Adnan Rajeh – The significance and etiquettes of Jumaah #18

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses various etiquette rules for drama, including not communicating with people and not showing up during the drama. The segment also touches on some narratives and their meaning, including a video, a woman, a dog, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, a woman
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Holy imagine mobile I'd like to send you a few Hello Excel I'm gonna start it I'd say you do your Sudler Lee, you're so happy humanoid and Columbia saw that is the night of Jamar, I suppose if need to go to balaka. And this night, as soon as you increase your salah upon the profile you saw to survive and our good deeds.

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Tonight I'm going to write the final Hadith within the theme of significance of Joomla there's actually a lot more and there's a lot of etiquettes that I didn't point out but I do find that more than three four weeks of one theme becomes boring. So I'm going to end with tonight and show London start something new Sunday, a few more etiquettes to point out when it comes to Joomla you're not allowed to communicate with people not even with ishara not even with you know, gestures. So communication with people during drama is forbidden any form of communication is forbidden during the salah you just you're focused you don't even nothing no you don't look at your phone you don't

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even look at your text you don't do you don't do any of that you don't speak obviously you don't even use gestures and when you sit another advocate that when you sit in JAMA you don't face the Qibla you face

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the Imam right wherever you may be you face the Imam that's how you sit. That's how Jomar works you don't face the Qibla or the opposite to our you know I love that people will sit and faced Michelle and is as if they are I don't know exactly what they feel they're doing but they're facing people as if they run the place you face the Imam even if you need to put your back on the wall that's fine you can use you can you know you can if you need to recline a little bit because of age or something you need a chair but you face the Imam and then in Salah you face Quibbler but during Salah during drama you face the man that's that's the son of yours because it's a job of Hadith if someone's

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speaking to you, you don't look somewhere else when they're speaking to you look at the person who's speaking to you and the Imam is addressing the person so the person has to look back these are just somebody because I wanted to add yawning to the Jomar the Hadith tonight is actually a collection of a few of them.

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I'm gonna be mindful of the time are you gonna be will kick me out? We he has his feel NFE halacha continuation right after Salah so I would ask people once I'm done prayer sunnah and then if you want to attend please do all you know by all means we're running out at these times for people who want to think and attend but if not, then tried to leave the space so that he can continue his lecture inshallah and this is going to be throughout all throughout the year inshallah Tada Yahweh Al Imam will hurry up so he

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jabber me Abdullah hilang sorry, you know the Allahu Anhu uma Bala kindness of Allah Allah who earlier sabio Salam

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Bucha Murata. If I have tomo isla. Shed you're watching

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the Prophet alayhi wa salam would would give Fotomat he would go to either a tree or Anahola he would stand at the tree or the knuckle and put his hand on it. Carla, Carla, I'm sorry, O'Meara. Either a lady from the sod or a man he doesn't remember ya rasool Allah, Allah Niger Allah Allah Connemara, how about we make a member for you to call us I seldom initiate if you want to alpha j. Luna hoomin. Bara so they actually made a member there's other if this if there wasn't a I will go through all the ones because they actually tell exactly who did it and where they went and all these details, but that's okay. They may qualify them.

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You owe more Joomla when the Joomla D came? Do Do I never use Rosa let me remember that. They moved the Prophet alayhi salatu salam because he went to where he usually goes, he goes and he went to stand in the same spot that he's been standing for a couple of years, a number of years, so they took him push him No, no, this is where you're going to go No. Column Vasa at inocula to see ya sabe and the Nakula start to scream as if it was a child. In another narration and the Muslim it made the noise that a mother a mother a camel would make if you took her child away. Another narration source a little shout out Aisha the sound of a pregnant animal and other narration talks about it being

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just like the sound of the edge of a young calf being removed from its parents. There's this is this hadith is narrated in 15 collections and Rachel was by at least seven different Sahaba he's one of the hadith is not worth it but it's mature it's well known because a lot of people may do to us by the facade has to flee us so be it made noise as if it's screaming boy, but if so Manasa never use of Allah Allah yourself Obama who led the brother Allison came down and he hugged the the branch the tree. Carla you circle the skin of Savi lady in as if he is being cuddled and comforted like a young child that is that is in pain.

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Call us Allah Allah you seldom can tempt key Allah Khurana Tessmer Amina decree and it was crying over the vicar that was happening in His presence and it's not going to get any more whatever it was I didn't feel Baba caught unsettledness I didn't say the narration whereas said for Colin Leviosa Allah Jaya buena min honey and he had the hill Harsha Don't you find it very, very interesting. The honey in the Shulk the yearning that this that this branch is showing call it a banana so people got up and they came close to see because they were hearing that everyone heard the noise and it was very obvious that they came towards the

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branch parlor for castle. rabuka uma 30 home in honey Neha. They stood there and they watched they watched the herd make the sounds of someone crying. So people got very, very emotional and everyone in the messages started started to cry what our new manager fee tsunami he handed me a burst as well where he said on the Allahu Anhu forgotten that the use of Allah is LM lo Willem Tilden, who the Hannah Isla yo Milty Yama if I didn't hug him, he would have continued to cry until the Day of Judgment, or however new he burned. He and Al Hassan basally that has syllables we can either oh well Hassan basally you heard al Hadith, Bakker that the hustle and bustle if he told us Hadith he

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would cry to my whole Yeah, Eva, Allah he will say oh servants of Allah, Allah Hashem, but to to Henault Shokan Isla rasool Allah He Lima Kearney him in Allah, that that a branch would cry in yearning and love to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam because of his because of his status of within the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala for whom it shows the ILA him in who you are more worthy of being in love and and yearning to meeting him sort of by setting them then this then this tree has, and that's just four or five narrations that are maybe 10 That how small details to add,

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but a branch

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couldn't imagine losing him out of your stilettos. He didn't leave. He just did a little bit over there. And a branch cried

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Sahaba were in the masjid over 150 people heard the cry became in the witness didn't

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branch cried for him out of his mouth was because that's who he is all he has thought was because she was it was there as he was delivering Jamal, you think about it? Yeah, I I get it. Imagine being the spot where the prophet Allah usado and gives his job was only happens once in a lifetime. He's not going to live forever. He didn't at some point there's no magic going to end for you to be the spot where he gives his utilizada his swag to us and I'm Allahu Akbar. And I would have loved to be the dust under his feet today.

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As He gave His hope was not the not the branch I think the branch is aiming too high. I think it's aiming too high for me the desk would have been more than enough so Allah hotties love us. But that's the beauty of and I of course I use this hadith because we're at that time of the year where remembering a lot of a lot to a sermon and engaging in his remembrance and in his in his ethics and characteristics and love Ali Hassan was and this is the time for it. And it just fits with the theme of significance of Jim I hope you found that in sha Allah beneficial Yahweh. The man will hurry up so Hey Angela, but even Abdullah Hello sorry, you can kind of sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam,

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either upon Makita Yato Buju Murata you have to Bucha monitor for your full moon you know no lettin oh shut your papa and illogical May Allah I'm sorry to hear rasool Allah Allah Anna Jaya and remember Takala in tune for Jaya Lulu whom in Bara for them Mecca and Giamatti Dolphy arson Allah Allah you earlier send them in a number for saw it Nulato See ya sabe to manage Allah never use Allah Allah He was a lemma for dama who la he you're in need of Saudi Isla de you second for Carlos of Allah Allah he will sibling connectivity. America testament Amina decree and the sword of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam since about $100 in a week or so Allah wa salam ala Nabina

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Muhammad know what he's talking about multiculturalism as to 32

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