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In any of these signs, it is just an indication that it's a good sign. We do not give guarantee to anybody that he's going to Jannah or going to hell. We do not know where we are going. We have no idea where we're going. So we just these are signs yummy. When we see one of these signs, we hope that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala have given us a sign that this person's destination in sha Allah is genuine. And we mentioned I'm just going to go through the titles.

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Because today's topic is What are the bad signs? What are the signs that are not

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very pleasing? Dying, while of course as a shahid, fighting for the sake of Allah is a good sign, dying

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in any form of Shahada.

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The person who will fall on him is a Shaheed the person who drown is a Shaheed

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the person who die from abdominal abdominal illness is a Shaheed Of course I'm talking about a person who is righteous, person righteous you know.

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Somebody who does not pray at all does not know anything except you know he guy dies as drowning. We don't say he is a Shaheed talking about the person in general. He's a practicing Muslim and he died. In one of these situations, we consider machine

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a mother's death because of pregnancy or delivery, she will be considered the Shahida.

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dying while defending your property. Man Mercadona Murali for our Shaheed if you're defending your property, dying defending your family, dying defending the dean. Really defending the dean is a Shaheed

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dying while standing in guard feasable Allah, you are guarding the army or guarding FISA villa, that is also a good sign.

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Dying, something that we could relate to dying while you are performing a good deed and Halaqa like this, coming to Fisher leaving a shot while you're performing a good deed while you're fasting. Well, these are good signs. These are good good signs being killed by an oppressive ruler and being praised after death by righteous Muslims is also a good sign. So in sha Allah Allah Allah may Allah subhanaw taala grant this grant us all hustle Khartoum and sha Allah Ameen there are blurry and of course dying with shahada of Layla in Allah is the best sign ever. And we said dying with the sweat on the forehead. Jabeen dark sweat on the forehead is a sign is a good sign. They on Friday night or

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during the day or Friday, we mentioned all these jobs. Now.

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What are some of the signs of

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The evidence of bad bad signs?

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Man Mirta you shriek below he che and the huddle Jana, woman Mirtha you shake Billa che and dakara now, so dying on a state of disbelief is not a good sign. Obviously, this is the major reason for punishment after that there are numerous texts from the Quran and the Sunnah, confirming it, it applies to any person who is invited to Islam and rejects it. This is a very common

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anytime we go and we give a talk to any college universities, whether or non Muslims and you always, almost all the time never fails. You get this question from a non Muslim.

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They raise their hand and they tell you

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excuse me, yeah.

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Do you think in your religion that we are all going to help? And you're the only one going to have a

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very common question. Do you think as a Christian, the Christian is asking

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or a non Muslim is asking, Do you think that I am going to hell? Because I'm not a Muslim? How do we answer that?

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Okay, close yourself

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before we answer this question, and I answered that before

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there are

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two names of Allah that I want you

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to think about before you answer this question number one,

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he is our handwriting

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number two, a large

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all just

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what are the two names? Or Hamra? He mean, and all just what does that mean?

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If I know those two names, and I'm discussing this topic, what does that mean?

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That means

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whoever goes to hell deserves going to hell.

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There's no way if I, for example, someone did something very evil to me, okay. And

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I was given the

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option to judge him and why he was cut was going to be killed

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or executed. He started begging me, please, please, I beg you, my family and my they start begging me. I might.

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There is a possibility of me forgiving him right?

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If I have that in my heart, and I am nobody. How about a hammer? I mean,

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you understand? That? Don't ever ever think that me or you are more merciful on any one more than Allah?

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That's number one. Number two. He is the old just so don't say what kind of because a lot of people say What can your God is very harsh. What kind of god is this? He throw his slaves in hell. No. He is. He's all just

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he's all just if someone

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killed 100 People raped 50 people, destroyed your homes, destroy everything. And then we came to punish him. We say oh, what is this king that why is he punishing him? He's very harsh. What I mean harsh. Did you see what this guy did?

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So Allah is all just this is one point. Allah is all just and his own merciful. Second, from his mercy. He said, one con was Divina. Never Arthur Rasulullah.

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We will never punish anyone except if we have sent a messenger to him or to them or to her.

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Okay, now

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it's not my job to walk in this dunya and say, Okay, this guy, he got the messenger this guy did not get the message. This guy is going to hell this guy is going I have no clue where I'm going. Right? Okay, now, if someone was given the proper, exact true Islamic message

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clear all his questions

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were answered. According to the Kitab and Sunnah.

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Everything about Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he was informed about and then he said you know what? I don't care about this Deen other one this deen and he dropped dead right there

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because I don't know what happens after a few minutes. That was the last thing he said.

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Then this guy most probably is going to help because Allah said in the Latina Cafaro where mana to one Casa La him la not Allah when

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when that's what you mean?

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The one who is a careful and dies as a careful the curse of Allah the curse of the angels and the curse of every human beings on him. I cannot deny that this is an either or be brother you cannot say that in front of the non Muslims they will not like you habibi. This is Quran. This is called Allah Rasool. There's no joking around. Don't ever compromise your deen to please others ever. At the end of the day, these people will not be with you, but Allah who will be there and you're going to be questioned. Don't compromise the deen to please others ever? What is right is right.

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And what's wrong is wrong. It's in the Quran. If you might, if you die as a Catholic, you're going to hell yes. But did he get the right message? I don't know.

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I don't know. Maybe after

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I spoke to him and he said, You know what, I don't like your deed. He sat down with himself and he he get guidance from Allah subhanaw taala I have no idea. But when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he was the biggest This is the biggest evidence he was with his uncle

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or uncle, just saying that Allah

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so I can call us I can spear I can intercede for you with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He said,

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either Dean Abdulmutallab, right? This is the last words I'm gonna die on the dean of my father. Right? Who was acid and tell us

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he's in heaven, his uncle His most beloved uncle. Now, this is a this is a an evidence for us. A person who said on his deathbed that

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Jesus is my Savior.

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What are we going to say? Oh, maybe he's forgiven habibi. This is the same thing like Abu Talib. Right? This is where we know that this person died in kufra. And we cannot say about a Catherine Wallahi. I don't know No, this is our tea that issue.

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When a catheter dies, you don't know Oh, maybe no, no, this is architecture. Something's wrong with your after EDA. Allah said if you die on confirm, openly, you're a Catholic openly. You're going to hell

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10s of if not 110s of iron.

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We cannot just just to make people happy. Ask any any practicing Christian, tell him where I'm going as a Muslim. He will tell you if you do not believe that Jesus is your Savior. You're going to have ask him openly. He tells you openly but we are so scared. What if they don't like it? Maybe they're not going to be unhappy that Habibi asked him, he will tell you immediately in your face. Maybe he will say it in a nice way. But he will definitely I'm sorry, but you're going to hell. God willing. Jesus wants you going to hell, because you don't believe in Him.

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When I was with my cousin

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and he was on his deathbed last week, Allah have mercy on him and all our brothers and sisters that passed away. A Chaplain came

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but she was very, very respectful. She said

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she's going around because this is this unit is for the people who are taking their last breath Subhanallah so he said she said I'm here to see if you know you need anything before this person passed away or if you would like to call an imam at once Okay. hamdulillah I'm here in Java take care of it. Thank you so much. Jesus.

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Thank you so much. But you know, they go around and they try just like we gave the example last time maybe before they die because this keep in mind this is where the shaitan works the most. You're about to leave the dunya Yanni he's gonna lose you.

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You know before we say salah, what do we say? Hola. Hola Mundo Oh to become another Bucha Hana webinar that will cover women fitness in my area. While minute the fitna of Maria, we have too much fitna during our life and the fitna of the mud, the fitna of this is this, before you die, he comes to you this believe in Muhammad, this believe in this, this believing that this is the last chance he wants to give it one more chapter one more shot. One more try. So this is very tough. That's why every day five times a day before he makes a sleeve, your Lord protect me from that moment, you know, because a man will have a team. So dying on this belief is definitely not a not a good sign.

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I'm just gonna go through the titles. Committing suicide

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is not a good sign.

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Committing suicide is not a good sign. There's a very famous Hadith that we all know

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during the Battle of highborn Rasulullah sallam said about a man who claimed to be a Muslim has an ally now.

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He said he's a fighter in the battle with Rasul Allah says Allah, He said, This guy is going to hell.

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So during the battle, that man fought so well, that some of the Muslim almost doubted the count of Rasulullah sai Salam. How could this was SLM say about this man going to him and look at the way he's fighting. So

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when the man was wounded badly, he pulled an arrow from the quiver and stabbed his throat with it. Some men ran through some assassin saying, Ya rasool Allah, Allah has confirmed your promise that man has committed

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Suicide and commit and killed himself.

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When he was when he got wounded badly, he killed himself. You know, everybody was surprised how can because there's another narration about another Sahabi that the suicide attempts that he's going to have it made the other Sahaba follow him because how could he be going to hell and he's fighting like, unbelievable, you know, so he they watched Him, Jake before he when he got wounded badly he took himself and he killed himself and dying. killing yourself is not a good sign at all.

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Another sign, I ask you, you Hola. With the best of your names that everybody who attended today and their spouses and their parents and their children. Make the last words La ilaha illallah amenability say I need from your heart Jaquan

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Why am I saying this?

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Refusing to say the shahada is not a good sign.

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Any. But please be careful. I'm talking about someone who is sane who is hearing you. I'm not talking about somebody in coma and somebody is hallucinating. I'm talking about someone who fell down and he's still looking at us and say Brother calmly say that. Hola.

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Don't scream Some people start screaming.

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Or like we said before you say in front of him.

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If you ask him to say that Allah and Allah, like one of the police officers in debate, he said, after the accident we ran, we found two guys still have some breath. It was a major accident from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Very long, right? We came, c'est la ilaha illallah he started singing say that. He started singing.

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Every time he tells him that he sings. That's not a good sign. When you are informed when you are asked to say that ilaha IL Allah and you can't. That's not a good sign. That's not a good sign.

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Righteous Muslims, underline the word righteous, righteous Muslims, saying that this person is evil.

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After his death

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and he Hamdulillah that he died. He was doing this he was doing that he was you know, which is happens if any of our leaders die in our country, our presidents, we will all

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nobody's gonna be upset. Everybody's got Allah Al Hamdulillah he died. You know, he used to do this. He used to do that. This is not a good sign. This is not a good sign. There's so much I sent him he said, Man athenee tamale he shall run, wash of a clown, not whomsoever say you say something evil about him after his death, righteous people. The Gnar becomes a must on him. righteous people

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from all the sins of a solar system picked one thing that the one who's addicted to it. He is definitely from the people of health. Which says that

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Mineral camera. In Matt, Lucky Allah chi be the water.

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The alcoholic, the one who dies addicted to hammer. He will meet Allah as if he's an idol worshiper. May Allah save us from this evil, evil addiction. Hammer.

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Addicted dying and addicted to hammer is not is not a good not a good sight.

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Now this is another problem.

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Sarah satin

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Allahu alayhi hemos Jana. Listen Jaquan three kinds of people whom Allah made the Jana haram

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the Jana haram for them.

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Mineral hammer,

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the one who disobey his parents, the one who just obey his parents. yells and screams slammed the door.

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Very rude, disrespectful to his parents.

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And the third one

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the youth

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the youth Alethea you Carol Rofi Holly Hill

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and the one who has no Riera and permits fills in his family.

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That the youth

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is a person

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who does not care. How does his wife or his daughters leave the house? He doesn't care no Hera

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no jealousy. He doesn't care. His wife leaves with a miniskirt, his daughter's going, wearing swimming, suit bathing. He doesn't care at all, nothing in his heart, not a person who is any he's trying with his wife to wear the hijab and and

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they are working on it. No, no, no, not this guy, this guy in sha Allah Tada, his wife will wear the hijab. This is a guy who,

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on purpose, tell his wife to show what she got. And if she does, he doesn't care at all the youth.

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He doesn't care at all, does not even faze him.

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He shows off with his wife just like this.

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Don't get me confused by a person who's struggling so hard to convince his wife with the hijab or with the proper hijab. I'm not talking about that guy. May Allah guide all our women and protected I mean, I'm talking about a guy No healer, no jealousy in his heart. He doesn't care. Haram Allah he'll agenda. The agenda is haram.

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Who said saying this? Yeah, one

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Asuma sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Bisou allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and the last one the chef mentioned

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is dying before repenting from a major sin.

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Dying before because we are all

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in one way or another, we might fall into major sin. Allah said we're sorry. Oh, you know my favorite in the ROB become version that in order to have Sinhala tool or or hit that Lynwood talkin then Allah has described three characteristics and then we'll Latina either falou fascia.

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He's still talking about demo talking. And he said that the Moroccan could possibly commit a major sin. But the only difference

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while at the, you know, the federal fisherton are vulnerable and for some, the Corolla, for stuff for only the Ruby. They immediately instantly make it so far. So here, he's saying that a person committed a major sin. He drank alcohol, he dealt with riba he killed somebody. He did the major sin

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committed adultery, but he never repented and he died before he repent. That's not a good sign.

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That's why in case we have ever committed a sin Yeah, one instantly. Nobody tells you Allah is not gonna forgive you know, no one's gonna tell you that. But immediately after immediately do not delay the Toba the door October is always is always now in Charlottetown next week is a major week. Why? Because next week, we're going to give a demonstration how to wash the body. I'm going to bring your body here. One of you is going to volunteer and we're going to wash him

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pretended washing

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and show you how to do it the Sunnah way, in case in sha Matata very soon be in the letter Allah, we can have our own washing room. And I remember from New York, it's always a problem to find brothers and sisters who know how to do it properly. Always problem. So if we have a lot of people, and it happened on that day that maybe a couple of you were off. There's a huge reward. We will mention that next week inshallah. So please, next week we start early so we can finish early, but we will dedicate next week strictly for washing the body job. May Allah subhanaw taala make our nurse deeds our best deeds. May Allah make our last words ilaha IL Allah for Bettina for dunya Hassan Hassan

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work in Lebanon Robina letters of Kaluga but in Daytona, we have learned from Kurama in the country. We have some of my demeanor Muhammad, but Eddie he was on his main

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Mr fuca on a two week