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Beautiful Talk About Tests in Life


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The importance of Islam's test and acceptance of its draft alighiero fear is discussed, as it can eliminate diseases and be beneficial for individuals. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of one's actions and not be afraid of tests, as it can positively impact one's health. They also mention a disturbing image of Jesus being killed by a machine and the negative impact on his memory and behavior. The transcript uses a photo of a man named Jesus and his partner experiencing a mel cadential to his memory and behavior, and discusses the negative impact of a mel cadential on their health.

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Now, the 1 million pound question is

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why does Allah test us?

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Why me?

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Maybe we they're not to say it, but it's always in the back of our minds. Why does Allah test me? Yeah, he my name I want once

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to an A a relative of mine. He was over his 60 years of age, and he was bedridden. So I went to him and I said, uncle, may Allah make it easy for you. This Allah azza wa jal will experience your sins and erase them. He says, My son, I have no worries and hamdulillah but I have one question. See, I've been praying to Allah azza wa jal five times a day in the masjid in the first row for the past 40 years.

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And look at me hamdulillah no complaints. But my question is, my neighbor had never prayed a single prayer in the masjid for the past 3040 years. We've never seen him in the masjid. And look at him. He's as healthy as a horse.

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And I set a stone for law to Uncle 60 years have a bad day, you're waving it away, you throwing it into the dustbin? How can you complain? So when you say, Why me? Why is Allah testing me? Let it be known to you that no one and I repeat, no one has the right to question Allah.

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This goes without saying, Allah says, Allah if

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he is not questioned about what he does, and they are, each and every one of us will be questions, questions about what we do. So we believe that the lies that were

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created the creation, and the creation belong belongs to him. So if he decided to annihilate the population of the universe, can anyone ask, why did you do this? No one can, does this. And that is why the Prophet said in a Hadith, that if he were to admit everyone to hell,

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he would have admitted them justly and fairly, and no one has the power to question him. But if he admits them all, to heaven,

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then it would be with his favor and blessing. And it would be better for them than their own good deeds. So it's all in the hands of Allah azza wa jal, and we believe as mcminn as believers that Allah is fair, and just he's never unfair, or treating anyone in justly at all. So this, we believe, and we believe that his decree is good. So one says, You mean that if you walk off the podium, you sing it for the second time, third time is going to happen? If I walk off this stage, and I break my leg? This is good for me. Yes, it is good for me as long as Allah defeated, it's good. Now where is the God? I don't know. The what what was the draft alighiero fear take that goodness is in your

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hands. And a sharp lace a lake and evil is not attributed to your actions to you. Allah does not create pure evil,

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but allocates the actions that may lead to evil. Someone says, What do you mean but Allah does not create evil didn't have like a trip on a Satan evil or not?

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Hmm, is he? He's evil, but is he pure evil? Was thanks me. Yeah, I guess so. No, he's not pure evil in the sense that through shape and there will be good. If you did not have night, how can you value morning? If you did not have illness? How can you appreciate health? So with things that have contrast, you value the others. So you keep on

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looking at calamities and trials of Allah azza wa jal as his own decree, and you have to accept this and you have to believe that all is fair and you have to believe that there is good into it that you may not know. The Prophet tells us our lesson for those who are

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undergoing illnesses and trials and tribulations. The Prophet says on the Day of Resurrection, people will wish What will you wish for on the day of judgment? People will wish that their skins had been cut with scissors in this world in this dunya. Why would anyone in his sound mind wish that on the Day of Judgment, the Prophet says when they see the reward of those who were struck with calamities.

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Now if you see someone's skin is being torn with a scissor, what would you say?

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Maybe you'll vomit but

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Would you wish that this is happening to you know, on the day of judgment, you would wish that because that person is being elevated and is getting lots of reward while you're saying, Ah, I wish I did have the opportunity to get to get this now, one of the benefits of calamities, is that Allah azza wa jal reveals your true identity through calamities. How is that? Well,

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in times of prosperity and being a well and healthy, we're all alike. We're all well, we are all grateful and thankful and worshipping Allah, we have no problem. But when calamity strikes, then things appear to have their true nature. Allah says, azzawajal do people think that they will be left alone? Because they say we believe and will not be tested? Do you think that Allah azza wa jal would leave us alone, saying, we believe and Allah would not test us? No, Allah says, and we indeed, tested those who were before them, and Allah will certainly make it known. The truth are those who are true, and will certainly make it known, the false sort of those who are liars, alumni out says,

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In times of prosperity, we're all equal. But when calamity strikes, then the believers would be exposing their belief, and the hypocrites would be exposing their hypocrisy. It was a 1 million pound question, why does Allah test us? Now the 2 million question? question would be, what to do. When a calamity strikes? What are we supposed to do? First of all,

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in order for you to be tolerant and patient, in order for you to accept allas testing for you? You have to know first of all, who is testing you? Is it the headmaster? Is it your boss? Is it someone higher? Who's testing you? who's trying you with this calamity? It's a lot of xojo. And what are the attributes that would what would put my heart at ease? You have to know that the one who's testing you is the best of judges, He is the Most Merciful. He did not test you, to destroy you, or to kill you, or to eradicate you or to annihilate you from the face of the earth. He is testing you

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so that he would see your patience. He would see your submissiveness you would display to him. how sincere in your worship you are, he is testing you to hear your prayer and your supplication. He is testing you to see you at his doorsteps begging for mercy. He wants you to display your sincerity as I say as as a slave and a servant to Allah azza wa jal so many times people are struck financially,

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their budget is reduced. Do you think that a large surgeon is depriving you from wealth? Because he's stingy, a sofala. To lay? Allah is the most generous? Yes, you look around you. He's giving without any account to millions of people, billions of people, trillions of his creation, he is giving without any account is he depriving you and preventing money from reaching you because he doesn't have any think again, Allah has the wealth of the universe, at his disposal, and if he had given each and every one of us since time He created man, till the end of time, if he gave each and everyone what they requested, this would not reduce his dominion, except as if you put a thread in

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the ocean and take it out what water is missing? Nothing.

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Allah azza wa jal prevented this from reaching you that you're wishing and hoping for, because it's good for you. Because he wants mercy for you, because he knows that it would lead you to going astray. And so many times I'm so grateful to allies origin. When I look at the people with the Ferraris and the Porsches, and the Bentley's and the big mansions and the big airplanes and the

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bank checkbooks that are unlimited eyes, look at them and see if I had this man, I would have been the best Imam. I know.

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Definitely. I bought pay people to pray behind me.

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Come on. This is 5000 quit free tomorrow for me. What is this? I know, Allah deprived me because if I had this, I would have been the worst person to walk the earth. Man, I would do things that I cannot even imagine in this machine, maybe outside him.

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So I know I'm grateful, I'm thankful Alhamdulillah azzawajal I have everything. But if I had a little bit more, I would have not been who I am. So whatever Allah azza wa jal holds back from you, you have to appreciate this. Now, part of the means and ways to act when a calamity strikes that you look around you.

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And you would definitely see people who are far worse than yours yet, then your calamity who are far worse than your status. So what's your calamity here? I lost my job. Well, this brother lost his job. And he has hypertension,

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illnesses and diabetic and he had a couple of strokes and his wife ran away with his best friend and his daughter is doing something that is immoral. His son is a junkie selling drugs. So do you have a calamity so

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I'd rather not work at all. So whenever you have a calamity, look at other people's calamities, and you will appreciate yours and said hamdulillah is not as bad as that. One of the great examples is the story of Rodney Zubair, his aunt was the favorite wife of the Prophet handsome.

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Come on,

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who was the favorite beloved wife of the prophet Isaiah who was young he met her when she was a virgin. Mashallah

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excellent knowledge

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or whiteness obey. His mother was

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Ayesha. Now this is the first who was the mother of Obama's debate whose aunt was Aisha who's the sister of Ayesha

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asthma and the father.

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Abu Bakar hamdulillah. This we know so outwardness debate was one of the taboo in his aunt was Russia. His mother was asthma. And he was a man from Quraysh, handsome, well built, beautiful. He had seven children, and they were all grown up men who are also handsome and men of war. And they're from Croatia, and he they have a beautiful look to them. He went to visit the Amalia halifa who was unbelievable Abdulmalik. And people say that when he was in court of this Khalifa, some people gave him an evil eye. Whoa, look at this man from Korea. She's on design. He his mother, his asthma, all the questions I told you, and look at him how handsome he is. So bank evil I struck and struck a bad

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chord. In that night, one of his sons went into stables of the horses of the of the king of the halifa. And one of the horses ran him down and killed him. In the same night, the doctors discovered that he had a tumor or something in his leg and they said, Listen, we have to amputate it. Otherwise it's going to spread and kill you.

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So he said, okay, and they gave him some intoxicants so that he would only be sedated and they can. They didn't have today's modern. So machines is it's over? No, it has to do it manually. Bismillah Bismillah, Allahu Akbar for antibiotics took maybe half an hour. So he said, I will not take anything that would date me and take my mind away from remembering Allah. But let me get in the states of Vicar and tranquility. And then you do whatever you wish. So when they saw him calm, they cut his foot off while he's awake. And they put it in boiling oil so that they would cut the bleeding from reading and it was over. And then they told him about his son. What did he say? Did he

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panic? That he shouted he tore tear his his clothes and hit his head in the wall? He said hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen illa.

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He said, Oh Allah, you gave me seven children. And you took one and you gave me four limbs. And you took one Oh Allah, if you had taken by Allah, you gave me before that. And if you had tried me with this, and tested me with this, by Allah, the previous years, I've been living in prosperity and health and wealth. So $100 bill, I mean, he took his leg, he kissed it, and he addressed it and said by Allah, Allah is my witness. I never walked to any place around with you.

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Okay, can you say this to your legs, to your wheels to anything? Nothing. So this is the way that they dealt.

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With calamities and with problems, and this would make it easy for you, whenever you have a calamity, try to look and analyze yourself. What's your calamity? Well, I lost my job. Okay? What did Allah azza wa jal also test you in? Did he tests you here in your in your house? No Family Law, I'm fit as a horse. Did he test you and your wealth? No, I still have like a couple 100,000 pounds in the bank. That's nothing but hamdulillah did he test you and your children? No, they're fit, they go to school, they're happy, they're practicing they're keeping the Quran. So when you look at the pros and cons you find that Allah has given you so much that this calamity is so little compared to

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it. Unfortunately as human beings Allah described this in the Quran, in in Santa Clara behave, what laka nude, what is canoed is ungrateful, only sees the shortcomings and does not see the blessings in the favorites of Allah azza wa jal. So, also,

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when you see a calamity, always be grateful to Allah azza wa jal that it was not greater. A person with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere in Saudi Arabia, when he goes out. He says if hamdulillah why, says I can change the flat tire and then turn on the AC. And as if nothing had happened, when you were complaining of your car, because it's a low type low class car and people are driving expensive cars. Look at the man on his bicycle. walking by or driving through.

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Next To You said hamdulillah I have a car he has a bicycle if you're on a bicycle, and you think that Allah did not give you look at those who don't have a bicycle have to walk and if you're walking in the middle of the day, it's hot and you're sweating. And you're ungrateful. Look at those on their wheelchair. we're unable to walk