Nadim Bashir – Udhiya Wisdoms #04 – Types of Animals

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the conditions of animals, including defects in the ears, horns, and eyes, and how certain animals have a five-year old requirement while others have a one-year or older requirement. The types of animals and their characteristics are discussed, along with the potential consequences of certain animal defect, including those that have been attack by a creature. The speakers emphasize the importance of s dedication and the practice of selling meat and skins for convenience and profit.
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San Juan Juan de la here what occurred to Mr. Lachman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad Allah and he was our big mind about one of the things that we learn about our deen is that whatever you do for Allah subhanho wa Taala sake, you do it the best way possible. If I'm praying salaam I pray a lot in the best way possible. If I'm giving sadaqa making sure that the sadaqa is a the the best type of sadaqa making sure that that sadaqa is the type of sadaqa that you're giving only and only for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala you don't remind the person later on that you're giving them a soda cup. If I'm giving clothes as a

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sadaqa or charity purposes, I give the best type. If I'm giving any food I'm giving the best type. Our dean has taught us that whatever we do for Allah sake and for our deen, we do it in the best way possible. Likewise, when it comes to order here, there are certain certain conditions, and there are certain things that we learned from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in he has told us that what is the best type of old here that you can give. Now, before we get into the actual conditions of the animal, that is considered as acceptable for sacrifice purposes, I will say that the best sadaqa or the best order here that you can do is the old AI that is an animal that is big,

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it is you know it is it is big, it is fat, it is you know, it has mashallah a lot of meat on it, and so forth. And you take care of it, because you're going to be investing more money into it, and you take care of it so much so and then on the day of sacrifice, you take you sacrifice the animal on the day of or the hunger you sacrifice the animal. So let's quickly go through some of the conditions that what type what are the types of animals? Number one, what are considered as the defects in the animals? Number two? And number three is what do we do with the meat and the skin of the animal? And how do we how do we dispense that? And how do we use that. So let's quickly talk

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about the type of animal as we know that there are certain types of animals such as anything, any camel is permissible, of course, it has to be a five years of age, that is the basic bare minimum requirement of age. When it comes to a cow or a bull or oxen, that it makes sure that it has to be at least two years of age, and or the third category, which is the goat, the sheep, or the RAM, making sure that has to be at least one year of age. Now we do find that if a person and we find this in the hadith of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If a person comes across a sheep, now the sheep is smaller than a goat, so the goat must be at least one year of age. But if you come

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across a sheep between the ages of six months and one year, and it is more closer to a one year mean that it has signs such as the teeth and so forth, then that is also permissible for sacrifice purposes. So these are the three different categories of animals. Once again, camel, second category is cow bull or oxen or Buffalo. And then the third category is goat sheep around. Now the next thing is that what are considered some of the defects and we find this in the in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And there are many a hadith I can share, but because of time I want to keep the short, that's why we're just going to simply go through some of the defects. One number one

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a defect is that the ears are missing of the animal if the ears are missing of the animal that is considered as a defect and it is not suitable for sacrifice purposes. Number two, if the horn is broken off from the roots, that means that first of all is that if the animal is born without any horns like it didn't have any horns to begin with and so forth, then in that case, there is no problem or if the horn is broken off, but but the root remains intact, then that is also permissible for sacrifice purposes. But if the horn is broken off from the route, then that is not permissible and is no good for sacrifice purposes. The next one is that if the animal is blind, of one eye

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or both eyes for sure, then, but if his mind even with one eye, then in that case, that animal is not suitable for sacrifice. And once again, you know, while I'm going through all these defects, I want you to understand that here, you know, if a person goes and looks for animals with defects, they will get cheaper probably, and they'll sacrifice it. But that's not the best idea that you can perform for Allah sake. So once again, we're going through all these defects. So we've been through three, the first one is that if is limping on, if it has one leg that is limping, meaning that if three legs are perfectly fine, but that one leg, it is, there is a limp in that leg, to the extent

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that it is not being used in any capacity, it cannot walk on it at all, it cannot, if you use it for any kind of support, then in that case, that animal is not good for sacrifice purposes. Now, if the animal is somewhat using that that leg, then in that case, that animal will be okay for sacrifice purposes. The next one is that if it is so sick, you can usually look at an animal, and you can tell that it is sick. And this is part of our responsibility. If I'm taking care of an animal, then making sure that I have to not only just feed the animal and take care of the animal, I have to look after the health of the animal. So making sure that the animal is free from any kind of sickness,

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any kind of illness, if the animal has no marrow in his bones, or it is extremely skinny and lean, then those kinds of animals are not suitable for sacrifice and Ghorbani purposes. Also, we find another type of defect is that if it does not have any teeth, if you lost his teeth, dude for any reason, then in that case, it is not permissible to to sacrifice that kind of animal. Now, one question that does get asked many times is what about an animal that has been castrated? And that in this case, or any case, an animal that has been castrated is not considered as a defect, and that kind of animal, it is suitable for sacrifice purposes. Now, the last thing that I want to quickly

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cover is, what do we do with the skin of animals and the meat of the animals. Now, of course, you know, subhanAllah, we find that the very first thing that we do find is that some people unfortunately, they take this, they take this meat, they take the skin and they sell it, it is not permissible to sell the older piece of meat. And it is not permissible to sit to sell the skin of the animal. If we're you know, we find from our legal the yellow line, that also law so Allah Allah made him in charge made him in charge of supervising the sacrifice of animals. And he gave him special instructions that once this is done, making sure that the skin it is distributed, or it is

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given out for southern purposes. Now, if you want to use it for your own permanent personal purposes, that's absolutely fine. But you cannot sell the meat and you cannot sell the skin of the animal if you want to give it for so called purposes. Most certainly you can give it for other purposes. And subhanAllah here in America, we don't have that system. But you know, overseas, for example, I remember spending some time some of my aides in you know, overseas countries, they have a habit and there's a big practice there, that they you know, once they take off the skin of the animal, then they collect the skins of the animal and they distribute so the QA, that's all good,

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but you cannot once again sell the meat or you cannot. You can't sell the meat or you cannot sell the skin, give it up for sadaqa or keep it for your own purpose. So these are just few questions in sha Allah number one is today we talked about what type of animal there are three different categories. We talked about different types of defects, making sure that the animal is free from those defects. And number three is what do you do with the skin of the animal? I just talked about that I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to perform the best Olivia and may Allah subhanaw taala accept our older here on the day of Eid I mean noble Allah mean does that come Allah

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