj is.

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It didn't take off because there was no one to show by leaving it, what it is.

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Now understand why Allah subhanaw taala sent me Why did he say Lacan, Allah COVID Rasulullah who sought to NASA because without the use of the Nabi the deen is impossible to practice.

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And that is what they tried to attack. Today, the chattin and the enemies of Islam, they try to attack the sooner

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they try to attack the sooner Why? Because they know if they attack the sooner and if they convince the weak minded, then they're out of the deal, because it's impossible to practice.

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Allah subhanaw taala created the Sunnah and created the living example of the Nebuchadnezzar a salah and made the Nabi a human being, Allah would have sent jabril

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Why did you need to send Mombasa or Allah subhanaw taala could have made masala into an angel bigger and more powerful and more closer to him and so on so forth, then jewelry

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is not Mataji is not as if after a great exhibit. So he cannot he can create he could have made masala

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No Why? Because there need there has to be an example which is followable.

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And if the person is different from us, in terms of his nature, then obviously it's a logical thing to say when he was Angel he could do it. I mean, I am a human being How would you expect me to do something an angel?

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Allah creative as a worship?

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say to them, I'm a human being like you. If I can do this, why can't you do this? If I can stand in the right to please Myra, what's wrong with you? Why can't you get up in the night?

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So Allah created this entire system that is useful.

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And what's the benefit of the system? This benefit of this system is very simple. And that is it converts every action into an action of

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every action.

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It converts every action of the FBI into an action of a bad

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because when that person does it with the Nia of following the sooner the need of pleasing Allah and that is why the first edition Buhari is in Nevada Halloween yet

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drew our attention to the sunset. Don't just do things make an intention to do this thing. Do it with a clear intention what is the intention to please Allah subhanaw taala

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I mean, when you are doing that you're following as soon as possible.

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And when we do that, that action becomes an action of event

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everything you putting on your clothes, there is a lesson on told us how to put on the clothes. He told us what to make.

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What should my appearance be like? The light the appearance of

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what should my speech be like? Like the speech of

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what should my lab be like? Like?

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What should my relationships with people who are not Muslim? My relationship with the non Muslim what should they be like? Like the relationship that I had with the non Muslims?

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There was a Jewish boy who used to come and hang out with Nebuchadnezzar used to be around a visitor center.

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And one day I

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heard that this boy was very sick.

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So we went to visit him

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some kid,

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some Jewish kid, as soon as I went to visit him, he 100,000 he found his boy is dying. He is literally on his

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last moments of his life. He was on his bed, Ross Ross Ross and I went and sat down next to him.

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And he asked about him, and he said to the boy who said accept Islam. He said to him accept Islam. Allah Allah Allah. Muhammad Rasul Allah, I will be your intercessor before Allah.

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And his boy's father was standing on the other side of the bed.

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So the boy looked up at his father.

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He looked at his father

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What should I do?

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Here is my job my friend. I used to be with him. He's telling me to accept his religion, but he's not our religion.

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What should I do?

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What does the father delete?

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The father says obey

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Bob was on

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his way,

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do what he's telling.

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The wife says hello, Lyle and Allah,

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Allah and he dies.

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So what should our relationships with the non Muslims be like, like this?

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There's not one single incident

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where as soon as a wrestler, abused a non Muslim, not one incident where he abused their gods, not one incident where he may he

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made a dark Muslim looks while before other people, not a single instance where he insulted any non Muslim public, even his worst enemies. There's no instance where he abused a Buddha Allah will have people who physically have the people who emotionally harmed him, and who dedicated their lives to harming him, not a single incident where the officer has insulted them or made them look like a fool before it ever never, never, never.

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What have we done to this dinner

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and then we live with Muslims.

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So Allah

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so Allah created us for Nevada, and he showed us how to make every single action of our lives injury bad and that method is called what the sooner

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the sooner

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and then and this is the grace and majesty of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is never satisfied with

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something at a particular level, where we would be satisfied, what more would you want? If you followed the Sunnah and every action of your life becomes a bother, is there anything more?

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Can we ask for anything more?

00:17:38--> 00:17:38

But not

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leave it with that?

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Unless there is a political them to a bone Allah, God, you have in Kabbalah wait

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for him, he said, say to them, oh by Javi say to them, we have Mohammed Salah Allah, Allah, Allah, they claim to love me, say to them, do my diva for follow me in those things which I have not even instructed you. Follow me and imitate me? Only because you love me. Follow my way, imitate me and Allah will love you. Not only will all your actions become a bad word, Allah will love you. You have a common law. And when what will Allah to Allah loves you? Yes will

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follow for him, Allah Subhana Allah will forgive all your sins, and Allah subhanaw taala is the one who forgives all sins.

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So following the son of love is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam consists of doing what he instructed us and ordered us to do which is he thought of the Visa Center.

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And about the Tad worried LSA or my UT la wa sallahu, wa ala iica milea Xena Anima Allahu la him in and Sabina was in the opinion I was sure that he was

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the one who obeys binary and the one who obeys me and always my enemy. Verily that person will be with the ones who Allah subhanaw taala has blessed among the MVR was the occasion was Shahada Salah again, this is the reward for obeying and what is the reward for doing that which Nebuchadnezzar did not even order.

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He didn't even instruct that

00:19:44--> 00:19:46

ordered the men to grow their beards.

00:19:48--> 00:19:58

So as you grow your beard what will happen? You will be with NaVi Salallahu alaihe salam on the day of judgment in sha Allah and the Delhi is the Ayat of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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And what is the reward for doing that? Which rasuna Hassan did not even order.

00:20:12--> 00:20:18

But you search for that. Did you order that you wake up in the morning and you recite the Torah to

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if you didn't order this

00:20:23--> 00:20:30

or used to do it and you heard this and you say, inshallah, from this to on tomorrow morning when I wake up I'm gonna do this.

00:20:32--> 00:20:40

What is the reward for doing that which he did not even not just imitating him? What is the word for that? Allah subhanho wa Taala himself in love you.

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So Allah,

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Allah We love you.

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God you

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Our problem is we don't think we don't reflect is think about does it sit quietly one place and think evil allows me

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what is the value of this? Just think.

00:21:12--> 00:21:18

Just think we run around in our own lives seeking the love of this one and that one, that one.

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huge or the return on the love, of seeking the love of somebody huge poems, a return seeking the love of somebody, somebody would be.

00:21:34--> 00:21:36

Stories are written movies are made.

00:21:37--> 00:21:41

ballads are sung, singing the love of somebody a human being.

00:21:43--> 00:21:49

What about the love of Allah Subhana hota I'm not talking about you loving Allah, I'm talking about loving you.

00:21:53--> 00:21:57

Unless you're an altar, loving us. And this is the word of

00:21:59--> 00:22:06

your biblical law is the are the words of Allah, not my words. I am not telling you Allah, we love you. Allah Himself said,

00:22:08--> 00:22:09

Allah Himself

00:22:12--> 00:22:21

as well as run of Allah to open our hearts, to the truth of his message, as well as to open our hearts to the reality of this beauty of this day.

00:22:23--> 00:22:43

And to enable us to convert every action of our lives and develop and enable us to follow and do the developer. So now my Amazon seller, such that Allah subhanaw taala loves us and asked us to show us the value and shows the power of the love of Allah that Allah in this life well after

00:22:46--> 00:22:47

he was happy